Spur one of the leading family restaurants in South Africa


Spur is one of the leading family restaurants in South Africa that is currently increasing their market internationally.

Spur is shown on the JSE under Spur Firm.

Spur was founded in 1967 and fast became known to be 'People with a flavour for life' by many South African individuals.

Being one of the leading family restaurants in South Africa, and a restaurant that people all enjoy, I sensed that it might be interesting and educational to analyses Spur.

To find out the effort, commitment and the kind of structure that is needed to create such a company as Spur.

Spur also offers a public image of start their to supply the best for Southern African people, by examining Spur I'd be able to learn if this statement is true.

Does Spur really care for all Southern African families, like the ones that cannot afford to support their restaurants, through being socially sensible, and or providing the best because of their customers?

Pick 'n Pay:

Pick 'n Pay is one of the oldest and most well known shops in South Africa.

Pick 'n Pay is a store that is well known by many South African families, which is also to numerous families their last destination before they go home.

Pick 'n Pay was foundered in 1967 which is stated under the JSE as Go with 'n Pay Holdings

Pick 'n Pay is well known for being a reliable retail store that is concerned about the environment and culture, for also being socially dependable.

Being a supporter of Go with 'n Pay I thought that studying Pick out 'n Pay would interest me, and would notify me about the stability, ethics and integrity of one of the main retail suppliers in world.

Pick 'n Pay is well known to be socially in charge, by analyzing the surroundings of Go with 'n Pay and the composition of Pick out 'n pay we'd be able to inform if this common sense of Find 'n pay is true.

We would also be able to know why Pick and choose 'n Pay is undoubtedly an effective company with a good business image, and how this is as a result of manner in which Pick 'n Pay operates and their organizational structure.

Introduction into Spur's micro environment:

The organizational composition of Spur

Allen Ambor

(Professional Chairman)

Pierre truck Tonder

(Controlling Director)

Mark Farrelly

(Deputy Managing Director

Phillip Joffe

(Exec Director)

Kevin Robertson

(Professional Director)

Ronel vehicle Dilk

(Financial Director)

Keith Getz

(Non-Executive Director)

Dean Hyde

(Non-Executive Director)

Muzi Kuzwayo

(Separate Non-Executive Director)

Spur is a favorite family restaurant in South Africa that is recognized because of their high standard services and good quality food that is affordable for most South African family members.

Spur's eyesight and mission because of their family restaurant, is to make a comfortable and healthy environment to sit-down and relax in as well concerning work in for their workers.

Spur is convinced that by dealing with your employees you are treating your customers well, so Spur has made the comfort of their employee's one of the main missions of the business.

Spur is focused on making sure good quality and services for their customers and dedicates their time and energy to improving the ways that this could be done.

Spur Corporation is the business that books Spur franchises, Spur Company is an easy growing company that is continuing to expand, and can soon expand internationally taking their taste and good services to other ethnicities.

Spurs are financially strong restaurants, which can be also governed and led by a economically strong company, Spur Company has many franchises all over South Africa franchises such as 'Panarottis, John Dory's Seafood and Barbeque grill and Spur, this displaying their economic durability.

Spur has a Line and Staff Organizational Composition.

Within Spur only Allen Ambor who's the creator and professional chairmen of Spur Firm, can make the ultimate decision and he has directors of the business below him who help and assist him to make decisions.

Spur has a Collection and Staff Organizational Composition because they may have one individual making decisions which is Allen Ambor.

Then Allen Ambor has two directors below him, who have two Executive Directors below them, and then comes the directors of the various departments.

The organizational structure of Spur is one that works for that particular company, this is evident in the success of the company, if their organizational framework did not work, Spur wouldn't normally be as a successful a firm as it is.

Introduction into the micro environment of Get 'n Pay:

The organizational composition of Pick out 'n Pay

Raymond Ackerman


Nick Badminton

(Chief Executive)

Raymond Ackerman

(Non-Executive Director)

Gareth Ackerman

(Non-Executive Director)

Wendy Ackerman

(Non-Executive Director)

Rene' de Wet

(Non-Executive Director)

Hugh Herman

(Individual Non-Executive Director)

Dennis Cope

(Non-Executive Director)

Gary Lee

(Financial Director)

The organizational framework of Pick out 'n Pay is a Range and Personnel Organizational Framework.

Pick 'n Pay has one Chairman of the businesses, Raymond Ackerman that governs and is responsible for all your choice making for the business.

Raymond Ackerman, has one Chief Executive Nick Badminton, below him that would assist him in the jogging of the business and the descion making.

The organizational composition then switches into three Non-Executive Directors that are below Raymond Ackerman who's chairman, and Nick Badminton who's executive chairman of Pick and choose 'n Pay.

Below the Non-Executive Directors, come the Indie Non-Executive Directors and the several Section Directors.

This is the most notable organizational structure of Pick out 'n Pay, meaning that this is actually the organizational composition that runs the whole of Get 'n Pay Holdings and not just an individual Find 'n Pay franchise.

It is visible that this organizational composition works for Pick 'n Pay, this being evident through the success of Pick 'n Pay Holdings and all Go with 'n Pay franchises.

The eye-sight and objective of Pick 'n Pay Holdings and everything Pick and choose 'n Pay franchises is to provide the highest quality of service delivery and also to 'create a great destination to shop'.

Pick 'n Pay is detailed on the JSE which is fully focused on acting on the materials and principles based in the Ruler ii article.

Pick 'n Pay goals to provide functions in all they within and outside the business or the working environment.

Corporate social obligations in Spur

Spur is a Corporate and business Friendly Responsible Company(CRS)

Spur is engendered in many community jobs that work at bettering neighborhoods that they participate in.

The way Spur talks about their CRS is affected by the King 2 report, in the King 2 Report it is mentioned that a company must focus on enhancing their community.

That a firm must make it their responsibility to help improve a community or many neighborhoods.

The society bettering jobs that Spur has included themselves in are

Tikkun, this is a campaign that Spur facilitates financially, Spur donates huge amounts of money to this campaign because they're, a marketing campaign that works to words helping to support dis advantaged people in South Africa. This is a very ecological plan as is has supported many people and has been running for many years.

In 2003 Spur setup an AIDS awareness campaign that's aim was to teach many people about the HIV/Supports virus in order that they could work against it. This campaign was not ecological and hasn't fulfilled is target as it no more exists and had not been popular when it performed exist so this means, it didn't help many people.

Masidale marketing campaign is run and going by Spur. This campaign runs a fun day were it teaches children between the age groups of 10-13 life skills and how to approach certain things in life and do it yourself confidences. That is a very ecological marketing campaign not only within Spur but also to the children that are part of it, because these children learn skills that can't be recinded from them

Corporate Social duties in Find 'n Pay:

Pick 'n Pay is a company well known for being focused on their CSRs.

Pick 'n Pay also today run many popular socially involved organizations, which shows that these organizations are and have been sustainable.

These being organizations such as

STARFISH Base, this corporation helps support children in orphanages that don't have parents or any other source of support. The business only works with children in South Africa. This organization is the one that is lasting and has been sustained. This being because with promoting the children they create an environment where in fact the children can learn and become taught, making the children able to maintain their own lives. The starfish basis is also one that has been working for years and aiding many orphans in South Africa.

MWEB STATIONERY DRIVE, raise money to provide stationery for underprivileged children as well as collect stationery. This drive is not lasting in conditions of the children this being because they don't guarantee that the kid will get stationery every year. But in conditions of the drive its self applied it is sustainable.

WORLD Eyesight, this is a international organization that Go with 'n Pay is involved with, this organization is manufactured u of a group of Christians who work towards ensuring you can find justice for oppressed people.

KIDS INPARKS this is Pick out 'n Pays main CRS group. This company works toward lessening and even eliminating the utilization and development of vinyl. This firm is the one which is very lasting; this sometimes appears in the acceptance of this group in modern culture. This organization has also decreased the amount of plastic that is utilized in Pick and choose 'n Pay. Just how this is done is by the renewable bag solution, Pick 'n Pay produces materials green bags that shoppers can use instead of plastic material bags. The organization is very sustainable not only in Go with 'n Pay but also to the environment. This group helps reduce the harm that has been done to the environment.

SUNFLOWER Account is another organization that is extremely popular in society which is also run by Get 'n Pay. This corporation helps increase money for cancer tumor patients. This organization wouldn't normally be lasting to tumors patients because there is no promise that the same patient will usually get the money.

Pick 'n Pay has many more CRS organizations they are involved, showing that they are a very commercial social sensible company and their main main concern with available isn't just to produce a profit.

Socio -Economic issues and strategies utilized by Spur:

Spurs CRS is mostly Poverty founded.

Spur targets aiding people especially children that are poverty stricken

Spurs main advertising campaign that works towards improving the living criteria of children by teaching them life skills is Masidale.

This is a great day that is help each year were children that are under privileged are invited to a great day.

During the fun day theses children play sports that receive a free food, they reach meet other children and they're taught life skills, how to be self confidence and ways to cope with conditions that might happen in their lives.

This is an extremely sustainable project that is running for quite some time, this is also sustainable within Spur amidst employees, were employees want to be involved on the continuous level.

The advertising campaign is also lasting in the lives of the children involved this is because, these children are educated skills that will assist them for the others of their lives to ensure that they don't need to be dependent on other folks to aid them.

Socio -Economic issues and strategies used by Get 'n Pay:

The CRS that Go with 'n Pay is most focused on is Environmental issues

Kids in Parks is Pick 'n Pays off most ecological environmental campaign which is also popular advertising campaign in society

This campaign which was invented which is run by Get 'n Pay developed the Green bag solution.

The green bag solution decreases the amount vinyl that is produced, by producing green, material renewable shopping carriers that last longer and are better for customers and the environment.

Kids in Parks marketing campaign, through the inexperienced bag solution have elevated an enormous amount of money that is donated to under privileged people.

This money is received from people buying the green carriers to become more environmentally friendly this showing Go with 'n Pays dedication to improving the status of the surroundings.

Spur code of Ethics:

Spur requires from their employee's high honest and moral beliefs, they also assure their consumers high honest and moral requirements.

Spur has three main areas of their code of ethics these are 'Integrity, Integrity and Good Trust'.

In their code of ethics Spur claims never to bridge or forget any of these worth under any circumstance.

The Spur Company has defiantly acted on the word in all honesty and also have integrity and good beliefs.

This could be judged by the kind of company Spur is and the amount of supporters and enthusiasts, restaurants under the Spur Company name have.

The practice of honest in Spur is taken really and employees are specially trained to reflect the ideals and ethical patterns that Spur wish to uphold.

Pick 'n Pay Code of Ethics:

Pick 'n Pay has founded their code of ethics within and this code of ethics states that employees are expected to check out this code at all times.

The code of ethics says that all employees will usually act with honesty, integrity and esteem and will make that these worth are applied in all situations.

To ensure employees fully understand what's expected of these, and ensure that, Pick out 'n Pays ethical values are organized and shown through all employees and not just at work, Pick out 'n Pay sends their employees on compulsory course teaching Pick 'n Gives code of ethics.

The three main ideals in Get ' n Pay are Credibility, Integrity and Admiration and Pick 'n Pay shows that they take action on and practice their ethical values through the corporate social responsibilities they are involved in and considered on.

Pick 'n Pay has affected, helped and added in many crises and this is acknowledged by society.

Being involved in social issues demonstrates pick and choose 'n Pay can be an ethical company that will not believe the sole responsibility of the business enterprise is to produce a profit.

The only negative aspect is that it's evident that not absolutely all employees uphold the moral values of Get 'n Pay, meaning that all employees are not socially liable eg. Employees including the cashiers, or the vehicle drivers.

From the code of ethics of Pick 'n Pay, it is apparent that they are a faithful and genuine company with integrity, and they're not only interested in ways to improve their company but also ways to boost and give back to their country and population.

Analysis of information, evaluations and impression:

Both Spur and Pick out 'n Pay has shown their loyalty to their customers and are both involved in the solving of interpersonal issues in culture.

Spur sponsors amazing amounts of money to different fundraising campaigns, to produce a difference in modern culture.

Pick 'n Pay runs and governs many organizations that work towards, improving society, teaching people skills and caring for the environment.

By looking at Spur and Pick out 'n Pay one can notice that Spur is more socially accountable and is more involved in caring for the surroundings and coaching people and enhancing their living conditions than Spur is.

Spur only has one socially involved organization that they are a part of but this organization is not run by Spur, meaning that they aren't straight contributing and displaying an interest in public issues or their communal responsibilities.

Pick 'n Pay shows a primary interest in sociable responsibilities and induces employees from Pick 'n Pay to go out and connect to people within contemporary society, making a direct impact and difference.

By Spur not being immediately involved in their social duties it appears as if Spur uses being socially accountable as more of a strategy to get a good business image and much more customers, than Spur actually being dedicated and wanting to give back to the people that support them.

So it is evident that Pick out 'n Pay is more socially dependable than Spur is, and has a much better image and is better known to be socially sensible than Spur is.

Discussion and realization:

It is visible that companies that are posted on the JSE and companies that are popular in contemporary society will be more socially accountable than other or most companies.

It is obvious that Go with 'n Pay and Spur are socially liable, which being socially sensible is one of their main priorities.

This is due to degree of trade and level of competition that these companies are in, or operate at.

Both Get 'n Pay and Spur are leading companies in their different trade industries, and it is more expected of Pick and choose 'n Pay and Spur to be socially dependable than is expected from most other companies that are at lower degrees of trade.

In Pick out 'n Pay and Spur being socially liable is one of these main priorities and far effort and commitment is placed into being socially dependable.

Being socially accountable promotes a good business images for both Find 'n Pay and Spur, this is done through the firms interest on the environment and, people in culture that support them.

Coming to a bottom line using the above mentioned research, it is obvious that Get 'n Pay is a better governed company. Especially in their social responsibilities.

Pick 'n Pay is way better governed in terms of social duties, customer care, business ethics, their business image and caring for their workers.

This will not mean that Spur is not a good company, but Find 'n Pay is a better governed company and shows more interest in all business environments and all aspects of the business, than Spur does indeed.

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