Strategic Marketing - Emirates Taking the IMC Route




Emirates Airlines established in 1985, is a subsidiary of the Emirates Group, a open public international travel conglomerate in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. An Emirate is the major airline in the centre East working its flights & hub at Dubai International Airport to various countries all around the globe. Emirates initiated traveling internationally with two aircraft - a leased Boeing 737 & an Airbus 300 B4. Its main give attention to providing quality services to customers rather than focusing on quantity of customers. Due to its despite initiatives & supportive frame of mind towards customers, Emirates became market innovator in the global air travel industry within a short span of time. The overall revenue of Emirates grew at a faster rate with a minimum 20 per cent hike every year & hence became the fastest-growing & youngest fleets in the aviation industry. For their brilliance in providing satisfactory & quality services to the clients, Emirates earned most awards globally. It also deals in cargo activities, which is considered by Emirates Groups Emirates Sky Cargo section.


This case study discusses on the overall effort made by the Emirates to ensure the consistency & the effectiveness of messages geared to various viewers. The Emirates has used Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) strategy for marketing their services before customers. Majority of the companies have paid close attention to the IMC procedure. Various IMC tools such as television set commercials, print adverts, internet marketing, charitable foundations, in-plane advertisements, sponsorships & trade promotions have been utilized by the Emirates in order to achieve a fantastic market position & a good brand image in the imagination of its current & prospects. Emirates could easily reach their market via these talked about methods of marketing & campaigns. Due to its continuous effort towards marketing the brand & services, Emirates maximized publicity rate.

Several Challenges Encountered Because of the Emirates to deliver an individual subject matter about the high class facilities because of its customers & to make a brand name before its customers -

  • Explain how Emirates promoting procedure has been effective in making an optimistic hallmark appearance with current & potential clients?
  • Classify the IMC tools used by Emirates?
  • Emirates flies all over the world. Should Emirates alter its emails & channels corresponding to where it advertises? Explain.


A1. The marketing strategy of Emirates includes -

  • Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Approach -

Emirates advertising insurance policy has been efficacious in producing a progressive brand image in the imagination of its current & potential clients by embracing the IMC procedure for marketing its brand. An IMC idea is an approach of reaching the objectives of the advertising campaign, via proper & useful use of promotional tools & methods that are intended to reinforce one another. It enables that all forms of communications & text messages are linked alongside one another & hence work simultaneously in harmony rather than in isolation. This process is utilized by the organisation to make a unified & brand experience for consumers across several communication programs. As marketing work have been moved from mass marketing to slot machine game promoting, companies have growing use IMC to cultivate more economical special offers that still disperse value to the clients.

  • Emirates think global -

Emirates have set out to be a forward thinking, modern & customer-oriented supplier of high quality flights services. Its brand positioning is that of a respected, international & quality airline serving the global community.

  • Living the brand -

Emirates deliver on the brand guarantee of creativity & quality. Emirates end line keep discovering sums up its idea on travel: Only Emirates enables you to discover a more traditional & gratifying life.

  • Do amazing things -

Emirates do impressive things for built in marketing and sales communications activities such as advertising, sponsorship, e-commerce, public relations & supportive marketing communications.

  • Engaging customers -

Emirates have effectively used www. emirates. com to operate a vehicle the brand experience, maintain cordial connection with the customers & by introducing repeated flyer program skywards. Through this work, Emirates has easily extends to their target audience & hence effectively developed a solid relation with their customers.

  • Open up -

Emirates mobilising customers to actively participate in the knowledge & other promotional situations & activities in order to advertise their service before the customers

Hence, by using the above mentioned communication strategies, Emirates has efficiently developed a confident brand image into the market in front of their customers.

A2. Emirates use a number of marketing communication tools within an integrated way to provide one meaning about the high quality of its services along with maximising its subject matter subjection rate.

Various IMC tools employed by Emirates are-

  • Advertisements -

An advert is a way of promotion or promoting a product, service or any event. There are many modes of advertisements such as internet marketing, newspaper advertisings, radio advertising, tv advertising, presenting and public speaking, door hangers, flyers & word-of-mouth advertising. Emirates utilize the commercials & print advertisements for highlighting the airlines new products, routes, services & plane. It helps in fostering its services.

  • Sponsorship -

Sponsorship is another form of promotional activity. Emirates have been through partnership with several occasions both regional & international like FIFA. Moreover, Emirates is dedicated to the growth of global arts & culture through lots of sponsorships about the world. In fact, Emirates believe that sponsorship is the best way to create a cordial relationship with customers.

  • E-commerce -

E-commerce is known as purchasing or reselling goods or services, or the performing of resources or data, over an electric system, mainly an online. It is also known as an electronic business. Emirates enable customers to execute online shopping of Emirates related items via its public retail website (emiratesofficialstore. com).

  • Public Relationship -

Emirates publish three in-flight journals in order to reach readers & passengers during their journey. Through such publications, passengers are usually encouraged to donate to the Emirates Airline Foundation, which seeks to improve the quality of children. Journals will be the best source of marketing the merchandise or services, as it includes articles & illustrations, which attracts customer attention towards it. So, by means of journals, Emirates has gained majority of market shares combined with the competitive benefit in the airline industry.

  • Supportive Communication -

Supportive communications is known as a method of conversing with customers which has a particular group of seeks & techniques. The main objective is to solve issue or attain variation in a situation, while protective, even strengthening, the relationship between your communicating individuals. Emirates on-board entertainment system has been highly named a market leader, winning awards because of its quality & enabling the airline to show passengers commercials about any of it latest offers, companions & services.

A3. Tagline is a short & visible or memorable key phrase used in advertising. It recognizes the uniqueness of the brand or conveys some form of special so this means.

The taglines which are used in the past by the Emirates air travel in order to gain market value & customer choice in aviation industry are -

  • Emirates -

The finest in the sky

  • Fly Emirates -

Be good to yourself.

When was the previous time you did something for the first time?

Keep Discovering.

Hello Tomorrow.

No hesitation Emirates has recently gained a great market position & a confident brand image in the imagination of its customers via IMC strategy & its tools but still I assume that Emirates should improve its messages & stations by embracing new ideas, new technology & good quality services to the customers in order to keep up their position in the market as well as to gain a competitive edge over its competitors.


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The South Australian federal government founded South Australia (SA) Food Centre in 2008 in order to provide practical advice to food businesses in Australia. Due to the agency & its experience, a great many other businesses took advantages. Countries such as Japan, america & Hong Kong will be the major exporter of the South Australian Grocery store. Some products like meat, seafood, super fruit & parmesan cheese are the main export food of the South Australian Grocery store. The main goal of the South Australian (SA) Food Centre is to market South Australian food businesses through various modes such as Food Have a discussion (an online journal), Food-e-News (e-mail media changes) & the Premiers Food Honours (honours for South Australian food providers). The main element purpose of the South Australian (SA) Food Centre is to make a collaborative partnership with industry & government, in order to ensure a growing South Australian food industry.


This research study discusses on the entire effort made by the South Australian (SA) Food Centre to be able to be sure that their brand is inspiring to consumers, by concentrating on factors such as product packaging & labelling. In addition, it encourages food producers to promote their products & brands by not only informing consumers about their supply, but to point out what is special in regards to a particular product. After carrying out continuous initiatives of establishing cooperation with industry & government, one such consequence came in the front from the well-known Charlies Group Small. The Charlies group limited is known for advertising fruits & sports water flavoured with fruit juices. So, credited to cooperation with Charlies group limited, SA fruit growers received a considerable boost from Charlies Group Limited. In-fact SA Food Centre stimulates various occasions, including gross annual food celebrations & shopping appearances alongside star chefs & multimedia personalities. Because of their despite initiatives towards food industry, the South Australian (SA) mushroom industry gained three main promotions. So, this well supported program is indicative of the actions of the SA Food Centre.

Several Troubles Encountered By South Australian (SA) Food Centre -

  • What type of subject matter strategy should SA Food Centre utilize? Should it be the same for all of the brands & in all of the markets?
  • What leverage point makes the most sense for South Australian food suppliers advertising?
  • What kind of executional platform should be utilized in traditional advertisements targeted at consumers?


A1. Concept strategy -

Message strategy is a simple step in generating an efficient promoting message. It offers the groundwork for rest of the marketing procedure.

There are three types of message strategy that ought to be employed by SA Food Centre utilize such as:

  • Cognitive concept strategy - A cognitive subject matter strategy offerings coherent views or fragments of evidence to customers. Among all five types of cognitive concept strategies, they must employ pre-emptive subject matter strategy in order to market their products. The theory requires cognitive control. It creates a lay claim of superiority predicated on products specific qualities or assistance with the objective of averting the rivalries from making the same claims. Customers can obtain benefits by purchasing the merchandise. The South Australian (SA) Food Centre could utilize a cognitive message strategy for motivating the food producers to promote their brands by highlighting in what is special in their products for the consumers. By this strategy, food providers can describe attributes like healthiness, pleasurable tasting or low calorie & many more. So, the marketing & campaign of the meals products can be increased via cognitive note strategy.
  • Affective communication strategy - In affective message strategy, the South Australian (SA) Food Centre might use an emotional advertising method to promote their products on the market. Advertisements that invoke emotions or thoughts & match those feelings with the nice, service, or company use affective communication strategies. These information make an effort to heighten the amiability of the merchandise, recall of the charm, or understanding of the advertisements. Affective strategies elicit feelings that, in turn, lead the consumers to do something, preferably by purchasing the product, & eventually impacting on the consumers reasoning process. Many thoughts can be linked to products, including trust, stability, friendship, delight, security, glamour, luxury, serenity, pleasure, romance & interest. Affective strategy may help in developing a stronger brand. It can help in setting up a positive feeling of the clients towards product.
  • Conative concept strategy - A conative message strategy is targeted to lead openly to specific group of consumer response. It supports the promotional initiatives, such as coupon code redemption programs, internet hits & orders, & in-store offers like buy-one-get-one-free. In conative note strategy, they rely upon action-including conative advertisements, where, situations are created where cognitive knowledge of the merchandise or affective preference of the product may come later or during product consumption.

There will be no durability in the unity of a South Australian brand because if it happens, then it will lead to the brand parity so they need to differential the merchandise that lead to equity & customer commitment. So, it is quite essential to utilize a unique message strategy for every one of the brands & in all of the markets.

A2. Leverage point -

Leverage pointsare those interpretations, if any, made at extreme or remote control specifications of theindependent variablessuch that the lack of adjacent explanations means that the tailored regression model will cross close to that particular observation. A leverage point interchanges the client from taking a products benefits to linking those benefits with personal values. In order to construct an excellent leverage point, the creative builds the pathway that connects a product advantage with the potential buyers value system.

The two leverage things which makes the most sense for South Australian food suppliers advertising are -

  1. Government
  2. Industry

The cause of that they get a responses that leads to service reliability to South Australian Food Centres. The leverage factors here web page link product attributes so that it will give attention to factors such as product packaging & labelling - consumers benefits that it'll be ensure that their brand is fascinating to consumers value that its related to industry value. The fundamental purpose of the South Australian (SA) Food Centre is to construct a co-operative conglomerate with both industry & government. Through this, they could build-up strong & cordial relations with several firms & firms, which further allow the South Australian (SA) food manufacturers to market & promote their foods in to the market with an maximum level of attempts. The leverage point communication links these attributes & advantages to consumer values. An effective leverage point can be associated with an attitudinal change, in particular when the cognitive Ж affective Ж conative series exists. Due to collaboration of the South Australian food companies with an industry & administration, South Australian fruit growers received a significant raise from Charlies Group Small, the produces of Charlies & Phoenix Organics. It had been very good news for South Australias fruit growers as Charlies propelled a fresh promoting campaign in order to aid or promote their products. Because of such efforts made by both South Australian Food Centre as well as Charlies Group, the South Australian food suppliers have benefited a lot in attaining market value along with customers inclination towards their products.

A3. For traditional adverts targeted at consumers, the South Australian (SA) Food Centre should use psychological framework to hook up with consumers & get them engage by providing them the worthiness that fulfil their requirements & expectations in the product. An executional platform displays the method where an ad plea will be offered. It would be selected in conjunction with an advertising charm & concept strategy. The normal types of appeal include fear, humour, intimacy, music, rationality, feelings, & scarcity. It is vital that every can be matched with the appropriate executional platform.

Several frameworks that could be utilized by South Australian Food Marketing are:

  • Animation - Computer animation has turned into a progressively prevalent executional platform, & its use has escalated intensely. Computer animation can be offered in both tvs as well as in advertising on the internet. One sensational animation method is roto-scoping. Roto-scoping is the procedure of numerically painting or outlining statistics into live preparations, which makes it possible to present both live celebrities & animated personas in the same composition. Animation helps in creating traditional advertisements funny, interesting & attractive for behalf of customers.
  • Dramatization - Dramatization is the simplest way of learning as it creates a predicament more critical or serious than it really is. It helps consumers to comprehend traditional advertising easily & frequently. An effective & dramatic advertisements can be hard to build, but once it is formed, it puts a strong & positive impact in to the thoughts of customers.
  • Testimonials - Testimonials are also a powerful method of promoting services. It is referred to as a prescribed declaration testifying to someones character & experiences. It is like an specific recommendation. It really is a declaration in provision of a specific reality, fact or promise. It may also be used by South Australian Food Marketing for impacting a solid impression of technological advertisements in front of customers.
  • Demonstration - A demo, in short demonstration, displays how a product works. It provides a highly effective way to converse the advantages of something to audiences. It outlined the products numerous usages. Demonstrated advertisements are well-matched to tv set & the internet. It appeals to customers attention & hence makes them more amazing towards products.
  • Fantasy - Illusion refers to as an imagination. Fantasy execution encourages the audience beyond the genuine world to a make-believe experience. The most frequent fantasy themes involve making love, love & romance. So, fantasy works with pleasantly with concentrate on viewers which may have a inclination for a tamer demonstration of sexuality.

So, these executional frameworks could be utilised by South Australian Food Marketing for technological adverts while aiming at consumers in order to achieve competitive advantage within the rivals.


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