Structural and personal conflict in organization

What is Conflict?


When the terminology "conflict" is brought up, people often think of brutal wars or interpersonal violence. However, discord coexists with us in our daily life, in all degree of organizational procedure as well as personal activities. Daily issues are usually not too serious, and because they are too small to be sensed, we often forget about them after just one or two minutes.

Another approach to this is of conflict has been lifted by the TEAR Fund associates in their catalogs "Peace building inside our community", which identifies conflict as a natural occurrence between two or more people or teams who have differences and incompatibility in their goals or their thinking. Conflict happens as part of life. Religiously, every folks have been created by God to be unique, it means that we will vary from others, in the manner we think and the way we behave. Because of this, when we display our different viewpoints or views, we may increase a conflict when there is too little respect and knowledge of the other ideas.

Causes of Turmoil in Organizations

According to [. . . ], discord in organizations can be labeled into two types: Structure-based issues, which occur in the way that the organization is organised and work is sorted out; Personal issues which is raised by differences and uniqueness of different people.

Some key Ideas of Structural and Personal Issue in Organization

Structure-based Conflict

Specialization: Often occurs in careers that are specialized, when each person becomes advanced at taking care of only. Insufficient understanding of what tasks others are undertaking could raise a Specialization Conflict. An small example for this type of discord: a Salesperson makes claims with customers time, quality as well as the look of the supplied goods, however, the staff cannot meet up with the work to make the delivery promptly, because the salesperson has made a promise that surpasses the employees' ability scheduled to his lacked of understanding of product manufacturing.

Interindependence : Work is usually divided into many parts for most teams. Each group has to finish the allocated part on time in order for the procedure to be smoothly finished. When a group has been stucked and cannot complete the its part on time, the whole process is postponed, and this group will be blamed for lateness. Because of this, conflict develops as the blamed group tries to prove themselves to be innocent.

Jurisdictional Ambiguities: This discord happens when no one admits their faults. This is a real example from my RMIT experience. My pal would like to exclude one curriculum in this semester, and he found the Course Office in week 3. Approximately the center of week 4, he received the email of Course Team for an appointment with the secretary of the Course Section, but he couldn't meet her at the Course Administrator's Room, although he previously tried out up to 5 times. Approximately week 5, he's obligated to pay 100$ as fee for past due withdraw. He approached the Course Planner, and received a message to be free for cost. However, the Pupil Service stated that the Course Planner asserted in the Databases System that he has to pay 100$, but he also send a fee-free verification email for him. Because of this, he was trapped between the two wall space when no person admits his circumstance as their fault, and he has to pay 100$!

Common Resources

Resources are usually limited, and being shared among groups. Because of this, discord is potential. As the reference become scatter or unique, potential issues come real. For instance, an area is for one band of students, however, in the case of being lack of rooms, many sets of students have to talk about the same room, and perhaps the room is insufficient for all of them. Furthermore, each group of student is convinced that their work is the most important. This raises the conflict, resulting in a throw away of time on arguing.

Goal Differences

When two or more categories have different goal although they talk about the same general goal, they could meet the other person in conflict. For instance, from [. . . . ]

In place of work, there are bosses and personnel. The relationship between bosses and employees is typically the bosses take the supreme order over the employees. For some workers, those relationships are not satisfactory, when those contain the right to assign be employed by them, or to assess their work. The more personnel work under a supervisor, a lot more chance that turmoil may happen. As the modern model of corporation, team work and team empowerment have been used to minimize the potential discord of authority relationship.

Status Inconsistencies

Differences in position between bosses and personnel can cause conflict. For example, benefits such as versatility in working hours, the to evaluate work value and giving command, higher salary for shorter work time is designed for managers only. The more powerful dissimilarities between bosses and staff member are, the bigger potential conflict will arise.

Personal Conflict Skills and abilities

The labor force of the business originates from many backgrounds and has different level of skills. And the task is usually split into many parts, so hardly ever people want to be in the same groupings with newcomers as their belief of inexperienced new recruits, or experienced staff might not feel satisfied with their new director who may have just graduated, being full of theories' knowledge and lacked of practical experience.


People often keep their personalities and their expectation of lovers as they enter into place of work. Sometimes they become prejudiced and critical, and influencing adversely to the other participants, especially new comers or new recruits.


Perception is specific observation to the culture, influencing significantly to the thought of a person. For example, someone's contribution to a job is always considered, by him, to become more important than the others' contribution. We all think we do more than our designated part because our part is more important to us than the others' contribution.

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