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Business process reengineering concepts originates from management ideas and present in 18th century. The purpose of business process reengineering is to help make the business in best condition. Frederick Taylor says in (1880s) the companies use the reengineering process to help make the business in best position and also to achieve the company goals. Business process reengineering means not only change but structural change. The type of structural change in the business, managing system, employee responsibilities, reward system, and it. Many organizations want to change the management of the business nonetheless they not recognized which part of work is to be changed. However the business procedure for reengineering (BPR) is the concept of management and that has been formed by working experience. (BPR) isn't just impact inside the business but also the external distributor and customer as well. (BPR) is help to increase the corporation financial record and client satisfaction and also find out just how how to produce the high output with the short amount [Radhakrishnan. R, 2008]. The key drivers of the (BPR) is cost lowering, high speed, and quality. Information technology is a technology which use to store, determine and process the data which use in the precise organizations to examine the data and processed the info. And through the info we improve our knowledge and know how to do the work. The info system builds up a strategic approach to change the procedure. For instance through reengineering process we provide a wide range of company product online the customers are buying our product with the aid of information system. So that is not possible without information system. Information technology is the element of the (BPR) and promotes the firms process. [Hammer and Champy (1993)] say reengineering about advancement. It is help to solve the company entire goals.


BPR is the much biggest concern for IS exec in 1990s (Moad, 1994). BPR shows the power of the information system and information technology to the decision making because through the information system and it the BPR reach the effective position. Therefore the BPR success is dependant on information system and information technology. The role of IS in the business is to make the effective strategy according to the business requirement. No other systems change the business such as the information system because the info system put right system on right place. The info is the key of an organization (Byrne, 1992) the IS measure the process and performance of an organization. The good information makes the better position of an organization. By using the customer strategy the IS gets the information from the organization how the product of the company is running right through the market and execute the IS to lessen the time to advertise. The information system has must be able to vision the info technology in the business future. BPR is not implementing the new system but also create those system they influence the whole business (Teer et al, 1994 Moad, 1993). First of all focus on the business enterprise process not on information and then apply the IT tools on those operations. To adopting these steps the IS expert provide the understanding of the info and technology in the business operations. The IS professional have play an important role available process reengineering. For instance when the California condition affiliate of American Automobile Relationship (CASS) stated the reengineering process the internal IS system was very bad in preliminary stage they cannot deliver company product on time. The info technology system is good but the IS system is bad. Therefore the CASS identified the condition and fixed it. When they removed the IS team error the business come on boom stage. So the result is that whenever your IS/IT fulfill the requirement then the company comes to upward. The IS/IT are the key of business process reengineering. Once the IS and IT division are work effectively then your BPR make the better company position.

The romantic relationship between IS/IT in the BPR is to improve the procedure and identifying, analyzing, and implementing the business enterprise strategies. If the business is at dog situation the role of BPR is to remove the hurdle. The BPR has defeat on these hurdle through IS/IT because if the IS system is working bad than the business enterprise goes to downwards so the IS system is effective than the business enterprise in good position. How exactly we can make the IS/IT system better. The delivery system of the business is dependant on the IS system so when the company collect the information form there customer what they need and than the business makes the strategy in line with the customer requirement. Therefore the company will all the process under the IS system we can say these are all the component of the IS system. IS system are promoting to regenerate the business enterprise process and also assess the existing assets. A lot of manager are take up the business process reengineering under the IS/IT system to finding the competitive advantages and also provide effective service to their customers. Willcocks says the IS/IT is the most critical factors of the business enterprise process reengineering. These systems are cross the different periods and than determining the situation and the way the previous system works with the project and also collect the info for the reengineering process.


The information system of the Toyota company is been evaluated by SOWT examination. The Toyota Company achieved the goals internationally utilizing the information system. The Toyota company reach to there customer by using the different website worldwide. These are website predicated on IS system the IS system work effectively that why Toyota is the entire world biggest company. For instance Toyota reach to there customer through the website there are many website and system in each world locations, north America, Europe etc. The IS section firstly gather the info following that customer what type of the goods they needed than based on the customer need the Toyota produce the goods. The Toyota company has develop new opportunity which is carry system and the company develop this technique through the IS system because the information system is one of the best key to develop that system. Toyota accumulate the information following that customer and the others as well. This is the marvelous chance of the Toyota Company because the Toyota increase there customer on the bottom of prior customer. The IS system and networking is the key which helps the Toyota Company success. The Toyota Company haven't any off competitors like as Honda, Ford, Chevrolet, etc. With this competition the Toyota Company is on increase stage because effective IS system. One of the best of the IS system is the Toyota new Cross types Synergy drive. Once the automotive industry is fall season in high gas crude petrol costs, the Toyota create a new computerized engine system which is HSD. The Toyota introduce that system within new models automobiles like Camry, prius which is available in the marketplace. Toyota makes that possible by using the Porters models for the risk of same product. Some other companies copied the Toyota HSD and joined on the market like Nissan, Honda expose similar technology in there sedan model but the Toyota is ultra hot in the market because the Nissan and Honda have bad impact in the market yet. Therefore the Toyota has highest impact on the market through IS system.

Toyota Company has got income on he behalf of Porters five causes because the firms discuss increase through the porters model. Utilizing the HSD the company gets competitive advantages. Toyota HSD has sufficiently looked after their advantages and includes the market. These are all factor makes the Toyota success and gain the competitive advantages by using the information system. Because the information system is major key of the success so the Toyota maintains his information system and get the success. In 2008 the Toyota introduce service the name of this is TOYOTA METAPOLIS, on that service the Toyota created 3-d automobiles to inspire the folks. In 2002 the Toyota bring in a new service in Japan the name of G-BOOK telematics service and in August 2005 Toyota present G-Link service for Lexus. And also introduce the fraud detection service, monitoring service for the G-BOOK and G-link consumer that are using there vehicles. So the Toyota has done each one of these step with the aid of information technology when the IT system is doing excellent job than the company did not went to downward. In 2007 Toyota bring the mX system searching for there user and this service is use so you can get direction this is the world first technology for car revise the map. In March 2004 the Toyota add the CRM (customer romantic relationship management) the information technology develop service with their customer such as supply the information of new vehicles, time for the keep up with the vehicle, etc. when the company provide these services to their customer the client touch with the company has got the more customer on the behalf of past customers satisfaction. So that can be done when the info technology work effectively. Toyota IT system play very important role in the success of the business. Toyota currently builds up CRM in countries including China, Thailand and Australia where the company want to increase the market share. In 1980s the carmaker was introduce aided design system for planning the part on computer not in writing. Toyota take up that system the custom of new CAD system firstly asked where we use that particular system where we need that and also what are the requirement, what are your options the custom ask such question for the effective use of the information technology. For instance when they assess the die stamp that has gone out of parts the expire stamp not fulfills the model need and than they design best dies on the computer. When the pass away design completes the Toyota use simple solution take the basic point which is shown on the colour diagram. The die designer done experience based evaluated the diagram and made this parts. As their rivals choose that CAD system Toyota maintain it through their designers and suppliers. Toyota revisions that system day by day and its own work effectively. After two year the Toyota shifts that system into the CATIA (Computer-Aided Three Dimensional Interactive Request) a world course system. Toyota was very poor implementing that system into the development process, because at that time when the Toyota use that system the Ford automaker quickly take up that system and released into the market but Ford industry never have effective CATIA system and spending million to look at that system and mistake the people. Following the Ford system inability that the Toyota presents the CATIA system on the market and gets boots sales from the marketplace, because Toyota put whole lot of focus on make that system. So the result is that the Toyota information technology system works perfectly if Toyota hasn't effective IT system than the company could not come compared to that point or level. Toyota Company constantly work on CATIA system by using the effective software and effective engineers when the Toyota introduced the first CAS software in 1980s and next a year Toyota developed new vehicle. That are all possible when your have progress IT system by using the IT Toyota been successful form 1980s. Including the instruments are done digitally in three dimensions. Toyota used this method in the vehicle design because the designers kept the list of bad and the good characteristics of design and these aspects kept electronically. There is also keeping the data in the set up vegetable for the developing purpose. Through these design the designers check the past problem and constructed the perfect car. So the IT helps to put together the actual car vehicle with no errors. Therefore the result is usually that the Toyota did not adopt the poor and poor development process and also use the very best IT system. Toyota will need the effective development system which is based on trained technical engineers and leaders and surgically placed it. Today Toyota is alive on the behalf of IS/IT system because these are the basic keys of the Toyota company success.


Toyota automobile vehicle share the information with the other companies such as Ford, Nissan etc. Thats bad for Toyota company success when companies share the information with the other companies the companies has to use that information and developed new vehicle and presented in to the market. In order that is the disadvantage of the Toyota Company to share the information with others. This is the most challenging process to collect the information form the customer or other folks what they need. After that the company put that information into the process and creates something new for the customer and also escalates the companys goodwill. When Toyota maintained their information secrete than the company get more take advantage of the customers because when they introduce something individually the customers attracted to the firms product and buy it. So through the secrete information system the Toyota run very long time their product on the market.

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