Study of new belgium breweries environmental duties and employee participation


Our group has written this report to make clear New Belgium breweries unique method of conducting business. The next paper will try to demonstrate why New Belgium has opted to perform their business with environmental responsibility and worker contribution at the forefront of their proper planning process.

There are certain questions that need to be asked to fully explore New Belgium's approach to business. The areas that people will address are

Operational Management at New Belgium Brewing

Importance of engaging employees to improve quality and efficiency

How they are alternatively powered

Environmental Stewards


Environmental responsibility and sustainability

New Belgium Breweries started in 1991 by Jeff Lebsech and his partner Kim Jordon in the cellar of their house. They were dropped financing from the lender so that they had to start out with limited capital. That they had a goal at heart to be one of the leading breweries in america. From delivering ale in their place wagon they went on to increase their production to 436, 000 barrels of its various product labels in the entire year 2006 which increase in development helped them in increasing their syndication to 19 says in the year 2008. With the gains they produced their company soon outgrew the besetment, and relocated to another location in a railroad depot, and finally in 1995 they built circumstances of the art work custom service which cost $21. 5 million. They spent $11. 5 million on a 55, 000 square feet building, and $10 million on new equipment.

Question 1

How do you describe operations management at New Belgium Making?

Until 2005 NBB's most reliable form of advertising has been word of mouth. Indeed before New Belgium beers were widely distributed throughout Colorado, one liquor store owner in Telluride is purported to possess offered people gas money if indeed they would drop by and pick up New Belgium on their way through Feet. Collins. While NBBC hasn't deviated from its original guidelines, the methods and people who operate the brewery have become more formal and professional. Creation professionals and continuous-improvement experts from outside the craft-brewing community have been recruited. As they reshape the processing practices and identify projects with the best returns and highest impact, they're careful not to squelch staff involvement.

By starting in there basement as a little company they were able to focus on the quality of the beer as opposed to the level of it. New Belgium ensures that quality at the place is monitored tightly. Throughout the processing process the quality of the inputs as they are transformed in to the finished product is examined. Quality guarantee is a crucial component of the operations management, however it is difficult and a challenge to keep up a constant product. The quality of the product shouldn't suffer consequently of how big is the company. When a company is large it is more important than ever that the grade of the product stays on the same, because the product is sold to more folks. At New Belgium the entire process form receiving the hops, to brewing, and bottling is checked constantly, to make sure that the merchandise is at the highest quality. Despite the fact that the quality of the inputs change, the quality of the product should not change. They take full advantage of productivity by totally utilizing their technology. Implementing a compassionate business design that aims to conserve environmental resources and nourish its employees, New Belgium has also been successful in preserving healthy financials. Ecological production is not only a feel-good effort; from the pocketbook issue for NBBC's 350 personnel: After twelve months of career with the company, the employees become employee-owners. All employees are considered area leaders, and everyone is responsible for ensuring that the quality remains high. The employees of New Belgium own 43% of the business through their "Employee Stock Possession Plan" or ESOP. While presenting employees possession in the company sets the foundation for an employed workforce, the real connections occur beyond the Share Statements. The reason why for New Belgium's success will be the companies Goal and Core Prices & Beliefs In conjunction with the framework and support at the professional level, employee engagement is the main element component in High Involvement Culture. With their workers connected to the main element functions of the business enterprise, they solicit ideas from over 300 unique perspectives. This helps the brewery to use more intelligently while realizing everyone's unique gift items. These are the practices they may have used to develop New Belgium's distinctive culture. New Belgium starts all the books to its employs and provides financial training so people can understand the business of doing business. At regular All-Staff meetings they review the financials, and employees have opportunities to ask questions and provide reviews. Each worker makes decisions in his / her role that affects New Belgium's profitability, whether it is in regards to a capital expansion project or going out of a faucet operating while they rinse their hands, everything adds up. When a worker is connected to the bigger purpose of the company and educated on the financial final results of their activities, these are empowered to make decisions that benefit the business as a whole. Trusting each other with this degree of aspect also helps us to feel treasured, empowered, and in the end more satisfied. These routines galvanize coworkers to be employed in New Belgium, to state the company's Center Values and Values which calls those to "honor mother nature at every switch of the business enterprise". What is good for the surroundings is ultimately best for business. They don't really want to leave the faucet jogging or the lights turned on since it costs money and natural resources. As well as the techniques which promote High Engagement Culture, in addition they work to engage employees in environmental stewardship.

The first two beers that they produced were Fat Car tire, and Abbey, which are still sold today. The brand new building will feature an robotic, high-speed bottling line that will increase result to 700 containers a minute compared to the 300 bottles a minute. The current development reaches 400, 000 barrels per calendar year, with growth that is expected to increase up to 800, 000 barrels per year. Since 2008, they have opened up circulation in 7 new states: Georgia, North Carolina, North Dakota, Indiana, SC, South Dakota, and Tennessee. Put into their existing claims of circulation (Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Tennessee, Washington and Wyoming), New Belgium now markets ale in 26 expresses, but all this ale is brewed in Fort Collins, Colorado. New Belgium will get numerous e-mails and calls each day inquiring when it'll be available somewhere else.

In 1995 when the Philanthropy program was conceived, they began donating 1 money for each and every barrel of beer produced to non-profit organizations in the communities where they conduct business. Since its inception, New Belgium Brewing has donated more than $2. 5 million through our Philanthropy program. There coworkers also have donated many volunteer hours to non-profits organizations in your community. There coworkers are given one hour of (paid time off) for each two time they volunteer with philanthropic organizations.

Question 2

Why could it be important to engage employees in possession to improve quality and efficiency?

In today's current economic climate, preparing fine ale and developing a valued trademark in the competitive brewing industry is a difficult task to attain. You will need to ensure consistent quality in the countless containers you produce, have dedicated and hardworking personnel to ensure even and efficient procedures, and always look for better methods of exceeding the consumers' targets. New Belgium Brewery understands this, and came up with a straightforward solution that would ensure many of these points are attained. After one year career at New Belgium, an employee's position is improved to employee-owner and they're compensated with company shares.

New Belgium came to the realization that the professionals of making their employees into owners were countless. The promotion exclusively insures employees come into work encouraged to do their given duties with their full probable, and creates a more productive work place with everyone focused on meeting the same goals. The motivation being that if the business enterprise does indeed well, their pay boosts. With this motivation, employees will ensure the quality of the ale is exceptional and will strive to go beyond standards; this helps maintain the company's perspective in creating higher quality brews. The employee-owner incentive program used at New Belgium not only provides company a competitive edge with improved quality but also aids in employee retention which in turn reduces the expenses of selecting and training employees.

Now, not only does New Belgium have hard working, dedicated employees, they may have a large labor force concentrated on how to enhance the business. As part owners, an employee can bring up any idea on what will make the business sell more, produce more, or in some instances what needs to be fixed and exactly how it could be done. It wouldn't subject what section you're in, if you own an innovative idea how to help the company, you have the ability to voice your ideas to senior management. For instance, if indeed they produced a fresh ale with a complete bodied easy taste yet it is somehow not selling up to expected; the marketing team could have overlooked the fact that their label could be mistaken for a crude picture, employees who've no knowledge of marketing could set up a meeting and bring light to the marketing misstep as the possible cause for lack of sales.

We consider there is still one additional reason why New Belgium has made this decision. A major problem companies have is creating an integrated workforce where in fact the issues and concerns employees are rapidly addressed and properly dealt with. New Belgium has ensured the safe practices and continuation of the business's daily business operations and the joy of employees by launching employee-owners. It also thwarted the possibility of added costs from employees who have to make use of walk-outs or union representation to be listened to by their managers.

The question most businesses ask is why should you give employees partial possession? Yet New Belgium demonstrates that it ought to be, why can you cripple your business by not?

Question 3

What does alternatively empowered mean for you?

After reviewing the info provided by the New Belgium Brewery website, I have come to see alternatively empowered as a means of giving back to the environment by stressing conservation and including environmental responsibility in the proper planning process. In the current modern industrial world, companies who develop bigger usually do this at the cost of the environment, because generally as companies grow the expenses related to environmental stewardship rises as well. On the other hand New Belgium Breweries continues to expand at an impressive pace; their rank in the US Beer industry has been improving and better as they grow older, while their progress has been forward by at least 1% compared to other craft making companies on the market, even while keeping their carbon footprint at a minimal. This is exactly what being alternatively empowered means.

Comment on what New Belgium Values are related to being "Environmental Stewards".

The New Belgium Values are eight rules that define what "environmental stewardship" methods to the business. More specifically in conditions of what New Belgium is convinced it has to do as an organization to be considered environmental stewards. These include caring for the environment, minimizing waste, so the least amount of natural resources are being used, and reducing reliance on non green ways of electricity, through method of self generating ability and purchasing clean wind flow power; conservatively using the rocky pile water resources. New Belgium strives to maximize conservation and efficiency through the use of new solutions.

New Belgium Brewery is working towards reaching these rules through their "alternatively empowered" initiative. They have got nine initiatives that combine these guidelines. Included in these are increasing efficiency by using new systems such as Steinecker's Merlin, which reuses the vitality from the previous batch in the next by means of heat. They make an effort to minimize the utilization of lighting by taking advantage of 3 hundred and sixty times of sunlight and the air conditioning needs are satisfied through evaporative air conditioning alternatively than electricity guzzling compressors. In addition they use wastewater treatment to lessen insert on environment and manage products. This process also provides them with a source of electricity. By making environmental decisions only with the consensus of the employees they ensure that nobody feels these are having to take action that they do not want to. (New Belgium Brewery, 2010)

In the subsection entitled "Alternatively Empowered Efforts", Choose two of the initiatives and discuss how they fit into overall sustainability mandate of the business as specified in the 2007 sustainability report's "Letters from the Sustainability Director".

One of the main factors talked about in the directors letter is the fact that though they stated that the power used by them is 100% wind generated it is instead less than half and this changes through their work. The two efforts most closely linked to this mandate are the following

On-Site Energy Production

Any industry today requires a huge amount of electricity to operate which is next to impossible to get everything from wind produced sources as they are not so easily available and costly. On-Site Energy production would reduce the demand for electricity from outdoor sources and so enable the business to meet more of its energy requirements from wind flow powered sources. This technique of energy production reduces electricity intake by 15%, thus taking their level of wind powered resources to more than 50%, which with further advancements could go higher.

Wind-Powered Electricity since 1999

An important factor is the agreement authorized with the Colorado administration in 1998, which meant the business would be offered as much vitality as possible through wind technology even though the cost would be more. This arrangement allowed the government to put up more wind generators, thus increasing the power available through wind generated sources, which is another step towards mandate provided by the director. (Orgolini, 2007)

Question 4

Do you think New Belgium's concentrate on environmental responsibility and sustainability in its development process is a significant cost or an advantage that enhances the profits of the company?

The New Belgium brewery website expresses they are "profitable not in spite of our social and environmental efforts but because of them" (New Belgium Brewery, 2010); the next paper aims to demonstrate this assertion by talking about how their conservation attempts have enhanced the profits and brand image of the business.

New Belgium is the third largest regional craft brewery with development steadily increasing since 2005; this success has been achieved while still keeping sustainability and environmental responsibility at the forefront of the proper planning process. New Belgium has executed a sustainability management system which brings a structured approach to environmental and conservation efforts. Through accurate gathering and representation of the negative impact there developing process has on the environment New Belgium was able to focus on specific areas for improvement. New Belgium brewery puts this practice into action by buying efficient equipment most notably there brew kettle the Steinecker Merlin; which heats slender bed sheets of wort as opposed to the complete kettle and stores steam and vapor that's allows the wort to heating at a quickened rate reducing the quantity of primary energy used. New Belgium's energy saving initiatives don't stop there; their site boasts that "the most lasting watt is the watt never used" (New Belgium Brewery, 2010) and they've unveiled various initiatives that stress conservation including; taking benefit of day light with light pipes and light cabinets, and turning to HVAC evaporative coolers that use much less energy. By creating with conservation at heart new Belgium has increased its efficiency and reduced the vitality suggestions needed in their creation process; this eventually translates to a good increase with their profits and public image. New Belgium also runs on the closed loop system by pumping methane gas produced from their waste material treatment service to a 292Kw co-gen engine unit that produces up to 15% of their energy needs. Though the system possessed malfunctioned before a relationship with Woodward resulted in installing new controls that have led to sustained efficiency. This illustrates another aspect of New Belgium's determination to environmental reasonability; by actively seeking out support to enhance their equipment they've reduced their environmental impact and built enduring and useful relationships with various business and government sponsored conservation programs. This may also be seen in New Belgium's visit of exterior consultants when producing there Text message system. In 2010 2010 new Belgium commissioned the structure of a solar array at the top of the product packaging hall, at the time it was the greatest private solar array in Colorado and shows New Belgium's impressive attempts to funnel lasting energy. The solar array currently provides over 3% of new Belgium's energy needs and will continue to very good in to the future. In 1999 the New Belgium employee-owners voted unanimously to switch their purchased energy entirely to wind electricity. Though this included a 2. 5cent high quality on every watt produced; effectively minimizing the employee-owners bonus pool the unanimous vote demonstrated that New Belgium's efforts to reduce their carbon foot print had supported from everyone in the business. Despite the fact that the switch to wind force reduced income in the brief run the unifying vote and positive effects to worker morale ( employees are happier when they feel they have a voice in their workplace) may eventually offset the loss with increased efficiency and employee retention. New Belgium's move to wind electric power also had a ripple impact through derived demand; allowing Fort Collins Resources to be the first resources company in Colorado to offer wind electricity.

In summary New Belgium's extended efforts to lessen their carbon foot print and deep commitment to sustainable production has been an overall benefit to the company by decreasing inputs to their manufacturing process and bettering brand image.


Through the study conducted by our group customers we have found that New Belgium's undertake environmental sustainability and corporate and business responsibility on a whole is effective in not only lowering their harmful impact on the environment but in creating a cohesive, dedicated team of employees; all while maintaining profit growth.

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