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Motivation, Potential, and Opportunity

Motivation, capacity and opportunity play significant role in the success for a drink like Kombucha. Inspiration is what drives a consumer to do this, "a enthusiastic consumer is energized, ready, and ready to engage in a goal-related activity". (Hoyer and Maclnnis 45) A person that must find a wholesome balance for their stomachs, treatment hangovers, or just get a less sugary drink is determined to find a way to satisfy these needs. In Kombucha's circumstance motivation takes substantial behavior because it is more pricy than other non-alcoholic beverages on the marketplace, and it might not be available at any store. Personal relevance is one of the critical indicators affection motivation of the buyer towards buying Kombucha, thus a consumer who's health-conscious will likely choose the product since it is non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan and has 2-6 grams of glucose and 30 energy per 8 oz cup. The identified risk can also impact the purchasing behavior towards Kombucha. In cases like this Kombucha drinker will not consider the attributes of the merchandise to be high-risk; because the container includes all its dietary facts so that insufficient information cannot be applied. However, the higher price makes the merchandise high risk. But, one important aspect that may change it out is the brand differentiation, "what makes Kombucha much better than the competition?". That is the most important process marketers have to encourage the customer.

"For motivation to cause action a consumer will need the ability to process information, make decisions, or engage in behaviors. Capability is defined as the degree to which consumers have the necessary resources to make the outcome happen" (Hoyer and Maclnnis 62) Since Kombucha is something that is basically used to relieve upset tummy or generally make you feel better, consumers don't have many factors that influence their capabilities to process information about the product and make decisions about and engage in its buying, consumption, and disposition of the drink. The ultimate factor affecting whether determination results doing his thing is a consumer's chance to take part in a patterns. Time, distractions, and the total amount, repetition, and control of information all affect a consumers' possibility to process information. Kombucha, like any other product, can be influenced by enough time stresses of consumers and distractions that might deter or wait them from investing in a Kombucha bottle; In addition, Kombucha depends largely on word of mouth marketing, it does not advertise at all or have a certain advertising campaign.

Exposure, Attention, and Perception

"Exposure identifies the process where the customer touches a stimulus, " (Hoyer and Maclnnis 70) in Kombucha's circumstance the customer touches a drink. When it comes to exposure many factors can take place, for Kombucha shelf placements impacts publicity in many levels. Shelf location for Kombucha should be on eyesight level where individuals can easily see it without bending down, rendering it easier to be seen. There should be advertisings for Kombucha done on sports magazines, magazines, sports arenas, clubs where the public are more likely to be young, health-oriented, fitness lovers.

The attention directed at any one product can be based upon the person in question, a lot of people may pay attention to everything around them other may have selective attention where they only see what they want to see. When it comes to Kombucha the presentation may have a big impact, as the container is completely different from other containers around in its modern and aesthetically satisfying glass container design. Because of its eye-catching label and trendy container design attention directed at it may be high. This differences may also play a role here, because a Kombucha drinker may very well be young or middle time individual.

Perception happens through the registration of stimuli by our five senses, that are: vision, reading, preference, smell, and touch. For Kombucha perspective and taste are the senses that are crucial to the product. In regards to vision the merchandise appeals to the buyer through its size, design and condition, this can affect the understanding a consumer has towards a Kombucha drink. The flavor facet of Kombucha is very important, as though it is unflavored it might be difficult to drink, but different fruity flavors and carbonation neutralize its original preference, considering it really is a fermented tea. Despite the fact that the company may be able to sell one bottle of Kombucha through the nice looks and the colors, in order to keep a consumer loyal the style needs to please the person's notion of what flavor good.

Knowledge and Understanding

What current Kombucha consumers have already learned about recently is referred to as knowledge content. Kombucha has already reached a state when a significant number of people know much about the product, their advantages and where to look for products. Therefore, Kombucha consumers have high knowledge content about the products of the Kombucha brand.

Kombucha has done a considerable amount of work over the past couple of years to establish a well-known brand name. Most consumers discover the brand's glass medicine bottle condition.

Consumers also do not need to only knowledge when investing in a product but also have to use that knowledge to comprehend what matters the most to them. Consumers look for three essential certification when purchasing drinks: safeness (expiration), efficiency (tastes/flavor), and price/familiarity. Expiration schedules don't automatically pertain to Kombucha beverages because the refreshments have a high shelf life and almost always sell much before the expiration schedules. However, regarding an expiration night out, blame would be based on the retailer to pull any expired food or drink product off of their shelves. Style plays a big role in consumer habit because people want to drink things that flavor good and are good for them. Kombucha offers a variety of flavors because of their consumers which range from ginger, rose to pomegranate. The company had also mentioned that Kombucha has a myriad of benefits such as increased digestion, fighting candida (dangerous yeast) overgrowth, mental clearness, and mood stability. Familiarity is an excellent that Kombuch has obtained over time scheduled to high knowledge content and positive feedback from consumers. Because of the high quality that Kombucha has provided through the years of nice tasting beverages, individuals are familiar with the product and have a tendency to repurchase the product.

Attitudes Predicated on High Effort

Kombucha consumers don't make their attitudes based on high effort since it doesn't require a lot of thinking or require a lot of work.

Attitudes Based on Low Effort

"When individuals are either unwilling or unable to exert a great deal of work or devote many psychological resources to digesting the central idea behind a marketing communication, we characterize is as a low-effort situation. " (Hoyer and Maclnnis 149) The key reason why a Kombucha drink is known as a low-effort situation is basically because an individual purchasing a power drink is due to 1 of 2 reason: they are simply thirsty or buying a healthy drink that will provide a better performance for his or her stomach. One when is thirsty it generally does not take much work to alleviate one's thirst.

One way of evoking consumers' behaviour without invoking much control effort is classical conditioning. When classical conditioning occurs "it produces a response to a stimulus by frequently paring it with another stimulus that automatically produces this response. " (Hoyer and Maclnnis 157) Classical conditioning plays a huge part in Kombucha sales. Individuals are alert to the form and label of Kombucha products and reach for that known item when purchasing their products; these individuals are not conditioned on looking for the brand Kombucha but rather know Kombucha structured from its presentation and color.

Under conditions of low effort, producers of products need to consistently create favorable attitudes to keep attracting consumers. Kombucha is continually developing newer flavours and products to keep their brand strong. The company launched Enlightened Kombucha, a lighter and smoother option with the same amount of vitamins and minerals (when)?. The intro of the Enlightened Kombucha combined with the consistent new flavours introduced to the market each year keep Kombucha away from experiencing wear out, which is an occurrence when consumers become sick and tired of the brand and its attributes.

Problem Acknowledgement and Information Search

Expectations and dreams are often activated by our very own personal motivations whether it is our self-image or aspects in our particular culture. "Problem acceptance is the perceived difference between an ideal and a genuine state. That is a critical stage is your choice process because it motivates the buyer to action. " (Hoyer and Maclnnis 195) Kombucha has always associated themselves with being truly a healthy probiotic drink that revitalizes your body. An athlete or aspiring one could listen to about Kombucha as something that will help them achieve what they make an effort to emulate. Although Kombucha is designed to the "ideal point out" of healthy body, a consumer's "actual point out" of head could interfere with the products allusiveness. By goals and utilization situations, Kombucha sponsored influencers may induce the aspiration of moving from a genuine state to an excellent state and encourage a consumer to buy their product. In response, Kombucha has offered their product as a solution to a consumer's problem furthermore increasing their attractiveness in a consumer's evoked group of soft drinks.

When problems or dissatisfaction is presented, a consumer will commence your choice process by looking internally for information on ways to assess their detainments. Because most of the information we store regarding products are stored inside our short term slot machine, specific facts of something could be lost. However, with sufficient information and interest a consumer could recall a particular product they could refer to. Kombucha's website efficiently presents all the information needed about the produc. Kombucha's information ease of access is one of these strongest associative links. Their specific use of goals, salience, and vividness of their marketing promotions has induced sales and product inclination.

Judgment and Decision-Making Based on High Effort

As stated before, Kombucha consumers don't make their behaviour based on high effort, therefore their judgment and decision-making is not based on high effort but low effort as well.

Judgment and Decision-Making Predicated on Low Effort

Evaluation of your consumer's wisdom and decision-making are important behavioral characteristics to consider as a Kombucha professional. When consumer have low motivation, ability, and possibility to process information, such as investing in a soda or powerful healthy drink, consumers may simplify their decisions rather than put too much thought when investing in a brand they like.

When consumers make low-elaboration decisions it usually is made unconsciously and sometimes consciously, but with very little effort. GT's Kombucha is recognized as the primary kombucha drink, other famous drinks include Health-Ade Kombucha but don't compare to GT's Kombucha's market talk about; this is a great edge to Kombucha because the Kombucha brand and company logo can be easily discovered by individuals. As a result a consumer may buy a Kombucha bottle without having to be consciously aware they are doing so because they've been largely exposed to the brand name and custom logo.

Post-Decision Processes

The reason for Kombucha and other healthy refreshments is to reinvent the balance in the body quickly and help improve digestion. Kombucha asserts that whenever one drinks their fluid it'll enhance the health condition of your body and it functioning normally. It is simple for a consumer to simply read what Kombucha may offer them and consider it, but how about if indeed they have concerns or questions regarding if it really possesses what it claims? This creates a post-decision dissonance, "a feeling of stress and anxiety over if the right decision was made" (Hoyer and Maclnnis 272)

One way to look at the validity of Kombucha's boasts is by evaluating experimental research on sport beverages if the results match the boasts. Thankfully research has proved that for the most part the claims created by companies such as Kombucha are true. But it is extremely important to notice that Kombucha is not essential every time you have intestinal problems and sometimes medicine may work better. What this research provides is a greater sense of satisfaction when a consumer acquisitions a Kombucha container, they believe that their evaluations of what Kombucha will offer you them will accomplish their needs. Kombucha satisfaction is important to Kombucha because satisfied customers are more likely to remain customers, be brand dedicated, and be devoted to the product.

Consumer Diversity

Several diversity affects affect consumer action, they include: age group, gender, the spot in which consumers live in, and among subgroups of people with unique patterns of ethnicity and faith because of their different traditions, customs, and choices.

Kombucha consumers are usually young adults and Gen Y'ers, also called millenniums. These individuals are media and tech savvy. They follow and create styles. Since health-cosciousness has turned into a type of a pattern, these millenials are dedicated consumers of Kombucha.

When it comes to gender, Kombucha is sold to both men and women. Kombucha is also offered in any region where a consumer might live in, as well as to every consumer, regardless of ethnicity and religion.

Social Course and Home Influences

"Social school hierarchy is the grouping of member in modern culture matching to statues of high and low. " (Hoyer and Maclnnis 326) Social school hierarchy is important because many people in the same hierarchy share similar life encounters therefore, share similar worth and similar patterns patterns; thus one of the most important determinants to purchasing decisions are from participants of their interpersonal group, because they regularly mix paths. However, effect will go beyond one class influence and normally can trickle down to other classes. With regards to products of consumption, such as Kombucha, it's quite common that all or most cultural classes talk about the same products, which cause for the disappearance of school distinctions, or in other words, social course fragmentation.

Kombucha is a brand flavored carbonated healthy drink. Kombucha is intended to be consumed during physical dynamic events, however Kombucha is consumed even when individuals drinking it aren't involved in physical exercise. You will discover no capital barriers for a consumer to take Kombucha. Kombucha is a drink priced at an inexpensive rate as other healthy drinks, that results in consumers from any interpersonal call able to buy a Kombucha bottle.

Psychographics: Worth, Personality, and Lifestyles

Values, personality, and life styles constitute the basin components of psychographics. Now more than even marketers use psychographics to get a more comprehensive knowledge of consumer patterns than they can get from demographic variables.

In Kombucha's case, it is imperative for it to comprehend the ideals of the western culture because the company is primarily consumed by Traditional western societies. "The American culture principles: materialism, the house, work and play, individualism, family and children, health, hedonism, youngsters, authenticity, the environment, and technology. " (Hoyer and Maclnnis 358) One addition that the company made to the initial Old classic Kombucha is the amount of calories and sugar per portion since it was more obvious that lots of consumers were becoming more health conscious. Since Western consumers overwhelmingly chooses products that give you a variety of health benefits, changing the calorie consumption per serving gives consumers another advantage which improves consumer satisfaction of Kombucha.

Knowing the personality of an Kombucha consumer is also important. The personality of your Kombucha consumer may very well be an athletic individual that must replenish their thirst and bacteria balance fast. Furthermore, a Kombucha consumer is also very likely to be at places like the gym and area, and other recreational locations. Following personality of an Kombucha consumer is that they live their life, their "lifestyle". People who ingest Kombucha choose to do so because of its convenient size, availableness and multiple benefits.

Social Influences on Consumer Behavior

A product will not be successful if it doesn't have social influences. We have learned that "social affect is information by and implicit or explicit pressures from individuals, categories, and the mass media that affect what sort of person behaves. " (Hoyer and Maclnnis 386)

Kombucha brand utilizes word-of-mouth marketing sources and sociable influencers. Social media is a powerful marketing tool because it grows to many people, and it's been said to be one of the main marketing approaches for a successful product or service. Kombucha uses an judgment leader to market their products to the consumer. "The opinion leader is a particular source of cultural influence who operates as an information broker between the media and the ideas and manners of a person or group. " (Hoyer and Maclnnis 31)

Ethics, Friendly Responsibility, & the Deep Part of Consumer Tendencies & Marketing

Kombucha hasn't possessed any major lawsuits where their ethics and the cultural responsibility they need to society have come to question. Thus, Kombucha has been victorious in creating something that doesn't harm individuals, as well as the surroundings.

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