Suitable Recommendation To The Furniture Work Management Business Essay

From the above discussion we had seen that we now have many company who are employing different culture in activity 1, form that we have to used the recommendation to the furniture work which is an efficient work in global environment and demonstrates how it might be a highly effective.


Suitable suggestion to the furniture work management


Multinational Company is those that have large numbers of branches in various countries. This organization produce their product or services to several country. This company manage their procedure in several countries but the significantly it will deal with their business from particular home country. The multinational companies have many different countries which have global investment, trading and circulation of goals. There are incredibly multinationals organization have multinational budget which exceeds those of several countries. They may have distribute a number of global policies.

The multinational company is the firm which have operate in several country and their earnings would be utilised to their operation. The company has been get into one of the four categories.

Multinational this is decentralised from with strong home country presence

Global centralised firm that acquired cost advantages through centralised creation where cheaper resources available.

An international organization which build on the father or mother firm's technology

Transnational companies which combines the previous three methods.


The multination company has gain strong griped into the international market.

It has other advantages about getting low priced labour, raw materials and other functional cost.

The syndication cost of the company is low.

The multinational company has tax advantage which made available from the countries.

This company is also using new technologies and methods

Another take advantage of the foreign county is usually to be government grants.


The company have limitation about the trade which is imposed at federal level.

The company has imposed the taxes and tariffs on imports from other countries.

The multinational company has limited features of imports.

Multinational company has an efficient management of globally dispersed organization.


FROM : Rushika Patel

TO : The Manager

SUB : Report on reflection for furniture works to grow their development at aboard.

DATE : 10/11/2010

As we realize that furniture work which has been operated from London and wish to their operation in foreign country, which is similar to to handled in global market and also have to accept the strategy like above task 1 countries. Also they may have to start out their operation in several country as electronic manner they have to thinking about the digital team first plus they start operation.


This is one of the main thing which furniture work has to be doing start doing procedure going to take licence from the other country. The licensing is the take permission from the country to do business. Also the furniture work must take licence from the other country which is being a trade symbol for them no other company can sell the goods on the name.


Joint Venture is the main one of the sort of relationship with the other company where they can sell their good the several country. Furniture work has to identify the other company who have same kind of goals and objective going to sell the goods or services, and the company must be merge get back company has start doing their business.


The consortia means a link of both or more individuals, companies, organizations and governments or any combination of these entities with the objective or taking part in the activities with their resource for achieving common goals. Furniture work should be work such as this ways to achieve their concentrate on about finding company and joint with them for common purpose or goal.


Globalization is will involve to expanding to attain in to worldwide market. The proper well integrated globalization initiative ensures that customer across the world enjoy with appropriate and useful experience when communication, collaborating and transacting. A highly effective globalization solution the quality of this experience is never changed by location, terminology, ethnical or business tactics. For the execution of such strategy global business need to leverage commercial data and content resources across the venture. It also has to invest in technologies which may be improves the procedure.


When furniture work has start their operation in global market the main strategy will be the control of the business enterprise needs to be done through the house founded. Furniture work is working from any were the last decision about the branch should be done from the central level.


Company should be make strategy like that they need to provide a similar good which has been providing in to the home based country. For the fascination of the customer furniture work must giving customer satisfaction to provide similar good or same goods that they provide in local market.


Furniture work has began their operation in global market; the one of the key strategy is to be cost gain to attract the client. They need to provide advantage like cost which is important in which to stay to the global market as well as they need to improve their strength with this plan.


Multi home strategy is strategy which company make an effort to achieve maximum local responsiveness by customised both their product offering and online marketing strategy to complement different countrywide conditions.

The strategy which is basically product customised for every product.

This strategy has decentralised control for the local decision making

This would be more effective when bigger differences would be existing between countries.

The product differentiation, local responsiveness, minimised political risk, minimised exchange rate risk.


Furniture work when start their business in global market they need to face certain global difficulties in global market. when company has operating in to the global market they have to face certain problems which must be more complex to allow them to achieve their goal at regular interval. Also a few of the task which must be related to the social related.

Cost problem is one of the primary issues when company is working in global market. They need to give a competitive cost which has been affordable to company's income and client satisfaction.

Cultural point of view is another concern, because all the global company has to provide goods or service like the united states where it's been runs their business.

Transfer of knowledge to the staff who are working on global market is another problem, because they cannot directly related to the house country so knowledge and skill is not being transfer at regular interval.


This activity show that how the company has to operate their procedure in to the global market and also how they have to acknowledge their strategy and what kinds of challenge needs to be encountered by them.

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