SWOT Analysis: Case Study of Dell


Dell is one of the most significant company and distributor in the world. Dell was found in 1984 by Michael Dell, while he was a student of the School of Texas. In the beginning the Michael dell used to get the computer part of general and gathered in his house before they sell it to the customer in the cheaper price than the other merchant shops. Initially that he used to order them straight from the Internet and delivered to the customer. At that time, Dell has direct selling strategy favourable to the client and Dell. This plan really helps to get information from the customer and create and maintain a good relationship between company and customer.

Dell had turn into a biggest owner of the computer in the period 1980-to1990. In '09 2009, Dell has the third position in the world. Dell is known for selling good quality in cheaper price. This cost management strategy has been very successful and it certainly competitive advantage to compete with other Personal computer companies such as IBM, Toshiba, Sony and Compaq.

Dell is not limited with only one product the range of product as a data storage area device, tv, notebooks, etc. . The types also provides product is produced by others. Dell is today well known company on earth.

SWOT analysis


Dell is world's most significant manufacturer of PC. Revenue for the three months up to and including July 2005 were of more than $ 1 billion, a growth of around 28%. Going back few years has its position as the marketplace leader (it got it is Hewlett-Packard's competitors). The Dell brand is one of the most popular and reputable computer brands in the world.

Dell cuts the shop and delivers directly to the customers. It creates use of it and customer marriage Management (CRM) methods to data-capture functions on its faithful users. So a customer a generic PC model, setting, and then items added and updates until the PC is kitted right out of the specifications relating to the customer. Parts of suppliers, never through Dell. Computers are assembled with the aid of relatively cheap labour. You can even keep an eye on your order by contact with the client service team, located in India. The completed product than with the client by courier. Dell offers full control of the resource chain


The company has such a huge range of products and components of many suppliers from a big variety of countries, there may be the occasional product recall that lead to some humiliation to Dell. In 2004, Dell experienced to keep in mind 4. 4 million laptop adapters because of a fear that they could overheat, electric shock, or cause a fire.

Dell is the writer of the computer, not a computer company. The purchase of a number of manufacturers of concentrated high-tech components. That is a huge benefits in terms of business activities, consequently of which Dell to concentrate on marketing and logistics, the company depends on a number of major suppliers and, to a certain degree, is locked set for a time period (i. e. not able to switch from the delivery costs, the lack of major suppliers in the world).


Dell does a diversification strategy by the intro of many services to its range. This has primarily targeted at good as peripherals such as printers and toner, but now also included LCD tvs and other non-computing goods. So Dell compete ipod device and other gadgets brands.

Dell is making and offering cheap cheap Personal computer computers to sellers in america. The PCs are generic rather than to be recognized as being from Dell when the consumer make a purchase. Rebranding and rebadging for the retail trade, although a departure for Dell, the company offers new market sections and episode with the marketing costs.


The biggest problem for Dell is the competitive rivalry, which in the PC market worldwide. As with all brands of affordable, retaliation of competition and new entrants to the marketplace potential hazards. Dell resources from china and taiwan countries where labour costs are low, but you can find nothing stopping competition do the same thing-even sourcing the same or similar the different parts of the same or similar suppliers. Please be aware that Dell a manufacturer of Computer, is not the maker of the Personal computer.

Dell, global marketing and businesses, is subjected to fluctuations in the foreign currency markets of the world. Although it is an extremely lean firm, place orders time ahead because of their size or the value. Changes in trade rates could leave the company exposed to probably lose in elements of the supply string.

Target group

Dell the target group includes major corporate accounts, medium and smaller businesses and consumers company. In order to comply with some other customer section by the direct model used Dell.

To be successful, Dell has to ensure it produces the correct computers that meet up with the customers, and take benefit of the possibilities that are available.

Accent has been placed on the industry-laptop, Dell would like to produce another generation notebook platform that will continue its activities in the future, it should look on the current trends in the industry and how they could another generation of laptop.

Mobility is now increasingly more influence on the earth and the marketplaces that Dell will function. Therefore, the implication of this trend is from the laptop that Dell would produce to be lighter and smaller.

The Internet is now a necessity in the daily lives of individuals. Because of this style, and the impact of freedom at the same time would be Wi-Fi Access to the internet is a potential demand.

Dell marketing objectives

  • Accomplished by global marketing strategy
  • Measurable and quantifiable
  • Within a time limit
  • The goal group can be
  • Realistic and achievable
  • Sales, income, market share

Marketing strategy of dell

Dell's strategy collapse income in the Personal computer market, a significant development for the opponents who are not keeping pace. Dell is the pricing of the machines rather than as high-tech products, but more on airline tickets, and low-margin recycleables. DELL has a good competence with other major computer distributors such as Compaq and Horsepower. public factors also have an impact on the business enterprise environment from Dell. Computer companies have to discover that in the Chinese culture, people are still not sure about visa or mastercard sales as a result of huge cost of computers in China. Companies, need to purchase activities from door to door or in person to get consumer assurance and consumer confidence in the business and the product. Dell has also the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS). DELL is targeted on product design, travel, and so forth. As part of DELL of ISO 14001 EMS, the organisation objectives where in fact the goal is to enhance the performance of the internal business environment in a continuous improvement functions that are being used to successes in the complete company. Dell has its brand name than normal computer products broaden by making use of its reputation as an e-commerce leader positioned. In the entire year 2000 Dell commenced to redefine itself if the business that you are acquainted with the procedure of e-business. It gets the online sales expertise shared with a number of large customers as they have got their own e-commerce features.

Dell is for certain forces of competition in terms of it as the EDI tool provides a very effective alternatives in reducing the costs and the close hyperlink between Dell and Dell using its subcontractors with its customers. DELL started selling its own brand of portable personal computers, called the Axim, at discount price which may be seen as a encouraging and CEO, Mr Michael Dell features the way the Dell success place in which makes it as simple as possible for someone to buy a pc. There are a number of applications that are being utilized by Dell and they're vital for the center activities of business Dell and the DELL direct that its operational factors for success. Some applications that are being used by DELL that are valuable, however, not for some critical success factors.

Business scored credit card from Dell

It is a proper planning and management system that is utilized extensively running a business and industry, Government and non-profit organizations across the world to bring activities to the vision and strategy of the Organization, improve interior and external communication and monitoring the performance of the company of the tactical objectives. It is induced by Drs. Robert Kaplan (Harvard Business College) and David Norton performance way of measuring framework that tactical performance of non-financial measures added to the original financial metrics give professionals and executives a more well-balanced ' view of organizational performance. While the company scorecard expression was coined in the first 1990s, the root base of this way are profound and the pioneering work of Basic Electric performance measurement confirming in the 1950s and the task of the French process designers (that your Tableau de Bord - practically, a "dashboard" of the performance counters) are included in the start of the 20th century.

Business scorecard evolved from the first use as a simple performance measurement platform a complete tactical planning and management system. The "new" business scorecard transforms an organization's proper plan of any attractive, but unaggressive document is "marching purchases" for the business on a regular basis. It provides a construction that offers performance measurements, but helps organizers identify what needs to be achieved and measured. It enables professionals to really to carry out their strategies

Role of Business Scorecard

The scorecard is something where the imposition of options based on the priorities of the proper plan. Offers the most important business individuals and requirements to motivate professionals to develop and implement functions that will contribute to success in the future - instead of dwelling on historical performance. By necessitating that the four perspectives, it offers a richer, more all natural eye-sight of the organisation

The great things about the approach of the well-balanced scorecard way of measuring performance are
  • Gives the entire picture of the staff if the organizational performance.
  • It helps users to look for the critical success factors and performance signals.
  • Strategic review or evaluation of the organizational features and performance.
  • On the other side, refer to the complete firm on the some of the key things are needed to make the breakthrough performance.
  • Integration and the performance and the efforts at the cheapest level in the Organization to achieve exceptional performance.

Implementation plan for dell

The home based business model includes the creation of three devices worldwide: large corporations, the general public sector and small and medium-sized businesses. Each group will evidently be entrusted with important "leading global responsibility" and "industry".

"Function in the past two years, we have significantly upgraded our competitiveness, our resource chain, our broadened and Dell presented to more folks in more places than previously, " explained CEO Michael Dell. "We have laid the foundations for the transition from a worldwide company that regional level in order for companies are planned that is truly global. "

Dell also observed that these amendments were influenced by customers who faster development and worldwide standardised products.

"Requirements of the client are increasingly described through technology alternatively than where they use. That is why our company is allowing ourselves to be tied to geographic boundaries to solve their needs, "Dell added.

Dell the so-called restructuring plan has led to large-scale redundancies in several locations, including Ireland, who be prepared to losses greater than 2, 000 careers in Limerick. The pending job loss will be prompted to go into the neighborhood Tnaiste and Minister of Protection "talk to Mr Michael Dell the significant benefits that the operation of the business, the Limerick City and the region brings".

While Dell is likely to continue with the slashes, the company prolonged "internal treatment of precisely what its new technique to its operations in Limerick means" and guaranteed to "share the details on staff and the Government, as soon as it is able to do so

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