SWOT Evaluation for Employability Skills


With the immediate development of modern culture, the contests between companies are also increasing, the actual employers want for the graduates are not only concentrate on the amount but pay more attention to their employability skills. To be able to win their opponents in the brutal competition, employers want graduates who've a wide range of skills to bring to the work environment and need the employees with multi-skilled to fulfil numerous assignments. ЇјЛ†Foster, 1998, p. 4Їј. So graduates who getting into the workforce will need to have the abilities needed by employers.

With the purpose of making ourselves become more competitive in the future job market first we have to uncover what the employability skills the company want for graduates, then based on the employability skills do the non-public SWOT examination and make an action intend to improve ourselves.

Discussion of employability skills

What skills do employers want

'Employability skills are defined as skills required not and then gain career, but also to advance within an enterprise to be able to achieve one's potential and contribute efficiently to enterprise proper directions. ' (DEST 2002a)

Today, regardless of the level, companies are paying more focus on the employability skills of the graduates, but there is absolutely no uniform standard of employability skills. What employability skills the graduates should have are be based upon company's real operating conditions and different companies have different specifications. Through a wide range of literature research, the consequence of the actual employability skills needed by companies are almost the same, and can be roughly divided into the following eight basic skills: Communication skills, Teamwork skills, Problem resolving skills, Home management skills, Planning and managing skills, Technology skills, Life-long learning skills and Effort and venture skills. (MONASH, nd)

Why do companies want these skills?

Communication skills

"The CIPD's views are based on the latest CIPD/KPMG quarterly Labor Market Perspective, a review of over 1, 400 UK employers, the key capabilities employers look for in college leaver recruits are communication skills (40% of employers ranking this in their top three required characteristics), work ethic (39%) and personality (32%). " (CIPD, 2006). Communication happens at all times at work, having effective communication skills can make us have a good relationship with co-workers and superiors, thus can create a good working environment and help us complete the task more efficiently. Also, have good communication skills not only can make the existing customers are more satisfy with the products and services provided by our company but can also catch the attention of more clients cooperate with us.

Teamwork skills

In Today's world, only have the individual working capability is not enough, more and more works need a group of men and women to complete jointly. Work in teams can speed up the progress of work and also through brainstorming to set-up a better notion of the company

Problem fixing skills

In this competitive world, companies will experienced various problems at any time, solving the problem successfully enable the company trip out the storm or it'll fail.

Self-management skills

'Companies also need graduates have self-management skills to complete the task by itself or almost exclusively, without the need for someone to stand above the employees constantly and tell them wish to accomplish. 'ЇјЛ†Foster, 1998, p. 14Їј.

Planning and arranging skills

Employers need graduates to make plans and set up the limited resources to attain both short and long-term goals of company.

Technology skills

In the technical era, technology skills become increasingly important, company need employees use personal computers and telecommunications systems proficiency, understanding current fads and gathering information to predict the business's operating condition through technology.

Life-long learning skills

In order to help make the company development sustainably, only require employee constant learning can allow company keep pace with this rapid-developing society, and employees who have the life-long learning skills can also bring advantages to the company.

Initiative and venture skills

Employees recruited by the business are with multi-skilled, the company may frequent copy their workers to different departments and to take different assignments in a company. (Heather and Peter, 2006, p. 2). Which means this require the employee have the initiative and venture skills to change themselves easily to new situations and can take the job quickly.

Personal SWOT Analysis

After identify the employability skills that needed by companies, I make a personal SWOT analysis based on real experience and self applied diagnosis test through the internet.

Strengths :

I have good team work and managing skills. Based on the results of my home assessment test, I have a great mark in humanistic-encouraging and affiliative. (See Appendix 1) In the group work I can build on ideas with other people so when team leader I usually will make plans to allocate duties to the group users to make sure everyone relishes the tasks they are designated to.

I am good at Self management. I could management my time well and get thing done without having to be pushed. Usually I am going to write down the things what I have to do and form them out based on the importance and the time sequence. From then on I am going to write them to the calendar so that I could know obviously what so when should I do next

I do well in learning. I willing to put in time and effort to learn new skills. As a student, beside the major I also sign up for the free English school and the Examination Centres mini component to improve myself.

I have technology skills. I am not only getting the basic computer skills but can also use specialised software programs. Since I've learned the business decision modelling in my first year and today I also learning the applied management and decision modelling, most of them need to utilize the specialised software packages so I learned how to use them in the course.


I have no occupation experience, even the part-time job experience.

I am vulnerable in problem handling; after i face problems usually I can not see all edges of these and can not provide good solution of them.

My Communication skills are weak. I am an introvert (Result in appendix ) and I am not good at talk to others. I feel shy while i speaking with strangers.


I will get a part-time job through the "future" of our institution to learn new skills to enhance my CV.

I am more employable than others if I get work experience in UK. 65% of international employers signify they are more willing to employ graduates with international work experience. (Archer and Davison, 2008. ).

I produce an possibility to get a good job easily go back to China after I graduate. 'China is broadly expected to end up being the world's largest individuals capital market in the future, needing an explosive variety of talented specialists. Companies wanting to hire Mainland Chinese returnees: blessed and brought up in China, analyzed/worked in the U. S. or European countries and then returned to China. They provide international experience, plus words and social skills but are in short supply' (Davy, Lau).

I can enjoy a variety of preferential procedures for overseas learner which provided by the Chinese language government if I back to China.


In recent years, "explosive" growth tendencies of Chinese international students choose to come back home that will raise the competition to getting jobs in China.

Employment pressure both in China and UK. 'Not only Chinese graduates for job-hunting with stress, graduates of British also face the same problem. The careers scarcity was blamed over a "substantial backlog" in the number of jobless graduates from prior years - creating additional strain on the employment market this year 2010. ' (Articlesbase, 2010).

Personal Action Plan

After I finished the non-public SWOT analysis, relating to my very own situation I make an action plan basic on SMART

Skill to be improved

Specific Actions


Target date

Communication skills:

Participating in the activities that organized by university community orinvolvingin the institution communitydirectly.

Make a whole lot of friends.

Take the effort in making acquaintances.

Do not feel nervous when speaking with strangers

Next month

Take the mini module about communication that provided by the "future" inside our school

Presenting and taking part in class discussions

Semester 2

Through the IELTStestto improve my English speaking, writing, reading and listening skills.

Take the IELTS test



Problem handling skills

Apply for the volunteer opportunities provide by the "future"Helping people solve problem while enhancing my problem fixing skills.

Become a volunteer

Semester 2

Analysis certain requirements of college assignments

Meet the task requirements of teachers

Deadline of


Initiative and business skills

Find part-time careers in our school or become a volunteer

Get part-time careers, become a volunteer

Semester 2

Become a trainee of an company

for 1-2week

Work in a firm as a trainee

Christmas holidays

Teamwork skills

Working on group assignments

Do the Group work assignments

Deadline of group


Planning and organisation skills

Arranging study and daily lives at university

Make plans day-to-day and do thing matching to plans


Self-management skills

Summing upthe

gaps in skills and knowledge

Doself-reflection whenteachers give project feedback

At the end of semester 1

Learning skills

Learning new skills that needed by employers

Attend courses and end courses

Semester 2

Technology skills

Learn something about Photoshop or repository.

Participatethe relevant courses

During semester 2


There is no doubt that employees who creating a good level will gain an outstanding starting point, since a good level helps employees open up the entranceway of finding employment, however, a qualification alone is insufficient, employers want a lot more off their graduate employees, they want employees may bring benefits to the business and let the company within an invincible position through the brutal competition. Through comprehensive research I summed up eight varieties of employability skills that most needed by companies. And I made an individual SWOT analysis predicated on employability skills and self diagnosis test through the internet and actual experience which made me are more aware of myself. After that I made an action arrange for myself. I'll stick to the program and I hope that it could help me improve my employability skills after I finish off it. And get a good job in the competitive job market after I graduate.

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