The Atlantis Silicone Company

John smith, the creator of Atlantis Rubber Company, began his business of tire-mounting patent in 1900, with total assets of $2000. At its initials he gained $110, 000 by selling the wheels of another company but later he purchased a building in 1902 to begin manufacturing its tires, by selecting twelve employees at this place. In 1960s the company has been voted as among the best one of the ten team-managed companies of the United States.

The company was organizationally quite strong because of its good management which is very important for the success of the business and there able to survive at that time 1930 when there was a disastrous monetary crises for many American firms.

The company is currently the planet leading company of tires, insurance agencies market of 3000 different sizes of tires and more than 10, 000 other products of plastic material and rubber and many more. You will find more than 75, 000 employees including men and women working in almost 24 countries of the world. Additionally, the company owned a network of more than 750 stores in the United States.

This circumstance revolves around the young man of twenty seven years, Ken Bonner, who worked as an accountant at the home office of the business. The company had its own college or university for training the engineers, accountants, chemists and so many more. The goal of this training was to make the employees get aware of the annals and business of the company in the morning sessions and make sure they are more practical in the work they have to do by dividing them in teams. The training procedure was about of eight weeks and devotion to achieve the goals of the organization was pressured on every employee. The company had great anticipations from the people who once became the member of the school training.

The college work out made every member to realize that they are elite participants and their future with the company is shiny. When Ken received his first assignment, he gets really disappointed and he started out pondering whether his future is excellent or he just became an integral part of the small business of his town, but later on with the passage of time, he desired to become a part of the business.

Problem statement:

The company was more task-oriented and very limit to his rules and regulations. They follow the traditional behavior method of avoid any loss available. This was the reason that even though the director of the Accounts Payable felt the necessity of more staff in the department, he didn't do it now. Promotions received only to the employees who have been the members of the school training program and all of those other people had nothing to do with this benefit. There is having less coordination among the departments as the employees of 1 department don't know the employees of other division. There is no idea of employee romantic relationship and employees were made and then achieve the purpose of the organization. Although conventional management has its benefits but it isn't more suitable in the organizations at its growing stage. The management of the business was not current with the technical changes in the surroundings. The company was at its best in general management in early 1960's but it didn't make changes in its management with the duration of time. The employees were not allowed to talk to each other or even to trip to doctor during the working hours. Through this company can achieve its goals but never be able to hold on to its employees. The case revolves around one man Ken Barron, who changed to different departments, during his job in Atlantis Silicone Company. Ken experience in one department was totally different than in the other office.

Issues, Dialogue & Recommendations


Discussion and Recommendation

In the first ten to fifteen many years of the job, there were some set habits for job deals and job game titles by which every director and executive has to pass. Campaign was only given to the employees who were the member of the training school.

The capable employees need to be encouraged in advertising if they are or not the person in the training schools. This will make them to give more benefit to their organization in reaching their brief and long-term goals. If the business gives promotions on the basis of their membership it'll discourage others employees working in the company and they definitely leave the business. The management must better understand the best campaign practices in order to improve the level satisfaction of the employees (Hooi, 2012).

Conservative Management way was used in attaining the targeted goals.

The company had not been innovative no changes were created by the management in its demanding rules and regulations with the passing of the time. The company needs to become more relationship oriented. In this way it generally does not only achieve its targeted goals but can make its employees more meet with their job. Relationship oriented management procedures n the business ends in better benefits (Toles & Anderson, 2011). They have to revise their tight rules of working only so that staff will not even thin about to leave the business.

No extra pay was given to employees for the extra work they i did so in Saturday.

If the staff had to work on Saturday because of workload, the business never paid him for the extra work. This only discourages the worker and de-motivates them from doing further improve the company. The company should need to provide some incentives with their employees to be able to retain them. The management trust and rewards are located to be the predictors of staff satisfaction, which in turn influence the extra role behavior of employees (Reychav & Sharkie, 2010).

Staff was insufficient for the mandatory work.

The manager of the company appears to be reluctant in hiring the new staff because he doesn't want to undergo his own record of the one job, by the indegent performance of the worker. Every employee was given the independent task and he has to complete it. This cause stress in the employees and quality of work is also disturbed. The work should be divided among the individual employees in order that they perform their task in an productive way.

Break was insufficient and speaking with each other had not been tolerated through the work.

The working environment of one department differs from the other division of the business. When Ken is at Accounts Payable division, he had not been allowed to speak to other employees and the rest time also was inadequate for relaxation. But when he migrated to the other office, he found the surroundings bit different. The business needs to provide similar working environment for all your departments. Giving priority to one department can only just de-motivate the employees of the other departments. The working environment or strict rules of the organization are the way to obtain stress in the employees (Jung & Yoon, 2013).

If someone gets sick he was not allowed to go to the doctor.

This seems to be really uncomfortable that someone is unwell and he wasn't allowed to see a doctor during work. The business should need to have flexible guidelines regarding health issues. Even though the business should appoint his own medical officer within the company such that it provide immediate health treatment, if someone is unwell through the work.

The clerk employee was required to come for extra focus on Saturday without providing extra pay, and he didn't even advised that what he had to do actually.

The employees at lower level were not even told that what they need to do actually. They just experienced to do all work by their selves. If there were any fill of work in the department, the clerk had to seriously the Saturday and he was not given the excess purchase that work. This ends up with the dissatisfaction of the worker from their elderly people. The company must give incentives and benefits to the employees for the extra work they certainly. Although they don't leave the organization however the quality of work will be afflicted. The study has shown that extra work on weekdays or even more working hours only lead to dissatisfaction of the employees which in turn increase the motive to leave the business (Nabe-Nielsen, et al. , 2010).

There was a Communication distance between the departments of the company.

The employee of one department was unaware of the other employees of the other team. Second, the employees weren't given the sufficient information for the task that they had to do. The company needs to converse all the responsibilities; this will motivate the employees to do the work effectively and efficiently. The employees need to be well communicated about the jobs, this can not only enhance their determination but the production can be increase (Tohidi, 2011).

The working environment was not friendly and several departments were prepared with the working facilities.

The cost accounting office had only the center of mobile phone. The employees were providing the chance to have friendly working environment. The guidelines were not so strictly used there. However the rest of the departments haven't any friendly environment or immediate reference to their managers or supervisors. Ken worked in several departments and he was very satisfied in the office, where the environment was friendly and cooperative. This boosts his drive satisfaction towards his job. Manger support and co-operation is very important for the employees, this will keep them motivated and can decrease the turnover rate. The studies has shown that supervisor support can reduce the turnover rate if he grasp the needs of the employees, and offer them equal opportunities for job (Yang, et al. , 2012).

There was no idea of training, workshops for the new work and it was up to the employee to execute and performed his process.

The employees were not provided with working out facility, if indeed they assigned a new work by the supervisor. It was totally up to the employees that how they had to do the task because the elderly people were only worried about the outcomes. The company should need to provide training to the employees in order t enhance the output and quality of the task. Training only will add more income to the company.

There was no concept of job analysis.

The employees weren't told about their obligations at the work area. They had to figure it out by their selves that what they have to do to attain the targeted goals of the business. Job analysis is vital because through job technical specs, employees get to know about their responsibilities for a certain position.


The Herzberg determination theory reveals that we now have certain factors which make employees fulfill or dissatisfy at the place of work (Herzberg, 1959). The business policy, rule or laws, working conditions, relationships with the elderly people are some of the dissatisfaction factor for the employees, which will make those to leave the business. Lack of support and trust, stress from overwork can also be the reasons of dissatisfaction. Although Fred was pleased with the company but he kept the business when he got attractive job offer from the other company. The study shows that motivation at work place and retention both are linked to one another, if the staff is motivated he'll be satisfied to his job and career advancement which contributes to his retention (Maka & Sockelb, 2008). Good culture, organizational environment and the most important is identification all play an important role in keeping the employees. If the business wants to preserve its employees he must make a proper plan or retention strategies. Training, mentoring, bonuses are some of the very good retention strategies at work area. The employees could be more gratify and retain with the organization if they have provided with the ability of training for new skills (Costena & Salazarb, 2011). Communicating the things effectively at the place of work will encourage the employees to execute their effectively and successfully. The thing now the company has to do is to be employee oriented alternatively than business oriented. When the needs of the employees are satisfied they will remain satisfied and can give more benefit to the business.

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