The Communication Barriers In International Business Business Essay

With the swift quickness of integration nowadays, the assistance between companies across around the world has become popular. One of the main factors to produce a success to the process is communication. That's the reason why Griffith (2002) says that "Effective communication between international business companions is critical for global success". However the rough question is how to make the communication for international business effectively. A number of businesses have endeavoured to address that question anticipated to realizing the significant affects of communication for their global business activities. To overcome the barriers in communication like the difference in ethnicities and languages, the introduction of communication takes a crucial role, aiding business to grow into global market segments to increase profitability from successful trades.

The reason for this article is proposing the importance of improvements of communication which have a huge impact on international business. First of all, it will discuss about the communication barriers in international business. Subsequently, the newspaper will move on to the advantages of global communication technology and effective communication potential which are advantageous for international business. Finally, just how of communicating effectively in international business will be offered.

The communication obstacles in international business

Misunderstanding, contradictory and terms distance epitomise of inadequate communication, leading to lots of negative impacts for the looks and output of business. The length between two difference cultures is the most arduous hindrance for business which is described below.

There are numerous meanings of culture. According to anthropologists Kroeber and Kluckhohn (1952), the basic source of culture which include notions of tradition and values jointly. Those ideals are conserved and developed by the next technology. Therefore, Kroeber and Kluckhohn (1963) also defined that "a culture is a means of life of an organization of individuals which will be the behaviours, beliefs, principles, and icons that they agree to, generally without thinking about them, which are handed along by communication and imitation from one generation to another". Another description is stated by Hofstede and Bon (1988) cited in David A. Griffith (2002) that "culture of each country offer an implicit theory pertaining to associated with behavioural expectations in a number of situations, including communication". In business, before an excitement on a fresh global market, it's important to distinguish ethnical differences of one country from the others. Most of variations are intangible hence the awareness of national culture is essential in global business.

The difference of region culture and the misunderstanding of lovers are the primary factors to belittle the success of international business. Specifically, each country has its own expression about things, that it could be inoffensive for you but it does not mean not offend others. This is especially true with the gesture which is one of the most important factors in diplomatic rituals. The difference of culture between companies that are from Traditional western countries and Eastern ones will be more obvious.

Another disadvantage in the international business is the language barrier. That's the reason why translators are always needed when doing business deals in international trade. That would increase bafflement in contract conditions which constantly require high correctness. Moreover, language distinctions can be a disadvantage for corporations to completely symbolize their views as their local dialects, especially in sophisticated business requiring higher details.

Benefits of global communication technology and effective communication ability

The speedy development of global communication devices is seen through the clear alteration of information technology like the Internet, information and public network which bring many advantages. Computer is utilized in business involves in many domains such as sales, finance and distribution, supporting processing quickly and constantly exchanging information through the computer. Specifically, running a business, the requirement of information is necessitated to be extremely quick in order to seize opportunities and the info of competitors must always be updated. The global communication technology can meet those demand by provide a big amount of tools for searching and writing information.

Another gain of information technology in business is increasing earnings for company by aiding business expansion overseas and constructing a highly effective business management system. The firms have the ability to deal with their branches and subsidiaries around the world through communication technology. In fact, many companies have been building a powerful communication technology system for his or her business activities. For instance, Pepsi Company's provides notebook computers to all or any its salespeople. Finally, all salespeople hook up their laptop computers to the mobile phones and deal data will be sent to sever in Dallas and then your data will be sent out to the areas needed information (Ross Dawson, 2010). In that way, they can run the business quickly and effectively.

There are also various examples of successful companies designed to use e-commerce because of their business activities such as Paypal, MSN or Bizrate. All the companies are helped bring success by global communication technology's advantages. Another illustration of this, in bank area, if it helps people in office applications, accounting software and other specific applications, communication technology assist them to connect to customers, improve their competitive benefits and bring their brands universally.

Another part has significant impact on the success of international business is communication capability such as terms, social knowledge and the training of firm. All factors mentioned above, language skill is recognized as one of the very most critical potential in international business. Dialects aren't only had a need to enhance sales and marketing but also helping for the accomplishment of a global business, deciding the success or inability of that business deal. To illustrate, in recent record presented by business market leaders namely EU Multilingualism Commissioner Leonard Orban and Business Community forum couch Viscount Etienne Davignon, "European business are taking a risk of getting rid of competitiveness as other countries which start outperforming the Western european in conditions of dialect skills". The new development economies, mainly in Asia and the Latin America have been evaluating the important role of terminology and focus on it. Therefore, these countries quickly get a good foundation of terms which is considered a competitive advantage in the business' efficiency. For additional information, the report has also shown that "11% of Western european companies lose business each year as a direct result of linguistic and intercultural weaknesses".

The way of communication effectively in international business

In the international track record, apprehending cultural dissimilarities will enhance the rate of success in international business. It is clear to recognize that if the adaptation to distinctions through international business is failed this means the business package is finished. Furthermore, communication in international business is communication through social when a business recognizes how to communicate through the associates' perspective, it will be one with their competitive advantages. Therefore, it needs the sophistications in choosing the most suitable way to talk to their partners. For instance, being frank and heading straight to the problem might be considered a good method in a few business contexts but it cannot use in all situations. In addition, it is necessary to clearly identify who they are connecting with and change to match the lovers' styles and ethnicities. As they say "when in Rome, do as the Romans do". It is also today's integration trend internationally nowadays.

With the purpose of getting an capability to converse effectively, we have to develop being attentive skills and language skill as well. Also, entrepreneurs should build the knowledge of your culture and other cultures that gives them a much better opportunity to surmount differences between dialects, gestures and practices. Another key factor is keeping an open and willing mind and not to create barriers from those distinctions. Furthermore, it takes great level of sensitivity and awareness by studying civilizations and becoming more perceptive and flexible in communication efforts. Enterprises can start from small what to learn about specific nationwide culture, but can build a sustainable future for their business.

As the amount of features of global communication technology mentioned, it is essential for every single company to construct an adequate communication technology system and electronic digital infrastructure. Business should consider communication system as a tactical plan and allocate capital correctly on expanding it. This means the communication technology should be up to date and improved regularly to get new features.


In finish, the craze of increasing the business' scale into international marketplaces is currently top target because of their long-term development. The communication incompatibility is one of problems that businesses have to handle with, hindering efficiency. The acquisition of effective communication is known as proper advantages in performing business abroad (P. R. Cerotti et al, 1998).

All these differences may lead to communication troubles. Cultural inconsistence is one of the major factors of communication which is induced the misunderstanding and hampering the successful international business. Having effective global communication technology and potential social awareness can offer companies various potential clients of a worldwide market.

Communication contains a huge variety of aspects and factors. This essay is a brief analysis hence it is difficult to go over all those ramifications of the introduction of communication for international business. In my opinion, all businesses presently should be looking for the effective solutions to hurdle communication barriers in order to have success in global market.

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