The Current Enlargement Strategy

Honda was started out by Soichiro Honda in the 40s after obtaining his first contract with Toyota in processing piston band. Since in college, Soichiro Honda started out developing piston engagement ring in order to get a deal with Toyota. His willpower got bring Honda into today's success, Fail for so many times, Soichiro Honda never give up and continue his goal and successfully find the contract with Toyota. Honda Motor unit Company produces not only automobiles as known generally but also produces keep tabs on, motorbike, watercraft and those gasoline engines. Instead, Honda is the entire world largest engine producer (Ronnie, 2009)

Started in Japan, Honda develop into a great many other country using different kind of access mode includes Foreign Direct investment, exporting, alliances and joint endeavors. Initially, around 1970's Honda enter USA market by exporting the N600 which say to be the speediest in those days. In 1976, Honda goes on extending in USA by building car vegetable is Accord herb in Marysville. Today, Honda has total of three flower in Ohio where the other two is located at Alabama and SC. (Ronnie, 2009)

Honda is an effective automobile which is manufacturer's lawnmowers, power equipment, motorcycles, and generators. Therefore, Honda has opened up its doorways to the franchising market. After Honda was franchising it market, Honda was continuous successful in vehicle industry. With an establishing brand of Honda, the franchisees can find the recognition from the clients. They can certainly to the franchisees to get started on doing their business.

The Honda franchisees are required to pay Honda franchise at least $250, 000. To be a go back, Honda franchisees have the ability to list all you need and want from the franchise offer before you hint the agreement. Furthermore, Honda franchise also offers taken proper care to the franchisees. They have got provides 2 week training course for new franchise owners. This may able the new franchisees to understand how to operate the firms. Besides that, Honda Franchise also offers supply the ongoing support for the franchise through internet and online support, regular appointments, newsletters and meetings and so on. The Honda Franchisees can apply their owns idea to the business, but they need to discuss with the Honda franchise first before apply it.

In 2010, Harley-Davidson and North american Honda Engine Company were released to be merger as one which is recognized as Honda-Davidson Electric motor Company. The merger happened when the North american Honda Electric motor Company was completed purchase of 51% of Harley-Davidson stock. With the merger, Honda-Davidson Motor unit Company was promised to provide the most comprehensive type of Motorcycles to the clients. The blend of both companies will continue steadily to providing the entire world with the highest quality motorcycles. Besides that, the new company also exploring the opportunities to provide additional models that combines the best of both past companies. Honda -Nowadays, Davidson Motor unit Company is really the only major U. S. - centered motorcycle company, produces heavyweight motorcycles and an entire line of motorcycles parts, accessories and basic merchandise in united state.

2. 0 Current Development Strategy

Expansion strategy may here be referred to market access strategy which is often employed by companies to venture and extend their businesses to other country. Before penetrating to other countries' market, companies must ensure that they may have sufficient financial resources and the nature of the merchandise or services must match culture group of that one country. Having positioned for 3rd major Japanese cars, Honda is able to develop it businesses across Parts of asia such as Thailand, Taiwan, China, India and Indonesia. (How To Enter China, 2000) Knowing the value of international trade, different access mode strategies have been used by Honda in react to different countries.

In Malaysia, Honda has a jv company known as Boon Siew Honda Sdn Bhd which developed 50/50 between Honda Motor Co. Ltd and Oriental Holdings Bhd. (Boon Siew Honda profile, 2012) The jv agreement was produced in 2008 which means that Honda has expanded its businesses in Malaysia through joint venture. Apart of Boon Siew Honda Sdn Bhd which only trades on motorcycles, Honda has expanded its automotive business through jv strategy. Currently, Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd is a joint venture company developed by DRB-HICOM Bhd, Honda Engine Co. Ltd and Oriental Holdings Bhd. ( Honda Malaysia profile, 2012) The main reason Honda to utilize joint venture strategy to expand its businesses in Malaysia is to diversify the business enterprise risks. With that said, using joint venture strategy as an extension strategy can decrease the risk of by forming coalition with others in sponsor country.

Besides that, Honda in addition has extended its "world" using foreign direct investment in Taiwan. A place was built by Honda in Taiwan in 1961 prior to produce autos and has made Taiwan to become major companies of motorcycle for Honda. (HOW EXACTLY TO Enter China, 2000) This enables the company to export most of the motorcycles to other countries such as China, Europe and Midsection East. The main reason Honda to generate its manufacturing plant in Taiwan is to lessen exports of motorcycles from Japan. Foreign direct investment in addition has benefited Honda in a way that the business can have better control over the vegetable in Taiwan at exactly the same time achieved economies of range.

In Thailand, Honda practiced foreign direct investment which includes shaped Asia Honda Engine Co. Ltd in 1964. (HOW EXACTLY TO Enter China, 2000) The flower create in Ayutthaya, Thailand aimed to create motorcycles and export to Asian countries. Furthermore, Thailand's vegetable has more creation capacity which includes added to major exports across Asia. Particularly in Thailand, Honda has obtained market talk about more than 60%. It is because the Honda brand recognition in number country is high and this has resulted in local support for Honda.

In China, the accessibility strategy proposed by Honda is relatively unfamiliar to other countries. Honda has used equity jv strategy which includes formed 2 jv companies named GuangZhou Honda Car Co. Ltd and Dongfeng Honda Engine unit Co. Ltd respectively. (HOW EXACTLY TO Enter China, 2000) In the meantime, Honda has 50% of stake in each one of these jv companies which has allowed Honda to possess partial control of these two companies. In recent years, sales of Honda autos in China were terribly dropped by 5 % set alongside the time the business first inserted China. The declining deal was caused by the high demand of low-cost autos stated in China. Another reason was because of the existing rivalries in China which involves several "big" players such as Toyota, Nissan and Mercedes.

Generally speaking, Honda is implementing low-risk extension strategies in the first spot to assess market respond of a specific country. After building up the brand recognition, the company will determine whether to develop further for the reason that particular country. This can be seen when Honda created a jv company in Malaysia to market its motorcycles to Malaysian. After evaluating the profitability of the products, Honda started to sell luxury automobiles such as Honda City and Honda Civic. This could have helped Honda to lessen the chance of "losing everything" proposing a jv strategy to begin with. Foreign immediate investment is utilized by Honda in Taiwan and Vietnam to boost the creation of motorcycles and motorcars to increase exports. At the same time, increased production will help Honda to satisfy the requirements of other importing countries.

3. 0 Future Enlargement Strategy

As mention in the previous part of the assignment we can easily see Honda with incredible expansion strategy has allowed the business group to triumph in the highly competitive world market especially against home competitor. These expansion strategy though useful and effective are in some way lack of ambitious to contend with other automobile MNC (multinational company). Since Honda is originated from Japan we made a decision to compare Honda with its domestic competition such as Nissan and Toyota.

For years Honda has been compete with Nissan and Toyota domestically and abroad, however till today Honda still keep up with the position of #3 3 right after Toyota the first and Nissan, second. This contrast allowing us to realize that the successfulness of Honda is still in behind this two multinational auto giant. So below we provides some entry methods approaches for future expansion for Honda predicated on some global market that people have analyses.

3. 1 South Korea an overview

Take Korea under consideration. Honda has recently exporting autos to Korea for a decade and however the sales there are always below the profit percentage until Honda are no longer expecting high dividends on Korea market. In actual fact, not only Honda are doing unwell in S. Korea most Japanese MNC possessed trouble penetrating S. Korea market scheduled to war history between Korea and Japan to be the main reason Korean are less relying on Japanese products. However based on our knowledge Korea is a very potential market, and Honda should use jv in Korea to triumph where other Japanese competition failed.

Why South Korea? There are some facts that engage all investors on earth to purchase South Korea market. South Korea is the world's major democracy & among the strongest emerging marketplaces in all business field. Furthermore, it has liberalized current economic climate with 300 million in the middle course bracket, with well matured financial and securities market and time-tested judicial systems. Apart from that, Seoul capital of South Korea is growing with enormous rate to contend with world most successful city including NY and London, economically.

With the reasonable potential of the market, let us go through the action of the federal government of South Korea, firstly it is just a WTO member committed to providing opportunity to the global market. The Korean Federal government is constantly executing reforms in every sector with Infrastructure Sector receiving Government's fullest attention, the S. Korea federal also permits international investment virtually atlanta divorce attorneys sector of the market. Majority foreign collateral, even up to 100 % in some sectors, is motivated and special investment incentives are provided.

In brief South Korea is a probable Market that Honda should not overlook because of the points below,

Large pool of educated land experience of manpower in South Korea.

Disposable income is continuously increasing with the market growing at more than 8. 5% p. a.

Cities booming with top notch designed infrastructure.

South Korea has potential to attract more than US $ 100 billion over next five years.

Potential for creation of near 1 Mil direct and indirect jobs every year.

As for the present time that the certainty of South Korea was an expansion market. A suitable spouse must be recognized in Korea to allow the joint venture to be successful. Our group varies in suggesting somebody but arranged that Asia motor unit is one of the best to JV with Honda to make a Asia-Honda project.

We select Asia motor unit for a numerous reasons, first its executive capability, Asia engine founded in 1965 is one of South Korea most highly reputable automobile industry focusing in medium and big sizes vehicle is the right partner for both Asia Motor unit and Honda to penetrate into a fresh market. Beside that, relevance and salience of Asia Motor unit brand is also one of the key reasons in selecting Asia Engine, furthermore its company distribution network by since 1965 have been matured and controlling large traffic in sense of party needed in a successful network. Lastly the company also announces with well function internally such as low turnover rate. These details allowing us to believe that Asia-Honda ventures will come out fine. Consequently we advised Joint ventures in South Korea due to its potential and Honda future development.

3. 2 Exporting

Exporting is not really a new term for Honda. Actually Honda had been a specialist in exporting worldwide where any place u name it, as long as there may be demand, delivery of Honda cars can immediately send to your supplier or home in no time. Using exporting as main development technique for Honda is a success for many decades, however they have always forget about what their opponents are doing. Toyota are employing this enlargement strategy as well an if Honda can be an expert in exporting vehicles, Toyota is a grandmaster.

When we suggest export as Honda future growth strategy we realizes the actual fact that Honda are carrying it out now, good, however, not good enough. In cases like this we suggest that Honda uses this development strategy, exporting in a whole new market penetration as opposed to the traditional car/engine vehicle market. We suggest aircraft market penetration worldwide. If we look at Honda current research on car, we will discover that Honda had a very success researched on hybrid and gasoline efficient engine presently focusing on vehicles and motor vehicle, Actually, Honda GX NGV is termed as the cleanest car on the planet so far as centralized agitation machines are concerned, apply that to a aircraft and we've a complete new level of airplane.

Competition in the aircraft business are High, dominated usually by Boeing and follow-up by airbus it'll never be easy as it suggest in the report, but chances are there to broaden worldwide in a complete new types of market. Suggesting in exporting in plane is not vivid for Honda there's been a brief history for Honda in airplane development since the 80's.

According to the info we acquired on the internet and booklet research, Honda had been study small sized business jets in the since 1980s, using motors from other manufacturers. The Honda MH02 was fabricated and assembled at Mississippi Express University's Raspet Air travel Research Laboratory in the later 1980s and early 1990s. The MH02 was a prototype using composites with an organic and natural matrix. Since a prototype of Honda Plane have been on the development.

The Honda Jet made its maiden airline flight in December 2003. It debuted to the public at the EAA Air Endeavor air show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, in July 2005. On July 25, 2006, Honda returned to Oshkosh to announce it could commercialize the Honda Plane. Honda established the Honda Aircraft Company to get both type and development recognition of the Honda Jet. Production is to take place in the United States. The company believed the sales would be around 70 to 100 per annum.

The documentation of airplane (FAA) is expected to follow around August 2011. Delivery of the first aircraft is planned for the third 1 / 4 of 2012. In recent event, the Viking pioneers had been using Honda aircraft engine unit as their Viking airplane engine and it had been an enormous success which is considerable that a Viking aircraft engine motor is the only real modern and reasonably priced aircraft engine on the market.

Honda has reach a stagnant progress in autos and automobile produce worldwide. If Honda start exporting airplane as their new expansion strategy it might became one of the competitor for Boeing and triumph in a whole new market level.

3. 3 Strategic Alliance

Honda should apply strategy alliance as its future extension strategy to enter the new market. Through strategy alliance, all the auto company could work together to achieve same goal utilizing the least resources as they promote the resources, information, capacities and risks to attain it. Among the successful cases by using strategy alliance is Yahoo and Sina. They teamed up mutually to offer auction service in China. This partnership will leverage both companies' individual users' bases as Sina has 83million new users while Yahoo's expertise and technology to aid the auction system. Therefore, Honda need apply strategy alliance with others car company such as Nissan, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz among others. Through this, Honda while others automobile company can show their strategy knowledge to resolving the specific problem or preventing the basic mistake, develop a much better function of car, design of car which much better than before. For cases, Honda recalling over 172, 000 vehicles because of door latch issue during July, 2012.

Furthermore, Honda also can use the strategy alliance to institute of technology campus or school, so that Honda might not face lack of work force problem in future. Honda can recruit the actual college student as their tech after they graduate directly. It might not allow potential technician employ by others vehicle company if Honda gets the opportunities to do so such as having contract to the potential students by providing scholarship or grant to them. Besides, institute of technology campus or college or university can provide the specific program which require by Honda to train the pupil so that university student is more familiar to Honda company job range once they graduate. One of the cases is HP is relationship with UoPeople (university of individuals), which provides UoPeople students the possibility to apply for internship to utilize the HP Catalyst Initiative.

4. 0 Conclusion

Globalization is a compulsory for each company in order to be in a position to stay competitive in the market. Those without it can be easily kicked right out of the market. Every bank on the globe is somehow linked even though they are from different company. Two different companies with different culture can merger to be able to gain win-win profit. That is why globalization is important. Honda is also the same. In order to enhance the Research and Development for autos in China, Honda has joint venture with GS Yuasa Formalize Li-Ion. Successful expansion possessed make the success of Honda today.

Every country has its culture and authorities rules. Different methods might be beneficial to one rather than to the other. hence, it's important to research on the precise country before using different enlargement strategies in to the country. To conclude, sometimes different cultures, different norms and various rules and regulation might bring about conflict. However, foreign market is much more good for invest in compare to the neighborhood market. Is tougher, and much more challenger but more profitable.

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