The current tactical aims and aims of Grandvision optical


Grandvision optical is one of great optical solution company of UK as well as Europe, produce by Daniel Abbittan and Michel Likerman in 1989. It build with different optical concept and brand of Grandvision Optical with the new, unique, innovative and revolutionary idea about extremely good customer focused service and range in product regarding to market demand.

The start of 1990's found the Grandvision on the market. It offers particular purpose of optical solution especially customer foundation service with dedication of always maintaining the pick level of quality and extreme good service with the expansionary eye-sight. Grandvision merger with eyesight share in 1997 which has leaded in UK's market network. Since joining the family of HAL assets Grandvision increase it's business in quick growth and involved with sister company. As a robust market innovator Grandvision Brand presents in 15 countries with over 770 stores with acquisition of Grand Optical, Eye-sight Express and Solaries. Beside this it also produce camera.

entify the current strategic aims and objectives

Every corporation stands with strategic aims and targets which get the condition of business. It directs towards to attain target. However, aims and objectives change according to business such as profitable and non-profitable. Profitable organization's strategy targets maximization of earnings rather than social welfare. Nevertheless, organizational goals and objective sketch the clear path to business to go further. As an impressive organization Grand perspective has the following aims and objective:

Strengthen market positions in every GrandVision marketplaces: develop turnover for existing stores and increase own store and franchise/joint enterprise networks by new store-openings and acquisitions

Achieve operational superiority: deliver the best results in offering our customers

Achieve organisational excellence: deliver the best brings about the best possible and most productive way

Establish world class teams: develop and optimise talent in every functions based on the business strategy

By figuring out above strategic aims and targets, GrandVision with looking to be a market head in optical retailer through expansion strategy such as jv, acquisitions, new store starting by delivering excellent customer support with most effective way. To attain the customer's faith GrandVision has providing services by producing skills talent and reliable team work. To support these above tactical aims GrandVision retailer optical has short-term tactical goals and objectives

Short-term strategic aims and aims of GrandVision optical

Increased revenue

Increased margin by marketing promotion and sales

Work and time management

Achieving the main element customer pledge

Reduced costs

Reducing staffing cost

Reducing administrative overhead

Reduction in equipment overhead

Reduction in management overhead

Promoting personnel efficiency

Working feedback

Store management

Effective change

Use of Information Technology

Online feedback

Ultimately aims of GrandVision are to be the best optical dealer in Europe with the market innovator intending towards monopoly.

Undertake an evaluate the component elements of strategic plan


Grand vision will be the best optical retailer in Europe

Mission statement

Grand vision will need a respected market show position in every country where its brands operate, and achieve, best in class, operations and for that reason working. 1. 2>>>>>>>>>>In this competitive market every business organisation has so many obstacles with tackling many direct and indirect obstacles. GrandVision's ultimate goal is to accomplish their strategic aims and vision, for it organisation have their strategic plan. So Grand perspective also has it's strategic plan to achieve ultimate aims and vision. To get market leader it needs to earn much more customer quite simply it have to sell it's products and services in large scale to capture the marketplace grand vision has given impressive and unique service to it's customer by selling it's quality products and services in good deal which is affordable to all economic level of customer. Beside this grand vision has taken social responsibilities by providing many services to different group and degree of customer such as it has divided age group to provide it's impressive services to provide free NHS service to elder people as well as children who are under 16 and again it offers noticeable discount in a few products to them. This sort of social activities helps to company to leave good message in society.

Similarly grand vision logical about administrative over head as well as its management team proper managing administrative cost there is no any misuse of tool.

In term of technology grand vision has life with technology so now grand perspective using latest modern technology. This is strength to meet up with the organisational strategic plan as a proper manager.

By this research observed many road blocks in grand eyesight retailer optical to achieve the strategic plan. There are various breakages very expensive lenses in laboratory which decrease the profit. This project recommends minimizing breakages by appointing skilful manpower. Another weakness is this organisation is focussing only in shopping centre. To expand its business, easier to go in traditional as well.

Analysis the factors affecting the tactical plan

An company is an integral part of society if there is any small fluctuation then it affects the organisation. There are many factors which influence the organisation directly indirectly and Grand Vision also cannot avoid from it.

There are extensive factors which have an impact on the organisational proper plans

Political factor:- Grand eyesight is a global optical merchant. So different country has different political situation similarly market insurance plan, monitory plan and transfer, export policy and labour. Laws also different so each political decision make a difference from good or bad way to grand eyesight optical. As being a example UK's government decided to increase VAT 17. 5% to 20%. This decision afflicted proper plan of grand vision badly

Economic factor: - Being a global organisation economical scenario can give positive or negative influence to the grand vision such as world economical tough economy, money exchange rate, interest rate, degree of inflation, per capita income. The twelve-monthly statement of grand eye-sight 2009 demonstrates foreign money exchange influenced grand vision terribly.

Social factor:- Every business stand in society to demonstrate the connection with contemporary society grand perspective has supplying discount to elder people, child also scholar which is tactical plan as well as social responsibility of grand vision

Technological factor: - With purpose of giving best value to customer. Grand eye-sight ever conscious towards technology. Today's market is very competitive if any company ignore the technology then company have to bear loss market show. Now grand eye-sight as attach company with technology getting profit that are follows:-

Better service

More innovative

Fast service

Accountable with stakeholder

Legislation factor: - Grand eyesight as a global company facing various legislative problems in various country. Different country has different type of labour law health insurance and security, Duty, VAT.

Competitor: - Optical sector has hundreds of rival to be the marketplace winner. Grand perspective plays the proper game such as offers, discount, account card, advert etcNABIN2010-10-13T12:18:00

Include interior factors such as power and weakness.

2. 1 Apply a range of strategic evaluation tools to audit progress towards strategic aims and objectives

There a wide range of research tools to assess strategic goals and aims like PEST, SWOT etc.

SWOT research of grand vision optical

Strength:- Since 1989 grand perspective is a great and strong within the global optical market scenario and it well known as optical store in European countries. It has done acquisition with many other optical. Among of them are eye-sight express, grand perspective optical, solaries, Batemans opticians, +vision optical, loop vision which is certainly going mutually. It set up in 20 countries in European countries. It has more 1200 branch. The business has around 9850 employee. Main power are


Grand vision established fact as a ground breaking quality, product and company. They have 42 custom brands that are access within a day. This organisation working 20 countries including UK and it has 770 stores, 5770 skilful employees that happen to be wealth of grand eyesight financially support by HAL investment group who invested in various sector.


Grand vision is providing good customer support in parts of UK as well as most part of Europe but it is ignoring the growing Asian economy like China, India and Korea because Asian market. This optical do not target advertisement comparative to competitive. It really is weak in financial analysis due to this it has damage 2 million euro in '09 2009 by miscalculating exchange rate.


By scanning exterior environment this analysis identified grand eye-sight can grabs opportunities in order to achieve eyesight. Statistic demonstrates grand eyesight has large market talk about in UK as well as Europe which indicate the level of buying power to ensure to mainstream economical of level. Grand perspective has great possibility to goes in Asian market through acquisition to distributed brand and business especially economic increase countries like South Korea, India, China and Japan. Grand eye-sight can produce optical laboratory equipment and can source inside as well as external optical lab.


Economic research and forecast can be one of the fantastic danger to grand eye-sight because economic suffer like tough economy anytime. It could reduce customer purchasing electric power which is harm for optical business. Grand eye-sight is a worldwide business so it is another troubles forecasting exchange rate. Grand eyesight should have researched customer's desire, eager and behaviour which can be challengeable. Maintain the peak degree of customer commitment.



Quality customer service

Unique product and service


Guaranteed satisfaction in every store

42 custom made brand

Assets to any brand structure within 24 hours

Innovative laboratory

Ignorance of Asian market

Week in financial analysis due to this it has lost 2 million euro in 2009

Weak in advertisement



Expansion across- Asian market

Product diversification


Competitors - Specsaver, Optical exhibit, D&A, Boots

Foreign exchange rateNABIN2010-10-13T12:22:00

Recommend few factors stating that they can turn this weakness into durability and how they can create more opportunities using their strengths

2. 2 Review and asses the objectives of major stakeholders and their effect upon the organisational strategy.

Every company has stakeholder may be organised or specific. It affects the business organisation by other ways. Stakeholder may have direct and indirect interest in business.

Financial sector:- If financial sector will not support economically Grand Vision could not expand it's business and financial industries concerned is would it making benefit or not? What's it's financial strength? Therefore the role of financial sector is very important to Grand Eyesight.

Customer:- Without customer we cannot think about business so customer's main worried about Grand Eyesight are quality product and cheap price and in other palm Grand Vision's concerned is fulfil the customer needs with making balance revenue so if Grand Eye-sight cannot balance it then there will problem in company. If organisation response customers need and demand then it can make revenue which good is good for meet the proper aims and aims of an organisation.

Government:- Authorities also a primary stakeholder of any organisation and governments concerned is to providing welfare to the people for it federal needs budget which comes from business company through taxes and vat which decrease the profit of company such as UK federal that increase 17. 5% to 20% in 2010 2010 by which decreased income of Grand Perspective. Similarly administration provide safe practices and secure to the business organisation.

Trade Union:- Trade union is union of employee and it is another stakeholder of company. It's worried is to secure welfare of staff. It can help to organisation as well. But sometime it create problem in company by putting many demands with organisation. Sometime it harm to organisation and sometime good to organisation.

Society:- Contemporary society is another stakeholder of organisation all business company stand in society and it for contemporary society so if the merchandise is towards world then society help to organisational development and when product is not favour with population then society behave it. Grand Perspective is social founded organisation and it's products are related to health of society. So Grand Perspective is very better with population.

Shareholder:- Shareholder's main relationship with organisation is good thing about company which is identical to organisation. Organisations have to be gain to its shareholders as much as possible same time it have to extend business as well. Grand eyesight investor is HAL investor group. This group looks outcome from organisation. So company responsibility is well balanced both part.

Employee:- It really is another stakeholder and it is worried about job security, repayment, insurance, allowance, benefit. If they are unsatisfied to organisation then it have an impact on the creation and service sector therefore staff should be cured in good way. Organisation needs from them maximum result according to advertise demand. So company should balance it in effective way.

Supplier:- Supplier wants quantity resource in good price. Company needs good and services in cheap price from supplier. It depend upon how many dealer in market and just how many demand in market if there is many company then bargaining demand aspect will be high and if there is few distributor demand area will be weak in bargaining. It more depend after in market condition. Grand Vision bargaining electric power is low because there are few suppliers in market.

Management:- Management looks for expand the business enterprise and minimize division side for shareholder and shareholder try to get more dividend. If administrator change in company then it will affect the complete organisation. Management similar to diver when there is skilful management then it drove organisation from right way and vice-versa.






Trade Union



Financial Sector

Stakeholders of

Grand Vision

Who are the primary stakeholders of grand eyesight?

Management and employees:- Grand eye-sight has 1200 branch within the 20 countries and 5770 employees will work within the company. There main concerns are job security, good working environment, health and safeness, appropriate allowance and prospectus and pay.

Banks and other financial sector:- Grand eyesight is business company so it is ultimate goal is grow the business enterprise and catch market for this it requires financial support which is depend after finance institutions and financial institute.

Customer and provider:- Optical business is customer oriented business and customers concern is quality goods and cheap price which is depends upon suppliers. So suppliers and customers are also one element of stakeholder.

Government:- Mainly federal concern TAX, VAT and deal with the market infrastructure which can affect the grand perspective for example UK federal hike VAT 17. 5% to 20% which affect GrandVision badly.

Trade Union:- Trade union give pressure to organisation by adding various demand so trade union also one stakeholder of Grand eye-sight.

Society:- Cultural responsibility is another responsibility of Grand Eye-sight due to cultural responsibility GraVision has given free NHS service to older people and kids, who are under 16 years of age.

Pressure Group:- Pressure group can effect to sales product and service. So it is a stake holder by demanding various things in their interest.

How and what do stakeholder influence to GrandVision.

Stakeholder can value enhance the organisation and everything stakeholder, compared who only boost the value of themselves

Stakeholder can affect in decision making process plus they cannot disregard by the organisation

Stakeholder can affect product, sales and supply

2. 3 Analyse, interpret and create a structured analysis of the organisational proper position

As a worldwide optical market head grand vision have encountered many problem so Grand perspective have to build up skill that would help to struggle with cross ethnic environment, international communication, politics intervention, legal environment etc. GrandVision as expansion strategy follower it is increasing in different country so it has great thereat about social crash, it is the company having different background people it is another challenge, it operating in several country so different has different legislations provision in term of establishment, labour legislations, similarly politically taxes, vat etc, GranVision as business organisation they have many rival business company such as spacesaver, optical express, boots etc,

Challenges of Grand Vision

Cultural Challenge

Ethical Challenge

Legal Challenge

Technical Challenge

Rival Challenge

Financial Challenge

Political Challenge

Economical Challenge

To take on with these troubles Grand Eye-sight has established few strategise which is based on Porters Genetic strategy.

Target Scope


Low Cost

Product Uniqueness

Broad (industry extensive)

Cost management strategic

Product differentiation

Narrow (Market Portion)

Focus strategy (low cost)

Focus strategy (differentiation)

Cost leadership strategy:- This plan also called price conflict. In this plan organisation set the price in such a way that rival organisation cannot sell at that price but revenue will be same by reselling in large size of product. When sing the forex market strategy by trimming price in different product however in same time organisation has to think about can our organisation can control the movement of customer and demand and how competitor's reacting alternatives by considering these exact things GrandVision has tossing this strategy to face the task.

Differentiation point:- GrandVision set seller offer the product with the addition of some value in goods and it will be unique then other opponents. After research because if the merchandise is much less market demand the product will are unsuccessful as well as strategy doesn't work and it will be big loss to organisation.

Focus Strategy:-GrandVision has set low priced and products differentiate organisation start to gain high level of consumer's loyalty. This makes consumer devotion narrow down the other rivals market.

To identify the external forces which affect the organisation Grand Eyesight have used PESTAL as a evaluation tool.

MILAUNA PARNE. . <<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>s

Political:- This political forces influence the company many way and can create advantages opportunity for organisation such as

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