The Difference Between Training And Development

According to the text, it could be seen the variation among training and development, such as description base on the situation make us enable to acquire a much better perspective about the meaning of the conditions.

Training refers to the imparting specific skill with the acquisition of knowledge in order for a person to carry out in a particular process or job. Also with the training process there are a few advantages that bring on into a firm such as

Improving category and amount of employees in their output

Increase the possession in the firms, creating on them a stronger hyperlink with the company (Tesco)

Becoming more structured, productive and adaptable and more able to face new needs in internal and exterior situations

Makes feel the employee more loyal, committed to the organization by educating him about by culture, philosophy and policies from the business.

Coming out with new skills and skills in all employees such as empower staff, better standards.

Development it is more about supporting the person increase and expand their skills; "refers to the training opportunities designed to help employees to expand" (K. Aswathappa 194p)

It is seen that in tesco for example they share tasks among training and development, because each trainee is in charge of his / her own development, causative to their personal development.

Also the development it's an activity that workout together between worker and managers, creating an connection where the administrator it's the one which can help the employee to achieve certain goals, but also more obligations on the trainee.

In the development process tend to be target in the personality of and specific, where it's continuous, generating an interior motivation where in fact the people will be ready to meet his future needs.

It is vital to analyze that tesco adopts the needs of the customers, reading then in the way that they could gratify them, giving them what they need.

In this way its important to see, how tesco is broadening and having more diversity in their items endeavoring to provide to the clients in all the ways, such as airlines, bank, electric goods, insurance, and so forth.

Also they can be creating the likelihood t give them the opportunity of "one stop shopping, get whatever they need" (the times100, 1 case study)

So due to widening markets that they have, its very important that they need to have a well trainee personnel that can discover the needs of the customer.

Also with working out, they improve the knowledge and their skills for the job making to them a muck more qualify worker than can have the ability to provide the best service.

As everyone now tesco is an extremely large company, that is making a great deal of openings every day, and where almost all their store are not found in the same areas, and doesn't have the same customers, for this reason they use the market segmentation to identify, analyze the marketplace, therefore they can realize what is the demand and the goods that the client want getting this from the customer account, with this they could be ahead to see what they might need and the type of employees will fit more or even what training the should provide to become more productive in the firms and present the best service.



Tesco offers two different training methods, which supply the possibility to then employee to explore their talents and take the best for it.

On the job training: 'this is by the far the most crucial training method, under this method training takes place in the normal work location, he new worker its allocate to a particular job, he or she its instructed by an experience worker or by a particular supervisor who clarify him how the things work, with this method the employees does not only learn how to work under guidance also produce goods, its inexpensive, also relate the worker with the surroundings in the workplace" (P C Reddy, P C Tripathi 196p)

In tesco there are some steps that it'll be describe

Shadowing: working together with the managers, learning how to do the things

Coaching: wanting to help the people out into situation of any kind to work thought to get some solutions.

Mentoring: guide and guide new employees

Job rotation: in essence is when the employee has the opportunity to move around into the different branches to get new skills and get more experience.

Also this method give some benefits to the company like: cheaper than others method to the company.

Manager can observe the improve of the employees and can also solve issues

The employee during the training period is producing goods or working, so its productive for the company.

The worker can show what she or he learns and put that in practice.

Off the work training: its more concentration in training in specific skills or for the individual development using areas such as, team development, communication therefore.

Also it is provide with some external programs that brings the opportunities to tesco's staff the probability to learn and gain more knowledge from expert and professional people.

This method is create by an: induction start from day one, and its own when the professionals introduce these to business showing them how its compose, focuses on etc, giving them the possibility to learn quickly about the company.

According to tesco needs, is a company that is widening their businesses all over the country and also about the world and analyzing and reading the account of the customer give them the opportunity to be in advance while process of marketing, Inside the other hand the company looks for folks with different skills and talents to become more competitive and deliver a much better performance with creativity and new products.

With the thought of hire people of differing backgrounds, show to the people that tesco is a location where everyone can fit and also expose to the people that is a location where they can fin people from everywhere that can bring ideas, get nearer to the people providing them with a good service make sure they are happy to keep these things back.



As is well know tesco has development programs that help people out to get involve in the company and is base of this items

-According to the strategy of the business and what they needs are, they concur to set-up ways to achieve those goals.

-Also another important point is the attendance at those courses that the worker is in, it is very important being that because is not hard to get in use to with the work environment.

-Recording the performance of the employee makes much more better to see their improve along the way, giving to the administrator or guide

-With the advises of what they have done, its helpful in the manner that it could be uses as a re nourishing for the employee to understand how are they doing right or wrong.

So with this method the company provide full support to all the employees, in every the issues and areas, because as they said "Recruiting new staff its more expensive than retaining new staff" (the times100, 2009, Tesco case study)

It can be said, "development developers also usually includes elements of planned study and experience, and frequently backed by a training or counseling center" (D, Nickson, 154p).

Following this it could be seen that method has some advantages and weaknesses that assist in the procedure of the worker to success or even to fail, if the companies can provide the all program but also is determined by the employee, matching to this it'll be show the characteristics

Gives the possibility to the worker to get development in abilities of leading, handling, and employed in the shop whit the advantage to get procedure skills.

Offer to people apprenticeship or pushing the studying or planning for a qualification whilst at the job (Tesco)

With this program their employees could be more productive and valuable to the company in long term, whit this actions, they can give secure and self-assured to their worker, showing them they are important for the company and motivating them, so they'll know how useful they are simply for the company.

Helping the people to learn much more quickly how to do the careers guiding them.

Improve the performance of the employee at work keeping them revise with all the new personnel.

Also this is often a great way to catch the attention of good workers, that ones nice and good work expectations

But in other hands this program has some disadvantages that may be attach to this course of action such as the budget that they need to spent, because those developers could be out of their, or in the other they could have the situation that people wouldn't normally sing in the classes making the company just waste the amount of money.

Mix of knowledge, as all now development is the procedure to help visitors to grow and prolong their ability, but people can bring their old 'baggage" so that could create misunderstandings with the others, implementing their old or previous knowledge that might fit or not in the new place.

Time, it is one factor that is important to remark, being an essential part of any process, because some companies cannot wait before employees learn, understand and prepare yourself, so it can be a fight time, so should it play a substantial role.



Tesco's programs have been made up of the purpose of teach and develop their employees, and with it, gives the chance to monitoring and examined their process regarding to their performance. As possible seen this method bring the opportunity to see how the performance of the staff is, presenting to them an improved and solid opinions providing more order a better focus target and also construct a much better confident in the staff making them alert to their performance.

Also in the way that with this process they can assess and review better what they have done in al their activities such as activities ideas, personal development ideas, therefore.

More over relating to this provides chance to increase their view and also have a wide vision in the manner that other section can provide a feedback, so they can improve and do better performance in the case that they could need.

Has discussion between management and employee during their training providing them with the possibility expressing themselves.

"The aim of training its t improve knowledge and skills in an individuals changing their behaviour, it is one of the most crucial potential motivators, with it can lead to so many benefits in training"(J. Mullins 489P) such as

Motivate the personnel, raising their self-confident and commitment the greater to the company, obtaining from them an improved performance.

Give them the chance to have a profession progression also with the felling of personal accomplishment, so the training provides them with the opportunity to get popularity and also improvement and find out what they have done.

Helping them out also to advance and develop their ability, skills and knowledge by giving them the right tools.

"It is morally wrong to give a leadership role without a few of training wring from them and those who work with them" J. Adair. The road to leadership

I do think that all companies do the training with the aim spend money on themselves and also in people, as it can be seen that now everything and markets will be more competitive they have to make the difference, and how this can be possible? By giving them the opportunities to improve, be better, instruct them, and after all evaluate them and use what they have discovered, making all the process go trough.

So I really do think that later on working out process is when the business will see the results for many what they have done for their staff that down the road will give back again with the job and production.


to summarized this record it can be seen that tesco and any other company will need the right training being that can be an important lever to bring improvement, changes to the business and personnel.

Also it can be seen how tesco concentration in their staff aiming to provide to them the best and the most qualify training with the aim of expand their business but also with the concern that first need to have the right people, to the right job at in the right second, and how this is possible, whit the right an satisfactory training and development program.


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Tesco(2009) How training and development support business development The time 100, 2009

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