The Elements Of Strategic Management Business Essay

Strategic management is thought as an activity of specifying the aims of the business, developing plans and planning to achieve the targets, and then allocating resources so that ideas can be executed. Strategic management is considered to be the highest degree of managerial activity that the Chief Executive Officer of the business performs and also the exec team. Strategic management normally supplies the overall course of the whole organization. Regarding to Durand, (2006), he explains strategic management as a couple of activities and decisions that result to the formulation and execution of approaches designed to achieve the aims of the organization. This is a continuous process that is normally involved with the make an effort of matching the organization with the changing environment in a manner that is advantageous. Tactical management is extremely critical in the success of the business. This paper will focus on discussing different aspects of proper management and its impact to the success of the business. The paper will also discuss the value of tactical management in home healthcare.

Elements of strategic management

Organizations are likely to select the guidelines in which it will move towards. Strategic management has three major elements, such as strategic analysis, tactical choice, and strategy implementation.

Strategy analysis

Strategy examination is usually concerned with understanding the companys proper position. That is an aspect that is concerned with the changes that 're going on in the surroundings and how the changes are going to affect the activities of the business. Other factors that are considered in this element are the strength of the resources in the organization, in the framework of the changes. It also focuses on the particular associated categories in the business aspire to and how the changes affect the present position and the future position of the organization (Durand, 2006). Tactical analysis usually is aimed at creating a view of the factors that can impact on the future and present performance of the business. When proper management is performed in the right manner, it helps in selecting the correct strategy.

There are certain factors that should be considered during strategic research. The first factor includes the environment. It really is hard for organizations to are present without interacting with a complex, political, commercial, economic, cultural, cultural, and scientific environment. Environmentally friendly, changes are occasionally complex for several organizations than others. Therefore, when organizations are faced with environmentally friendly changes, they should have a clear understanding of the influences so that to be able to formulate a tactical plan. The central importance of strategic evaluation is to comprehend the environmental effects to the business (Durand, 2006). It's important to consider the environmental effects on the business enterprise and also the present and expected changes in the environment.

The second factor is the business resources, which are internal influences. When taking into consideration the strategic capacity for the organization, it's important to consider the weaknesses and talents. The weakness and talents of organizations can be recognized by considering the organization resource areas like its management, physical seed, products, and its financial structure. This aims at developing an observation of the internal influences and restriction on the proper choice.

The final factor is the potential customers of the various stakeholders for the reason that the introduction of the organizations will depend on a great deal on the anticipations of the stakeholders. The assumption and beliefs of the stakeholders greatly constitute them culture of the organization. A whole lot of impact in decision making concerning the strategy is normally influenced by the businesss stakeholders and amount of the stakeholders effect on the strategy be based upon the respective vitality of every band of stakeholders (Durand, 2006). The beliefs and assumptions of the stakeholders are usually inspired by the tool and environmental implications. The effect that tends to prevail normally will depend on the group that has the greatest power. It is extremely necessary to understand this as it helps in recognizing why the business is carrying out a particular strategy.

Consideration of the resources, targets, environment, and goals in the political and cultural platform of the organization provide the basis for strategic examination in the business. In order to be in a position to understand the proper position that the business is in, it is vital to examine the level of the implication and route of the current strategy and the aims the business is following if they are consistent with and can deal with with the proper research implications.

Strategic choice

Strategic analysis usually creates a foundation for proper choice. After strategic analysis has been done, it is currently ready to make a strategic choice. Proper choice is normally thought as the practice of selecting the best possible course of action, and it is usually based on the evaluation of the available proper options. Strategic choice has three parts that include the generation of strategic options, analysis of the options, and collection of the strategy (Heracleous, 2003). During proper choice, there may be many proper options; therefore, it's important to ensure that the chosen option is best.

The second part of strategic choice is the analysis of the tactical options. Examination of the proper option can be done in the strategic examination so that to evaluate their relative merits (Heracleous, 2003). When the business is choosing any of the options, it could opt to ask several questions. The first questions that could be considered is the option built upon talents, one that will need good thing about opportunities, and triumph over weaknesses while it is minimizing dangers that the business is confronted with. By focusing on the next factors, it is referred to as searching for the suitability of the strategy. There are several questions that the organizations may consider when it is evaluating the tactical options.

The third part is selecting the strategy which is the procedure of selection the options that the organization is going to pursue. Sometimes the determined choice is usually a matter of the management judgment. It is rather essential to understand that, in the selection process, it cannot continually be seen as a purely reasonable, objective function. During tactical choice, the decided on strategy is normally strongly affected by the administrators prices and other teams with an intention in the organization (Heracleous, 2003). This at one point reflects the energy structure of the business.

Strategy implementation

This is the third major factor of proper management that can be involved with strategy translation into action. This is the stage where in fact the strategy is translated to action. The execution of the strategy requires proper deployment of the organization resources, effective change management, careful handling of the possible changes in the structure of the organization, and also careful planning. There are several parts that get excited about strategy implementation. The first part is within planning and allocation of resources. During execution, it is associated with resource planning which includes the logistic of execution (Jones, & Hill, 2012). The next part is organization design and composition. During strategy execution, there are specific changes in firm structure that needs to be done. Additionally it is likely for the necessity to occur for adapting the machine used in controlling the business (Jones, & Hill, 2012). The third part is the management of the proper change.

When a technique is being carried out, it also requires that the strategic change to be handled. Action from the professionals is required in the manner the change process will be handled and the device they are going to use. The mechanisms that the professionals use are worried with the redesign of the business, changing daily routines and organization ethnic aspects, and the politics barriers to improve.

The three components of strategic management are interconnected for the reason that for a tactical choice to be chosen, there has to be an examination of options so that to look for the strategy that will succeed and reliable for the business. Strategic implementation normally is determined by strategic choice. The execution of a strategy is generally done after different strategies have been considered so a conclusion is attained on the decision that the business will use (Jones, & Hill, 2012). That is a selection that will attain the expected goal.

Strategic management in success of organization

Strategic management has emerged as an initial value in assisting organizations to successfully operate in sophisticated, dynamic environments. In order for organizations to compete in the organic, dynamic conditions, the organizations are supposed to be less bureaucratic and should be more adaptable. In surroundings that are secure, competitive strategy entails defining the competitive position and then defending it (Cole, 2003). With strategic management, it allows companies to become more adaptable. Organizations are likely to develop in a strategically flexible way so that they can have the ability of shifting from a dominant strategy to another.

Strategic management is incredibly necessary in organizations. When proper management is employed in the organization, it helps the business to formulate strategies that it'll concentrate on in the changing environment. There are several factors that require to be looked at when formulating strategies. Among the factors is the changing environment. Proper management helps the success of the organization because the management is able to formulate strategies where will lead to the success of the business despite of the many barriers it might experience (Cole, 2003). Within a business, environment is ever changing; therefore, there is certainly the need to reflect if the business will manage environmentally friendly changes. Because of the changes, it is likely for the strengths of the organization to also change. With proper management, it can help the business to consider whether the present strengths will continue steadily to being strengths in several situations.

Strategic management is important since it provides people the chance to consider the goals of the stakeholders because the goals help in understanding the behavioral patterns and the impact they will, have in the future and present conditions. When all of this factors are believed, it can help in developing a business strategy through the occupation of tactical management (Cole, 2003). Strategic management is very essential as it is a way for developing, performing, and evaluating the business strategy.

Strategic management help in the success of the organization which later result to the survival of the business in the global market. With strategic management, it usually integrates experience and knowledge that is gained in various useful areas. With tactical management, it helps the business in understanding and making sense of the sophisticated interaction within various regions of management. With tactical management, organizations have the ability to plan ahead. When the business is planning ahead, it has to make certain that it is planning the way in which it will stay long on the market and also be beneficial (Sadler, 2003). Strategic management normally provides organization route, sense of unity and way towards the purpose of the business. Therefore, proper management proves to be important in the success of the organization.

Strategic management usually allows the organization to attain its goal in a fashion that is reliable and effective. It has to consider the quest and vision of the business. A tactical management process that is better helps in facilitating the introduction of more technical management structures which the organization requires because of its survival and progress (Sadler, 2003). This can help the organization in articulating, connecting and monitoring the strategy implementation by use of the interlinked system with the long term vision of the business.

According Jeffs, (2008), formalized tactical management usually lead to superior performance of the organization. Several studies have been conducted that indicate that organizations that are able to adopt proper management have had the opportunity to improve their financial performance (Sadler, 2003). It is because, the organization can know the strategies that they can use in order to be able to penetrate through the marketplace and exactly how they can adjust to the changing business environment. Strategic management is a robust tool to the success of the business whereby the value of its success lies on the executive and the power of using the strategic management tool to manage the organization effectively.

Strategic importance to home health care

Strategic management is considered to be the collection of the ongoing functions and activities an group uses so that to systematically coordinate and align the resources and actions with the eyesight, objective, and strategy during the organization. The activities in tactical management usually convert the static plan in the machine that provides strategic performance reviews in decision making and enabling the plan to grow and develop as certain requirements and many other circumstances change (Stock 2009).

Home health care is medical care and attention that is provided in the homes of patients by the health care experts. Home healthcare is normally provided by staff who are accredited. With this form of healthcare, patients are usually provided with treatment while at their homes. Home healthcare is of great advantages for many healthcare organizations and also patients since it aims at which makes it possible for folks to stay in their homes instead of using institutional based mostly nursing care and attention (Naylor 2006). The services that are given include professional healthcare services and also life assistance services.

The need for home healthcare to health care organizations is that it can help in reducing the conditions of avoidable re hospitalization. A lot of the cases of patients who go back to hospitals can be prevented. This can help in reducing the cost that organizations may incur in admitting the patients (Panzer et al 2008). Home health care is also important since it helps in creating more space for other patients who can't be treated at their house and must be admitted in the nursing homes. In america, hospitalizations are found to take into account almost two trillion dollars that are allocated to healthcare. However, a huge range of the patients who are hospitalized will be the ones going back to the hospital even if their cases can be avoided.

Therefore, home healthcare is a much better strategy for making certain the problems of over human population in the health attention organizations are reduced and that the hospitals can have the ability to supply the needed services to all patients. The usage of home health care is a good strategy for keeping the medical costs. The technique for minimizing the medical costs has resulted to a reduction in the space of hospital stays on and early release of most of patients to home good care (Panzer et al 2008).


Strategic management is a continuing process which is vital in the success of the business. Organizations are intended to make certain that they take part in proper management because corporation success and survival depend on tactical management. The proper management methodology of decision making derives both financial and non financial benefits. For organizations to be able to reap the benefit for strategic management, it is necessary for the staff and managers to truly have a good relationship.

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