The Ethics And Friendly Responsibility Business Essay

The statement considers a variety of organizational issues, exploring key aspects of management within the business. The organization's management composition and process are analyses and examine in relation to current theory.

The following resources were consulted


Hand written.

Oral inquiries.

The records provided by the teacher.

Some verbal information from its employees.


I am very thankful to Mrs. Tanu Reet Virk to provide me the opportunity and her precious time with regards to the completion of the business communication project given by my tutor. Without their tremendous knowledge and skills it would not have been possible.

Thanks to your tutors for encouraging and providing us with all the current help and knowledge for the conclusion of the project.

1. 3 Exec Summary

The following areas of the Nando's management were investigated and analyzed, and these conclusions were drawn

Types of company: I am speaking about about Nando's cafe

Organisation framework: I will be discussing about the various level of authority

Environmental framework: I will be discussing on the internal and exterior factors that have an effect on the organisation

Planning and control system, functions and strategies: I will be discussing about how precisely the organisation plans and controls in order to achieve the goal

Team composition and dynamics: I am discussing about how precisely the organisation deals with issues and motivates the employees

Leadership: I am discussing about how precisely the organisation makes decisions and how they offer with issues.

2. 1 Type and size of organization

2. 1(a) Studies: Nando's in formerly open in1987. Nando's is a Southern African casual dining restaurant group from the Mozambican-Portuguese community with a Portuguese/Mozambiquan theme. Nando's operates in thirty countries on five continents. Since it is an internationally food string, it is more popular in Birkenhead. The dog owner opened up branches; inside the Westfield shopping center to make it convenient for the clients. It also includes a drive-thru and an internal playground.

Its main activity to provide quick service to their customers and offer them fresh Rooster and French fries, glaciers cream, dairy shakes etc.

It also offers donations for children's health it also organise much kind of programs for children's entertainment.

16 regular and 4 part time workers are working here.

2. 1( b) analysis

I have discovered that Nando's cafe is an extremely customer based junk food restaurant. It only provides grill chicken and make their own sauces which makes it unique from other restaurants. Customers are mainly allured to the sauces of Nando's. Because the restaurant size is small so this kind of composition is completely suitable for it.

(2. 2) Company Structure

General Manager: - Liable of general administrator is to handles lower management, maintain inventory resource, check daily cash balancing and business deal activities verify local health codes.

General Manager

Restaurant Manager

Assistant Managers Shift administrator (Staff Training )

Crew Members

Assistant Manager: -Associate Manager gives helper to Restaurant supervisor Control customer support.

Shift Director & personnel training director: - Change Manager must have the capability to use a wide range of equipment for the planning and cooking of food so they can offer proper training to personnel and help them in any matter. They try to runs monthly creation operations during switch. He can provide good customer service and also have ability to handle cash matters etc.

Crew Participants: - Good customer support is a simple duty of Team Members.

(2. 2) b: Analysis

This organization is running very well because everyone is well trained from managers to workers. After each 6 months professionals provides their staff trainings and shows them videos for customer's service and other stuff to increase their knowledge and interest about organization. Manager arranges monthly meetings for example health and protection, all the staff sit together and give ideas for the betterment of the organization. Inside the light of these suggestions, management makes future ideas.

The duties of every level are obvious and they know very well what their responsibilities are. However the decision making could be slow because they have to get endorsement from each level. Management got more salary than the labor so this organisation requires additional money than the toned structure. It is a formal company where everything is organized out and co ordinate.

(2. 3) Environmental Factors

(2. 3) Alternative Factors:

Government: Federal government is playing a crucial role by imposing some restrictions in relation to cleanliness and health of public. Environmental laws, tax coverage and change in labor legislation likewise have great influence on the organization.

Technology: Personal computers, cellular devices and the internet have Nando's connected to mainstream technology and to talk to other branches of Nando's technology plays important role. It is using latest technology to protect and prepare food. Information technology can help you provide the customers healthy food choices and quicker services.

Competitors: KFC is the primary competitors. They did lot of advertising campaign like Nando's to sell their products. They also offer some specials to catch the attention of the customers. These techniques sometimes influences the economy of Nando's.

Especially for Birkenhead branch they may have competitors all around the mall for illustration Burger King, KFC and there are Subway, 2 Indian restaurants, Pizza hut beyond your mall.

(2. 3) b Research:

Government imposes some constraints on it to guarantee the health and protection of individuals that influence the economy of the business. Latest technology has been presented in the market daily. By purchasing new technology, it can appeal to more customers. Competitors use lot of tactics to market their products which might result in the loss of its customers for example T. V. and online advertisements, but it is the achievement of the organization that this has a solid hold on its competitors by providing best customers service and fresh food always.

(2. 3)Inside Factors

(2. 3) Studies:

Training: Training is a key element to increase the skills of the employees. Customer service, checkout, health and safeness, hygienic, etc are couple examples of training provide in this organization which can influence the continuing future of employees who wants to work in food industry. Nando's spends a good amount for working out of the employees. As skilled staff are more requiring in today's world, this provides the bottom for excellent future. That is why people from all walk would rather work at Nando's to find the component for success in future.

Safety: This company is accountable for the health and safeness of their employees as well as their customers. It really is insisted to their employees that they must be follow rule of health. Gloves and caps are must for crew associates during working time while concluding the store clean everything properly change olive oil time to time and check expire stock or near to expire stock etc. Its target is to provide their customers high quality food and clean environment. Nando's is undertaking very well as of this context.

Culture: The culture of the business is to check out the law and accomplish their public responsibility. From top management to individuals, every one well alert to their duties. All of them look ready for the physical condition of their colleagues and even the clients. By handling employees higher needs by giving training they make employees feel important and valuable. Their purpose is to keep carefully the environment cool and clean and provide balanced diet to customers.

Staffing: Nando's believe in working out of the staff. That is why people from around the globe would prefer to work here. You can find every employee well trained in its area.

The decisions, Nando's has made about staffing has thrilling results on the quality of work. It will on the way to achieve their goals.

Ethics and Sociable Responsibility:

Ethics means deciding what's right and what is wrong, what's good and what is bad in business transaction.

It is very important aspect of an organization to learn about its employees how they behave. Nando's has already setup a code of ethics which provide the workers from the first day of these job by provide training to them.

The organization helps to keep the beliefs on communal responsibility. It expected the staff to respect each other and help their co-workers if they are in big trouble.

Nando's gives donations to the community because of its betterment. Nando's help churches and academic institutions giving them money. It spent a fair amount for the re-settlement of Christchurch.

Planning and Control

(2. 4) Results:

General Supervisor is accountable for tactical planning and allocation of tasks to the employees. He reviewed whether the plan is carried out accurately. Among the most crucial parts of an organization is planning and manages the system. It really is impossible to attain the goals of a business without planning.

Finances: The Budget of the company are controlled by David Niven (CEO). Here they make a decision, how much money, they need to spend where area. They make decisions that how much stack they must be need and just how many staff members they should be hire. It also makes plan that how much and where it will spend money for the next year. Financial requirements of the business determine by the results of this past year.

Its main functions are to decide that the type food they must be made and spread to the clients, how communication should be develop within the employees. Various other functions include storage area of products, laws and regulations and analysis of processes.

Information Management:

Every company has some secrets which is control by this division. The information is about the finance, competition, suppliers, employees and the future planning of the organisation etc. The info placed into record only by this team.

Human Resources:

Human resources pertains how to uses of human skill in an enterprise. The human resource manager is a person who employees, trains and assesses employees. It is the management role dedicated to acquire, train, examine and make up employees.

In Nando's this is done by mainly young era because they have more power and excitement. They have some full time workers and some part time workers who are working at peak time. Every worker is well trained here and ready to cooperate with others. (Kalidaas)

(2. 4) b Evaluation:


As it is getting more benefit from two years, the owner is thinking to determine a play zone for children inside the Nando's. At peak time, it has face some trouble to handled the customers because the reception area a lttle bit small with the. It is extending its premises soon so that it will be become convenient for the customers even at the peak time.

Operations: Nando's is providing clean environment and balanced diet with their customers. It also provides them good customer services. It is also using most appropriate way of protecting and planning food. Decisions are created by top management but after getting recommendations the all employees.

Information Management:

Information management working very good in this organization. My interviewee told me that he never been told any key information during his five yr job experience.

Human Resources: Top management to crew members everyone is well trained here. Although some conflicts occurred among workers, these are solved rapidly by the management.

(2. 5) Team Buildings and Dynamics

(2. 5a) Studies:

In any organization, company, work place community groups and activities all use clubs to perform goals. The dynamics of groups see whether these goals will be attained in an efficient manner.

Team Formation: Teams are produced here corresponding to vertical dimensions. Top management, middle management and team members work together such as a team. But exchange of information and recommendation will continue among top to lessen management on every month basis.

Activity: As no formal team is exist here and same level employees considers as a team. Everyone is responsible for his job at exactly the same time they keep their cultural responsibility.

Performance: Performance is the main element to success. As every specific has different kind of talents so they are really doing their job corresponding to their talents. You'll find the particular one is slow, is fast is interested and someone is not. These things have great influence on performance of the personnel. Employees get advertising here with respect to their interest and good performance.

Evaluation: Manager walks around to watch the performance of the workers by watching camcorders, by firmly taking assessments they use to get up-to-date information about employee's performance.

2. 5(b) Examination: Dealing with team can actually raise everyone's interest on the work place. Working in a team has value in lots of ways. You can reveal your ideas with others and acknowledge others point of views. A similar thing is happen in Nando's. The procedure of learning becomes quicker and faster. They are the reason why, you can rarely find a worker at the same level of his job more than 2 yrs. If some problem appear at work place and a team try to solve it. A couple of more chances that problem will solve very soon. As a team you have significantly more time to go deep to the issue and you may find out a better solution.

(2. 6) Leadership

(2. 6) Studies: In Nando's restaurant the ability of a innovator is lead by Mrs. Tanu Reet Virk (Store supervisor). The supervisor observes your day to day activities of personnel and tells them where they may be doing something amiss. In case of good performance, he appreciates them. Desire of the staff working in the store is performed by the Store administrator itself she appreciates the work of the employees give feed backs to the dog owner Mr. Raman Kalidas and then he represents the rewards to the employees. The rewards mainly include bonuses and company of the month. Store manger also have a positive way towards their customers, they provide a 10% off to the people working at the Highbury Mall and a 40% off to the employees of Nandos.

It doesn't suggest he simply gives the requests to his employees but he demands monthly appointment and appreciate the advice of their employees.

Nando's has unveiled five level of leadership. You will find five supervisor in the organization and every

Manager is a head in his area. General Manager delegate responsibilities to other managers. Assistant director give assistant to general administrator. Restaurant administrator delegate tasks to crew customers. However the best innovator is one who develop a nice environment within the organization

Motivation: Employees are motivated here in many ways. The first thing is the fact that employee's got coach to do their job. They don't feel hurry during working hours. They are also motivated because they think; they'll get enough training here for their future success. One way of drive is that manager strolls around during work time and appreciates the performance of the individuals. If he observes that someone is doing very well, he offers him free meals in respite time. At the end of the month, he also announces the employee of the month.

Delegation: No firm can ignore the value of delegation of jobs. It enables the professionals to do their job promptly. The workers get encouraged do their job more effectively. It is rolling out the work power of the employees and has managed to get possible for the leader to achieve their targets.


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