The global fashion brand of zara

This report will be discuss about Zara which is a global fashion company, run in more than 400 countries in Asia, Africa, Middle East, America, and Europe, with more than 500 stores around the globe (Zara, 2011). Zara's global procedures are situated in important shopping area in every places. As yet, the operation of the business still using brick-and-mortal system meaning Zara only sell their product in physical store, they do not sell it via online (Brick and Mortal, 2011). Despite the fact that Zara is a worldwide company, they remain facing some problems such as decision manufacturer and information management in operation issue and DOS system concern. This statement will discuss more about those two issues.

Key Decision Makers and Information Management in Operations

The decision makers in the operation management are the commercials at the HQ and store professionals. The decision made by store manager's could effect on the replenishment of garments as it is limited to a single order which is twice a week, predicated on personally auditing of the amounts required for the store.

There is an activity that needs to be followed in buying new clothing. Store managers will order the products to a PDA predicated on regional sales patterns, prediction of sales, and also availability of the garment. From then on, the store supervisor will determines what should be purchased from the list of offer. Atlanta divorce attorneys solitary store itself, the top managers would separate the offer into some segments and allocate this to different employees. Those employees would walk through the store using their own PDA does whatever had been allocated to them, to the store manager's handheld device.

HQ and the commercial team will evaluate and determine which stores had been the very best in selling the merchandise. It is done to be able to give the right product to the right store. Since there is a possibility of difference in the neighborhood customer requirements and ultimately local fads (previous performance), the store administrator does not have much control over the level to which its requests will be fulfilled. Must be be aware that the future creation for every Stock Keeping Device (SKU) which is the consolidation of textile, color, garment, and also size order is determine by the cooperation with the product managers.

Because of the several number in resource and demand in several areas, good prediction should be made in conditions of how much demand it will be. It will impact to the amount of product which will be produced in the procedure. Product managers indirectly rely on the info provided by store manager's requests. In addition, the commercials in charge of the fulfillment would sometimes ship samples that were not wanted by the store managers. This again suggests where in fact the true decision power lies.

By analyzing the decision makers in every parts of the operations and the flow of information, better conclusions can be attracted concerning where information is urgently required to be able to streamline steps.

Since the entire supply chain depends on the subjective requests that are put by the store professionals, the accuracy of the information is very important in contributing successful of Zara's businesses. This so-called 'theoretical inventory' is necessary in order to keep the supply chain robust without leading to excess resource (Feinstein and John, 2008, 760). In the current system, store manager's order information is taken to be sacred, and the numbers of it are subsequently used for shipment and creation.

At as soon as, store professionals have to by hand examine their inventory. That is a relatively gradual procedure and shows that there exists room for improvement. Resources are misused since managers are preoccupied with a somewhat administrative process.

Admittedly, this is done to ensure that the director gains an information of the inventory so that appropriate decisions can be produced for the amounts that need to be replenished. Information may possibly help to increase this process, so that the managers can focus on employees and customers, rather than needing to roam the shops twice weekly.

When store managers haven't any clear notion of how much inventory is at the syndication centers, information should get as a base to make smarter orders that suited to the market. If store professionals assure a customers a particular sold-out garment is reordered and will arrive in two days, the chance that this this order does not come through (anticipated to too little information from the circulation centers), could be probably damaging for Zara. Information from the distribution centers and from the creation facilities must be made as clear as possible to be sure a better overview of the garment availability, in order to change the orders and spread this information to the clients. This would defeat the current blind order system.

DOS System Issue

Other problem confronted by Zara is DOS system issue. Zara and the IT spouse have agreement in using DOS as their operating-system for all your applications of the company for long time ago. DOS is known as to be an out-of-date system. The question of changing the OS has therefore been raised. It's been already recognized that staying so far behind in terms of technology can be high-risk for the company. But, it appreciates that there is also a risk in changing the system to the latest OS. To provide an idea whether a fresh OS investment would give any advantage to Zara or not, the analysis is conducted.

Sustainable competitive good thing about company might be vulnerable due to a shortage in IT investment (Qin, 2009, 13). Other competition might see this as an chance to fight against Zara. Refer back again to a more resource-based view, a fresh functional system might installed a software that more modern and allow Zara to develop its capabilities. Various business procedures of Zara could be enhanced and orders could be made much more efficiently.

Referring to the prior information requirements, new software could be used to automatically upgrade the POS terminals for each sale that is manufactured which would demonstrate useful not only at the store level, but throughout the complete supply chain (Dun, Ross, and Michael, 2000, 445). If all POS terminals had been interlinked, store managers would have a web based overview of the theoretical inventory order in the store. It can help a great deal in deciding the order requirements (Ward and Elizabeth, 2006, 60).

Store managers would not want to do a manual audit twice a week. They could more focus to the administration, because the machine could help them in auditing process. Furthermore, a personalized POS request for the new OS could ensure that orders, which form the basis of the shipment and the development facilities, would be made based on theoretical inventory in place giving more accurate orders.

At present, PDA is utilized by employees to count the number of items required by the store and make new orders based on the identified demand. If Zara could have the right software, they can remove the use of PDA. If indeed the automatic POS terminals would revise the theoretical levels with sales by the end of the day, then in basic principle orders could be produced on a continuing basis.

Stagnancy in this case would then not be assessed of inventory levels, but instead the frequency at which shipments arrive. Assuming that purchases would then take place on a daily basis, search engine optimization of the inventory at the syndication centers is needed. Through the use of modern e-supply management software, orders could be associated via an in-house developed Organization Source Planning (ERP) system that could link orders made from stores to all of those other supply string (Leon, 2008, 7). This might allow the demand and supply suitable very directly though a more flexible delivery system. This is not only because store managers would make orders predicated on inventory levels at the circulation centre, but also because HQ could align the supply to the stores demand effectively.

As a result, production could be adjusted on a regular basis by monitoring the purchases that could come in, making the development process even leaner. These adjustments would still have to be made based on order volumes, since this might ensure the autonomy of the store managers.

In contrast to the current system, however, the program could provide information on the Economic Order Number (EOQ) which is demand to make sure the number of a products stock that clients want will do in the, to meet customer demands, whilst minimizing the price of inventory (Sweeney et. al. , 2010, 609). The inventory level at which clothes also must be reordered (also called the 'reorder point'). It would provide store professionals with a organised methodology towards inventory management, without diminishing autonomy. Further personal savings can be produced if words over IP (VOIP) software is installed so they could make calls between outlets widely. New OS may possibly also support cordless applications.

In addition, if the syndication centers would be connected to the network on the OS, store managers could easily place the purchases after viewing if the required garments can be found or not. The order would be produced to keep carefully the inventory level at the store modified, and a sign could get sent online to the distribution centers and the creation facilities. It could give Zara more advantage indirectly from more sales due to more efficient customer service, since more attention can be paid to the customer. But, usual checking still needed to be sure that the theoretical inventory levels match genuine levels, since apparel could go missing or get taken.

Further advantages from an IT network could be produced. If all stores have this online usage of other stores, store director could direct a customer to another local Zara store in case there is a stock out if they do not have the stock for several product. The system should be set up in such a way so that shipments could be produced from another local store, further lowering the ordering period. In totaling, purchasing information, merging data into one system, and earnings information resulting in a more precise dimension of the stocks and also to a real time measurement.

Not only that, new OS is able to prevent any endure from its terminal distributors. Indeed at the moment Zara has no insurance that its supplier can offer terminals helping DOS for a long term. Zara's bargaining electricity toward its provider would increase. Therefore, an update of Zara's OS is therefore recommended.

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