The Hr Team Of Royal Friesland Campina Business Essay

Royal FrieslandCampina(RFC) is a Dutch Dairy products cooperative merger between Campina and Friesland Foods, with origins dating back to 1879. It really is a market head in many markets the Food Industry with an total annual revenue of 9 billion Euros and over 19, 000 employees. Royal FrieslandCampina 's products include dairy-based drinks, infant & child nutrition, cheese, butter, cream, desserts and efficient dairy-based ingredients. Furthermore to consumer products Royal FrieslandCampina also supplies professional customers, the meals industry and the pharmaceutical sector.

Dutch Lady, a very visible RFC subsidiary has been around operation since 1963 This Royal FrieslandCampina subsidiary started out producing sweetened, condensed milk and now offers an extended range of products for a number of target communities. Royal FrieslandCampina has a solid occurrence in Malaysia. The united states is the house base of the operating corporation Royal FrieslandCampina Malaysia/Singapore/ Hong Kong, which market segments dairy products under a number of brands, of which Dutch lady is the most widely known.

It is one of Malaysia's most valuable brands rank 21 on the list of the top 30 and the next most effective in the food and beverage industry, behind F&N Corporation

The Situation

RFC faces the challenge of attrition in their Asian market segments. Despite the fact that they have a generally low outflow, they face the situation of retaining their employees, especially using their commercial positions(for e. g sales administrator, operations supervisor, service director). They are really dynamic, fast paced people and for that reason they tend to leave the business more often. In the Asian markets, retaining employees can be an issue on an average basic, as it is quite easy for people to find a job. People leave the organization as a consequence to salary, benefit and education possibilities.

Table 1 Volume of Employees 2008-2011, data

Collected from annual reports


Year Beginning

Year End

% outflow








2. 6%




2. 7%




2. 3%

This also leads to the condition of acquisition of the right employees. RFC face the challenge to getting the right people who have the right quality and skills in the organization, to replace those departing. Being in a growing market in Asia, where every company is looking for the right people, acquiring the right people is difficult. The appeal of the organization is a task.

The issues in a nutshell

-poor retention strategies

-poor hiring practices

-improper employee review strategies


With the outflow of men and women from essential business positions, RFC could be in potential hazard, as there won't be the right people who have the right skills to execute the careers. They lack a proper process, with very good intent to identify staff needs for the future growth, discovering potential leaders, figuring out skill spaces for those people, establishing a skill developing plan, executing them, and measuring effectiveness.

With a poorly functioning human resources department, RFC, may be placed in a very uncompetitive position in the marketplace. An ineffective HR management strategy has very severe long term consequences for an organization. It will affect the performance of any business and the output degrees of employees.

Proposed Strategy.

RFC has decided on implementing a fresh suggested strategy, a Skilled-Workforce Management Strategy, to boost their HR management.

Skilled-Workforce Management is known as the procedure of producing and retaining current individuals, or attracting very skilled workers to help an organization. It is a rising challenge in the present day day of business and management. It is, devote simple words, an development process of finding the right people with the right skill to do the right job at the right time. It requires the acquisition and development of fresh blood vessels (new potential leaders) through various means and opportunities. Many businesses neglect to highlight Skilled Labor force Management as a essential issue, and therefore neglect to perform at their fullest potential, burning off out to rivals who concentrate on Skilled Workforce Management.

RFC aspires to implement a 4 step procedure for Management, involving

-Attract-recruiting new employees

-Develop- training and producing the several skills of the employees.

-Retain-retention of existing employees

-Assess and Plan- evaluating the employees and planning correctly.

(Appendix- desk 1)

STEP 1: Appealing to the right employee

Contrary to popular notion, higher pay is not the main reason why people choose one job from another from equivalent job opportunities. Concern, development, significant development or progress opportunities, effective leadership are all critical considerations for today's people. The best employees would want to work for an organization that places high criteria in its career process

RFC anticipate hiring Employee through extensive Strategic Workforce Planning, Employer Branding, Executive Searches, and Advantages Programs. Royal FrieslandCampina employ the service of people from different branches, through their biggest brands, known in that location. (for e. g Dutch Female is a large product brand in Malaysia, which hires over 1000 people every year. ) However, Royal FrieslandCampina aims to be known as a renowned Company Brand, rather than recruiting people through their different branches and brands of products. This is known as Employer branding.

The proposed recruitment process comes after the basic steps of Labor force Planning, Searching and recruiting. The business first forms a labor force plan, usually a written/ slow plan. It can help the business understand their current state, forecast employee spaces, examine its requirements and also helps plan effectively to achieve its objectives and goals, which is to increase their added value and that the quality of their milk products is of the greatest quality.


The steps involved in strategic workforce planning are

Establishing where the corporation is heading-having a understanding of the business enterprise strategy; RFC bears out the action programs with that they want to attain its Corporate Friendly Responsibility ambitions. It's CSR strategy basis involves

a personnel insurance plan aimed at the employee's perfect engagement with the company

a body of agreements, involvement, codes of conduct, policy documents, covenants, accounts and accreditations that safeguards CSR and sustainability within Royal FrieslandCampina.

an organization comprising the CSR Governance Mother board, the sustainability coordination team, and four groups responsible for the implementation of CSR throughout the complete organization.

Understanding the future worker demands-the positions necessary to be crammed either internally or externally.

Assessing the current staff inventory-To identify potential prospects in the market to fulfill employee demands

Identifying the staff gaps and strategies to close them- Identifying methods of recruitment, internally or externally.

Implementing the strategies- Undertaking the actions produced from planning.


The firm then carries out an Professional Search, mainly for filling positions at boardroom and senior command levels. Royal FrieslandCampina will commission an professional search firm to research the availability of suitable candidates in the appropriate field and positions doing work for related dairy product developing companies. This firm matches certain requirements from the workforce plan provided by RFC, of course, if the applicant is interested in working for the organization, they hold a range assessment, which involves assessing the probable of the candidate, from resumes and transcripts from earlier work experiences. In case the candidate is suitable, he's then chosen. RFC aims to be a customer of the professional search organization Michael Page.


At RFC, the organization contains many Induction programs to welcome the new recruits to the organization and prepare them because of their new roles. This is beneficial as provides an introduction to the environment and the atmosphere at the new company. The induction program entails the introduction to conditions and conditions, travels around the organization locations, introductions to users of staff, and specific job training.


(Executing a force-field evaluation on the recruitment methods)

RFC's very intensive recruitment process will permit to identify and recruit the correct people for the work. The elaborate workforce planning will help the business to accurately analyze and identify and forecast skill gaps, and take the steps needed to close those gaps. It means that the organization has the right people in right careers at the right time to achieve the expected results. In addition, it helps to make far better business decisions. The usage of very prominent professional search businesses like Michael Page is very beneficial for RFC as it'll improve its brand over the job market, appealing to the attention of several people, making its name more renowned as an employer brand.

Induction Programs permit the company to provide appropriate information to the new recruits. It can help these to familiarize with the key people of the business. In addition, it instills good working habits. It familiarizes the worker with the task ethics of RFC, and of their ambition to move onward in life with natural dairy products nutrition. Good induction programs tend to increase output and reduce the short-term turnover of personnel. It also aids in creating a friendly environment to work, and the new hire will feel safe in employed in the new group. It plays an important role in performance, behaviour and organizational dedication. Good induction programs have a tendency to increase efficiency and decrease the short-term turnover of personnel. It also aids in creating a friendly environment to work, and the new seek the services of will feel comfortable in employed in the new corporation. It takes on an important role in performance, attitudes and organizational determination.

However, the process is very costly, charging over 9, 000 per recruit(depending on position), and it is a very time consuming process, with believed times to take over 3-4 months. Also, a 100% success can't be guaranteed each time, with a potential for no ideal matches to turn up from the searches.

STEP 2: Developing employee

Skill acquisition and continual learning are not simply perks. They can be necessities for both the employee and the business. Satisfying the learning cravings and leveraging staff knowledge to keep up that competitive border go hand-in-hand. Businesses must take a much-needed look at the career aspirations with their employee pool as well as evaluate needed competencies within the business and respond to them with recurrent opportunities for worker development and growth. These can come in the form of carrying on education, in-house or external seminars, professional memberships and meetings, and providing instruction or mentoring support.

RFC has it's own academy, started in 2005, that delivers various varieties of training, for example, communication skills training, personal success, behavioral skills, competence training, etc. It first were only available in the RFC branch in Netherlands, but has since that time been utilized all over the world, in every the branches. Instructors take flight in from the primary academy office to the precise branch and setup an exercise camp/workshop of about four weeks, where they teach and develop the specific capabilities of the employees. The academy's main objective is to make certain the training received by the employees, is of high quality.

The Academy is divided into 4 programs, the Royal FrieslandCampina Capabilities programs, Behavioral functionality programs, Management and leadership programs, and the practical capability programs.

Royal FrieslandCampina capabilities program will involve training for

Project & Collection Management- the employees are helped in training proper willpower of planning, managing and handling resources to achieve their goals

Performance Management- training is provided on accomplishing activities which ensure corporation goals are constantly met effectively.

Goodness of Dairy- like in school, the employees are trained about different products sold at RFC, their substances and their chemical compositions, their benefits etc.

The Behavioral ability program is in charge of personal skills and heroes. It involves working out for

Time management- Employees are given trained in planning and training control over the amount of time spent on specific activities( development, Research and Development, sales etc) so concerning increase efficiency

High Quality Team Work- training, along with activities are given to improve the quality of the labor force working collectively to meet aims.

Personal Effectiveness- will involve on bettering self-help and self-motivation to attain goals.

Problem Solving & Decision making- the employees are trained on increasing their ability to evaluate problems and make the right decisions appropriately.

Stakeholder Proposal- training is provided on enhancing processes of involving the people who will be afflicted by the decisions take at RFC

Creativity & Innovation- the employees are aided in growing their creative construction and imagination.

Influencing- training is sent to employees to help them influences their co-workers better.

Customer orientation- helping the employees enhance their ability to adapt to changing customer needs and priorities.

Communication- training in enhancing communication skills and words, being attentive, speaking reading and writing.

The Management/ Control capability program is good for the select few employees who are chosen as potential market leaders for the organization. They experience different forms of training:-

Leading Business procedure- The employees are informed on how to handle and lead several workers to execute business procedures and achieve goals.

Leading People- The employees are schooled about how to perform better as a head, and better their skills at motivating and leading their subordinates.

Leading Home- The employees are guided on bettering themselves as better people and personas, to be fit to lead an organization.

The Functional Capabilities programs concentrate on training the sales aspect of RFC. They provide training for

Customer and Trade Marketing- the employees are educated on increasing the demand at wholesaler and merchant level, somewhat than consumer level

B2B Sales- employees are instructed about how to carry out B2B sales, sales right to other businesses

Continuous improvement- employees are instructed about how to increase efficiency and improve their creation and sales.

Procurement- The employees are coached how to acquire their goods and services accordingly.


RFC academy has a huge selection of training programs, which cover training from basic communication skills and knowledge of milk products and materials, to customer orientation, sales and marketing stakeholder engagement etc. It provides satisfactory help for development, improving the skill-set of people. This may be very beneficial for the company over time, as a developed and skilled workforce will provide efficient work output. The various development programs also serve as a form of desire for the employees.

STEP 3: Keeping the employee

Organization should try to ensure that they are creating a host that will encourage valuable worker to stay. Way too many organizations, once their candidates are employed, do little to apply retention strategies immediately. Implementing effective drive methods and theories are beneficial for the retention of employees, especially of those who get de-motivated easily. RFC follow the McGregor Theory X and Theory Y individuals inspiration, where Theory X assumes that people are generally lazy and are encouraged by money and pay, and Theory Y assumes personnel are self motivated and are encouraged by the satisfaction of accomplishing well. In the Asian region, especially Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, the employees are believed of as Theory X, who are mainly encouraged by money. RFC therefore perform an income Benchmarking every 3-4 calendar months.

Salary Benchmarking is an activity of assessing the salaries of employees in a company. It involves contrasting salaries for similar positions in other organizations and companies. Usually within the same geographical location, level of experience, level of skill, firm size and responsibilities. They compare to check on whether the salary rates are within the range of salary for the same position in the other group, forming an income range. This is done to see whether they are paying their employees just as much as competition, so that their workers do not leave.


Although RFC has a minimal outflow rate, their usage of McGregor determination theory can be criticized upon, as it requires a great deal of assumptions. With Theory X, the theory assumes a satisfied need no longer motivates the employees. They presume that employees are lazy and lack ambition, they dislike responsibility. And are indifferent on the goals of the organization. The motivation required therefore is usually monetary, fulfilled by Salary Benchmarking. However, (pursuing Maslow's Hierarchy of needs), only the lower-level needs are met through the amount of money, and the higher level needs are satisfied outside the company, through leisure time. This will mean that productivity will never be very high, even after providing the right wages.

The inspiration theory is very insufficient in understanding the employee's personal needs, and does not succeed in spotting potential, unlike Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs (determination theory) which seeks to satisfy worker needs at more personal levels, for e. g personal actualization and self esteem needs, unlike McGregor's Ideas, which concentrate on satisfying only economic and safeness needs

. Step 4: Examining the Employee

Employees have the best impact on a company. Without them, the organization will not can be found. They are considered the most valuable asset and resource, and therefore it is very important to determine the employees, to find out what motivates them, what employee skills they own, what skills they could lack and working out they may require. This examination is done to recognize management competency, to execute more efficiently. It is also done to identify potential future control roles.

RFC aspires to evaluate their employees in order to-

Make informed training and development decisions

Make far better promotion decisions

Put people in positions to use their abilities with their highest capacity

RFC's Proposed Worker Review process aspires to assess their workers and indentify their over achievers, average workers, and the under achievers.


An worker review is when older executives meet to go over employees and take decisions on individuals and the overall organizations. It is very effective as it's very fact based, thorough and onward looking.


::Display Shot 2013-01-14 at 12. 10. 17 AM. png

RF will carry Talent Identification solutions to assess their different types of employees. For instance, a Ability Management Matrix, a tool used to examine employees based on their level of performance and potential. This can even be shown utilizing a position map.

::Display Shot 2013-02-23 at 4. 58. 23 PM. png

From the Staff Review, the business can make a decision its actions for the employees in each position on the map.


Motivate the employees- For employees with low performance but high potential, the business can motivate those to work better. A motivated worker is a profitable employee, and a effective staff is a profitable employee. To stay in business, the business must have determined personnel. RFC provides staff motivation to retain them. The business first identifies the challenge and acts accordingly. If they own an ability problem, they are given with the appropriate help from the Academy to improve these abilities. This can also give the employee a sense of respect and belonging. If the challenge lies in money and low salaries, the business performs a salary benchmarking. However, if the business is unable to resolve the issues and problems, the staff will be made redundant.

Developing the staff- For employees with high performance but low potential, the business must train and improve the employee's capabilities. As the skills increase, there is high probable that the organization's performance increase. Trained employees are usually more motivated. It also escalates the employee's capacity to make far better decisions. Employees that require development are dispatched for the training workshop where their lacking skills are augmented.

Replacing employees- A worker with low skill and low inspiration is considered a bad hire, and must be replaced. It is essential for the organization to identify and replace their bad hires quickly as it is very costly. Studies show that 69% of employers record that their companies have been adversely affected by the bad employ the service of in the year 2012, with costs of the bad hires estimating around $25000.

Indentifying the near future leaders. - Employees with high potential and powerful, the business may look to consider them as potential market leaders of the organization. At RFC, this is a very intensive research done to choose the best selections. You will discover criterions required to be satisfied for the applicant to be picked. These include a superb employee review, years, experience, accomplishments, and International ability to move, incase the applicant should be sent to another branch of the business. Once these criterions are satisfied, the organization begins succession planning.

Succession Planning is the identification and development of potential leaders to succeed in higher degrees of management and lead the subordinates. It consists of the analysis of the candidate, where his current strengths and skill levels and the level of skill required for the higher level position are compared. From this, the business can identify the areas for improvement and development necessary for the candidate. A Training Plan is developed, and appropriately, the applicant is delivered to the RFC academy for training and development. The panel analyzing the candidate will arranged a development time frame, for the candidate to fully develop into a new head. He/she is designated a instructor to monitor the improvement of the candidate. Following the Development Time Period, the applicant is tested by being provided with tasks to manage. The board reviews the potency of the candidate by the results extracted from the projects carried out by the candidate.


Performing a SWOT examination on the utilization of Skilled Workforce Management Strategies,

Performing the SWOT research, we can see that the use of the Skill-Workforce Management Strategies will profit RFC, significantly enhancing the quality of their HR Management, and subsequently, their revenue, with quotes of over 11, 000 million Euros through the years 2012 and 2013.


Revenue (in an incredible number of Euros)












Over 11000

From the SWOT evaluation, we can easily see that the utilization of the strategies will provide RFC the ability to identify their potential leaders and their low achievers and can therefore react accordingly very quickly. The usage of considerable recruitment process allows RFC to identify and assess potential candidates more effectively, and therefore lead to raised recruitment decisions. The Strategies also provide RFC the opportunity to identify the skill spaces in the workforce and find the correct ways of bridge the gaps. However, with costs of recruiting over 9, 000 per recruit, and over 30, 000 in Employee Development programs per brain, the proposed strategies are very expensive. The proposed recruitment and development programs are anticipated to dominate 3-4 a few months and about, making the strategies possibly very time consuming. A potential threat also lies with the use of these strategies, the skilled employees are at the mercy of poaching by other companies in the same industry. RFC could lose their workers to raised job offers from rivaling companies. Also, an experienced employee can have very high needs and their maintenance can be quite costly.


Even with the weaknesses and dangers of the suggested strategies, RFC should go forth and implement these Skilled-Workforce Management Strategies as it forecasts very effective and advantageous results. The strategies will significantly improve their HR management, especially the recruiting and examining methods of RFC. It will provide a more structured working of the section, with a clearer perspective of targets and goals. The Strategies can potentially be a great property in leading RFC and its own product lines to be one of the most distinguished brands in the food and drinks industry.

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