The Impact Of The Internet On Businessman Ventures


In modern times, internet is more and more popular and closely to the people in a changing areas. Internet was used as an instrument for helping those to hook up and seeking information or advising what they need. Almost business owners also use this tool as part of creating successfully because of their business but sometimes it also creates some problem. Some negative impacts of internet on the entrepreneur enterprise such as security or lost efficiency that produce the entrepreneur take a whole lot of problem. However, almost influences of the internet on entrepreneurial endeavors is good such as improve the capacity of being able to access information through internet, increase communicate ability among entrepreneurs while others people, help to achieve the mark specific venture firm, raise the efficiency of the distribution process and specially support marketing strategy.

Impact of the internet on entrepreneur ventures:

"Internet is an internationally network of sites. Additionally it is the network of sites that links millions computers (called hosts). The Internet is the online space where users send and receive email, login to remote computer systems (telnet), browse databases of information (gopher, World Wide Web, WAIS), and send and receive programs (ftp) included on these computers. " (linux. about. com, 2010)

Negative influences of internet can make the businessperson ventures have to handle the chance such as security drip, hence they need to find the ways to regulate and limit these problems. However, it is without doubt that internet has a lot more positive impact on the entrepreneur enterprise. As I refer to below, I am going to discuss about the impact of internet on entrepreneur ventures and illustrate with some example to demonstrate the good thing about using internet.

Firstly, the most effective impact of internet is the security of the info. Many businesses conducted online get the trouble and it becomes majors concerns. There are a number of cases which the transactions have the ability to become unsafe because the info can be leaked out when entrepreneur use internet in taking transfer. An example is at daily orders, major security dangers such as hackers, computer virus, or e-terrorism. Breaches of security such as thefts of data and information on several occasions are able to lead buyers or customers to question the basic safety of doing business online, which can injured business further by bringing down self-confidence levels. However, internet can motivate the capability to quick access more information of the businessperson ventures. The abundant and sufficient of the internet help the entrepreneur to search and discover any information and data that are being supported for their strategies. As can be seen, internet creates the large environment business for any entrepreneurs and it innovate the businessmen to find business opportunities or traders whose will be the same ideas and goal running a business. Long times earlier, when the internet have never yet development, the internet marketers had to spend a long time to get the information that may support because of their business through books, newspaper, radio among others resources, however, these information might be not enough. Moreover, they just only accumulate information in a tiny area such as in their own country or several countries around them. The restriction of the information made many companies not able to connect and upgrade the development of the earth, hence the monetary was limited. Today, basing on internet, the entrepreneurs can find and seek to whatever they want such as information of the opponents, update information of the business enterprise environment on earth, thus it is simpler for internet marketers to meet up with orientations of the world market. Hence, if the business owner can control the info security system, backup data and training employees, internet can support to the businessman take the entire benefit of it.

Secondly, another impact of internet on businessman projects is the employees' efficiency. As is seen, the entrepreneur projects often stress that using the internet at work will certainly reduce the careers performance because their employees do not focus on their job or neglect their duty in the working time. It's true that employees spend a substantial amount of their workday replying to personal email, web surfing, following live sports and so on. Even for cases where employees are not required with computer systems, the availability of cordless internet on cellphone and other cellular devices creates a frequent swarm of distraction that can slice into work time. But it is undeniable that internet can boost communicate capability among internet marketers, their staffs and their lovers. Some companies are employing the internet to make indirect cable connections with the customer or intensify relations with some their trading associates for the very first time. Utilising the web technologies and access options has broadened the capacities of laptop computers, desktops and workstation. Thus, entrepreneurs are able to communicate with each other via email, office intranet, geographic area networks, install subject matter programs and huge area networks. Furthermore, internet is usually up to date and it needs users improve themselves to regulate and taking full advantages out of this tool. The businessperson ventures exchange reports and information with their workers and their associates through internet such as information about analyse of fund, new potential challengers, the strategies to develop their product, the view of the others businessmen or the experience and strategies of the success entrepreneur and so on. From then on, the entrepreneur enterprise might be acquire this information to evaluate the global market and fix the best strategy for their business. Therefore, internet makes enterprisers dynamic and catches up with changing of the world.

Thirdly, internet is capability to impact on achieving the prospective specific venture firm. The info from internet allows an improved understanding of the necessity connect with endeavor planning as well as providing a windowpane into what the project community perceives. The businessman can easily discover the potential market or "hot" areas where to invest. A good example is opportunity capitalist. The seekers post their business intend to companies where they may have the best potential for receiving money. The endeavors capitalists receive the types of applications and choosing what they are most affinity for. Therefore, the internet marketers have a much bigger selection of companies to utilize, a better opportunity for an effective investment and a better in the relationships. In addition, the business projects online and applications can be accepted by some project firms. The business capitalist often considered business strategies taken to their attention through industry agreements or past clients in customarily. But now these constraints are changing because the opportunity firms use a web presence to open up their doors to all or any enterprisers. Besides, the businessman uses email to switch professional summaries of business strategies. All of lovers can share a mail server and it also allows visitors to route strategies quicker because they could work at work or at home or even to read submissions when they are on the road. Internet also provides the system to support business. It allows people easy access to the pool of options; it limited the resources available to outsiders and non-members. Furthermore, the businessperson use internet to research reports, home elevators who is working on what technology, news and so forth. Internet also permit the entrepreneurial ventures to use personal resources to stay abreast of what's going on, providing a quantum jump in efficiency.

Finally, internet also effect on the process to build image and reputation for the business. The entrepreneur ventures use their own website as an instrument to closer with the entire world market. Internet helps customers to connect with the web site of the business to find whatever they needs and desires. Website with its ability to make and display colourful graphic, acoustics, animation and video allows companies to remain competitive and surpass with their large rival's Web presence. In particular, many smaller businesses with the restriction of capital and their vitality, they are not ability to match their marketing initiatives of these large contests, thus, using the website through internet that it is the simplest way for them to achieve the great equalizer. A business with a proper marketing strategy set up, it uses the net to develop its potential to provide customer service at little cost. The actual customers in worldwide just only need to click on the website plus they can know about the merchandise or services of the company. In result, the business people do not essential to waste big money to promote in other media such as tv or radio. Besides, products can be sold or purchased 24 hours per day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year with no need for support personnel. Hence, it can benefit to reduce the extra costs that are associated with purchasing. Furthermore, using website allows entrepreneurs to support both existing and customers with meaningful information within an interactive as opposed to the passive environment. Company might screen what they want to advertise for their customers such as track record of the company and its record, varieties of products and services, benefit that customer can achieve and video tutorial of its product and service used etc. On the other hand, customers can acquire information in regards to a product or service, have their question responded, and place order easily and so on. Among the samples that internet and website help businessman to expand the business is the truth of Jill Anne Partain.

She has a business that produce unique handbags, and she received $500 as a school graduation gift idea. She chooses Lexington in Virginia instead of New York to find her business and using her company's website to sell handbags. Ignorance a lot of the ideas which Partain feel that they might be the perfect location on her behalf business, she choose website. Partain described since she was selling over the web, it didn't subject where her manufacture is. Now, her company turn out about 5000 handbags a year and even more than $ 1. 3 million in sales from one of those old changed Virginia textile mills.

It is easily to realize that Partain have a large success and benefit when she use website as a best strategy to hook up her product with her customers. She set up her company in a tiny city where not a fashion capital is. However, basing on internet and website, a whole lot of shopaholics are still attracted and persuaded by her handbag's design. Thus, the amount of handbags and earnings that she achieves, are more and more increasingly.


In finish, the impact of the internet on the business owner project is very extensive and it plays increasingly more important in the improvement of the business in the global monetary. Although using the internet likewise have many problems, nevertheless, if the entrepreneur venture learn how to solve these problem, they can solve their careers better; information can be revise faster, people can connect easier. Because of this, if the businessperson ventures learn how to control and use internet, they will achieve great success in their business.

2) Discuss the importance of environmental issues and opportunities that may be tapped by business owners.


The importance of entrepreneurship to any market is like that of entrepreneurship in any community. Entrepreneurial activity and the resultant profit are always of benefit to a country. Therefore, every country on the planet has entrepreneurs, people who are creative and happy to take risks. However, not all economies encourage their entrepreneurs to achieve developing new products, ideas or services and getting these to consumers. An monetary system must provide bonuses that encourage business people to risk striving something new. The main incentives for entrepreneurs will be the opportunities and environmental factors.


Most entrepreneurial organizations are began with locating the opportunities. The chance is very importance. It is a favourable set of circumstances that creates the need for a new product, service, or business idea. A chance has four essential qualities: it is attractive, durable, well-timed and anchored in a product, service or business that creates or brings value for its buyer or end user. The entrepreneurs usually use 3 ways to identify a chance. There are watching trends, solving a difficulty and finding Gaps available on the market.

Entrepreneurial opportunities as situations where new goods, services, raw materials, markets and organizing methods can be created through the formation of new means, ends, or means-ends interactions. These situations do not need to change the terms of monetary exchange to be entrepreneurial opportunities, but just need to have the potential to alter the terms of economic exchange. Furthermore, unlike optimizing or satisfying decisions, where the ends that your choice maker is wanting to attain and the means that your choice maker will utilize are given, entrepreneurial decisions are creative decisions.

One of the important opportunities is screen of opportunity. Once the windowpane of opportunity open, it can benefit a firm enters a new market. As the marketplace grows, company enter and try to establish a profitable position. The computer, for example, paved the way online, which, subsequently, paved the way for se's and software to explore the internet, which, in turn, created a fresh way for people to shop and acquire valuable information, and on and on. A rich current economic climate is one teeming with superior contributions and the entrepreneurial opportunities created by them.

Opportunities may also be classified on if the changes that generate them are present on the demand or the source side. In general, the entrepreneurship literature implicitly targets supply part changes. For example, most conversations of opportunity concern changes in inputs, ways of organizing, production processes, or products. But changes popular alone can generate opportunities. Customer personal preferences effect the allocation of resources because providers need to respond to the preferences and purchasing habits of consumers. Thus, demand changes from exogenous shifts in culture, understanding, tastes, or mood can start opportunities, as regarding demand for American flags in response to a terrorist harm. The opportunity is established if the upsurge in demand outpaces assets in creation capacity, producing opportunities to include more capacity, perhaps on more economic terms. Furthermore, growing markets might create new niches as well as the opportunity to specialize

In reality, the enterprisers improve set up products and services, or they create new ones. With them, the opportunities that will get in the recent business are very important. Therefore, they need to use every condition to develop these opportunities. For instance, the discovery that seaweed could be sold as a food in america as well as Japan produces the opportunity for entrepreneurial activity, as have the breakthrough that petrol provided a much better fuel than many other raw materials previously discovered. In short, new methods of production, including the assembly range or computer-aided medicine finding, have provided opportunities for entrepreneurial earnings.

The creation of a fresh good or service can create an opportunity for entrepreneurial income, as is the situation when the development of accounting software or a medical device makes possible a product or service that may be sold for greater than its cost of development. However, as we've seen from the development of the Internet, new modes of organizing that not require bricks and mortar locations also make opportunities for entrepreneurial profit.

Opportunity conditions are defined by the amount, variety, and source of feasible solutions. For example, some market sectors may reap the benefits of developments in basic scientific understanding, such as biotechnology or semiconductors, while others may not. Opportunity conditions are most favourable when for confirmed investment the likelihood of achieving creativity is high and when it is possible to use an individual development for multiple alternatives.

Environmental issues:

Economic Forces

When examine how economic pushes affect opportunities, it's important to evaluate who have money to spend and who's trying to cut costs. As more young adults enter the workforce, demand rises for products they buy, such as designer clothing, cellular phone, and concert tickets or backpacking tour for instance, took off so rapidly partly because teenagers have grow degrees of cash to invest. In additional, Economic forces have an effect on consumer's level of disposable income. When income is high, people are usually more eager to buy products or services that enhance their lives. For samples, In Vietnam, the overall economy is developing. There are lots of rich people. They spend big money to buy big house, luxury car or clothes of famous brand name. These are the opportunities for internet marketers commit or produce more quality products to service customers within. Besides that, a rise in the number of women in the labor force and their related increase in throw-away income is large responsible for the number of boutique clothing stores targeting professional women which have opened before many years.

Another style that is affected by monetary factors is pressure on businesses to boost their financial performance. Furthermore, many business owners have taken good thing about this style by starting companies that help other organizations control costs. In the chemical substance industry, for example, ChemConnect (founded in 1995) has an online industry to make it less expensive for substance companies to trade chemicals on a worldwide scale. Moreover, an industry might face macro-level inefficient allocation of resources, such as investment funds in large-scale production facilities that serve marketplaces with cyclical demand. These cyclical businesses are frequently associated with growing demand and poor performance, are typically profitable only at optimum points in the industry cycle, and for that reason signal that a superior business model or production plan may become more profitable.

Social Forces
An understanding of the impact of interpersonal forces on tendencies and exactly how they influence new product, service, and business ideas is a simple piece of the opportunity recognition puzzle. For example, the Sony Walkman was developed not because customers desired smaller radios, but because people wanted to listen to music while on the move- while riding the subway even though training. Besides that, Shifts in societal demographics also create and close off opportunities. For instance, the maturity of the infant boomers produces opportunities for reallocation of resources from products and services to children to products and services for the elderly and the development of the Hispanic population in some aspects of america has produced opportunities to start out Spanish r / c. Additional recent social trends that enable new opportunities are the following

Family and work patterns

The maturing of the population

The increasing diversity in the workplace

The globalization of industries

The increasing focus on health care and fitness

The proliferation of computers and the Internet

The continual upsurge in the number of mobile phone users

New kinds of music and other types of entertainment

Technological advancements

The improvements in technology frequently dovetail with economical and interpersonal changes to create opportunities. Many e-commerce sites are technical marvels, allowing a customer to order products, purchase them, and choose how quickly they are delivered. But again, it is not a whole lot the technology which makes e-commerce attractive. The ultimate reason most people buy online is because they are occupied and prefer to shop when they have free time somewhat than being restricted to traditional store time and store location.

Another facet of technological advances is that once a technology is established, products often emerge to enhance it. For example, RealNetworks premiered to add video recording capabilities to the Internet, which took the Internet to another level. In addition, the technological improvements often provide opportunities to help people satisfy basic needs in better or even more convenient way. In many areas people's needs don't change as time passes. For instance, people who discuss have always wanted to minimize the amount of nicks and shaving time and get as close a shave as is feasible. These and other shaving-related wants will most likely never change.

Political Action and Regulatory Changes

Political and regulatory changes also provide the basis for opportunities. For instance, new laws and regulations create opportunities for entrepreneurs to start firms to help companies comply with these laws. The exercise of government power influences the quantity, syndication, and types of opportunities available. For example, government actions to manage the macro-economy, such as efforts to change the amount of money supply or interest rates influence entrepreneurial opportunities. In the same way, regulatory intervention has improved the composition of industries thus creating opportunities for new entrants. Anti-trust and deregulation of industries by the United States Government has created opportunities in market sectors such as telecommunications, airlines, trucking, railroads, bank, and natural gas. Besides, in the energy industry, for example, authorities actions have affected the variety and amount of entrepreneurial opportunities. For the reason that industry, federal rules has (1) changed the market composition; (2) created marketplaces through the establishment of buying guidelines for choice power suppliers; and (3) governed earnings on capital.

Political change also engenders new business and product opportunities. For example, global politics instability and the threat of terrorism have led to many organizations becoming more security mindful. These businesses need new products and services to protect their physical property and intellectual property as well as to protect their customers and employees.


The purpose of this part was to clarify the role of opportunities and environmental issues in the entrepreneurial process. It can help us make the successful business in the future. Besides that, finding the opportunities and assessing the environment factors also help us to choose the perfect ways of do business.

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