The importance of a corporate and business retreat

Corporate retreats can be of any type, such as a sport retreat, or a seminar-style retreat. They are simply to promote a sense of teamwork and to build a much better understanding among company employees. Corporate and business retreats can also help employees gain some problem-solving skills that lead to better teamwork and better overall production.

These team-building activities give attention to incidents where everyone has to work together to reach a standard goal. The illustrations are river rafting, rock climbing, rock climbing, everyone hiking blindfolded while holding on the same rope, team scavenger hunts, friendly contests between company departments, etc.

Corporate retreats can be customized to fit the company's need. They can make the employees find out about what the short-term retreat goals are, as well as the long-term results that the business is trying for.

Do you think that team-building activities such as rock climbing increase efficiency? Why or you will want to?

We do assume that team-building activities such as rock climbing increase productivity. We are able to find several evidences from the case study given. Firstly, according to Howard Atkins, main financial official at Wells Fargo, the company earned double-digit benefits in profits as an effect of corporate and business retreats.

Secondly, corresponding to Merianne Liteman, a specialist corporate and business retreat organizer:"Where good retreats have a quantifiable result is on retention, on morale, on production. " Daryl Jeperson, CEO of RE/MAX International, also said that there is a productivity raise anytime you have one of the. People feel better about themselves, they feel better about the business, and as a result they'll do a much better job.

Why corporate and business retreats can increase productivity? It is because organizations can derive some valuable skills from corporate retreats. These skills include team soul, problem-solving, command, innovation and creativity.

Team Spirit

Corporate retreats promote a feeling of teamwork among company employees. Take the example from the case study, Wells Fargo arranged a corporate retreat where in fact the employees had to build a bridge out of boxes and unstable solid wood planks. The employees are working towards a standard goal which is building a bridge. This are certain to get them to start to see the power of behaving like a team. They will be able to understand success in each activity relies more on teamwork than specific effort. Beneath the pressure of reaching a hard goal, each individual undergoes rapid development. This expansion occurs in group efforts then boosting the human relationships between employees. Employees become connected by distributed experience. They share determination and help form each other. Trust can be built through corporate and business retreats.


The second skill gained from corporate retreats is approximately problem-solving. Take climbing as the example. Rock-climbing is a problem-solving in the vertical world. We can see varying levels of linear thinking skills, pre-planning skills, impulsivity vs. thoughtfulness, decision-making skills, emphasis and concentration, annoyance, tolerance, self-confidence vs. insecurity, introversion vs. extroversion, emotional ability, risk-taking vs. caution, and the list continues on. Rock climbing supplies the added mental component of continuous problem-solving in the midst of a physical workout. The climbers attempt to ascend a picked route without slipping. Through rock climbing, they can be trained on those skills.


Through corporate and business retreats like rock climbing, climbing, river rafting, etc. individuals gain a knowledge of trust in their own capacity to lead and follow. They have opportunities to test their potential in critical group decision-making and thereby become more confident leaders. Besides, team development events often allow folks who are not usually in charge at work to have the reins and direct their teams. This may not only help them work on their command skills but also give them a better knowledge of what this means to be always a leader. The result of this is they can have an improved knowledge of their superior's working situations. They are able to also aid communication channels within the labor force.

Innovation and Creativity

Another skill derived from corporate retreat is innovation and imagination. Employees are usually more in a position to think from the box beyond your working environment. In outdoor settings, they are taken out of their 'comfort zone' and immerse in a changing environment. By managing new circumstances, team learns to carefully turn problems into opportunities for success. Each challenge learned is a gratifying achievement that prepares them for even more opportunities. Besides, some team-building activities may necessitate innovation and ingenuity. For instance, Wells Fargo's commercial retreat is about creating a bridge out of boxes and unstable solid wood planks. In cases like this, in order to construct a better and safer bridge with those limited resources, the employees need to be progressive and creative.

Corporate retreats have negative area too. In the case given, we know that Burger King's corporate retreat in 2001 is a failure. A dozen Burger Kings employees burnt themselves while taking part in a fire walk-a team development exercise that will require teammates to walk barefoot across an 8-feet pit of burning-hot coals. The results were wounded employees plus some very negative promotion for Burger Kings. The concept of this corporate retreat was that whenever the employees experience humiliation jointly, they'll feel bonded. Actually, organizations should steer from ridiculous physical troubles, and they can get advantages from corporate retreats.

In finish, team-building activities can increase output because organizations can derive valuable skills from commercial retreats.

2. 0 ii) How many other factors might be accountable for increases in success following a commercial retreat?

2. 1 Raises in Revenue

2. 1. 1 Increase the number of clients (Doyle, B 2005)

After corporate and business retreat the employees will have a wider global point of view and confidence in dealing with people from different cultures and countries. With this beliefs learned, the employees have the ability to increase the range of clients. By increasing the amount of new customers the organization is the most immediate approach to raise the revenue of the business. With a wider perspective the employees are able to look into more opportunities and have a larger target market. When the mark market is enlarged the employees are equipped with the confident in working with folks from different cultures and countries which will make the have better opportunities to capture the market. Also, the organization can boost the market share due to huge variety of the mark market. Because of this, they can be the market innovator of the industry because they are able to capture the most variety of customers.

2. 1. 2 Increase the value of each deal designed to customers (Doyle, B 2005)

The communication and influencing skills gain after the corporate retreat are able to help a business to improve the revenue by increasing the value of each sales designed to customers. It means that the employees will have the energy to communicate, effect and persuade the client to improve the value of each purchase. For example, if the clients normally purchase 500 items, the employees can persuade and influence the clients to raise the value of each purchase to 800 devices. The worker might come out with plans to convince the client to purchase more. Therefore, the employees can apply the creativity and creativity skill to create valuable packages to generate more revenue for the organization.

2. 1. 3 Increase the amount of times that customers obtain you (Doyle, B 2005)

Besides, commercial retreat trained employees in building and keeping interactions. Through this skill the employees are able to use this skill to generate more revenue. By building and retaining a good relation can raise the number of that time period that customers buy from you. The employees are should talk to the customers so that the customers will do purchasing more regular with you. For example, many organizations such as Genting that can come out with Genting cards where have a great deal of ways of increase the amount of time you stop by at Genting. There are various ways to create and maintain relation with the clients such as e-mail, mail, text messaging, telephone call and point and advantage given to draw in the clients visit Genting often. Hence, creativity and creativeness play important functions in developing strategies in building and maintaining relationships.

2. 2 Lowers in Cost

2. 2. 1 Employee opinions for cost decrease (Thayne 2010)

After the organization retreat, the staff will be motivated. So this will be the best time to get their contribution for the business. The managers can get feedbacks through personal interview, daily communication or improvement package. The reasons the managers should get feedbacks from the employees because employees have immediate relation with the task process and also have more experience about the daily functions of the business. Alternatively managers make cost decrease decisions predicated on ideas such as studies, reports, and charts. But, the business has to begin using feedbacks distributed by the employees in order that they will add more as they feel they can be area of the solution. Besides, fulfilling them is vital to encourage feedbacks.

2. 2. 2 Decrease in Turnover Rate

The main key to decrease the turnover rate is through job satisfaction. The satisfied employees will show good attitude and morale during the job. To be able to create job satisfaction, the organization should match the employees' needs.

Hence, following the commercial retreat the employees human relationships was build or maintain, communication & influencing skills are enhanced and even more towards team concentrate. Therefore, the employees will have job satisfaction as the company fulfilled the cultural need of the employees. Based on the Maslow's hierarchy, human beings have cultural need.

Moreover, the employees could be more loyal to the business as they feel sense of belonging. It is because they are given attention, opportunities and discover in the business. Corresponding to Maslow's hierarchy this fulfilled their self-esteem need. Besides, based on the Herzberg's Two Factor Theory, it wills the motivators factor for the employees that may create satisfaction.

As a result of job satisfaction through the abilities develop from corporate and business retreat which gratifying the necessity of employees, the business will be able to reduce the turnover rate in the organization.

Question 3

What should companies do about employees who lack athletic expertise but are still pressured to participate in physical activities using their acquaintances? How might poor performance by people that have low athletic capacity affect their status within the organization?

At the first part of the question what should companies do about employees who lack athletic expertise but are still pressured to take part in physical activities with the colleagues? First of all, when the company organizes this kind of cooperate retreat that's required a strong physical feature, company must encourage and explain to those who find themselves insufficient athletic talent to participate and let them understand that those activities such as mountain climbing is not a competition for them to show how strong are you either at work or beyond your office. It's a chance for the complete employees to enhance their relationship, there is no gain or lose through the event. For cases, how might those employees who lack of physical attribute will get benefit from those physical activities? During the rock climbing those who find themselves lower in physical attribute take less equipment through the climb, when they reached the top of the mountain, they can start to build the camp, build the camp fire, prepare food and etc for individuals who experienced done the hard part during the climb. This will likely definitely show the team heart in them and finally build up an improved marriage among employees.

When the company has employees could not participates those physical activities anticipated to heath problem and etc. Company should consider of using the method provided in above question. It may require less physical attribute. Such as the team simulation business video games like monopoly, team development video games and etc. During employees participating in these games, they require teamwork to determine what strategic to complete the game. Eventually, it develops a better marriage among employees and they'll understand that everyone has durability in difference field and everyone must work together to be able to success.

Second area of the question how might poor performance by people that have low athletic potential affects their position within the organization? A couple of two choices to be occurred.

First, if the company's employees have strong team heart and the company did explained well how the activities may helps all the employees it definitely bring a good impact to the company's employees. Because through the cooperate retreat staff will realizes that not many people are perfect and everyone has their own role to experience. It same goes to a business, in a company we have cleaners, engineers, supervisor, clerk and so on. They may have their own job to execute in the business, and all are working toward to achieve the company's goal. For illustrations, the cleaner in the company job is to keep the company's environment clean and fresh all the time. Lets imagine exactly what will happen when the cleaners will not exist in the business. For sure the business environment will be screw up, and can the employees still perform while the company is messy and untidy?

On the other hand, of course it brings negative impact to the employees if the company's employee doesn't have a strong team soul or refuse to help other people who are insufficient physical attribute through the cooperate retreat(mountain climbing). The poor performer definitely will felt overlooked and feel that they are fragile then others. As a result, they will experienced de-motivated and they will be alienated in the business. As we know that everyone has different strength, if you are good in physical, it does not imply that u will good in everything. Therefore, no one have the right to look down or discriminate those who does not succeed during the cooperate retreat. Because they could be good in others field as well.

Lastly, I'd say that company play an important role when carry out the cooperate retreat event. In order to achieve the purpose of cooperate retreat company have to make certain that each one of the staff understand the objective of the cooperate retreat.

4. How might you increase teamwork when team members are not often in direct contact with one other? Is it possible to think of any "electronic" team development exercises?

4. 1 Facebook

Facebook is a communal networking site, in the short form called SNS that can let people hook up with the friends and other who work, review and live around them, so that, people may use facebook to keep in touch with their friends, post photo, talk about links and exchange information. However the facebook users can easily see only the comfirmed friends and individuals in their networks.

Facebook makes it possible for the colleague talk about their information through the facebook, in order to knowing well think about each other, this may improve relationship between your colleague.

Facebook provide many game titles that can improve teamwork within the team, it also can increase their intellect.

The leader also can upload some video tutorial in the Facebook that related to the job to motivate the staff.

4. 2 Intranet

Intranet is an inner network that in a corporation. Intranet is means for the exclusive use of the business and its associate with the customers, employees and suppliers. Intranet is covered from authorized gain access to with security system such as firewalls, so that intranet is a basic safety digital system.

Intranet provides service such as email, so every employee can promote their information and attempts to talk to others through this service.

Intranet also provides urgent information about the organization, so every staff can get the info immediately by using intranet.

4. 3 Extranet

Extranet differs from the internet, intranet is the general term for a collection of private computer networks within an business, but extranet is a computer network that allows controlled access from the outside for specific business. But both of these is a communication tools designed to permit easy information writing within the workgroups.

4. 4 Video tutorial Games

This can be an activity that suited to employees after work. Generally, people will think this kind of electronic digital system is pointless for the employee, but actually video gaming can release their pressure from the working. Throught different kind of the video games, employees can increase their teamwork through the amount of the video games. Employees can also try to solve the problem that set by the video gaming, after employees try to solve the situation of the video games, even the problem cannot be resolved, however the reliance between the employees still can increase naturally. In addition, online games can also increase intelligence of the employees, this is helpful for the coffee lover when solving problem.

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