The issues experienced by Greyhound Lines

Greyhound Lines, Inc. is the best countrywide contributor of intercity bus service in america. Its task power of 2, 400 buses brings further than 22. 5 million travelers yearly in excess of a highway system that lengthen for further than 75, 000 a long way. Greyhound schedule to further than 2, 600 destinations, with 18, 000 on a regular basis leaving. Also to its programmed tourist services, the corporation suggests charter bus service, express offer service throughout Greyhound Package Express, and food service at lots of its workstation. Greyhound is also caught up in cross-border bus service throughout joint projects with Mexican transport businesses. The bus company that produces into Greyhound was created in 1913 by Carl Earl Wickman. The trick to Wickman's in early stages success was making best use of ridership, which needed the looks of padding 18 miners into a seven-passenger Hupmobile. Wickman's income start on to boost, and he required on business buddies who assist for him in source funds in bigger bus


Greyhound Lines is the nation's most significant bus company. However, they face a large problem when they learn to introduce computerization system in the business. The problem became a problem with their company because they got the wrong part to make decision just to increase earnings and customer support. The most notable level director face financial problems by presenting computerize system in their business without taking in to the middle level manager's judgment. Greyhound was facing non-programmed decision problem where the top level manager's have a specific solution for an exceptional problem. The software called Trips software. There have been problems including the customers don't possess visa or mastercard or cell phone to utilize Trip software. Furthermore, the software sometimes no longer working and it remember to print the solution out, this make the client frustrated for longing in series for so long.

Was the decision facing Greyhound executives programmed or non-programmed?

Programmed decision means image resolution recently obtainable from prior period knowledge to resolve troubles that are well-known, clear-cut, and evident with value to information requirements. These judgments connect finest to issues that are subject matter of custom, though it is not unsurprising however they can forecast. However, non-programmed decision means relate exact way out potential for an only 1 of its kind problem. almost all problems cope with by advanced ranking manager are of this kind, with the issues frequently concerning option of tactic and goal in situation of some uncertainty. Therefore, Greyhound is facing non-programmed decision. You will discover three kind of non-programmed decision such as re-organization, computerization, and improve customer services.

Firstly, re-organization means a renovation of a company business, as well as a clear transform in resources formation, over and over again succeeding a disappointment and receivership or liquidation trusteeship. Greyhound Lines face re-organization when they introduced computerize system in their business. A few of their customers have no idea how to use a bank card or cell phone to call to reserve a ticket on their behalf. This have cause the providers receive many phone calls of their customer about they don't know how to use the program and they can't access the Trip software.

Secondly, computerization is a factor of non-programmed. Computerization means to control, perform, process, or store (a system, procedure, or information) by means of or within an electronic computer or computers. The customer can't usage of the program so they customer directly come to the solution selling spot to buy the solution. However, when the customers try to buy the ticket, they have to wait for 5 minute and 45 second to the computer to process and print out the ticket. These causes the number of customer wait around to buy ticket cut down because they feel angry to hold back for so long to buy a solution.

Thirdly, Greyhound also has to improve customer service to solve the situation that the business is facing now. Customer services means increasing our considering customer support; if we're going to consistently go beyond customers' expectations, we have to recognize that every facet of our business has an impact on customer service, not just those areas of our business that involve face-to-face customer contact. Greyhound has been overwhelmed by abundant customer criticism, as well as constantly not on time buses, impolite employees, unhygienic services, insecure environment, mechanical breakdown and accidents. Buses have been proven to get there a great deal of time after their programmed arrival time and employees have been unconcerned and even orally insulting of individuals who ask over for assist. This is one of the reason why that the top level opt to introduce computerize system.

In conclusion, You can find three kind of non-programmed decision such as re-organization, computerization, and improve customer services. Greyhound can learn from the encounters of others to resolve this problem. Two quite typical errors company make when breakdown organizational change are they make an effort to manage independently and they fall short to advantage from the knowledge of others. A large number of bus organizations maybe have experienced circumstances comparable to Greyhound. To allow them to try to have a talk to these educated people. Choose their intelligence. Discover out what other people in Parallel Organization are responsible to deal with downsizings or development. In addition they can study catalogs and articles about these problems.


Do you think Greyhound should have used the classical, administrative, or politics model to make decision? Which do you think it used? Discuss. Provide illustrations to justify your answer.

The traditional management approaches center point on budding general standard for applies in a number of corporation circumstances. However, administrative management methods means focal point on human being requirements, the task group and the position of community feature instead of work. Within the other hand, political management solutions means concentrate on put into procedure mathematical method for administration of problems fixing. Greyhound uses classical model then the other two models. You can find three types of classical techniques such as methodical management, administrative theory, and bureaucratic firm.

Firstly, clinical management means highlight mindful selection and training of personnel, and decision-making support. This management is available by Frederick Taylor and Frank and Lilian Gilbreth. There four guiding action principles that Greyhound have used to boost their business. First of all, develop for every job a 'science' that contain regulations of movements, consistent work development and appropriate working scenario, then they have to choose workers with the precise skill for the job, cautiously coach personnel to get the job done and offer them the best encouragement to interact with the work 'research', and maintain personnel by carefully arranging their job and by level the method as they go regarding their careers. Greyhound should plan properly for the employees from what need to be done in specific given time. Greyhound should make the employees feel like home in their working place so the employees do the task in time.

Secondly, administrative rule is dependant on effort to file and be alert to the skill of victorious professionals. This principle produced by Henry Fayol and Mary Parker Follet. There five important point in this basic principle. To begin with, Greyhound have to foresight this means they need to complete an idea of action for the prospects where they must have plan A and plan B so that if one plan are unsuccessful they can go for the next plan. Then, Greyhound provides and put together resources to implement the plan. So Greyhound has to be getting ready in financial way and equity way to accomplish their future plan. Furthermore, Greyhound has to control to guide, choose, and appraise personnel to have the most excellent work towards the program for example employees is one of the most important source that going make these idea into truth so Greyhound must very careful in choosing their employees so that Greyhound can move into future plan then just sit down around worrying about employees attitudes to customers. Moreover, coordination and control can make sure the work goes in line with the plan.

Thirdly, bureaucratic organization is balanced and well-organized framework of organization set up on common sense, regulate and lawful ability. There are five factors in bureaucratic such as clear department of labor, clear hierarchy of authority, formal guidelines and techniques, impersonality, and profession based on merit. Greyhound have to establish very clearly what the employees have to do then the employee have to report to higher level people from then on the bigger level folks have to a written report of the task. When the employees follow the guidelines and legislation properly and does their work then your managers have to reward the employees to improve the employees to do better than now.

In realization, Greyhound has to plan properly, if they want to invent computerization in the business. Employees is one of the most important people to make the company success internal so Greyhound have to give time and energy to for the employees to commemorate their achievements. Futhermore, there are Holiday festivity in Dec to do party and the every year corporation picnic in the summer for the employees to take pleasure from their movement using their higher level people. This can be shocked for Greyhound on how a great deal of a difference this can create.


Analyze the Greyhound case in conditions of the steps in the managerial decision making process. Do you consider top professional paid adequate focus on all the steps? I f you were a Greyhound, what could you do now and why?

Decision making means the procedure of making selection among other way of action. You will find five stepladders in decision making which is very important for business. This decision creation representation in five steps is a common but extremely successful put together to make decisions and put an end to problems. This willpower will help prevent Greyhound from acquiring unfocused on a number of small elements of the significant steps leading to a decision.

Firstly, Greyhound must identity and defines the problem they are facing. In anticipation of Greyhound produce an certainly thoughtful of the problem or decision to be produced, it is worthless to continue. If the challenge is stated the wrong way or indistinguishably then Greyhound's final result will be incorrect. Greyhound didn't consider what the middle administrator is thinking such as the employees are extremely rude to the client, then Greyhound implement computerize system to solve the first problem, however, the top level didn't think about the customer who don't know how to use the software and Greyhound didn't test the program before applying which cause the customer can't buy solution in that software. Furthermore, after everything being computerizes the client have to wait so long in queue to buy solution for their quest.

Secondly, Greyhound has to generate and evaluate possible solution to solve the problem they are facing. Greyhound should have know that there surely is possible whether to do it or don't get it done when they would like to apply something new available. Most of the time Greyhound should know that there will possible replacement for their decision. It is worthwhile for Greyhound doing research to ensure whether they have as many good alternatives as it can be. For example, Greyhound implement customer support to care for the customer problem with the employees or Greyhound can send the complete worker to a course which demonstrates to them how to be polite to customer. Furthermore, if Greyhound wants to execute computerize system in their business they should test all the software available in market before choosing one of the software which is the better one.

Thirdly, Greyhound must choose a remedy to solve the trouble. Then problem is the employees cured the client very terribly and utilizing computerizes system so Greyhound can have a department especially for the customer to complain about their dissatisfaction and Greyhound has to do research throughly first before choosing software. Then Greyhound must implement the perfect solution is which means they have to put their plan into work. Finally, they need to evaluate the effect whether it satisfied the customer. Greyhound can do review if the customer satisfied with the service that they offer. As customer is the main people in assisting the business increase their earnings.


In summary, although Greyhound encounters a significant problem in introducing computerize system in their business especially Trip software which cause Greyhound suffer losses in their business. However, they still have the ability to overcome the problem by changing high-speed Kodak scanners are being used to scan the top volume of data. This optimized high-speed scanning software was developed by Combined Computer Resources, Inc which helps Greyhound conquer their problem and improve the business income. Being creative is one of the most excellent habits to cope with managerial transform is to "rev up" the managers natural capabilities for creative intervention. Most problems are amenable to creative, innovative solutions. The sole things that frequently persist in this image resolution from occur is the Greyhound's own interior obstacle and nature obligatory restrictions. Creative crisis resolve all the time contain jeopardy. Recommending fresh thought summons disapproval from others. Imagine if the ideas not succeed? Imagine if business losses happen? Imagine if things wind up worse than recently? They surely got to be enthusiastic to understand such risks if they're heading to be free to think artistically.

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