The Issues Of Apples Article Business Essay

As per above article, Apples fraught with human being right violations in resource chain. It is necessary to identify the ethical issues of Apple's, research how it's damaged the stakeholders and identify the ways to solve it. Honest issues such as chemical related health problems, enrol report issues and fault ID's occurred among in the internal or exterior of a business. In additional, bribery and underage personnel not only influence Apple, but also related with the legalities. It has been damaged by government-business and also business-business.

Stakeholder analysis

Stakeholders perspective

Organization perspective


Insecure within an organization

Employees within an organization will centered on these issues and lead them to feel it is no longer stable due to they utilize underage workers. Employees will feel insecure with their current position as they fret underage employees might replace their position. Because of these issued relates to legal laws and regulations, employees will feel the company doesn't provide satisfactory safety strategy, they have a tendency to leave the current employment and prefer to seeks others better employment.

Employees turnover

As due to issues impact the business, the rates of employees turnover increase and cause lack of employees to take care of daily works.

Employees benefits

Apple's should take these issues seriously. By increase rate of employees, company should increase employees salary or bonusaa, to attain them


Protect the trustworthiness of the organization

In order to protect the image and trustworthiness of the company, supervisor should have best practise for controlling and protecting reputation business.

Tighten the rules

Manager should tighten up the guidelines and continue eyes for each staff in company. Supervisor should have well view in the business.

Conflicts of interests

The top management of the company presumed that the professionals might require in corruption foundation on the self-interest. Their own selfishness cause the company fall under risk conditions.

Structure ethical conduct

The company should create an moral awareness and also provide training in moral reasoning for employees. Top management should provide a full training to every of employees, so that each employees having same knowledge.



Customers notify the company were under dangerous due to they can be touch to the legal laws and regulations. They have a tendency to feel the company is dishonesty to social and there had loss of trust. Customers don't dare to attach with above company because they is aware these company were irresponsibility to social.

Provide better service

In order to sustain customer, a business should provide better service to the customers. Besides that, company should provide new offers and offers new products to attract them. Company should take this chance to enhance the associations of customers.


Lack of transparency

Shareholders should authorization to demand the business to boost the transparency of company. It is essential to have a transparency for company details, revenue article, annual report etc. Shareholders should make sure the business not involve in any honest issues such as hire underage workers to save lots of costs.

Loss of confident

Shareholders were concerned on the problems of company. They will feel disappointed brought on lost confident to the business. They have a tendency to stop to give out finance and make invest for the business. Most probably shareholders might choose to leave because of the company already touch with the honest issues. To avoid any loss or problems, shareholders will choose to withdrawal money and leave at the earliest opportunity.

Seeking new potential investors

The company is facing the issues of insufficient shareholders. They need to seek other potential buyers to maintain the company afloat.

Social Responsibility activities

The reputation and value of company already drops. The company needs to boost the rates of public responsibility activities. This may increase the confident of stakeholders, in the same times, it can restore the trustworthiness of company.

Social responsibility activities

The organization may need to improve the activities of public responsibility to repair the trustworthiness of an organization.

Apples Company moral issues

There were find out the Apples' company have several ethical issues such as chemical related health issues, bribery, enrol file issues, using fault ID's, and use underage workers. All these are seriously impact the stakeholders and shareholders.

Issues of chemical substance related health

The issues of chemical substance related health issues were significantly impact the employees' health. Apples Company use any harmful substance by exchanging it with a substances that fall season above its normal conditions of use, is not only dangerous afflicted employees but also others stakeholders will be very seriously impact. A few of chemicals can damage the reproductive system of employees, resulting in cancers, infertility. For girls, it will cause menstrual disorders and harm to offspring.

Manager of Apples' Company might also get impact by the substance issues. Their healths also get damaged by unsafe, and managers feel guilty because their workers were under insecure conditions. They feel the burden to bared this issues.

Over use of chemical substance in the merchandise will cause plenty of issues for customers. Different ages of customers may have different medical issues. Children are most at risk due to they don't clear with the protection. Chemical afflicted children were common issues. Adult healths get afflicted likes causing tiredness, loss of life of cell issues and get poisons.

Besides that, due to the Apply Company over use chemical substance in the merchandise cause tons of medical issues and many of them were critically impact. Shareholders also were get impact by reduced their value when Apples' Company failing to appropriately account fot toxicity and health criteria. These issues can impact a corporation financial health. Those dangers that can impact company ability to earn money due to failing woefully to take into toxicity and health factors in business assessments. Shareholders not only lost the funds, in the same times they power to provide out money to react to the injury cases for health issues. Moreover, shareholders worried the products get ban because the merchandise chemical already excess the benchmarks. They have a tendency to problems lost of sales.

Bribery issues

Bribery issues happen in the company may cause employees to feel insecure to keep stay with the business. This is because the company does not have well management leading to bribery occur in the company. Employees feel the organization dishonesty and they tend to leave as soon as possible. Managers also get impact by bribery issues. Because of mishandle the business, cause bribery activity get bring in from somewhere. This is a serious issues for manager, credited to they fails to perform better in company. Manager pressured by this issues which cause them to feel burden.

Customers inform these issue and they tend to get rejected and run away from the company. This is because they feel the company is dishonest and irresponsible with their ethical issues. They will find others better company. Automatically, behaviour of customers and also bribery issues appear made shareholders tend to worries. Their emotions get affected by these issues because they have giving out cash to the company. Once bribery issues didn't settle well, damaged shareholders lost from the above company. They started to feel loss self-confident and have a tendency to withdrawal the cash and leave the business.

Employ underage staff issues

This is the major issues for Apples Company. Among the serious impact of stakeholders is employees. You can find feel their position is insecure. This is because company employ massive amount underage workers with save massive amount cost, they have a tendency to worry those underage personnel might replace them. Besides that, their benefits also power to share with underage employees, this causes the violence issues in internal company. Employees feel miserable and unsatisfied with the offer of company. Unfair treatment of the business forces them to leave the company.

Manager also facing this problem, because of the overlook of the company employees creating the underage personnel issues affected the business. Professionals will feel pressured to safeguard the trustworthiness of the organization because the company already employ large amount of underage staff. They feel hard to take the duty in the business, cause them choose to leave the business.

These issues were less impact for customers. But nowadays, customers are sensible and before make purchase; they'll make the company research. Although this issues doesn't impact them very well, but customer won't prefer with these company. That is because of the company is having an honest issues; lead them to change their attitude. They want to choose others company rather than an issues Company.

Shareholders also get serious effect on this problem. Once customers do not choose with their company product, automatically the creation of sales will drops. This may make shareholders to feel nervous. They already lost positive and tend to withdrawal the cash and leave the business.

The issues of modern indentured servitude

Apple audit exposed a system in which their workers have to pay recruitment fees that boned these to modern indentured servitude. These lead them to pay out lots of recruitment fees and power them to utilize APPLE MACKINTOSH. This issues is related to human right violations. Employees will feel hesitant to work with the organization, nevertheless they have no choice. These impact them to injure themselves such as suicide.

Manager of the company they also get affected credited to they forget the reactions of the employees. Besides that, customer will feel the company is like a devil, so that declined continue steadily to co-operate with them. They are able to see the company is dishonest and insecure.

Shareholders also get to damaged by this issues. From the very first time of invest the money to the company targets is to earn back more than the current amount of money. However now, this issues has been so serious, they lost comfortable to the business and have a tendency to stop make investments the funds.

Egoism theory used to calculate the Apples Company

Apples Company can use egoism theory to evaluate the organization. Under these theory, involve plenty of differ varieties of egoism, which is honest egoism and emotional egoism.

Psychology egoism is claim that an individual which is take action selfishness. They put their own self-interest concern first. Apples Company fall into bribery issues due to their important their own personal pleasure.

According to Thomas Hobbes, mental egoism is true. He implies honest egoism. People tend to foster their own self-interest. Apples Company have internal theory, due to the workers of looks for selfish motivations and refuse to acknowledge other kind. These were doing something without good care of men and women to benefits their own selfishness.

Apples Company has ethical egoism as well. Ethical egoism is the theory that individual must pursue their personal interest. It really is different compare to subconscious egoism. There are lots of people are not morally desirable course of action, but moral egoism in a position to answer that if every people follow moral egoism, creates self-interest to counter balance back again the wrongdoing.

Utilitarianism theory used to estimate the Apples Company

According to Kant, utilitarianism not only concerns the outcomes of moral decisions. It really is based on the predetermined ethical guidelines ( Kant, 1785).

Apples Company are weighing up to determine how every of the stakeholders require in the issues, would be infected. Aims of doing this to decide on morally right action (Hinman, 1998). Every aspect should be examined to evaluate potential good and bad of outcomes. If the goods outweigh the bad, then morally can be considered right. In case the bad tend to be more, then the complete opposite applies.

How to defeat the chemical substance related health issues

Apples Company must have the responsible to take care of the chemical substance issues. They have to take serious action to avoid this issues get affect the stakeholders. They should comprehend working with substance is dangerous if didn't take the right safeguards. Chemicals should take care of by professionals and make sure it is safe to use. Chemicals can be very volatile, so that it is essential to use it with under normal medication dosage. Besides that, Apples company should cross the knowledge of chemical for each and every of staff in company. In order that rates of this concern can be minimised. Managers should give chemical safety tips for the staff in workplace. Other than that, Apples' company should provides a fully safe practices tools such as goggles, gloves, etc. for every workers.

To ensure the issues will not impact the customers, it is vital for each of the merchandise were adhere with the notes of safety precautions. Besides that, the utilization of chemical dosage should be talk about, so that customers will feel reliable and basic safety to make use of.

Shareholders should give an idea to increase the transparency of the business. To gain back the confident of shareholders, immediate action of the issues should be studied which is necessary to shows the safeness studies for socials.

Overcomes bribery issues in Apples Company

Apples Company should take this matter seriously since it will affect stakeholders. Arise of bribery issues because of the company doesn't have well management. To solve the bribery issue in workplaces, company need to identify how it appear. From then on, determine the how serious of the situation and how does indeed the problems happen. Company should has learned how serious of the relevant influence the work environment. They must identify easy and simple ways to resolve the issue. As work environment bribery is illegitimate, company needs deal with it by using easiest and immediate way. If can't deal with well, company should take legal action.

It is a needy to meet every of managers and discuss the above issues with them. During assembly, they should resolved the situation and solve it. Besides that, company also need to have a gathering for every worker, so that bribery issues will minimise.

Overcome underage personnel issues

Apples should not think of their own self-interest and retain underage individuals. Children are being age group of 18 cannot be useful for any organization. In case the young person is under 16, it is vital for company to have the written agreement of the individual parents. Employ underage can save plenty of cost. At the opposite side, it cause tons of problems to stakeholders. Apples Company should the serious action by terminated those underage personnel at the earliest opportunity. Company must have a talk with human resources department and tighten the HR rules and legislation. Besides that, to raise the reputation of company, they need to makes the organization more transparency. Company should keep on eyes for these issues and prevent it happen again as this matter has been obey the legal laws and regulations.

Overcome indentured servitude issues

This means the staff are in reality don't voluntary to work with the Apples Company. They pressure to work with this company due to their already pay plenty of recruitment for those sub company, cause them waste materials of money and involuntary to work with the organization.

Apples Company should take this issue seriously. Employees who is involuntary to work, is way better to leave the company. If not, in the foreseeable future that they had created many of issues. The most recent issues of Apples Company are staff get to suicide. This may shows that they can be actually unsatisfied and reluctant to work with the company.

Apples company should meet every of personnel and present them a chance to give out their tone. Besides that, human resources should use an moral ways to hire the correct employees. Folks have the right to choose which company they would prefer to work. Apples company should treat good every of employees and providing them with encouragement to increase their confident.


Apples Company had created lot of issues that can really have an effect on the stakeholders. These issues not only impact them but also reach impact their own business. It is essential to make use of these theories to estimate and measure the company. Besides that, theories also can learn how the company effects the stakeholders. After evaluation these issues, I had been noted that every of the Apples Company are greatly follow the legal laws and regulations. There have several ways to overcomes these issues. Although they have ways to solve the issue, but before that offered tons of problem for each sides of individuals. Apples Company must receive the right charges from government rules and also forfeiture of protection under the law with temporarily halts the business enterprise.

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