The issues of Organizational Action Problems

Organizational patterns is the topic which we are going to discuss in the approaching topics. There are various leaders that have given their ideas before which are adopted till now and right now there is some adjustment in those ideas and invention of new ideas are also being noticed. You can find coverage of two agencies that happen to be business firms and military businesses and their types of relationships are mentioned with the market sector and political sector. A proper environment is also needed for nourishment of a business in which five types of environment are talked about which are inexpensive, political, ethnical, competitive and scientific in which best environment in line with the study was inexpensive sector. There are a few interior characteristics or characteristics in every corporation which are by means of objectives, processes, structure and behavior in which objective is known as the purpose of the business, whereas structure includes overall management of growth of corporation, process justify that what method should be implemented to organize a business and finally behavior of staff towards their company and commitment towards the business.


In the existing era there is a progress of civilization and world of business is forming. Many of our history market leaders mainly focus on the importance of business and the leader of today understands factor affecting the business. Now what does one mean by firm? An organization is a collection of people which may have been brought along to work on an objective or for a few purpose. FOR INSTANCE an air pressure of an country provides defense because of its people and its own resources as well as provide occupation for the pilots and other people attached with the push. A few of our experts have given statement regarding firm at various places. If we talk about Organization and its environment, then we must say that corporation is completely autonomous and independent from their environment like business firm draws its nourishment from environment but not reliant on it. Likewise the military business draws its earnings from government. In our discussion, the role of environment will be limited to only five most important sectors that are economic, cultural, politics, competitive and scientific, other areas are also added but we have not mentioned it. To deal with all these industries means an organization must have to work inside a structure and conditions. Business organization mainly focus on making income so they offer with all the current sectors. The cultural sector can determine the attitudes of employee towards their work and services and the regular change in ethnical ideals may change the methods being applied. An organization also makes contact with the politics sector in which government may apply any legislations to control them or create hindrance in the practice of the organization. There is involvement of specialized sector in which some business firms depends on technical advanced subcontractors to aid in the problems that are being faced with the business. In above all discussed industries, the sector which has most deeply affect business company is financial sector. Now discussing the military services sector and its own environment where they do not interact with each other, they are much more involved with politics sector. In last analysis; military companies are more dependent upon taking its profits from political sector rather than business organization which confirms support from marketplace. The condition which business companies have to handle similarly military firms also faces which could be like inflation or any economic sector problem. Both military firm and business organization have roughly similar connections with the technical and ethnical sector. While many corporation maintains peaceful and supportive environment but mainly it isn't the situation but to keep relative harmony, an organization must behave and discover its environment. There are some internal traits or characteristics atlanta divorce attorneys organization in which few are generally discovered that is objectives, structure, processes and behavior. Firstly if we discuss the object it could be define as the goal of an organization that they work hard to accomplish it. Main objective of large business are distributed into smaller organization for subordinate corporation. If there is change in demand of the individuals which is referred as environment there should be change in purpose. There's a difference between determining the objective in which commercial companies has little different manner and armed service agency which signifies a desired tranquility with the surroundings. If we are speaking about the concept of targets then there are two other things to consider which are introduced. First, targets can and do change. Subsequently, an objective place by a business is not necessarily subscribed by its users. The objective isn't only the necessity for harmonious connection but also provide as a guide to internal patterns. Another characteristic is structure, which can be explain by an example of an organization which keeps growing faster in which a task is directed at a person and it becomes hectic for an individual so other person is chosen and the task is divided in two parts. The larger the organization, the more specialized and organized it will be. There are some difficulty which we face in composition which is inflexibility, parochialism is another problem which packages in and create dysfunctional turmoil in an business. Now behavior within an organization is noticed through its people employed in which is neither totally good nor totally bad, these are combination of both. Generally in most group there are large numbers of employee which will work on various duties which exert invasive influence on that organization. Another essential point about the tendencies of a business would be that the employees should be self-serving. They make their good tendencies not necessarily to achieve the goals of company but rather to meet their personal needs. In summary all the features are interdependent factors and overlapping in the broader organizational system. All of the characteristics influence the organizational action and they provide smart manger with important basis for understanding the business.



The overview of this article written above has mentioned organizational action of two organizations where business firms is there and on other part there's a military agency was there. There were comparisons between both the firms and agency with respect to political and economic sector where they are related to each other. There is a dependence on environment in the business that is support that they needs like business firm needs support of market and military firm needs support of the politics sector because of their funding and in addition there are five types of environment which is reviewed in which all the sectors are covered and all the things are agreeable. There are some internal characteristics that I agree with the fact the most which can be objectives, process, structure and behavior. The matter which is written in the characteristics of firm is all related to the organizational behavior in which description of each point is done in respectful manner. There's a common feature of both agencies which can be business and armed service are discussed in which all the tips are written which makes us consent to accept the article. There's a concept of action which was considered into highlight was bit appreciable and in which behavior of varied types of employees was done based on their reaction. There is inclusion of varied ideas and ideas produced by the very best leaders of the past which is most agreeable.


In spite of offering our best there are some loop openings which remains in the organization, so the items with which we must disagree are that we now have only two companies taken for example. Whole article was predicated on these two firms by which organizational tendencies was concluded. There must be proper defining of every topic which was not done in this article, they were the few places where the article lacks in and that ought to be improved. There are many points missing in the article that ought to be discussed with regards to the organizational behavior. The lack of examples was evidently being seen in the article where only two instances were given focus on.

Relation with the project-

The business which is carried out is Pepsi Co. which has been related with the organizational behavior. The company has been ruling in various drinks from earlier few ages and running efficiently with the engagement of totally satisfied customers and employees as well. They need a support from market and political sector both to work through their policies. There is involvement of internal characteristic in this company which we have talked about in above subject areas, they form an objective or set up a goal which is attainable and tries to create such an environment which makes it achievable even if it is not expected through various procedures or methods applied. The tendencies of employees is defined based on the human resource managers which keeps them tight and appraisal at that time when needed.


So concerning conclude there are various tools for arranging an organization or organization where environment takes on an important role in making relation with the marketplace places or in political sector. There are five types of environment necessary for the working of organization where monetary sector is the best to work in. Both companies should treat similarly with both sectors, that has been political side and with market area. There is certainly some or the characteristics in the organizations which have been reviewed under four matters that happen to be objective, process, structure and behavior.

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