The Marketing Strategies Of Commercial Organizations Business Essay

Man is a communal creature dwelling within the confines of a cultural set up and getting together with the other participants of the extremely same interpersonal set-up to be able to satisfy his needs whether it is basic or elsewhere. Every activity completed in society functions a certain need in trade of an advantage in kind or economic terms which is the universally accepted setting of exchange thus creating trade and marketing activities. With progress and progression the comprehension of market and marketing has assumed new sizing and personality. Marketing activities and several strategies related to maybe it's perfectly bifurcated into Commercial Marketing and Public Marketing.

Commercial Marketing has been around existence since time immemorial. The process was initially totally understood as supplying a service or product with intent to generate and maximize income. Previously, the commercial world lacked strong competition and hence the market being a vendors' market finished up being monopolistic and exploitative to a huge extent in monetary terms and often. The marketing strategies adopted earlier were minimalistic as extensive marketing strategies weren't required mainly because a ready market been around for each and every product produced. But with the advent of consumerism and high competition, each and every commercial organization belonging either to a product or service industry requires to constantly strategies not only grow but even to just stay afloat failing which there would be inevitable closure resulting in consequential financial loss.

Social Marketing, as a thought and practice has arisen within the last few years when it was realized by economists and business analysts that the same guidelines of marketing used in commercial marketing could be implemented to market an idea and influence behaviour and behavior. Maybe it's clearly comprehended to be different from other areas of marketing with regards to the aims and targets of the businessperson and his / her business organization. The goal of communal marketing is to make an impact on social action pattern rather than generate profits for the marketer but to be good for the society most importantly. Social Marketing can be an extremely beneficial tool in health programs and catastrophe management.

Social Marketing creates a balance in modern culture where commercial marketing has become extremely competitive and sometimes it is complementary to one another. One can also infer that both these types of marketing co-exist and rely on each for their existence and working.

This essay has been penned down with the objective to analyze the marketing strategies adopted by revenue making commercial group and non-profit making philanthropic company and draw a line of demarcation in the techniques adopted and purpose. On the basis of my research and research, I would like present the fact that the existing business environment reveals opposition and pressure in various forms and create hindrances and at the same time opportunities for expansion and development.

The Hilton Hotel in the U. K. and the Malignancy Research U. K. for commercial and sociable marketing would be my subject matter of research and analysis.

Commercial Marketing:

The Hilton Hotel, U. K. has thoroughly used an eco-friendly strategy towards their commercial marketing activities. The Hilton Hotel states that it has an ultimate plan of building itself as the first choice in the hotel industry by implemented extensive environmental programs. The hotel requires pride in saying so it has devote relentless attempts toward sustainability of the surroundings and is firmly determined towards this ideology.

Their insurance policy lays emphasis on the following important issues

Water efficiency.

Energy efficiency.

Waste reduction.


In the year 2006, the Hilton Hotel commence the We Attention Program under which all the hotels the world over were delivered a "green field" formulated with information and training material regarding implementing an eco-friendly strategy.

This We Car Program resulted in a boost in sales and the Hilton Hotel had become named a Hotel industry with extreme environmental concerns. This commercial marketing strategy of the Hotel that was on environmental conservation lines became extremely successful.

The Marketing P's of Hilton Hotel:


Here the product is something provided by this hotel industry. The service is a lavish stay which state consumption of eco-friendly products and services. After multiple catastrophes like the tsunami, Katrina etc. the world populace to a good degree has become aware about the need to be eco-friendly and utilize eco-friendly products and services. The Hilton Hotel, with the commencement of the We Care and attention Program has established the actual fact that their services help in preserving the surroundings and by utilizing the services they provide, the patrons to become a part of the eco-friendly initiative. This is an exceptionally well thought of and devised commercial online marketing strategy.


The costs strategy implemented by Hilton is competitive and has had substantial upsurge in revenues because of the we health care programs. The Hotel has reached a posture where it can establish prices even though you can find severe competition in the hotel industry. That is primarily because they are pioneers in commencing eco-friendly activities and services in this sector.


The place where in fact the Hilton Hotel can be found in the U. K. is amid greenery and strategically is likely to promote eco-friendly ideas.


To exemplify a promotional strategy used by the Hilton in its commercial marketing strategy, they offered bicycles as awards in annual competitions held. These awards were awarded to clubs which showed visible reduction in drinking water and power ingestion. Several such competitions are held by the hotel for friends too to encourage them to save energy and resources. These works as a motivating factor for folks to use the services of the Hilton Hotel while on vacation as they feel that they too are an integral part of an important eco-friendly program and may win prizes for their initiative and contribution.

The problem posed for the Hilton Hotel, U. K. is that the competitors have also implemented the eco-friendly strategy in order to increase their revenue and therefore their segment that was initially untouched has now been flooded with competition.

The Hilton Hotel, U. K. is enormously influenced when global issues such as tough economy, terrorism etc attack. The hotel industry thrives on travel and leisure. Tourism is afflicted with any occurrence related to serves of terrorism in virtually any area of the world. Such works bring about security being high and extreme rules and regulations implemented regarding stepping into the U. K. which proves to be a deterrent in decisions created by people to continue holidays.

Similarly, when natural calamities like tsunami or earthquakes attacks in any part of the world, heavy finance elevating activities commence globally which demoralize people from going on trips and motivate those to donate the money instead. This ends in loss of funds and subsequent decrease of business.

Social Marketing:

The Cancers Research U. K. was contained in the year 2002 and is actually a leading organization in neuro-scientific cancer research. Tumor Research U. K. money its activities of research completely through donations received worldwide. A lot more than 4, 500 doctors, nurses and researchers are actively involved in the research activities of Cancers Research U. K.

The Cancer tumor Research U. K. is the first choice in developing novel anti-cancer treatments. This proven fact is the main aspect of Tumors Research U. K. 's communal marketing strategy.

Cancer Research U. K. has a continuous and large need of funds in order to keep it research and treatment activities. Marketing to a higher degree is necessary. The fact that Cancers Research U. K. is a internationally founded social business working towards resolving the global issues of tumor makes it a little easier to perform marketing activities.


The Cancers Research U. K. offers to conduct world-class research activities to improve the comprehension of the condition and to identify measures to prevent, diagnose and offer treatment for different sorts of cancer. Its further state governments all its conclusions are implemented to effect a result of improvement in the lives of the patients. The services include assisting, counselling patients about the diseases and choices available to them. It is designed in working in collaboration with like minded individuals and organizations.


The Tumors Research U. K. is a charity business which relies solely on money for research and treatment. It organizes several finance raising campaigns and appeals to around the world for specific and group participation. The very fact that Cancer Research U. K. has succeeded in saving the lives of millions of cancer damaged patients around the world acts as a public online marketing strategy in bringing up the much required money.


The fund boosting activity of Cancer Research U. K. isn't only confined to the U. K. but is a movement which has gained worldwide momentum. The electronic digital medium is used intensively and with age the internet the experience of fundraising and understanding has multiplied several million collapse and hence place as an aspect of Cancers Research U. K. 's marketing strategy has diversified in the physical and non-physical arena.


Cancer Research U. K. state governments that one of each three individuals is susceptible to cancerous diseases at some point of time or the other in their life-time. This fact acts among the promotional propaganda tools in accelerating the programs of consciousness and fundraising activities. All the activities of Tumor Research U. K. are published periodically through journals and medical journals which make the potential donors alert to the activities and progress of Cancers Research U. K. Besides this Cancer tumor Research U. K. has received worldwide acknowledgement for its activities towards cancers elimination and treatment. Since Cancers Research U. K. is a reason related corporation, it received advertising in the form of publicity through the tv screen, radio and printing media. Since publicity is a non-paid form of advertising campaign it has more credibility and authenticity and assist in the fundraising activities.

The challenges encountered by Malignancy Research U. K. is the actual fact that lots of devious companies have incorporated themselves into cause related organizations with intention to monetarily exploit the general population utilizing individual causes as their technique for raising cash. When in market, there are genuine and fraudulent organizations procedure in parallel co-existence wanting to generate money from the same source which is society, it become problematic for a layman to make a differentiation between your genuine one and the fraudulent one. Worries to be cheated makes a potential donor change his decision regarding donating money and negative effect of this tendency comes on righteous establishments like Cancers Research U. K. and folks under its treatment.

Scandalous coverage of such in genuine establishments proves detrimental and discouraging to the donor. Another obstacle which causes a drop in sociable marketing activities of Tumor Research U. K. sometimes is global problems such as monetary recession, conflict and natural calamities. When such situations come up the fund nurturing activities of Tumor Research U. K. are greatly affected and therefore research activities and money of treatment of listed patients at Cancers Research U. K. starts declining as the institution sole is determined by charity. In such situations the donor re-divert the funds to support patients of natural or unnatural calamities resulting in decline in donations of the Cancer Research U. K.

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