The need for job design

Q N. 1>Explain the importance of job design. Can job design improve work performance and motivation of staff? Describe Hotel Paradise approach towards human source of information management in conditions of job design.


Organization is said to be the effectiveness of any business. The business functions and produces better when the components in the firms are more organised and efficient. Job design principle has been found to happen with the swift technological progress when mass production and assembly line operations emerged.

Job design is aimed at minimizing job dissatisfaction and worker alienation because of recurring and mechanistic jobs. Organizations try to increase output levels, satisfaction and drive to employees through job design.

Various tools used in job design practice may be job enlargement, jo b enrichment, job rotation and job simplification.

The procedure for job design has been defined as -Specs of the items, ways and

relationships of jobs in order to satisfy technological and organizational requirements as well as personal requirements of the job holder. (Buchanan, 1979)

According to Burns:A direct invasion on the percepts of the traditional way is job design whereas Taylorist custom searches to match people to barely defined and managed careers, job design theorists dispute that jobs must fit to the individuals needs.

To cope with dynamic mother nature of business, technological changes and competition on the market place, job design has been indespensable in virtually any business, two major reasons of it are

To boost personal satisfaction people derive from their work and

To make the best use of folks as a very important asset of business and help overcome hurdles with their efffective performance.

Performance and inspiration of employees in any organization remain a crucial concern. Job design is targeted at minimizing job dissatisfaction and worker alienation because of repeated and mechanistic responsibilities. Various tools found in job design practice may be job enlargement, job enrichment, job rotation and job simplification. Hence, increasing employee's drive may be accomplished through increased job satisfaction. Two-Hygiene Theory by Herzberg(1971, as cited in Dash) points out two packages of factors, satisfying and dissatisfying that have an impact on on employee's opportunity in workplace. Herzberg(1966) made a crucial difference between these factors in which a person will not move in a continuous series from being satisfied to becoming dissatisfied or vice versa. To conquer the dehumanised aspect of medical management, Herzberg came with the different alternative approaches towards inspiration of employees as job enlargement, job rotation, job enrichment and work simplification.

Reviewing the case study of Hotel Heaven, it has been seen that management is unable to keep employees alert to their tasks, it seems not immuned to the external business environment, technological improvement that has led more annoyance and demotivation with their staffs.

Hence, job design seeks to enhance the performance and determination of employee in an organization. Analysis of job design starts with proper browsing at job with wide perspective and goes towards figuring out specific activities necessary to get the job done with the purpose of identifying and correcting any deficiencies which have an effect on employee's performance and inspiration.

QN. 2>Explain how management should tackle recruitment process to get and sustain their worker for organizational success of Hotel Paradise. Critically evaluate the importance of hard and smooth skill the hotel management should take into consideration.


The process of attracting individuals over a timely basis, in sufficient volumes and with appropriate skills and encouraging them to apply for jobs with a business is known as recruitment.

Management always think to retain their worker with proper hard and soft skill inside the business. So, attention should get at the recruitment process to take action. The process requires group of steps, major steps it employs are

Job evaluation :means process used to accumulate information about tasks, duties, responsibilities, required skills of a specific job which has close connect to job description:a set of general responsibilities and tasks of a position and job specification:a affirmation of employee characteristics and certification necessary to perform the job.

Next, check the recruiting whether employees have right attitude, other personal characteristics, team work ability, cultural fitness. For this, internal or/and external sources can be searched for.

Another step is selection, evaluation and hiring, that different factors to be studied in considerationn are: evidence of job certification, interview, assesment etc.

Finally, se lection decision can be carried out by the business and job can be offered.

So way the case of Hotel Paradise is taken, management is not found to consider recruitment process in proper way. It seems there is lack of team work among employee, lack of awareness of their skills, lack of work life balance. Management is trying to look at new competitive strategy but not being able to make the worker cope the problem. It seems there may be lack of cultural fit to the employees.

Hence, it can be concluded from the above analysis that, if management wishes to draw in and sustain its worker for organizational success of Hotel Paradise, it should perform recruitment process in effective and successful way. Alongwith it, it must have the ability to know well about hard and very soft skill of employee to cope them better in firm culture, changing business environment, technological progression etc.

Q N. 3>To what level Hotel Paradise has applied work life balance approach at work spot to reduce employees work stress?Critically evaluate its importance at this work place and suggest corrective strategy and relate to its impact on performance and wellness.


Work life balance is defined as the equilibrium between the amount of commitment person devotes at work and other aspect of life.

It is vital to sustain employees within the organization. Many organizations as BT, Vodafone, British isles gas etc have practised it in their organizations in effective manner. BT first released homeworking in early on 80s which developed an approach of anytime, anywhere working which allows employees to control hours and location of the working days.

As the task life balance strategy at work place of Hotel Paradise to reduce employees work stress can be involved, it isn't found to maintain practice. Employees have pressure on the conclusion of high standard cleanliness within deadline that lead to the frustation, absenteeism and turnover.

Work life balance is important at the job destination to increase high efficiency and competitiveness, increase versatility and customer services, desire, commitment and proposal, reduce absenteeism etc. which in move helps to retain the employees inside the organization.

Hotel Heaven can practise different strategies as in your free time work, good care leave, career break in the action, work from home, job posting, job rotation etc to set-up work life balance of its employees. If these strategies are taken in practice, it'll reduce- negative effect on employee's health, negative impact on marriage and negative impact on job performance that would happen due to insufficient work life balance.

Hence, work life balance plays a great role in virtually any organization to wthhold the employees that causes increase high output, raised morale, determination, dedication, reduced absenteeism alongwith good impact on health, good relationship and good job performance. These methods should be performed by Hotel Heaven to reduce employee stress by implementing the approaches brought up in the previous paragraph.

Q N. 4>What are the key power and weakness of Hotel Heaven HR way related to ethnic create, training development?Provide a reasonable procedure of the management towards employees to fit in organizational create.


Culture is a term that can be defined as designed pattern of individuals knowledge, values, behavior, goals, belief, frame of mind and tactics that characterizes a business or group.

Organization culture is 'how things are done around here' i. e firm. (Mullins, 2005in OBp 891)

Organization culture is "the collection of traditions, values, policies, beliefs and behaviour that constitute a pervasive framework for everything we do and think within an company" (Mclean and Marshall, 1993 in OB p891)

Reviewing the case study of Hotel heaven, it can be seen as its strength that the management has approached skill development program where all supervisors and chamber maids are prompted in NVQ training program, has organized to provide food working, has taken people as important property of company.

As weakness it could be found that there is lack of job design, job evaluation, which clearly lacks job explanation and job specification, it appears to be insufficient work life balance, pressure on employee at work, insufficient teamworking, job showing etc.

Some reasonable strategies of the management towards employees to fit in organizational cultural create may be prioritising organizational culture during recruitment of employee, well job design, maintaining work life balance which ultimately brings about develop following characteristics in the worker as: performance, quality, competence, customer services, compititiveness, teamwork, , innovation etc.

Hence organizational culture is very important to employees to squeeze in any company which if not used awareness may lack common cooperation among worker, team working among personnel that subsequently leads the business away from attaining its goals, same is the truth for Hotel Paradise too.

Q N. 5>Identify the grievance concern at Hotel Paradise. Describe the guidelines of grievance techniques at Hotel Heaven.


Grievance is a problem that is formally shown to a management representative or even to a union standard.

Grievances may occur at any levels and the organizational procedures apply to everyone for management and worker. Grievance can include:conditions and terms of employment, health insurance and safety, work relationships, bullying and harassment, new working techniques, working environment, organizational change etc.

Reviewing the situation of Hotel Heaven, dissatisfaction is found in the employee specially anticipated to more presssure of work distributed by supervisor at the job place. The real reason for is found to be poor working of hoover but it has been claimed to worker by supervisor anticipated to mishandling of hoover by employee. The problem of employee is available to be neglected or unlistened by the management. Mr Gill, a management member is available to interviewing employees to comprehend problem in depth and dissatisfaction of employees to the supervisor. Porters are arguing as they are given unexpected process and asked to transport it on sudden time.

Grievances are uncommon since few employees will question their superior's judgement. The key features or tactics of grievance methods are fairness, facilities for representation, procedural steps and promptness.

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