The Operation Of Port Philip Pharmaceuticals Business Essay

Culture of Modern culture is the difference in values, traditions, values shared within an organization of men and women usually of the same region that distinguishes it from the other group.

It is the way of life implemented with a certain group of folks of a specific society at a particular time and place. A occurrence of inheritance unconsciously acquired by a person who is born within that group through the process of socialization.

It provides the beliefs, behaviors, objects, and other characteristics common to the users of a specific group or culture. Through culture, people and categories define themselves, comply with society's shared worth, and donate to society. Thus, culture includes many societal aspects: language, customs, ideals, norms, mores, guidelines, tools, technologies, products, organizations, and establishments. http://www. cliffsnotes. com/study_guide/Culture-and-Society-Defined. topicArticleId-26957, articleId-26848. html

International Managers should know about the difference in culture of all of their fellow workers to truly have a harmonious relationship and use different approaches when handlings situations.

In our group assignments, most of us have different point of views as it pertains to how we should present the project and how to come up with the best proven fact that will advantage the group, the positive area is we could writing all our different activities from our own countries which is good because we realize than we can learn from each others activities. We are getting the data about their culture and they're learning from ours.

On the other hand, because we have difference in culture and ways of understanding situations, conflicts within the group arises credited to different point of view and approach.

Question 2

Critically determine the types of operational conflicts that may occur in an international framework because of distinctions in attitudes towards time, change, material factors, and individualism. Give relative to specific countries.

Different countries have different frame of mind towards time, there are people who are very sensitive and very particular as it pertains to time, but there are some who are not putting a lot of attention to it. It is always better to be punctual to produce a good impression and give you time to ready for any demonstration before the assembly or appointment. The Americans values their time a great deal, they come in their consultations or meetings ahead of the decided time. They try to finish there designated task promptly to prevent any delay on the operation. The Spanish on the other side, have no sense of energy and has a "manana" behavior, where in if indeed they need to do something today, they opt to undertake it later. Due to the delay, they finish up not doing it, triggering the delay in the functions.

When it comes to attitude towards change, American culture consider change as positive business opportunity, for them constant innovation is good and can make the business bigger and better, while, the Muslims are not open to change, credited to influence on the gender role and spiritual practices. There are a few restrictions in their culture and gender has major role in their culture, like they have got high regards for his or her women, plus some women are not allowed to work.

Western countries are reported to be materialistic in culture, they don't worry much about their natural resources, for them these resources should be used up to the utmost to progress and also to be on top. Like their lands should be filled up with high rise properties and whatever in that land that may be convert into business like mountains with gold should be gathered, trees should be choose documents, furniture or plank for their houses, same goes with the ocean and land resources. While the Asian culture have quality value for his or her natural resources, whenever you can they would maintain it for future years generation, they think of what will happen in the future and the effects of too much exploitation with their natural resources.

Individualism is a major conflict in the procedure, Individualistic folks have high regards on their expertise, knowledge and skills, they want to do things independently, they can be comfortable in doing their jobs alone, they can be better off working exclusively than employed in groups, Individual achievement is highly appreciated. They maintain loose public culture and are 3rd party, they have initiative and they're hungry for achievements. The very best example is the Australian culture. Additionally collectivist culture prices the entire good of the group, they are very faithful to the group plus they submit their specific passions for the advantage of their group, they are more concern on attaining their group goal than their own individual goal and look after the interest of the group, like the Filipino culture.

Hill, Charles W. L. International business: fighting in the global current market: postscript 2001/ Charles W. L. Hill. -3rd ed. P. cm. NY 2001

Question 3

Jo Barnes and Monsieur Hulot are both professionals of Slot Philip Pharmaceuticals are based in two different countries. Jo Barnes can be an Australian International supervisor who oversees the procedure in France under the management of Monsieur Hulot, a French national. Describe how each one of these managers offer separately with the management concern that is affecting the operation of Slot Philip Pharmaceuticals


Jo Barnes is the International supervisor of Slot Philip Pharmaceuticals, an Australian company with firms worldwide. She communicates with the other local professionals through email. Being an Australian, she is familiar about how the company desired things to happen, the way the higher management decides and resolves issues. She actually is an individualistic type of Manager who loves to do things on her own and needed the other local managers to check out her recommendations and ideas about how to handle things predicated on the company plans and procedures.

When Jo Barnes visited France to assist them how to resolve the issue of too-short life of one of P3's painkillers, she was anticipating that Monsieur Hulot and his staff would be impressed with her knowledge, skills and position in the business, being the director of international businesses. She has an attitude of being superior. She also needs that all the staffs would learn how to speak English, the universal dialect. Though she went to a lecture on French culture before going on the trip, she doesn't want to embrace it whatsoever. She didn't learn any simple French words to start a talk.

When she recognized that her French acquaintances would not allow or even pay attention to her recommendations because they think that her qualifications are inadequate, because her French fellow workers have high thoughts of themselves and their professional knowledge, she made a decision to use another strategy, this time she congratulated every person on its fine reputation and mentioned all the good things about French people, how they are focused on their work, how creative and impressive they are, and exactly how proud everybody in Brisbane was of its ' French connection'. Delighted with the words that she used, her People from france colleague began to contribute their ideas on resolving the situation on the painkillers too-short life.

She gained the respect of her French colleague and at the same time she now have high relation of respect for these people especially in their dedication to their areas of responsibility, their theoretical approach to problem solving and for his or her pride in their work. She found that culture performs an important role and one factor to consider particularly if International business is engaged.

On the other hand, Monsieur Hulot, the French Manager who's always in contact with Jo Barnes through e-mail, has a great deal of trouble in balance mattress sheets, emails and in general of all things Australian. He always has questions or issues in the research and development of new products. Being French, he has a strong regard for the honor of the group and very outspoken on whatever he think or feel when it comes to other people whether it is on the positive or on the negative side.

He wanted Jo Barnes to visit their office to help them and discuss their issues on the too short-life of one of these painkillers. However when Jo Barnes arrived, he cared for him very coldly and unsympathetically. He desires Jo Barnes to speak their words and also have a display in French. Delighted with the good things that Jo Barnes experienced told them, He began to open up and admit all her recommendations and his bad notions up against the Australians were replaced with appreciation and respect specifically for Jo Barnes.

One of the obstacles of International business in several countries are the different forces of the international environment that effects the role of management of any multinational group. Evaluate the international forces that has affected Port Philip Pharmaceuticals in their operation and its own management in France?

The difference in culture and words of Australia and France made a great impact in the functions of Dock Philips Pharmaceuticals in France. Australians are regarded as individualistic, independent, initiative, plus they can do things independently. Alternatively, the French feels in unity of route, unity of control, teamwork, assistance and strong regard for the honor of the group.

In the International business, the head office and the number countries should both adopt and know the culture of each other to truly have a harmonious marriage. Each country should modify to the requirements and needs of both the head office and the coordinator country, to allow them to function well and to connect well.

Language Hurdle is usually the start of arising issues in the international businesses. They have different understanding on this is of words or techniques. They are facing challenges in communicating of their multinational business. For Slot Philip, this is one of the reasons why Monsieur Hulot locates it difficult to follow the functions and requirements of the Headquarters in Australia. He has different understanding when it comes to balance sheet, because they have different way of delivering it. However the Australian Headquarter needed a written report that will be the same on how they are doing it in their country. And their way of communication which is usually through email is also one of the factors why they are experiencing a great deal of misunderstanding, it is simple to understand the idea if you are talking to the person individually than simply writing email messages.

A multinational company like Slot Philip Pharmaceuticals deals with many constituent. Measure the management procedure of Jo Barnes in interacting her constituents in Philippines and France.

Jo Barnes used some other approach because of their constituents in the Philippines and in France. Inside the Philippines, knowing that the Filipinos will be more of the energy distance they favor partnership, they accept status dissimilarities and are anticipated showing proper respect with their superiors, Jo Barnes was well accepted and accommodated in the Philippines. They listened to her suggestions, opinions and instructions very carefully, though she is doubtful that they will implement most of her proposals. Vocabulary was not a concern, because most of the Filipino talks and understands English perfectly.

When she went to France, she desires to be treated the same manner but it was the other way around and most of them cannot speak English. Her first procedure was unsuccessful due to the way she handles things as an individualistic type of person. She recognized that she'll never end her assignment promptly if she'll not change her approach towards her French acquaintances, just what exactly she did was to speak well of them and commend all the good things that they does for the company. Realizing that the French people are definitely more of the collectivist and high vitality distance people, where in they are incredibly loyal to their group and once they have choices for status dissimilarities and dangers those at lower level with dignity. They appreciate being praised for their ability, knowledge and skills. After her good talk, her colleagues started to talk and brainstorm for ideas, they are really cooperating well with Jo Barnes, and allowed her to do trainings. They are actually open to learn and listened to her suggestions. She could earn their trust and esteem.

Question 4

Today, international businesspeople must think internationally about development and sales opportunities. Many global professionals will eventually end up living and working in cultures altogether different from their own. Many entrepreneurs will see themselves booking plane tickets to place that they had never heard of. What do you consider companies can do now to get ready their managers for these new market segments? What can entrepreneurs and small businesses with limited resources do?

Companies should coach and create a solid socialization process for their managers for them to act globally and practice globalism. They must be able to accept and adjust to different ethnicities, their prices, perceptions, values and language, to allow them to connect and exchange information. Knowing their organizational culture will help them on how to do the business, what kind of services or goods to provide that will generate value and acceptance. They should also be aware of the Political dimension, which regulates the romantic relationships among nations. What are the dos and don'ts in each country, how their government works, tariffs, their environment and political issues.

The Managers should improve their knowledge and constantly alter their organizational tendencies to become an important part of successful business formula in order to react to the challenges helped bring by the global market.

The companies should always motivate their managers by dealing with them as possessions of the business through proper training, benefits like health, analysis appraisal, and appropriate salary.

What the internet marketers and smaller businesses with limited resources do is give attention to providing the highest quality service or product and know their marketplace. They should also practice globalism. Learn and show from various countries to be able to adopt new elements in their operation to be more flexible and adopt new market trends.

Small businesses should also think of how to increase their company by strategically planning their future expansion in the global market. Steady inventions in the service and products are essential, to allow them to compete and increase in the global market. They should also use home based business approach and own a strong will for organizational changes and adaptation in the global market demands.

Question 5

What will be the claims of these who say globalization eliminates careers, lower wages and exploit employees?

They say that globalization eliminates jobs in developed countries because the international big creation companies move or relocate their creation or creation of goods to countries where labor cost are lower than their own country. The finished products are then moved back again to them and sold on high prices like Ralph Lauren and Nike products. Personnel are let go and job opportunities are eradicated. International Outsourcing of creation and services exploits staff from growing countries because they are offered the lower wage set alongside the minimum wage in their own countries. The Contact Middle of DELL in the Philippines for example pays off only 1 1. 98 US us dollars per hour for its contact agents, if they opt to move it back again to the US, they will have to pay 8. 00 US us dollars per hour. They can be conserving us much as $6. 00 each hour per agent.

Question 6

One strategy Yahoo could use to cope with the Chinese Administration is to allow its local jv partner, Beijing Founder Gadgets, to deal with the government. What are the huge benefits and risks to do so?

The Great things about using their joint venture partner Beijing Founder Electronics, is that they can now easily permeate the market of China and reach the prospective audience when in terms of traffic, advertising, household and business users. These were able to gain access to technologies, patented procedures and gain access to the syndication network of Beijing Founder Gadgets, which is known as a leading Information technology company in China and their research and development centre is the world's largest research bottom for the Chinese publishing system. They will also avoid import obstacles, licensing requirements and other protectionist legislation. Addititionally there is sharing of risk and cost.

The risk includes distinctions in national ethnicities, problems with integrations of different structures and systems, syndication of vitality and conflicts in accordance with decision and control. There are also Authorities issues like levels of taxation and how much profit would go to each party. They will be dealing with polices on how many percent can they own, labor union rules, hiring and minimum wage, patent and copyright safety.

How does indeed a tactical alliance differ from a jv? Explain the pluses and minuses of such alliance.

The term Tactical alliance can be used in the government viewpoint. It is a form of collaboration between several companies that can take on many varieties such as

Transfer of technology - knowledge on the technology or the business who's more move forward will discuss its information system to the company that requires development.

Purchasing and syndication agreements- the other company will be the one in-charge in the purchasing of recycleables and the distribution of the ultimate product.

Marketing and promotional collaboration - the other company will be in-charge of the marketing and promotional of the final product in their country but the distribution and development of the product will be achieved by the other company.

Joint product development - a put together contribution of the firms in creating a certain product only. The others will do circulation and marketing.

The term joint venture is used in the business perspective which involves a possibly long-term investment of cash, facilities and resources by several companies to a put together business, which benefits all the firms. All included will have collateral at stake in the new opportunity. A jv may be shaped to

Run creation facilities in another country

Establish a marketing and distribution presence

Use complementary technology kept by each participant

The advantage of having a business relationship with somebody allows companies to access each other's solutions or patented operations and usage of each circulation network. The cost and hazards will be distributed by the firms involved. Alliances serve to avoid import barriers, licensing requirements and other protectionist legislations.

The drawback of creating a joint venture or proper alliance is that it's very difficult and will take time to implement. You will discover issues in differences in national culture, difficulty in integrating the various constructions and systems, distribution of electricity and conflicts relative to decision and control. Additionally it is a new form of competition to the participating companies because the intense company will dominate the others.

Question 7

Evaluate the management strategy utilized by Brandon in order to finalise the deal of the Yokohama parts with Mr. Kamatsu and exactly how it led to success or failing of the deal.

Brandon had spent weeks negotiating with Mr. Kamatsu because he is tough in the negotiations. Brandon finally considered a common situation that can be both beneficial for them. In my own opinion, the offer did not materialize because it took Brandon lots of time to finally determine and come up with an idea to receive the agreement of Mr. Kamatsu. After thanking Brandon, he still left the meeting without expressing anything, and nothing at all was observed from him from then on. If it was a successful offer, Mr. Kamatsu would have remained and discuss it further with Brandon and get a draft of the deal.

Design a highly effective management strategy for Brandon to successfully achieve a good international dealing using their company's suppliers in Japan.

Brandon must have considered that Mr. Kamatsu is a newly appointed Japanese professional. Their earlier negotiations before will not be considered and the incentives that they are enjoying before might not be the same. He should have analyzed the situation properly and performed some SWOT research before negotiating. He can offer Mr. Kamatsu the best package by taking into mind how the new professional would decide, and exactly how each company can benefit from the deal.

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