The Operations Management and Service Concept

Before we can understand the operating structure of any company, we need to understand the importance of functions management. Procedures Management- Basically, "Procedures Management" deals with the creation of either the products/goods or service from any business. Operation management also deals with the distribution part of the organization. As the term clearly indicates, it is the management of any type of resources within an organization, this learning resource can include workers, machineries and instruments involved, raw or crude material essential for the production or creation of the goods etc.

Service idea of Howard and Bell Ltd - Before we can understand the key components of the service idea of Howard and Bell Ltd, we need to have a definite view about the service idea. Service concept can be explained as the perception will involves not only providing products or service to customers but also their qualified significance. Service theory involves a business to comprehend from the customer's perspective about the product or the service. We need to understand as to how the customer will relate to our service. When we look into the service idea of any organization we need to consider both significant factor as well as supplementary element.

The service idea of Howard and Bell Ltd is really as follows:

Fast service

Excellent quality of office and home computers

Deals with high technology tools and service

Unit of HB Firm, an American based mostly company

Consistent performance to achieve and be market leader in the business

Focus part of Operations Management in Howard and Bell Ltd

In this section we will be covering the main focus regions of the Operations Management in Howard and Bell Ltd. As we know Howard & Bell Ltd is unit of HB Firm (located in America) and handles the high technology equipment and services, hence the operations have to focus on certain areas to ensure that there mission is achieved. The main focus portion of Howard & Bell Ltd is to ensure that their business is operating in co-ordination and keeping their quest in mind.

Mission- "To be always a market head in office and home pcs"

In order to guarantee the achievement of this mission, the Functions management must focus on both the input and end result factors of the business.

The source will be combo of quality of raw material used, production process, transport process, financing etc and the output calls for only their customers.

The Second focus point will ensuring that many people are working as a team and understand the value of these business as well as their quest.

The next concentrate for businesses management will be the targets of different departments in HB Ltd and verify that each department is contributing towards the achievements of the quest.

The last concentrate for procedures management will be the validation and checking of the individual focuses on and their position with the objective of HB Ltd.

Environmental factors affecting Howard and Bell Ltd

Any business or company can get affected by environmentally friendly factors. Before we can understand the possible environmental factors that can impact HB Ltd, we will have a introduction on quite environmental factors that can have an impact on any business. Environmental factors are broadly divided into two categories:

Internal Environmental factors- As the word describes itself, these factors will be the one that start within an group. These factors have an enormous effect on the Functions Management of the organization. You will find three inside factors namely the worthiness system of the organization, Mission and aims of the organization and Financial reason and Internal marriage between departments and employees.

External Environmental factors- External factors are the factors that are existing outside the organization and frequently uncontrollable in comparison with internal factors which are almost under control. Based on different factors in external part, it includes further been divided into two types particularly Micro environmental factors and Macro Environmental factors. The Micro environmental factors comprises of the traders, suppliers, business rivals, competition and market mediators. The Macro environmental factors includes Monetary factors, public factors, Political factors and technical factors.

HB Ltd can be expected to get influenced by both Internal and External environmental factors.

The Internal factors influencing HB Ltd are

Value system of HB Ltd- In this the framework or the work culture under which all the employees are departments are anticipated to work.

Mission and targets of HB Ltd- The mission of HB Ltd is usually to be market innovator hence any action which deviates from the objective can have an enormous impact on the business.

Internal relationship between departments and employees- This is very important responsibility of the businesses management. Departments and employees needs to take note about there task and goals related to the success and mission of the HB Ltd.

The Exterior Factors influencing HB Ltd are

Suppliers- HB Ltd is highly reliant on the suppliers plus they also can have a huge impact on the development and service proposed by the business.

Business rivals- New competitors and competition can emerge in the market.

Economic Factors-These are one of the major factors that can affect HB Ltd.

Public factors- This is entirely reliant on the customers, their knowledge about the computer systems and the service they need from the business.

Political factors- Due to the politics conditions in UK, there may be issues within the business.

Task 2. Strategic Operations Management

2. 1 Functions Strategies for Howard and Bell Ltd

In order to provide service or deliver the mandatory product to the customers, every company or firm must follow certain types of procedures. These methods can be referred to as Procedures. Through these functions either the business can incur huge loss or extremely huge benefits and earnings. Irrespective of losing or gain, every business needs to develop certain strategies for the proper working of the Businesses.

According to Nigel Slack, "Operations Strategy can be explained as the complete assortment of blueprints of conclusions that help in formulating the functions of the procedures in any business on long term basis. Functions strategy plays a part in the overall mission of the company and help in achieving the organization's need by combing the needs of the business market along with the available resources of the procedures. " (Nigel Slack et al, 2002)

We need to keep in mind that the Procedures strategies have an enormous impact on the performance objectives of the organization. Listed below are a few of the Businesses strategies that may be followed by Howard and Bell Ltd:

New product and service enlargement strategy- These are the strategies that have a direct effect on the product quality and the price of the service or the product that is provided by company. (Nigel Slack et al, 2004). Through this strategy, HB Ltd can establish a new service or product related to office or house computers. They are able to try and raise the service facilities that receive to customers.

Vertical amalgamation strategy- They are the strategies that have a direct impact on the quickness, accountability and also the expense of the service or the product that is offered by company. (Nigel Slack et al, 2004). In terms of HB Ltd this plan can help not only to gain more customers but also escalates the accountability on the business.

Amenities strategy- They are the strategies which help the business to concentrate on the facilities provided by them, through this strategy HB Ltd can increase there performance and performance in conditions of swiftness, accountability, adaptability and at last the cost again. (Nigel Slack et al, 2004)

Equipment strategy- These are the strategies that assist the business to focus on the technology area of the business, HB Ltd needs to ensure that they continue to work on high technology founded equipment to increase there quality and the price of the merchandise and the service. (Nigel Slack et al, 2004)

Employees and business strategy- HB Ltd can take up this plan to increase there performance in terms of the product quality, cost and the flexibility of the employees as well as within business. (Nigel Slack et al, 2004)

Capacity regulation strategy- This strategy can be implemented by HB Ltd to increase there performance especially in the Acceleration and the price tag on the merchandise or the service provided. (Nigel Slack et al, 2004)

Dealer expansion strategy- This plan can help HB Ltd to increase there performance in conditions of depending on the website dealer and also the quality and cost of the material bought from the suppliers. (Nigel Slack et al, 2004)

Inventory or supply strategy- Through this plan, HB Ltd can focus on there swiftness and cost of the merchandise and service offered. (Nigel Slack et al, 2004)

Preparation and control systems strategy- Through this strategy HB Ltd can increase there efficiency and performance in terms of rate, accountability as well as the cost. (Nigel Slack et al, 2004)

Enhancement strategy- That is one of the most crucial strategy that HB Ltd can take up. This is the one strategy which targets Quality of the product offered, acceleration as well as the cost, Accountability and adaptability of the employees and the company. (Nigel Slack et al, 2004)

Failure preclusion and revival strategy- HB Ltd can largely get afflicted in terms of the product quality, cost and stability hence implementing this strategies can help them to solve potential hazards in future and recover from any problems situation. (Nigel Slack et al, 2004)

2. 2 Functions strategy in framework with Sales aim for improvement

In this part we will cover the Businesses strategy that is most beneficial well suited for Howard and Bell Ltd to increase the sales targets. In the earlier section we've reviewed the possible strategies that can be used by Howard and Bell Ltd and the performance areas were these strategies will be most effective. Among these strategies, the main one strategy that can certainly help in the improvement of the Sales targets in Howard and Bell Ltd would be the "New product and service enlargement strategy". (Nigel Slack et al, 2004)

This strategy is a combo of both development of new product from the company and also developing the current services provided by the business. This plan can consists of changes or changes in the offers given by HB Ltd, the products that are offered by the company, boosting the customer service currently available at HB Ltd and also the cost and quality of the product or the service offered.

Lets presume that currently the Sales team at HB Ltd struggles to reach the goals, then the company can try to put into action first the service development strategy, that may give attention to the service provided by the company to increase the experience of the customers with the attained service from company. Through this the company will not only hold on to there current customers but also catch the attention of new customer towards there product or the service. Once this plan is increasing the sales performance, HB Ltd can use the New product development strategy. This strategy necessarily does not have to give attention to development of a complete new product but it will mainly give attention to increasing the product quality and the expense of the current product. These factors can anytime change an old product into something that each customer is looking out on the market. Through this strategy, HB Ltd can give attention to involving new variables as the product has been developed, they can transform the presentation and branding of the merchandise on the market and take up a marketing plan for the product. This may definitely have an enormous impact of the sales targets.

2. 3 Need for businesses management in Decision making

Task 3. Business of Businesses Process

3. 1 Key factors in Howard and Bell Ltd designing of products or services

Howard and Bell Ltd making of products and service is completely together with their mission of being market leaders in office and home computer service. When it comes to developing of HB products or services, there are some key factors that should be considered by the business to ensure that the result is excellent as per the standards. By the end of the day, every company wants to ensure that not only their business should bloom but also their customers should be happy with the product or the service that was wanted to them.

In this section we are highlighting the main element factors that HB Ltd needs to consider while designing HB products or service. The main element factors are as follows:

Cost or the price- This factor contain the price of the raw materials that'll be utilizes and the workforce that'll be involved. This can also determine the price the customers must pay for the product down the road. (V. Ryan, 2000-2005)

Target portion and their requirements- As HB Ltd work on office and home computers they need to ensure that their products have every specs that is required by this portion. (V. Ryan, 2000-2005)

Raw materials- HB Ltd needs to ensure that the raw materials utilized add to the last quality of the developing of the product or service. They have to ensure that they have enough stock of the organic material while designing HB products. (V. Ryan, 2000-2005)

Designing approach- The kind of product designing technique which will be utilized for the product development will help HB Ltd to ensure that their final product is excellent. (V. Ryan, 2000-2005)

Reputation of the company- As HB Ltd is a device of HB Company, they have to ensure that each product that is design increases the reputation of the company. They are recognized for high technology based mostly machines and services. (V. Ryan, 2000-2005)

Different civilizations- HB Ltd needs to consider the fact that individuals or the customers will be from different ethnic backgrounds and countries, Hence they need to design product which will be accepted throughout different civilizations. (V. Ryan, 2000-2005)

Visuals- HB Ltd must ensure that they not only make there product stylish but also keep the technological hidden in the panel of the merchandise or service. (V. Ryan, 2000-2005)

Model and functions of the product- In the recent times, the purchasers have grown to be very fashion affected in conditions of the model and functions that are offered in any service or product. HB Ltd will need to ensure that there products are update up to now as per the existing market. (V. Ryan, 2000-2005)

Environmental factor- Today customers and world are incredibly cautious about the merchandise or service they use to ensure that they are not creating any injury to the environment. Hence HB should design their products rendering it more environment friendly. Try and utilize around materials that can be recycled or develop product from the recycled materials. (V. Ryan, 2000-2005)

3. 2 Howard and Bell Ltd layout for production

Layouts can be defined as the grouping or set up of the tools or the materials predicated on there functions (which are part of development of goods). You can find five types of designs like process structure, product layout, fixed layout, hybrid design and Combination layouts. (Nigel Slack et al, 2004)

This section will cover the layouts that can be used by HB Ltd for development. After understanding the mission of HB Ltd, there are two types of layouts that can be adopted for production plus they are

Process Layout- Through this layout, HB Ltd can assign task for different departments to focus on various parts of the ultimate product. Through this the supervisors will be able to screen the function and development of the particular part of the product. Through this the business will be effectively utilizing all the resources for an excellent end product. (Nigel Slack et al, 2004)

Product Layout- Through this layout process the business can verify the development of all the parts is equal (through layout), if there are any problems which will be detected in the first level and can be revised. Through this layout, HB Ltd will know all parts which will be used in the introduction of the product in series. (Nigel Slack et al, 2004)

3. 3 Two strategies for work way of measuring for Howard and Bell operations

Work measurement can be explained as the appliance of varied techniques that helps to ascertain enough time that is used by a skilled employee to complete an activity with a given performance standard. You will find three different approaches for work way of measuring like Timing, sampling and preset timing expectations.

In perspective of Operations of Howard and Bell Ltd, the twp strategies for work dimension will be

Time reading- This approach is very correct for any activity that requires repetition. Through this detailed information's can be obtained for future research and everything the resources are applied rapidly. The standard is very firm here. Employees negative reactions can be expected through this approach. For a brief term analysis this process is very good.

Preset timing expectations- This process is also very specific for just about any task that requires repetition. Through this detailed information's can be acquired for future examination and everything the resources are applied promptly. This has preset high standard for work dimension. In cases like this operations will have to experience some training programs. For a short term analysis this approach is great for data collection.

Both these strategies are effective in context to management as it can help in planning the employees necessity, finance planning, Incentives that should be directed at employees, performance data, equal section of workload on the list of workers.

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