The Opportunities And Dangers In Standard Times Business Essay

In order to make accurate strategic formulation and tactical implement, the exterior environment and inner environment is highly recommended. The five pushes model that was submit by Michael Porter has a global and significant effect on the companies' proper formulation (MBAlib, 2008). The five make model can be used to investigate the competitive strategies and it might analyze the competitive environment effectively which includes risky of admittance by potential opponents, industry rivalry, bargaining ability of potential buyers, bargaining power of suppliers and hazards of substitutes (Hill and Jones, 2009).

The external environment

The competition can't be only regarded as competition among opponents, it is also a system which involves five makes. In typical times, as the market develops, the competitive environment may become more complicated. The industry with appreciable profitability will bring investment to this industry. Once the economy increases, the investment increase. Then the risky of entry by potential competition will increases. The new entrants will compete with the existing opponents for recycleables and market stocks. This may lead to the profitability of the industry street to redemption or even threats the survival of some existing companies. Thus your competition in this industry becomes fiercer. If the economy increases, the science and technology evolves fast. Thus the products are kept up to date or invented quickly. The dangers of substitutes are severe. Besides, the amount of consumption of consumers is enhanced because of the growth of economy. The consumers are able to more products. However, as the competitors of the industry increase, the bargaining ability of buyers boosts. Although there could be more suppliers, the demand for organic material also boosts. Therefore, it's possible that the bargaining power of suppliers raises.

Even if in standard occasions when economies are growing, the competitive environment is still very severe. Sony's experience will show the ferocity of the challengers. In 1975, Sony appeared to come with an unbeatable leading place because of the advanced Betamax product, which is known as to be superior to their competition' VCR product. Sony had a competitive benefits over their competition. However, Sony was defeated. The two relatively minor rivals of this industry, JVC and Matsushita, get allied. The Betamax show of the global market was captured and ruined by the alliance. Finally, Sony had to avoid the development of Betamax in the past due 1980s (Pech and Slade, 2005). In normal times, companies take good thing about every possibility to get developed. Companies even attack competitors to be able to success.

The internal environment

In common time, there will be more opportunities for companies to develop. The general exterior environment is comparative simple for companies. The company could become insensitive to the change of the external environment or even complacent about its present situation. This attitude is a superb hazard for the proper goals of the company (Pech and Durden, 2004). The complacency could cause the managers of the company are unwilling to listen to the unpleasant information. The managers are isolated from objective information and make wrong decision. The failing of Xerox has given a good lessons (Pech and Durden, 2004). Besides, the complacency can make the business underestimate the opponents and overestimate its own ability. The Vietnam Conflict is actually a good example. The USA was trapped in the battle because of their underestimating the ability of Vietnam soldiers (Pech and Durden, 2003). Besides, the company may struggle to adapt. The company is unwilling to be proactive. The technology is overlooked. It prefers to be always a follower rather than leader. Many of these may shorten an organization's life time (Pech and Durden, 2004).

The well balanced scorecard is an instrument for the use of strategy. The healthy scorecard was suggested by Robert Kaplan in Harvard Business College and David Norton in Nolan Norton Institute in 1990. It requires shared vision and strategy of the organization as center (MBAlib, 2008). It adopts included and balanced beliefs to convert the shared vision and strategy of the business to cement goals of subordinate departments in financial, customer, interior processes and creativity and learning perspectives (Kaplan and Norton, 2004). The health of goal put into practice in financial, customer, interior processes and advancement and learning perspectives is assessed. Then in conditions of the responses, the strategies of the business are altered and the set up vision and goal are improved to make certain the strategies could be carried out effectively. The long-term survival and development of the company could be recognized that the company could achieve success.

In standard times, when economies are growing, the companies get more opportunities to develop. However, it does not mean the company can get success easily. Only when the company gets more competitive advantages and gain above-average profits, it could be successful. When economies are growing, the competition becomes severer. This situation is like sailing against the existing. The boat will either just do it or keep falling. Thus the company needs to spare no work to shoot for competitive benefits to get success, or the company would lag at the rear of.

The opportunities and hazards in difficult times

In difficult times, some companies are faced with the loss of profitability or even individual bankruptcy. However, some companies might meet good opportunities and become very successful. In difficult times, the risky of entry by potential competition lowers. In difficult times, the financial depression causes the loss of investment. There will be fewer entrants. Besides, the threatening exterior environment may create severe challenges to the industry. Some rivals may go bankrupt. Thus the competitions are relatively eased. As the firms of this industry lower, the bargaining electricity of potential buyers is decreased. As investment lowers, the updating speed of substitutes could also be lowered. Thus although the general external environment is difficult, the industry environment could be relatively advantageous to some companies. The company could achieve success by taking advantages of the situation.

The introduction of the united states is a typical example. During the World Battle One and the globe War Two, the united states took advantages of the situations to make biceps and triceps trade. As many countries were mixed up in war, the competition in forearms industry was not keen. In the meantime, the biceps and triceps industry has high entrance hurdle. Thus the bargaining electric power of the purchasers was weak. On the other hand, as the supplier of hands, the bargaining electricity of the USA was strong. Therefore, the USA obtained tremendous gains from the forearms industry in the difficult times.

The global financial crisis

Nowadays, the primary difficult times are brought on by global financial meltdown. As a subject of factors, if the term "crisis" is translated into Chinese, it keeps two Chinese characters. One figure means dangers and another means opportunities. Some companies may seize the opportunities in the global financial meltdown and be successful. As the competition of the industry may be bankrupt, the industry shrinks. The market talk about of some companies may be boosted. Besides, the account chains of many companies rupture and the assets of many companies depreciate. This provided good chances for some companies to accomplish merger and acquisition. For some companies, the financial crisis may have good influence on promoting their exterior competitive electric power.

As the info is unstable, the rate of change boosts in business. As a lot more companies are attacked by the turbulence of the external environments, the companies will change. This is usually a reactive aspect. The global financial meltdown can aid some companies to improve, adjust their strategies and promote their interior surroundings. The global financial crisis triggers the manpower stream. Some companies entice more fantastic employees. Besides, some companies can get more support and the help of government.

The inside environment

Besides the affect of external environment, the internal environments of the company also very important. The global financial crisis can give rise to the emergence of new industry and new products. If the transformation of the industry is realized timely to adopt new solutions and new methods, the company can meet up with the requirements of new professional adjustment. Therefore, creating needs and exploring market is very important. The business should build an information system. The business should check the external environment, collect the urgent data and obtain clear, prompt, impartial and thorough information (Pech and Durden, 2004). Furthermore, the info should be examined rapidly and greatly and the managers and employees may find the hazards and opportunities it announces. Predicated on the info, the strategies of the company are formed or adjusted. In the mean time, an intelligent response by employees is demanded (Pech and Slade, 2004).

In difficult times, some companies can take advantage of the situation to reach your goals. The top reason of the success is their capacity to check out and process information to make swift response. The company can analyze the info to understand the hazards and opportunities. Therefore, they make appropriate ways of seize opportunities to get competitive advantages. Thus, the acknowledgement of opportunities performs an important role in the success of the companies. Costs Day, the victor of the 2000 Ernst and Young Business owner of the entire year Award in New Zealand and who owns Seaworks, set an example to prove the value of opportunities recognition (Pech and Cameron, 2006).

The global financial crisis gives surge to the demand for differential goods and service. Inside the global financial crisis, some companies may take advantage to aid the transformation. The company should improve the resources, promote functions, get main competency and develop differentiation. Corresponding to financial, customer, inner processes and creativity and learning in the well-balanced scorecard, the business adjusts and modifies the strategies to get success.


In order to make successful plan, both the external and inside environment need to be considered. In common times, the overall environment is wonderful for the development of companies. Although economies are growing, the competitions become fierce. Meanwhile, the internal environment also takes on a role on the success of the business. Thus, in order to get success, good standard environment is not enough. The company also needs to spare no work to get competitive advantages. Within the difficult time, there are still opportunities. Although the general external environments are not good, some companies with excellent information system may also be sensitive to opportunities and get opportunities to get success. Besides, the exterior environments, the company can also take good thing about this example to facilitate change and promote the strength and central competency of the business to get success.

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