The Personal Command And Management Development Business Essay

As a carer, I've dealt with different management styles and the several range of cultures or values implemented within the work environment. The impact of computer had affected me to pursue on the management career, helped me think about what control and management style I would be expanding on in which I came up with this study.

I would be looking at a detailed review on the components of the different range of organisational objectives, principles and culture and their impact on the management and leadership role in my own organisation. Consider these command and management skills to the attainment of the organisational aim and to evaluate my personal authority and management skill and identify any personal development plan that supports the organisational goal.

On the second task, I need to examine any opportunities on the development of my authority and management skills. Build my personal development plan to develop authority and management skills even to manage personal development of authority and management skills.

The third task is a review on my own development plan against the original objectives. Measure the effectiveness of my personal development plan of command and management skills and last but not least to analyse any areas for further development also to update some of my own development plan.

Upon assessing each one of these tasks especially on the development of my personal command and management skills, I assume that I would be working toward the success of my own job goals and work towards the attainment of the organisational objectives.

Task 1

The fast changes taking place around businesses have a great impact on the management and on what style they perform that assist them to attain their aim. These influences the three categories that is interconnected. First, is the internal control associated with the success and effectiveness of the business enterprise, the consistency of financial reporting and the amenableness to laws and regulations and decrees. Next, it inquires on the control environment which is the business's values, value and culture composed of the business integrity, guidelines upheld morally, aptitudes of its employees, the style of management on assigning power and responsibility even on expanding its employees and its own systematic approach to orderliness as suggested by the participation of its board of directors. Previous is the company culture which is the totality or the mind-set, attitude or values, values communed by the management to its staffs assimilated on their performance to attain the objectives of the business enterprise.

What then is the impact of business culture on the inner controls? As talked about by Sonia Jaspal, understanding the components of organisation culture would drive the impact seen on the diagram below.

http://soniajaspal. documents. wordpress. com/2010/10/vission. png?w=300&h=210

On authority. These leadership ideals or culture are taken. First, is on the psychological deal by Argyris, Edgar Schein and Chris (1960) can be an important feature of workplace romantic relationships and on people behavior plainly discussing the relationship of your company to its employees which is the fairness or balance on the treatment of workplace to its personnel and on what is expected or outcome of the employee, a sense of trust, admiration, empathy, objectivity features are depicted. The behaviour and values shown in doing day-to-day operations reflect the business culture. Organizations show healthy behaviour where employees are rewarded on performance, there exists lack of discrimination anticipated to age, race, color and gender and there is minimal harassment and office aggression. Organizations having extreme work cultures, that are income making and shortage humanity, impact the control environment adversely. In such instances, with regard to efficiency, legal requirements are affected. Carried to the excessive stage, the business may become unsafe for work and on shareholder ventures. The control environment in such cases maybe seriously afflicted, as there is certainly strong position towards harmful and corrupt business routines.

Second is on the introduction of employees such aspect considers the Maslow's hierarchy of Needs by Abraham Maslow (1940-50) so essential to understand individual drive, training and management even on personal development. Third is on the moral way which is love on work and business, to make decisions considering the influence on people and the environment, regulations covered here are on mistreatment, harassments, praise systems and corporate and business responsibility. An obvious and applied code of conduct improves the organization culture but undefined code of carry out may have a negative effect such such as decision making done and uninformed lacking transparency, can lead to poor success. The commitment to check out the business enterprise ethics shows poor conformity and causes high risk which raises questions on the dependability and truthfulness of financial claims available.

Lastly is on the organisational change, training and learning, values integrity as the end result, human beings above income. Targets facilitating understanding how to its employees to build up their potentials, offering choice to people and concentrate on client satisfaction. The quest and eye-sight of the company holds everybody towards a standard goal. Taking a look at the diagram above with lack of clear course, rapid changes on decisions or activities puts the business enterprise at risk impacts on its efficiency and effectivity sometimes creating closure of the business enterprise and worker redundancy.

In my work environment such culture has great effect on how the job is done which influences the success or inability of the company. This means that if my office place had been static and no progress happens there is certainly low morale, high absenteeism or high staff turnover happen thus having great effect on the efficiency of the care and attention home. The objective and vision of my place of work is to provide quality care and attention to our clients and the target is to transport this out per day to day task, the mandatory trainings in place, daily staffing adhered, daily guidance of nurses are completed too. In this study I'd like to consider the culture as talked about by Gerry Johnson and Kevan Scholes (1992) that includes a key role in devising strategies for change called the social web. A couple of six elements. First deals on stories, what people talk about outside and inside the company, who and what ethics, beliefs and habit are identified by the employees. It's quite common in my work place that after work employees speak about what had took place within your day that with or without concern on who hears it which is unprofessional cause it's an insurance plan not to discuss beyond your home about any event that had took place. Second is on rituals and exercises which are mainly referring to the daily actions which are satisfactory and expected habit in a given situation as valued by the management. The daily stability and stability of employers to its staff's counts most where rotas are assemble and a contingency plan of an agency worker to repay the shift is set up. Third, icons, such as logos found in formal approach by the business and on the gown codes as carried out by the employees with the name tags and logos provided. Fourth, the organisational framework, hierarchical level within the company displaying the lines of electricity and effect. As exemplified in team working under the guidance of an nurse within the unit and whoever is available working by itself must be reported or a disciplinary caution be given to the staff member. Fifth, the control systems which ultimately shows financial system, quality system and rewards thus exhibiting the transparency of the business enterprise as in filing the tax of every staff and the business enterprise expenditures and income made in a annual basis and lastly on the energy structure, the amount of management that has great affect on the decision and procedure within the business. This cultural web makes up the culture, ideals and purpose within the treatment home and they have great impact on the orderliness and profitability even on the client satisfaction. And about how each worker behave within the construction of the firms objectives. The interconnections shown has great impact on the inner and exterior environment and employing or selecting an interior auditor to determine the company culture, the organisation risks and exposures as established while analysing it on hand. Thus, an obvious lifetime on management practice is to concentrate on the honing of skills and capacities of its employees who are themselves the fantastic asset to the business, particularly when each worker are directed and included to the goal of the business, seems belongingness may lead to commitment and determination to the company and I really believe would appeal to more customers who are satisfied with the services they receive.

Looking at my personal and management skills leads me to do an diagnosis for my development as starting place by using SWOT research.


Implements Professional development by taking management course

Good observational skills

Demonstrates good working habits and professionalism

Has good teamwork

Can understand and communicate in English both written and oral

Can demonstrate working knowledge and expertise

Computer literate

Take risks


Able to apply for managerial position

Training and development lessons offered in workplace

Able to pursue courses on Market leaders learning style on-line

Availability of resources in the catalogue to be read and explore

Hand-on experience gained in learning to be a team leader

Able to build a business and manage it in the future

Enhancement of my interpersonal life


Improve on decision making

Need to develop skill in conducting and analyzing a research

Need to develop confidence in oneself

Need to build up tactfulness

Need to target and have quality of goals to accomplish.

Need to improve on time management

Improve on using researching, analysing and prioritising


Changing laws and regulations affecting foreign students


Recession or financial resources

Competition on competent job seekers for the managerial position

Cost cutting procedures integrated in UK

As a middle manager looking at my SWOT analysis gives me a concentrate on developing my skills and features in my field of work and also to work out my own development plan to be able to support and work better for the success of our oganisational goal or purpose.

Task 2

Under this, the developmental opportunities offered in my own work place is on managerial position such as becoming a unit administrator, the administrative work or chasing nursing career in future to be a nurse or even to be considered a trainor. To achieve it I would be assessing any opportunities for the development of my authority and management skills create my personal development plan and also manage the non-public development of my management and management skills. Citing from this article of CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants), Professional Development, 2009. In assessing skills it falls into different categories and explaining the categories that suit me would help me serve into my career management.

Under the skills category I am good in using my hands, body words, statistics, five senses, intuition, helpfulness, have imaginative abilities, can follow through ideas, instructions, attends to details, filing and retrieving information. Second is know my most powerful skills to help me determine or decide to pursue on these opportunities using personal examination tools, requesting friends, colleagues views on what I really do best and seek for a career counselor to help. Third, I must know my transferable skills which have a great value to my place of work such as on motivating others, managing data, writing and interpreting information. In order to be successful I need to put this all together and to keep in brain that my skills are subject to change by acquiring new skills through training, new experiences and practice although spending on such managerial skill is expensive in conditions of money and time, I know I am on the right course. Lastly is to start on my progress opportunity requesting advice on my manager on how to pursue on these opportunities that i believe can provide me the right direction and support.

A price from Churchill says, "He who does not plan is planning to fail". Being a middle manager I need to develop this planning skill. Where will i go the next 3 to 5 years or in ten years? To find this out a personal development plan is necessary.

I would be using MyrkoThum guide in developing my PDF.

My five top personal beliefs are: Family, Trust, Love, Success and wealth. My top five personal durability are: family-oriented, communicator, empathy, observant, risk taker. My five top weaknesses are: time management, irrational, two times minded, poor stature, sensitive. I need to cover about my complete life and follow on creating balance. Myrko Thum recommended 7 main areas which will be the mind, body, nature, social, finance, drink or fun and profession but only consider the areas that are essential when coming up with my PDF cause this must handle the SMART approach by so that it is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time destined and always to create balance in my life by keeping life simple. The following template have been provided to construct my PDF or Personal Development Plan.

Life Area



Success Criteria



1. Body

To loose weight and be physically fit about 2-3 kilos in 2 months

2-3 months

Weight Measure

Do running or stretching's and exercise daily about 20-30 minutes

Have a healthy eating record and weekly weight log book

Have somebody to be able to work this out

2. Spirit

To develop a daily time talking to God


Daily meditation notes done

Attend church and pray before I awaken and rest.

Feeling of tranquility and in tune with God.

3. Social

Be in a position to go visit back probably March next year

March, 2014

Ticket be readily available before March, 2014

>Book for a airline flight for March, 2014

Looking onward for it

4. Finance

Improve on having savings and sort out my debts

December, 2013

Improvement on my assertion of accounts.

>Look for a sponsorship for work permit.

>Working onto it at this time.

5. Mind

Engage myself in reading to boost mentally

1-2 books to learn monthly and make a checklist

Improvement on my vocabulary, reading and mental skills

>Look for catalogs then prepare a checklist for what got accomplished reading

>Have a reading partner

6. Profession

Be used as a middle manager in a company

December, 2013

Certificate of employment

>Apply for the job.

>Being of self-fulfillment

This plan I had formed constructed is at the mercy of review and be evaluated as mentioned on date organized, though it is subject to change I really believe it will still lead me to the potency of my personal development of management and management skills.

Task 3

As a middle administrator, developing a learning culture is highly advised by being a role model in this field as well fosters trust and growth for every worker by bringing in lines every individual command and management development to the aim of the organisation. First is to create options aligned to their learning styles and personal needs through e-learning and on hands-on learning. In the treatment home e-learning modules are given to each employee especially on administering medication. Second, integrate right procedures in selecting people such such as recruitment, induction program, appraisal system, learning and development of each employee, especially the required trainings where everyone is supervised on what trainings are needed by every employee and routine is posted on bulletin boards for the worker to keep yourself updated. Third is on calculating the impact of the evaluative outcomes from both internal and exterior reviews and on investing in continuous progress. This will depend on the balance relationship of the administrator and employee by putting in place the personal development plan of each which as mentioned before must be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time destined done through regular monthly guidance by nurses to carers where every staff have to state the trainings they had a need to have and the house can support it. Thus control and management must be considered a priority and sufficient time and effort on producing such employee requires a lifelong dedication and a planned program for this is an investment to add even makes it an asset to the production of the house. The wide selection of learning and management activity results from the systematic analysis of the work requirements, individual's competence, personal contribution reviews, 360 opinions, mentoring and training. Some supervision evaluation had been compiled from the nurses I've worked with and some witness affirmation on my performance is accumulated as research too.

A review on the mentioned personal development plan stated above would help me evaluate in the foreseeable future if I made it. Putting this questionnaire on my part would help me determine myself and when it leads me towards the attainment of the organisational goals too.

Did I meet my needs as prepared?

What will be the challenges in my own current job that I have to meet?

Where do I want to be in 2 years? 5 years or a decade?

What corrections do I have to do to attain what I want?

What else should I consider?



The style of management depends only on the three categories which can be interconnected. The inner control on the skills of the business enterprise in relation to its funds and on responsiveness to regulations. The control environment relating to the organisations beliefs, value and culture. Lastly is the organisation culture which is the attitude, attitude or ideals of its employees as inlayed to them. The impact of the organisation culture on the internal control as reviewed by Sonia Jaspal will depend on four things. First, on control if market leaders show fairness or balance on the treatment of its employees and employees are rewarded on the performance no discrimination or harassment set up then the company would show healthy employees then the organisation will be more productive while extreme work place will be less profitable and corrupt. Second, the introduction of the employees which is so vital would cause highly encouraged individuals focused on the achievement of the organisations aims. Third is the effect of the business on people and the environment such regulations protected are on maltreatment, harassment, reward system and corporate responsibility. Finally, the organisational change which focuses on facilitating understanding how to its employees and on customer satisfaction where everybody would be doing work for the efficiency and effectivity of the business enterprise. In the analysis I did quote on Gerry Johnson and Kevan Scholes (1992) devising strategies for cultural change and both cited six elements. First on ethics, beliefs and behaviours of employees. Second on rituals and routines, third is on logos and icons. Fourth, the organisational structure. Fifth, the control systems in place such as quality and reward system. Lastly, the power framework on management. Using SWOT analysis is utilized to assess my own development plan and a constructed PDF (Personal Development Plan) is done with your final questionnaire study provided for review and functions as an assessment.

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