The process of recruitment in organizations

Recruitment is the process of the organization that seeks applicant for potential employment. This means that in an organisation need to employ a quality worker in order to fit to the work. After recruit the individuals the organisation have to provide training to the employees in order to motivate the employees also to give the employees more understanding about the job. Furthermore, the organisation has to control the human reference in order to enhance the production and quality of working life. So, quality of working life is growing recognition of the importance of simultaneously enhancing both the value of employees' mental experiences at the job and employees' efficiency. ( Robert D. Vacchio, 2006, p. 377 ). By increase the quality of working life the organisation will increase the productivity.

In another part of task will discuss on the strategies that how ADIDAS deal with the human resource.

Strategy of taking care of human resource identifies the how ADIDAS treat and take care of the employees. Along with the strategies ADIDAS in a position to maintain the faithful of employees to the ADIDAS and the determination of employees to do the hard job in order to enhance the output of the company. Furthermore, employees will be the internal customer of ADIDAS. So, ADIDAS need to satisfies the employees before satisfies the exterior customer. Exterior customers make reference to the people that purchase the product produce by ADIDAS. When the internal customers of the organisation satisfies the treating the company the external customers also will satisfies the merchandise of ADIDAS. The next part of this task will discuss the strategies that ADIDAS use.

2. 1) Talent management

Talent management refers to retain the employee in the ADIDAS. So, ADIDAS use this technique to develop the old employees that contain the opportunities to their career. Employing this strategy ADIDAS in a position to hold the quality employees stay static in the organisation and built up the loyalty of the employees. Besides that, ability management also include recruitment. Recruitment refers to the procedure of recruit and selecting the skilled new people that to be able fit to the job

2. 2) Employee-oriented leadership

Employee-oriented leadership refers to the communication between your administrator and the subordinates. By using this strategy ADIDAS able to know the employees need and want. This is because this strategy includes employee reviews system. Employee's responses system identifies the satisfaction degree of the employees to the work. The employees will be the internal customers of the organisation, when the employees gratify their job the productivity of the company will automatically increase. It is because the company given a good environment to the employees to be able to fulfill the employees and the employees can do the hard job to the company to as the repay to the company.

2. 3) Remuneration

Remuneration means the salary of the employees get month by month. The salary related to market requirement and performance level. Which means ADIDAS placed the salary matching with market need and performance level. The ADIDAS promptly pay the salaries in order to provide the good reputation of the organisation. If the company do not delay paid the salaries to the employees the employees will loyal to the organisation it is because the employees will feel the safe practices in the company to work.

2. 4) Bonus

In ADIDAS the remuneration consists of benefit. In ADIDAS the average person performance will related to the remuneration. Benefit means the business pay extra cash to the employees to encourage the employees. The main reason for given extra is to motivate the employees. Drive is mental process giving behavior purpose and direction (Kreitner, 2009, p. 369 ). By given the bonus the employees will put more work and hardship to the job.

2. 5) Long-term incentive programmes (LTIP)

This is specialising for mature administrator, this is three 12 months plans based on the achievement of financial as well as conformity target. So the senior administrator that achieves the long-term goal of the business will get the bonus. The benefit was depended on the company whether the benefit is money or others benefit.

2. 6) Performance management

Performance management is a reviews for the management team. The management team will see to the employees in order to be mindful the employees if the employee does not do well in the careers the management team will send the staff go to training. Furthermore, certain employee performed well in their job are certain to get advertised. So, in this strategy the employee able to learn and receive the improvement by giving the power and training.

Furthermore, ADIDAS always looking for the actual employees so, ADIDAS will observe the performance of each employees and present the opportunities to get promote. Besides that, ADIDAS also take notice of the people that progressive and creative. It is because ADIDAS need the individuals that contain the high imagination people to give the idea to create the look of the product. So ADIDAS will watch about any of it and pick the people which have the skill switch to the creation and invention team. ADIDAS discovered that the individuals who are having different backgrounds, perspectives and skills can make the best team to be able to achieve the maximum creation of the design on the product. Before ADIDAS developing the potential employees into a team, ADIDAS will send the employees to training. This is because the team need has the different creativity, conception and culture. This is because ADIDAS is a worldwide organisation within the various perception can built up a multi-skill team. With this the ADIDAS can take care of many of the country culture and behavior in order to product suitable product to the public.

2. 7) Work-life balance

Work-life balance is flexible working hour. Versatile time is a arranging policy where full-time employees may choose starting and finishing times within guideline specified by the company ( Raymond A. Noe, Barry Gerhart, Patrick M. Wright, John R. Hollenbeck, 2009, p. 106). Every employee's standard of living should be advanced by working to the company. So ADIDAS have the responsibility to address adaptable working hour. The primary reason for work-life balance is give harmonise of the private and family must the employees. So the organisation was think about the benefit for the employees. Furthermore, this strategy able to supply the employees an appropriate working hour and with the harmonise family the employees will put more effort in the working hour. Including the working hour is 8 time per day. The employees can choose their working hour in your day and the lump amount of the working hour 8 time. If the employee starts working at 11:00AM therefore the employee leave the company in 19:00 PM.


ADIDAS was looking the professional as the participants of the people. ADIDAS treat the employees as their family members' members, care about the private sector of the employees. So, ADIDAS able to perform well on the market. ADIDAS doing these because ADIDAS was found that when the employees happy the output of the company will increase speedily. As the comment to the ADIDAS, ADIDAS should recruit the individuals who from others competitor. Recruit the product quality people from the rivals can reduce the output of the competitor and raise the production of own. Recruit the quality peoples from opponents is the nice ways to find the potential employees if the company was insufficient such potential employees.

Furthermore, the organisation also need to prevent the personal employees go the others organisation. For this, ADIDAS was does well this is because ADIDAS contain adaptable of working hour, expertise management and performance management. These strategies might build-up the commitment of the employees to be able to prevent the employees leave the company and work with competitors.


The strategies use by ADIDAS was try to giving the benefit to the employees and always think of the employees so, the commitment of the employees will build up automatically. From then on, ADIDAS provides a lots of advantages to the employees incidentally the employees will be encouraged and the truth of absenteeism is suprisingly low. When the employees interesting to work, the productivity of the organisation will automatically increased. When the efficiency was improve the revenue of the organisation also will increase so the organisation able to pay more to the employees. Once the organisation pays off more to the employees the employees will be motivated.

Finally, ADIDAS is a very good company that works in ADIDAS, the huge benefits provides by the company was appealing to all the employees. So, the huge benefits not only presenting to the employees but also give the general public know that ADIDAS such organisation and work with ADIDAS is suck happy and fulfill. There have been the ways and style ADIDAS take care of the human resource. ADIDAS was known that when good manage in human resource the benefit to the company increase automatically such as efficiency. Last but not least, ADIDAS is a good organisation that contains many gain to the employees and preferably ADIDAS can do better in future and the comment would help ADIDAS be a better organisation.


Robert D. Vacchio, publish on 2006, Company Behavior: Core Principles, 6 Th editions, Thomson South-Western, p. 377.

Kreitner, release on 2009, principles of management, eleventh model, south-westren, p. 369.

Raymond A. Noe, Barry Gerhart, Patrick M. Wright, John R. Hollenbeck, submit on 2009, Fundamentals of Individuals Tool Management, 3th editions, McGraw-Hill, p. 106.

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