The Recruitment and selection process contributions

In a global market that is continually changing, human resources are becoming a scarce commodity due to freedom of labour among other rivalling factors. Organizations have to react swiftly and effectively to attract and wthhold the best fit to get the job done. Additionally it is essential that strategists of the Human Resource (HR) division institute a well-defined recruitment policy that is deeply embedded in the culture of the organization that will catch the attention of those candidates with the requisite skill-sets that will steer the business to success.

Choosing the wrong applicant or rejecting the right candidate increase cost to the organization and will have an extended lasting impact on the organization's image and competitive advantages. (Research) It is against this background that the researcher seeks to find out what role recruitment and selection play in organizations and how it effect on the organizations' strategic priorities and competitiveness.

Defining Strategic Priorities

It is said that if you do not know where we 're going any road will take you there. Consequently, for a business to be successful, it is very important that the relevant strategies are employ to will drive the company to success. Vadim Kotelnikov posited that proper priorities are a broad term which is commonly used to spell it out any convinced that foresees the future or dilemna of the organizations. He further added that is how a business positions itself towards the market where it runs and it competes. In most cases it is the blueprint an organization formulates to gain a ecological competitive benefit over its rivals.

On the other side Cuff Bowman and Veronique Ambrosini (1997) identified strategic priorities as a couple of decisions that are strongly adopted, embraced, grasped and utilized by the relevant management staff which forms or is an integral part of the organization insurance policy. These priorities will be the driving force behind the organization's eyesight and will finally impact the success of any firm.

The function of recruitment and selection

Recruitment and selection is one of or probably the single most significant function in the People Resource department. This office is the entranceway that employees walk, through recruitment and selection, to go into the business. Some organizations proper priorities are on development, advertising, marketing, sales & most recently, many organizations think that recruitment and selection is the tool to work with to give them the competitive border to be a marker innovator over their rivals.

Giving other writer's views of recruitment and selection

Claire Gubbins et al (2006) mentioned that the importance of recruitment and selection is growing in many organisations because of this of strategic priorities. In addition they believed that continuous changes in job market increase competition for labour. The researcher decided using their view as it relates to recruitment and selection as strategic priorities once the organization implement a policy with regards to recruitment and selection and the users adhere to it then this may be a menu for firm competiveness. It also true that frequent changes in job market and increase in competition for labour. One of the main targets for some organizations is to remain ahead of their competitors to control most of the marketplace shares. As the market changes demand for the right skills is a necessity to out performs their competitors. Hence recruitment and selection is the tactical tool that will captain to sail the business to growth and success.

It is said that action speaks louder than words. The researcher thought that it was critical to handle a research on an organization to start to see the practicality of recruitment and selection if or how it plays a part in the strategic priorities and competitiveness of any organisation. A well crafted Plan Manual outlining how recruitment and selection are used to gain competitive benefit is one thing but putting the techniques into action on the other side is obviously the deciding factor. That's where an organization can truly say whether or not recruitment and selection contribute to the strategic priorities and competitiveness of the organisation.

Critically looking at this topic, the researcher thought it might be prudent to look at how recruitment and selection is perceived by a more developed organization. The organization under review is Starbucks. ChinatownConnection (2007) explained that Starbucks caffeine is one of the very best titles in the coffee industry, producing high-class beans, brewing accessories and building coffee shops worldwide. THE GUTS for Management Research (ICMR) reported that Starbucks was located second in January 2005 among other large companies in the Fortune "Best Companies to BENEFIT" predicated on the studies from a study. It is stated that the company's success is because of this its recruiting management procedures that is deeply inserted in the company's work culture. Howard Schultz, chairman and key global strategist (2002), said "The relationship we have with this people and the culture of our company is our most ecological competitive edge. " Based on the findings shown the researcher seek how or if recruitment and selection added to the tactical priorities and competitiveness of the organisation.

The researcher will:

Examine Starbucks' Objective Statement

Discuss Starbucks recruitment and selection process.

Evaluate how recruitment and selection process is identified by the business.

Assess if recruitment and selection can be used as a proper tool and its impact on the business's success.

Discuss how recruitment and selection may donate to success or failure predicated on the results from Starbucks

Discuss the implications of recruitment and selection if the process is not followed.

Assess Starbucks advantages or weaknesses in relation to recruitment and selection and establish if it was done predicated on the company's tactical priorities.

Discus how an organization's existing recruitment and selection functions bolster or weaken its competitive advantage

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