The Recruitment And Selection Process Business Essay

In this survey the topic that'll be discussed is The Recruitment and Selection process and how it has shifted from the days of newspaper advertisements and stop interviews. The introduction of the record will discuss recruitment and selection and the techniques of recruitment and selection. The main body of the record will focus on companies today, and exactly how they may be recruiting and selecting with more innovative approaches that many companies are beginning to used in 2013. Then in the survey you will see a section on some weaknesses about the ways in which companies are beginning to recruit and choose. To summarize the report I will summarize everything on the topic of recruitment and selection and talk about my estimation.

Recruitment and selection is one of the numerous roles played by a human resource administrator in an company. In the real human resource office they deal with what positions have to be packed, they take the possible prospects through some interviews, choose the best candidate for the job, the training of the employees, they also notify the employees all about the services they feature and they ensure that the employees and the organisation are highly determined. Organisations across the world have understood that human resources is an extremely valuable advantage to them and for that reason necessary procedures have been devote place to ensure that the organisation will gain and keep an experienced labor force which would assure that the organisation manage a competitive advantage over its competition (Jones & George, 2007).

In recruiting and selecting it is vital to have a clear job explanation and personal specification. A job description will entail the actual title of the work is, to whom the job holder will be accountable and for whom they'll be responsible too. It will entail what their roles and tasks will be. A person specs will look for what skills and characteristics the people will require for the job. When applying both together they offer the building blocks for employment advertisement.

Recruitment is the process in which you source possible people for employment. The manager who's responsible for hiring the applicants can use famous brands job boards, public networking sites, recruitment programs which may be linked with universities and perhaps job fairs. These may be used by companies to create an interest in jobs that are available in a certain company (Peterson, J. 2013).

Selection is the process where when all the candidates have been determined the group of individuals will be broken down and one out of most of these will be decided on for the work. This technique may and can need a couple of different interviews and assessments of the applicant's personality (Peterson, J. 2013).

For the selection of a candidate, many organisations use a range of different tools and technology to evaluate a candidate's capabilities and skills, allowing them to efficiently choose the most experienced candidates that could benefit the company most to check out the interview process. By evaluating a candidate's skills this will allow the organisation to consider different requirements within the interview. "(Human Source of information Management in Ireland 3rd model (2006) Page 119).

As area of the recruitment and selection process, it is very important to examine the candidate's true desire for the business and their position in the company, which can then ensure you are hiring a long-term employee. A sensible way to retain employees in an organisation is to include things such as revealing them about their salary and the huge benefits that they may offer within the good work place.

"Today there are various ways of recruitment such as

1. Internal methods - e. g. Internal promotion

2. Exterior companies - e. g. Employment agency

3. Imprinted media - e. g. Country wide & local newspapers

4. Other marketing - e. g. Internet, TV

5. Education Liaison - e. g. Occupations fairs

6. Professional agreements - e. g. Meetings, trade unions

7. Other methods - e. g. Recent applicants, word of mouth"

(Noel Harvey - Lecture slides)

There are a few different selection techniques, which are as follows

"The interview - The objective of this, is to meet up with the candidate in person to see if they are the right person for the work, to track record some answers to critical incident-type questions, to discuss contractual conditions and conditions etc.

Psychometric tests - Standardised test of performance behaviour or personality. There are a few different types for example: cognitive potential, personality, behaviour and principles, and career choice and instruction. These testing can either precede or follow interview level. Results can form basis of further interview questions, or interview can be used to feedback test outcomes.

Assessment centre's - Multiple-method design, usually incorporating testing, interviews, and work sample exercises, where applicants are analyzed by observers on job-relevant dimensions. Can last from 1-5 days. These are usually the final stage of evaluation to reach result decisions. That is a good form of selection because it provides employers the opportunity to observe individuals over a longer period of time in formal and informal situations, and multiple assessments by several assessors over several exercises can eliminate some individual biases associated with one-to-one interviews. "(Human Resource Management in Ireland 3rd edition (2006) Webpage 120)

It is vital to recruit and choose employees who are fully focused on the aims and goals of the company. An employee who feels in what the business is about and what it would like to achieve, will try their best to complete the business's goals. They'll want the business to reach your goals, and will feel the sense of accomplishment from being part of the company's success. By hiring the right high quality employees for the job, with the right requirements and skills, who are motivated to achieve success, this will cause increased levels of company performance. Every company has recruitment and selection techniques in destination to hire their workers, for example Boston Scientific, ESB, Yahoo, and Dunne's Stores etc.

In recruiting today we are actually in an time where technology rules. The whole procedure for the recruitment and selection has and is continuously changing and innovating as the years go by. Its changing as technology is changing. As stated in paragraphs above recruitment and selection strategies can vary but now employers are turning to more efficient, effective and modern means of recruiting staff. Methods today are changing drastically for not just the employer but the staff too.

Online recruitment is the way ahead and in 2013 it's what most companies are employing to recruit and choose. Online recruitment uses the power of the internet to match people to jobs (George Finnegan- Lecture slides). Some examples of the web recruitment methods are employing public networking sites like Facebook and twitter, job boards and even mobile apps.

Research shows that 2012 was the entire year for workforce creativity; companies were examining in the utilization of social multimedia in branding and marketing their organisations. However in 2013 research shows that now companies are taking interpersonal further and that year 2013 will be the year of social HR, as many organisations are integrating with public technology to recruit, develop and indulge employees (Meister. J, 2013).

Employers have begun to discover more about who they may be recruiting and selecting by heading online. The Death of the CV, in 2013 the traditional CV is being replaced by a person's personal brand and exactly how they may be portrayed online. Given that times have evolved employers are checking out potential applicants backgrounds before they are really even interviewed. The director that is going to hire you'll look into a few of the following sources in regards to a potential worker. (Meister. J, 2013).

They will check your Facebook profile.

They will enter into your name into Yahoo and Bing to see what will come up.

They will check out your twitter profile to see how many supporters you have and to look over your tweets.

They will check your LinkedIn profile, they will check out the quality and size of it community.

They will also check your advice on your LinkedIn profile.

Another innovative approach online that some employers are taking in recruiting and selecting prospects is through Gamification. This process is edging its way in through the back door. Here's an example of how the Marriott use it as a method of recruiting and selecting.

The Marriott Hotel attended up with a hotel-themed game that is enjoyed online, it's quite comparable to Farmville. In this particular game the players (potential individuals) have to experience and control the responsibilities if indeed they were to be a genuine supervisor in a kitchen. The applicant playing the game will get to learn a little about the industry, also there is a pay back system in place to make it more realistic for the prospects. The basis behind the overall game is first of all the Marriott's name is growing beyond your market, and the younger generation approaching they have found new ways to interest them in opportunities in hospitality. Gamification is currently a popular tool being found in the recruitment process since it attracts possible prospects through these communal video games on Facebook and LinkedIn. The overall game My Marriot on Facebook can be an opportunity for any business to use a communal network like these as a program to activate global perspective new hires and suggest to them what it could be like to work with them in there company (Meister. J, 2012).

Another innovative strategy used online to recruit is using YouTube a cultural press site it an effective tool for recruiting employees today. It is utilized by managers who are selecting. They may speak about a role that they are looking to fill in their team. When using this method of recruitment this means that anybody who is a applicant for the job can get the opportunity to see where they could be working, who they may be working for and they may be dealing with.

Another methodology online that is being taken is RSS (really simple syndication). This site is employed by applicants. It's a website that maintains potential applicants up to date with any jobs that have been published online. There is a daily revise about the publishing of jobs with no applicant even having to return to the website. When the web site is established the RSS audience will constantly check websites for just about any new and available jobs that may have been posted online. It will then check out show these jobs to the candidate without them having to do a thing.

This portion of the article will discuss a few of the negatives of online recruitment. Today online recruitment and selection is one of the most popular methods with most companies which is the way onward in this process. There can even be some disadvantages to the method.

The first downside can be the high volume of responses to the work because now everyone surrounding the world can gain access to the internet so easily they could start to see the job advertisement online. Many unqualified may make an application for the job this may be time consuming for a firm to go through each applicant. In order to avoid this happening make sure the job advert is specific to just what you are looking for.

Another disadvantage is online recruiting is too impersonal because a lot of it consists of emailing and mobile phone interviews this may make it come across as too impersonal. The company may well not get the opportunity to interview the possible prospect multiple times; this makes it hard for the workplace to determine if the prospect would be right for the job and for the company and its own culture.

Another drawback of online recruitment is security problems that will come about with the internet. People can create spams and fraudulent profiles.

Here are a few of the more innovative approaches being used by companies in 2013 towards filling vacancies within an company. These recruitment options have become extremely popular also. This section of the survey will discuss some of advantages and disadvantages of these different recruitment methods.

Companies have now begun to work with aircraft banners in recruiting. The advantage of these is the fact that it will understanding the attention of potential applicants. Even though some may believe that it is an unprofessional procedure even slightly intrusive.

Companies also have begun to hang large banners and symptoms. The good thing about these banners is they are cheap making them affordable. But also they may be considered as an unprofessional approach and a occupied location is obviously needed.

Bill tired advertising is currently another popular recruitment method. Its edge is it's a higher amount attention grabber but it's struggling to display a huge amount of information this could come as a drawback.

Another popular recruitment method that is currently getting used is companies have started to use competitions to recruit. The good thing about this might be the possibility to examine skills before extending the work offer. It may be very frustrating though.

The use of kiosks helps it be easy for the person to apply for the job. The drawback of kiosks will be the unmonitored application movement.

Many companies are actually using movie advertisements because they entice people who are currently buying job. The downside is these ads may be intrusive and troubling.

Another recruitment method would be on site recruitment. Here the company can reach an amazing array and audience of people; it also will save time and handles good public relations. There would be a disadvantage that it could deal with lots of unqualified job seekers.

To conclude this article it entails an intensive analysis and conversation and on what the recruitment and selection process is and how it is one of the numerous roles played by the human resource supervisor. There is a explanation of what recruitment is and what selection is and how they get together as a process. In the report it states many different ways of recruitment and various selection functions. It talks about why it is so essential to recruit and select employees who are fully committed.

The survey then goes on to go over the innovative methods that are now employed by companies in recruiting and selecting. This was the primary aim of the report. Normally the one & most popular being online recruitment. It discusses first of all how employers are actually before interviewing possible candidate's, learning more about these prospects online. Then the report discusses a fresh innovative procedure called gamification that is needs to become popular and how companies are using it as an instrument for recruiting. The article also states a few of the down sides of online recruitment.

After speaking about the ground breaking online strategies of recruitment and selection in the report, there is then a few other examples of innovative strategies that are being used in recruitment and selection in 2013. Here the advantages and cons are discussed of each.

In my view after researching this subject on recruitment and selection it offered me an improved understanding and information into how companies 're going about recruiting and selecting today. As technology is developing so are the methods and techniques of recruitment and selection. In an article that was mentioned in the survey it stated that 2013 would be the year of communal HR, as much organisations are integrating with public technology to recruit, develop and engage employees. The further I researched the more true this declaration became.

I feel after carrying this out research that online recruitment will be how all companies will be recruiting and selecting next couple of years. As technology gets more innovative so will the methods to how companies will recruit and select. There where both pros and cons to online recruitment but within the next year I feel that any negative of online recruitment will be flushed out.

There is no issue with using the old methods of recruitment and selection but as the new generation workforce approaching now they should be mainly aware and comfortable with the online methods that they are going to encounter as they start to look for employment.

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