They have grown to be the leader in the competitive market of fibersopic medical device in UK by outsmarting their major American rival NMC Inc. Within a short period of six years, the company management had were able to secure a major share of the fiberscopic medical tool market to its credit. After having persisted with its standard products, Jones & Cousins were prompted to release their new range of product lines on the market. One of the major reasons of releasing the new product lines in the market was surely the increasing pressure using their company rival NMC Inc. Their American counterpart was too active starting their new selection of products. Due to the fact, it was quite essential for the management of Jones & Cousins' to release their latest product lines and continue steadily to take control of the major share of the fiberscopic medical equipment market. What was quite unusual to the business management was the grave issues that the new products had to face since the minute these were launched, though they were central to the entire product line of the business. In case there is the new products, Jones & Cousins possessed adopted the strategy of rapid product development.

Failure in the creation department appears to be the prime reason behind all the issues associated with these new products. The creation of the part of the company was on a steady level. Regardless of that, the company seemed to take a blow in terms of meeting with the demand that prevails on the market. The ratio or gush of inbound orders seemed to be too ideal for the company. That is the reason why it failed to meet the increasing demand. The case study highlights that there have been incidents when the clients even had to wait for six weeks or even more to get the merchandise delivered to their individual addresses.

Increased price rates are another problem associated with the products. Earlier the Jones & Cousins' products used to be of low rates. However with the inception of the new product line the company chose to enhance the prices of the products. To inject the merchandise in to the market the business had resorted to highly intense sales force. While doing so Jones & Cousins acquired also resorted to an unethical procedure. Many of the old products received a bit of improvements. Those modified types were sold on the market as new ones with the increased prices enforced onto it.

The inventory level of finished goods is actually quite sky-scraping at Jones & Cousin's. This aspect is assumed to be one of the complexities creating trouble for the new products of the company. Recently a respected consultant was hired by the company to find yourself in the facts of the problems with their newly introduced product ranges. One significant part of the consultant's finding was centered on the excessive length of completed goods. The consultant's record remarked that there can be a diminution or downsizing of around 40% in the entire inventory and it could be done without harming the delivery service level. In spite of a densely stuffed inventory, recent years have seen an unhealthy performance level from the company. The management was unwilling to downsize its inventory level as it experienced a fear deep within that this act would already have a negative impact on their dwindling performance level.

Ignorable corporate target from leading of the business appears to be a reason behind the challenge too. Performance level especially customer satisfaction level is quite weakened with Jones & Company.

The issue of 'panic buying' seems to be a regular problem with the advantages of the new product lines. The trouble was from the end of the dealers and affiliates. Predicated on this panic placing your order syndrome an affiliate or a seller can not ensure the approval of the merchandise on the market in proper time or not. As a result they are really prompted to boost the size of the order. A similar thing has took place with Jones & Cousins. Lots of the dealers as well as affiliates of the business had placed purchases of unnecessary range. While placing the order these companies had at heart that Jones & Cousin can deliver area of the orders. However such acts on the part of dealers and affiliate marketers of the business put an excessive amount of strain on the production department. This specific aspect acquired a great role to experience in the failure of the creation department.

Forecasting as well as data gathering appears to have been a formidable obstacle during the advantages of the new product lines. It appears that the forecasting regarding the demand of the merchandise in the fiberscope medical tool market had not been a perfect one. Proper information regarding the demand of these products havent been availed and scrutinized by the worried departments. At the same time, those data that actually measure the precision of the forecast never have been properly tracked also.

Manufacturing department is an important part of the key procedures of Jones & Cousins. The production of all products actually requires places in a few systematic steps such as-

Assembly - What seems noticeable from the case study is that it is a manually extensive process. Such a concentrated as well as demanding task demands extended hours of operations. Therefore it is a time eating one. This prolonged process may have created a problem through the development of the new selection of product lines that have been to be delivered to their clients with an urgent basis.

Packaging - This particular part of packaging is in fact done with the help of a few huge presentation machines. These machines in fact put the majority instruments in to the plastic containers. Then the instruments are passed onto the sterilizers. Capacity of the machines can be increased so that more musical instruments can easily fit into them.

Sterilization- Sterilization is the ultimate step of the production procedure. A huge Cobalt Radiation Sterilizer sterilizes cheap container, cardboard container, instruments etc. From the sterilization process harmful contaminants in the containers are destroyed. Just like packaging, here too the capability limitation is one factor that can be improved upon.

Drivers of these problems (systematically and organizationally)

The roots of the problems are relatively deep rooted. No single reason can be imposed upon the problem as a significant cause of the problems. A few things is highly recommended seriously. Here are a few probable causes driving a vehicle these problems both systematically as well as organizationally.

The case study evidently brings to note that the success degree of Jones & Cousin's gets impeded by some important factors related to the marketplace and market craze of fiberscopic medical device. The research study uncovers that the major source of problems sprout from

The tendency of market show change in the professional medical sector;

The doctors and doctors sticking to their preferred manufacturers in most cases.

Group purchasing organizations.

Extended deals with other suppliers.

From the organizational viewpoint, the production planning and arranging seems to be divided into too many sub-divisions which requires too long an occasion to reach a conclusion. For example, the transfer requirements have to go throughout the organization for approval which requires at least a couple of weeks. Problems in the schedules or in the MRP system, decides assemblage schedules and replenishment orders. Any change in the schedules of assemblage or packaging demands rescheduling workers demands more component parts and making procedures.

The aforementioned reasons are traveling the issues of Jones & Cousins' to a extreme point. The alteration of a long term client with their own camp is taking too much of a time.

Problems with circulation process seem to be another driving cause. Decentralized dynamics of several of the regional warehouses have been a constant source of obstacle in the syndication procedure of Jones & Cousins. Though Jones & Cousins have been using the most effective sales force to push the products into the market, still break in the circulation stations is a frequent problem for the business. Presently, Jones & Cousins make use of only 4 or 5 distribution companies. Throughout the services available from these circulation companies, Jones & Companies have to send their products in hundreds of hospitals situated in different parts of the entire world such as - Great britain, Wales, Scotland, North Irelands etc. When there is a huge hurry of purchases, small quantity of distribution programs is evidently heading to be troublesome for just about any company.

The reasons for Customer Service Supervisor being the first person to identify major issues

It is quite natural for the client service manager to be the first person to be familiar with such issues. The client service team is integrally linked with the look and distribution job of the business. It's the personnels of the department only who are answerable to the clients if anything goes wrong in these two abovementioned sections. The men working under customer service manager do everything they can to ensure that the customers get the best service from the company's end. In fact the client service department handles some of the most crucial job obligations such as -

Dealing with infrequent customer outbursts

Convincing difficult customers

Thinking out ways of perk up the typical and timing of delivery to clients

Managing both sellers as well as affiliates

Keeping the clients, dealers, affiliate marketers constantly modified with the latest information regarding the merchandise delivery schedules as well as problems and errors

Taking care of issues regarding the ratio or motion of products from the FG or finished goods inventory.

Making balanced rapport with all the departments of the business.

As the customer service department has to shoulder each one of these responsibilities, the staff of this team will be the ones who are in immediate touch with a healthcare facility staffs too. Therefore all the major conditions that arise, become known to the client service manager first; then your information gets transferred to the other departments of the business.

How to fix these problems?

All these products are crucial to the fiberscopic medical tool market. They needed to be implanted available on the market in a faultless manner. The release of these new products saw some severe problems especially in the creation, planning and arranging part. It led to advanced of customer dissatisfaction leading to diminished reputation of the company. However if there should be some changes or improvements in the problem, Jones & Cousin must keep an eye on a few important aspects. Such as -

It must monitor the regular forecasting.

The delivery system must be improved upon.

A little bit of deviation in the production schedules may bring in some benefits for the company.

Balanced reduction in the inventory level without harming the sales potential customers should also be considered a prudent step to regulate the damage.

However apart from these steps there needs to be something more to regulate the damage already done to the sales information.

Striking a balance between your increasing demand and offer.

Having an eyesight on the typical demand patterns as well as every week and regular monthly net requests for services.

Scrutinizing all the steps regarding the production or manufacturing procedures such as - set up, packaging and sterilization. The last issues with these departments such as capacity or time intake factors would need to be properly looked into.

Tracking the three vital parts of the business such as - organized production, monthly net orders and Finished Goods (FG) inventory of the company.

Tracking weekly demands for the company goods on the market.

Properly traffic monitoring the figures pertaining to group sales. The upsurge in the group sales should be watched properly.

Keeping a an eye on the diluted profits per talk about.

Tracking group trading income.

Tracking the circulation channels and working promptly on the issues that arise in these channels.

Applying a better methodology in the process of data gathering and preservation. It would be necessary to scrutinize the last monthly plans extracted from hard copies. In this manner it would be easier to enhance the status of the forecasts.

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