The Samsung Electronic Company


?Samsung Consumer electronics Co. , Ltd, is a worldwide head in digital marketing and digital convergence technologies, ?Samsung is the world largest company getting the highest brand value. Samsung is operating in more than 50 countries on the planet. The top office of Samsung is at the administrative centre of Seoul, South Korea. The chairman of the Samsung group is Mr KUN HEE LEE. The name of Samsung virtually means ?tristar? in Korean. Nowadays Samsung invests in the buldings groundwork and concrete sector under the samsung brand. The term Samsung electronic digital is written in white on the blue track record. It represents steadiness, reliability and comfort. Samsung manufacturers electric goods such as Televisions, computers, notebooks, washing machines, microwaves, usb devices mobiles, lcds, cameras, compact disk players etc. The other development of Samsung teams is in engineering sector such such as real house but it specializes in digital log, electronic tube, tube pipe, phone log (which all are created by concrete and iron). Samsung is the highest brand having the medium cost value. Most of the Samsung electronic digital company have been shifted in china and other asian countries for example Vietnam, the Phillipines, and India. The reason why behind its transfer were low labour and raw materials costs. The said parts of asia are way much cheaper than US, Canada and UK.

The brand eyesight of samsung is to totally different and unique from other brands like: Sony, LG and Panasonic. ?Leading the digital convergence revolution? is the eyesight of the Samsung brand. This case study is totally based on the electronics aspect of the Samsung brand. The term Samsung is written in korean words ??

Samsung is the third largest Southern Korean company which was founded in 1969 as the flagship company of the Samsung group or Samsung organization. Samsung achieved fast progress through exports. Samsung made a decision to venture into the television set market. It started production of dark-colored and white tv set sets for the local market segments in 1972. However, Samsung understood that it may become a global brand. They searched and analized the global market opportunities and challanges by making use of customers and employees feedbacks. Samsung made a decision to change the concept of its brand. It experienced to improve the perceptions of consumer with a fresh brand image. During the olympics in Seoul, South Korea in 1988, Samsung made a decision to become the official sponsor for the cellular technology in order to affiliate its image with global sports activities brand. With the help of advertising and physical evidence Samsung happens to be recognized as an internationally brand. Every country especially the person in olympic games then, now knows about the brand. In this manner, Samsung was successful in changing the idea of its brand image and now has a good customer bottom part. Nowadays, Samsung has 25 production base worldwide and even more than fifty sales subsidiaries in almost about 50 countries. Their global strategy includes eight main areas Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Africa, and Midsection East, China, North America, Europe and Latin America.

Strategies of samsung electronics/ Alternatives strategies

Strategy is long-term planning to achieve the goals. It is a roadmap of future activities. After market researching the global market, Samsung gets a lot of feedback from its customer and employees. Samsung needs to improve its products promotional activities, customer service and online business since it is very important to satisfy its costumers. Samsung strategic growth plan aspires to fulfill the needs ands wishes of customers, targets of employees and other stakeholders. Relating to its strategic plans, it needs to target all its resources on increasing know-how and market share growth but the industry?s infrastructure and labour skills at that moment were too unfavourable for Samsung to attain these and be competitive in the world market. In order to attain this, Samsung reinvented itself by mainly keeping on system using its customer?s needs and would like.

Swot analysis

Swot examination is the most crucial and first stage of planning. It really is a feedback mechanism to make new approaches for any company. Talents, Weaknesses, Opportunites and Dangers are the four the different parts of a swot examination. Weaknesses and Talents are corelated and examines the inner part of the business research whereas Opportunities and Risks handles the external environment of business operation.

Weaknesses and advantages refer to facet of marketing, finance, production or organisational composition. Swot analysis helps clarifies the targets of the company Samsung consumer electronics key strength could it be?s diversity in product, good brand image. Samsung gadgets is a part of the samsung group. They are one of the leading gadgets brand on the planet. The Headquarter of Samsung is Seoul, South Korea and utilizes about 150, 000 people. The business recorded earnings of KRW 121, 294, 319 million or ? 75, 981 million through the financial season (FY) ended December 2008, which is an increase of 23. 1% than FY 2007. Sadly, the operating profit of the company presents an alternative picture even though its sales produce double digit development rate. It is merely KRW 6, 031, 863 million or ?3778 million during FY2008, which really is a loss of 25. 5% than FY 2007.


Samsung?s electric strengths are
  1. A strong global brand. It is the leading consumers gadgets brand on the planet. THE PRODUCT QUALITY is good. They guarantee the same quality and range world wide.
  2. It?s perspective is leading the digital convergence resolutions. It means they want to be the leader of the electronic items worldwide to be able to have the goodwell as well.
  3. A strong theory. They are offering good design, good quality as well medium prices
  4. Diversity product. Samsung?s products has based on diversity. This means they make same items in several way for different kind of people for different countries.
  5. Technology. Words call is clear and reckoned by customers as possessing a good value for their money; and the designof samsung?s electronics technology is high. We are able to order right quality at the right price.
  6. Good reputation among customers.


Weakness for samsung are
  1. The global size of Samsung?s operation means it has serious implication on its management system. To regulate a business in only one location is easy but for an internationally procedure is complicated and problematic.
  2. Base on the double digit loss of its operating profit against the other year, this implies that its operating cost experienced also went up by more than 20%. Its procedure had not been effecient enough to yield a good earnings.
  3. Samsung as a Southern Korean company is reckoned by most customer as only next to any Japanese company since Japan is always considered as a higher tech country in the world.


A business uses its advantages to take benefit of the opportunities that come up, opportunities for samsung are
  1. Increases mobile and computer market
  2. International enlargement.
  3. Arrival of new technologies
  4. A strong customer demand and good design.


If any company knows possible external risks, It could be addressed by creating new suggestions to counter it or may use a particular power to guard against threats on the market. The dangers on Samsung are the following
  1. Changing social fads: It is looking to build online help to guide customer to a far more comfortable life. The online business and website promotion includes cost and any change bring in needs improving staff competencies by training.
  2. Strong competetion: Samsung faces strong competition from the other korean company such as LG, KTF, SK aside from its foriegn competition like Sony Panasonic.
  3. New rules and increeased trade hurdle.

Samsung has worldwide market. It?s marketing benifit and advertising percentage has depends on PESTEL. Different country has different culture, different environment, different financial condition, poltical situation, interpersonal factors of market and various policy. In europen country samsung digital market is heaghly raises in thease day then the other expanding countries such as south parts of asia, middle east and african countries. samsung stretch sponsorship of olympic game titles until 2016. samsung also sponsorship with british bigest soccer clube chealse. They have sponsor other sports activities and clubes also. They wants with their immage and brand value has been undertaking worldwide market like olympic theam.

Marketing mixture of Samsung

The marketing blend is the tools available to an enterprise to gain the reaction to its marketplace with regards to its marketing objectives. Marketing mixture is the combination of 7ps. It means price, place, promotion, product, people, process and physical facts and right product, right place, right price, right time and right way to be the components of marketing combine. It?s manufactures veriety of designs which is straight matter to customer satisfication. It?s quality is high, packigeig branding and having enough guarantees. Samsung technology is high, value. Samsung product electronic goods such as Television sets, Computer, notebook, cleansing mechine, microwave, usb device, mobile, I port, lcd, camera, compact disc player etc. The other productions of samsung groupings on concret sector kind of electronics goods such as, electronic log, electronic pipe, tube pipe, telephone log(which all are made by concret and iron). Samsung is the best brand getting the fair price.

Samsungs price is neither high nor low, This means the price is affortable. Samsung offers plans for new products, In biggest festivales, new years and its aniversity, which helps to stimulated psychologically to customer. Sumsung has already started its online business which help to extend global marketing. Using marketing, posters and news papers it has long its marketing. Selecting the positioning is not best since it is challenging to determine its store atlanta divorce attorneys city.

But every customer can purchase its product easily due to technology, that has utilized by sumsung the recent years. Samsung clarify its perspective as well as quest of marketing strategy by the following clarifications of four ps.


  • Samsung's product range worldwide included CTVs, sound and video products,

    Information technology products, cell phones and kitchen appliances. Its product range covered all the categories in the buyer electronics and home appliances.


  • Now a day samsung brands have 25 development base worldwide and even more then fifty sales subsidiaries in near about 50 countries. Their global strategy entails eight main parts.
  • Samsung also offers its product through impartial retailers.
  • Customers can see and manage products they are considering buying.


  • Pricing also appeared to have played a substantial role in Samsung's success.
  • Samsung looking for its services accessible to as many folks as is feasible.
  • It offers a lot of pricing structures to suit different customers categories.
  • The price strategies are available regular basis as well as prepay option.


  • Advertising on Tv set, in mags and in other press outlets extends to large audiences and spreads the brand image and the meaning very effectively. This is also known as above the series promotion.

Below the line

  • Every store has special deals, promotions and print of deal posters to appeal to those inside the store to buy.
  • The company develop better relations with the public in order to clarify new products.


To control standard and quality could be quite hard. The global business is supply string offering consumer views of computer?s products. It is also very important to recruitment and selection process

  1. They should be increase mobile and computer markets.
  2. They should increase international extension.
  3. They should increase web business and give additional information.
  4. The size and size of globel business: It should be boost the size and size of the globel business of samsung?s electronic brands.


Sumsung is a famous global company. It includes manufactured consumer electronics goods and other concreat goods. It really is a wellknown brand due to its service, excellent employees, Innovative reliable product. A accountable approach to business and global citizenship and globlelisation with associates and customers. Samsung is taking the world in progressive direction for new generations. The quest of samsung is usually to be the best ?Digital digital company?. It complys with low and honest standard cares environmental health and safety, Mantain a clean prepared culture value and admiration to customer talk about holders, steakholders, employees and socially responsiable co- oppertative people. So It is trying to be the best brand in the field of electronices materials on the globe by enhancing its size, price quality, capasity or ability of the devices.

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