The Success IN THE Honda Electric motor Company

Honda is the most successful company existing on the market nowadays with the latest technology in the auto industry with luxury vehicles to sports activities to family car they have a vast range of autos and motorbikes. Honda, (2010) In October 1946, Soichiro Honda set up the Honda Technical Research Institute in Hamamatsu, Japan, to develop and produce small 2-circuit motorbike engines. 2 yrs later, Honda Engine Company, Ltd. was born, and in 1959 Honda opened up its first storefront in Los Angeles with six industrious employees. Honda opened up there first U. S. herb in 1979 and have evolved into a company that directly utilizing more than 25, 000 Us citizens. More than 100, 000 staff are employed at official Honda automobile, motorbike and power-equipment dealerships in america. Thousands of additional Americans have employment with more than practically 600 U. S. suppliers from which Honda buys parts and materials.

Honda, (2010) Inside the recent years the automobile crisis of 2008-2010 was the part of financial downturn, which influenced automobile creators and suppliers surrounding the world. The industry was weakened by the substantive increase in the prices of fuel associated with energy crisis of 2003-08 which discouraged buys of cars with low fuel economy. In the year 2008 there were fewer fuel efficient models to provide to the consumers, the larger automobiles including Standard Motors, Toyota, Ford, Chrysler, Nissan and Honda Motors experienced sliding sales.

Honda, (2010) Honda Motors in 2008 announced it would be down sizing scheduled to 2008 economic crisis and expected that there could be reductions in staff at all levels of the management effective January 2009

2 Strategic Analyses, (2010). "The process of strategic evaluation the process of executing research on the business enterprise environment within which an organization functions and on the organization itself, in order to formulate strategy". "A number of tools are used in the process of strategic research, including PEST, SWOT examination, and Michael Porter's five makes model".

A PEST research talks about the PoliticalЇјEconomicЇјFriendlyЇјand Technological individuals of a particular industry. PEST factors are external to your business and have to be understood when analyzing the industry all together (FullenЇјPodmoroffЇј2006).

Williams and Curtis explainedЇјЛ†2007Їјthat politics factors include authorities regulations and legalities and explain both formal and casual rules under that your organization must operate. Specifically, political factors areas such as duty insurance plan, laborHYPERLINK "http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Labour_law" legislation, advertising lawsЇјenvironmental legislation, trade limitations, tariffs, and political stability. Government takes on an important role throughout the market as well as in taxes to be charged to the company". These factors also play an important role in the work law, competition restrictions as the company cannot make specific prices as they need to follow your competition regulations.

"Economical factors have economic growth, interest levels, exchange rates and the inflation rate". Pest Evaluation, (2010) these factors have major influences about how business works and decision making, example, interest levels affect a firm's cost of capital and therefore it affects the business enterprise and exactly how will develop and extend. "Exchange rates have an effect on the costs of exporting goods and the supply and price of imported goods". Financial factors influence the purchasing electric power of potential customers as the energy to choose the product.

Social factors are the demographic and ethnic aspects of the external microenvironment. Pest Analysis, (2010) these factors have an impact on customer needs and how big is markets. Communal factors influence the demand for a company's products and how that company works. Companies may change various management strategies to adapt to these social fads (such as recruiting more aged workers). Interpersonal factors impact the needs and would like of the customer and the way they buy a particular product, as the demand may decline with the new product which offered to the wrong era sector.

Pest Examination, (2010) Technological factors can decrease the barriers to go into and reduce least efficient production levels, and play a major role outsourcing decisions. They can help to determine barriers to entry, minimum efficient production level and influence outsourcing decisions. Technological factors help to scientific shifts that can affect costs, quality, and lead to technology.

SWOT analysis points out understanding and examining company's talents and weaknesses and spotting threats to the businesses and opportunities in the market placeЇјЛ†Hall, 2009Їј.

SWOT examination is a company tool where, a firm will be able to implement a proper research, analyzes and identifies its corporate Advantages and Weaknesses as well as the existed or forthcoming Opportunities and Dangers from its external environment. Completing a SWOT evaluation can help in determining and the ways to minimize the influence of weaknesses in your business while making the most of your strengths only once these four critical information elements are well elaborated and known.

SWOT analysis compiles of, SWOT evaluation, (2010)

Strengths: "capabilities of the person or company that is effective to achieving the target"

Weaknesses: "features of the individual or company that is harmful to achieving the target"

Opportunities: "external conditions that is helpful to achieving the target"

Threats: "external conditions which could do harm to the objective"

Honda Motors is one of the very most successful automobiles company on the globe and by using PEST examination and SWOT analysis they attended as far as they are able to understand what will be the political factors, economical, social and technical factors they need to understand when they are producing the automobiles as well have to understand the needs and needs of the client as well as the economy of the place as the government takes on an important role. They need to understand the technology they have to provide within automobiles because the most advanced technology will be able to attract individuals better plus they would be able to reach the market better and the relevance of SWOT evaluation in running the business enterprise is very important as Honda has to understand what is there talents, weakness, opportunity, risks in order to be successful on the market as they need PEST and SWOT analysis together to have the ability to survive searching for long run both of these evaluation helps Honda to be a better company and be able to understand its customers and their needs.

2. 1 Honda: Reconciling dichotomies (Product related primary competencies versus process related central capabilities. Making dichotomies is the better avenue for new ideas in neuro-scientific cars industry.

Productivity, (2010) Product related central competencies are dimension of the effective use of the resources, expressed as the ratio of productivity and input. Productivity as the ratio

of output and input. Output us very important to business because they can gain market share and make great gains. For instance, when productivity increases, product costs decrease and product price can be reduced.

Productivity pertains to competitiveness in the manner that if two companies have the same degree of result but one requires less insight because of higher efficiency, that one will be able to charge less price and therefore increase its shares of the marketplace.

Process related key capabilities typically explaining the work of taking something through an establishment and usually group of steps to convert it in one form to another, as a creation or administrative method. The process main functions at Honda is playing an important role as it is supporting in having new and growing progressive ideas for the company and playing an important role in product related primary competencies.

Process Capabilities, (2010) The concept of process capacity has been utilized by the making industry to quantify the connection between product specs and the measured process performance. Various ratios and indices have been developed to describe this relationship.

2. 2 International trade is exchange of capital, goods, and services across international borders or territories. International Trade, (2010) the main features of international trade are International trade has flourished over time due to the many benefits it includes wanted to different countries throughout the world. International trade is the exchange of services, goods, and capital among various countries and regions, without much hindrance. Additionally it is one of important sources of revenue for a growing country, by using modern production techniques, highly advanced transportation systems, transnational businesses, outsourcing of creation and services, and immediate industrialization, the international trade system keeps growing and spreading extremely fast.

International trade, (2010) Great variety of goods designed for utilization and international trade brings in different kinds of goods from different destinations. This gives consumers a number of choice to choose from and which will not only improve their quality but also the complete country. Better allocation and better usage of resources, since countries have a tendency to produce goods and goods that they are good at and have a comparative benefit towards its challengers.

Efficient in production will help countries and they will adopt better ways of producing goods and this will keep the price down in order to stay competitive. Countries that can produce a product at the lower price possible can gain the larger market share on the market. Therefore a motivation to produce successfully arises. This can help standards of the product to increase and consumers will have a good quality product to consume.

Automobile industry, (2010) Restricting trade in the context of global auto industry, the global automotive industry, increasingly seen as a global mergers and relocation of creation centers to appearing producing economies, is in the grips of a worldwide price-war. The industry is subject to imperfect competition which has resulted in too much of everything too much capacity, way too many competitors and too much redundancy and overlap. The industry can be involved with consumer requirements for styling, safe practices, and comfort; and with labor relationships and developing efficiency. The industry have to essentially work hard to meet the requirements of the consumers and what are the new wants as what forms of cars they want in the automobile industry. Specialization in auto (Honda) sector is becoming increasingly section specific as each of these countries is finding its topic. China is specializing in components, India in two wheelers and small vehicles, Thailand in pick-up pickup trucks and passenger autos and Indonesia in energy vehicles. As Honda is understating its market in these areas and the areas of the world because they are providing according with their customers would like as they may have restriction in providing different types of cars which is not needed in the particular country.

Automobile industry is symbolic of technological marvel by real human kind. Being one of the speediest growing sectors on earth with its powerful growth stages are explained naturally of competition, product life pattern and consumer demand. Today, the global car industry is concerned with consumer demands for styling, protection, and comfort; and with labor relationships and manufacturing efficiency.

3 Whittington's Evolutional and Systemic colleges of thoughts. Making use of the two schools of thought in producing strategy to Honda motors. Evolutionary process where the Evolutional is manner in which the evolutionary perspective: sell or perish. Strategy, (2010)

Marketing marketing communications decisions are for short-term survival

In the long-term we would be inactive!

Intense focus on short-run sales, not long-term brand-building

Whittington's four academic institutions of thought

The development strategy of Honda Motors have used the Whittington evolutional and Systemic approach in there process and the best way to understand the market better and its competition. Not only maximizing the earnings but also professional delight and culture as detailed under in the figure

Evolutionary and Systemic academic institutions of thought




Opportunities to make decision and competition

Unexpected swings in future

Competition does not imply efficiency: market segments can be manipulated; society has other requirements s for corporations than just earnings maximization

Finding possible causes of action and objective

Trial and error compelled choices

Local approved

Selecting plan of action and developing strategy

Improving operations management

Strategic objectives depends

on the specific cultural system in

which the strategy is created


Strategy = daily management for surviving and competitive nature

Other than revenue maximizing is professional delight, influence, religious beliefs and culture

The two classes of thought that happen to be being utilized by Honda Motors to be able to build up their strategies are Evolutional and Systemic and Honda are using these tools in an effective manner moreover in

Evolutional approach employed by Honda in

Marketing marketing communications decisions are for short-term survival

Communication decisions are for short-term in the progression process

Intense focus on short-run sales, not long-term brand-building.

They have to consider strong focus on the market

The approach who's better is Systemic school of thought because of a lot of reason Systemic approach have

Systemic Approach employed by Honda

Consumer attitudes and action are limited to interpersonal systems with given norms, ideals, jobs, culture, and ethics. Honda comprehends all these patterns and frame of mind of the client in order to build up a much better strategy in future.

Limitations from what marketing and sales communications can do in conditions of market show - the buyer culture rules, Honda need to have a good understanding of the marketing communication and know its limits

Other "rational" reasons for marketing and sales communications than pure revenue maximization, such as faith, culture and professional pride.

This school of thought is better plus more appropriate towards Honda as it maintains an attention on the buyer demand needs and desires as well understand its customer patterns. They have got good knowledge of the marketing process. Honda believes in professional pleasure, culture and religious beliefs understanding of people and how people respond to these norms as Honda is the leading Auto industry as it suites towards the Systemic approach in order for the strategic development.

Proper explanation of Systemic in number below

4 Processual academic institutions of thought is approximately understanding the brand and influencing the brand with some risk consuming decision making and Processual approach helps firm to keep its goal of a straightforward strategy based on four loop. The loops can affect but shouldn't change the tactical management of the organization and it is about

Consumer attitudes and actions can be influenced

Continuous improvement of brand, Creative ways of reaching customer

Advertising management

Certain degree of risk-taking in decision-making allows for innovative and

The Processual School of Thought is approximately making the Honda take up the strategy and create a brand by understanding its customers and their need and would like. At exactly the same time understand its beliefs. The implications of tactical management on the four loops.

The rational loop helps to make sure that proper management would be predicated on logical thoughts and ideas. Processual approach helps in focusing on the use of logical decision making when making decisions and controlling the use of strategies. It helps and makes certain that all the implications of any decisions or strategies would be carefully analyzed under Processual Approach. Therefore Processual School of Thought is making the proper management of the logical loop more though full and packed with new ideas.

The overt politics loop by using Processual School of Thought helps to create a far more open impact on tactical management. Politics are being used by some to add their ideas to strategic management without being discreet about any of it. Overt politics targets the utilization of affect and connections to say strategic ideas by using Processual Approach and that is most beneficial thing for the company

The Culture and cognition loop performs an important role when evaluated by the Processual Approach as it makes use of culture and tradition to influence proper management decision and to make the strategies based on the culture of the place and country. Honda Motors uses culture and cognition as essential aspect in tactical development. The culture and cognition loop employs suggestions to change strategic management decision so the firm will act based on the needs and would like of the surroundings. In such a loop Processual Approach would serve an important part in making decisions that will influence the company and Processual methodology helps the organization maintain steadily its goal of a straightforward strategy predicated on the four loops.

The covert politics loop by making use of Processual approach really helps to create a far more secretive methods to influence proper management; this calls for a member of the Honda Motors secretively influencing tactical management decisions in his favor. Covert politics loop is a more secretive way to influence decisions and strategies which usually creates decisions which may be beneficial to the company.

5 Conclusions

Honda Motors is one of the leading cars industries and in year or two they are facing problems as the industry was weakened by the rapid upsurge in the fuel prices as well as to energy problems of 2003-08, which made people to buy less of cars with low fuel market. In the year 2008 there have been some models released by Honda with fuel efficient models to offer to the consumers, the bigger automobiles including Standard Motors, Toyota, Ford, Chrysler, Nissan and Honda Motors experienced sliding sales.

Honda has used PEST and SWOT analysis to work harder to attain the goal to make their sales go high, and have worked on the weakness in the market as well. Honda has examined there PEST evaluation and the factors that are influencing their company. Honda being the key automobile industry has to understand its advantages and weakness, when dealing using their customer. They have to know their needs needs and requires.

Whittington's Evolutional and Systemic colleges of thoughts are being applied by Honda Motors to the better development of their strategy and which helps them to know where they are standing on the market and by using the four loops Honda can know its company better way as they will be in a position to understand its culture, religious beliefs and this will make better strategic decisions for the company.

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