The Success Of Business Communication In Vodafone

This is my assignment regarding business communication. On this assignment I will have to select a company and i quickly have to give my views on that regarding to the needs of this assignment so now I'll explain the next things which are given in the project, but before that I am going to start with a short summery about my given business.

Company's information:

This report is focused on the Vodafone Group of Communication. That is one in to the world's leading mobile companies. This is a UK founded company and was set up in 1983 in UK. The business attained so many companies all around the globe, same as in New Zealand. The prior company was known as Bellsouth New Zealand, Vodafone purchased its business in 1998. Bellsouth experienced only 138, 000 customers at that time however now Vodafone has around 3 million customers in New Zealand. Vodafone possessed around 1400 employees in 2007. They provide 70 kinds of services like video calling, conferencing, Gps device, internet etc. Vodafone is well known because of its good communication and services. It is operating under CEO Russell Stanners.

Why I determined this business:

The main reason of choosing this business is that the company is one in to the most famous organisations in New Zealand, as well as the second biggest communication provider all over the world. The other thing is the fact business I have chosen because of my encounters also. I have worked in the call centre in India so that I possibly could write better upon this topic. There are some other reasons also as I have done my assignment in Applied management, that was also regarding to Vodafone and I did very well in that task and the presentation too. The other thing appealing is the fact one of my room mates is working with Vodafone New Zealand so that it is very easy for me to acquire some information with his help. In order that I chosen Vodafone as my business for the project. But there is another reason for choosing this matter was that this organisation really relates to the communication sector so that I can gain some knowledge from it. And one other thing that I've also affinity for telecommunication sector.

Business Demographics:

Vodafone has a very good selection of demographics all over the world well we can first start with the global network of Vodafone and we can provide the following example

Global Network:

Vodafone Group Plc expands across five continents, with pursuits in the UK, USA, India, Ireland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Hungary, Albania, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Australia, Fiji, China, South Africa, Kenya, Egypt and of course, New Zealand. Vodafone Group also offers partner sites in Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Lithuania, Slovenia, Austria, Luxembourg, Bahrain, Cyprus, Kuwait, Singapore and Hong Kong. Vodafone Asia pacific provides wireless telecommunication and information service to more than5. 84 million customers in New Zealand, Australia and Fiji. The Vodafone group of communication can be an international market and we can say that New Zealand is a multicultural land. Here the folks from different nations, civilizations and ethnicities live. So we can say that for a multicultural country it's hard to connect and understand everyone with the demands. So the business demographics could be as following.


In the local business we can say that only in New Zealand there are numerous folks from different ethnicities. So for the company it's hard to converse and make everyone understand corresponding to their own terms. So in such areas many companies feel problems with their customers. So the main key point available is communication but if your communication isn't that strong which can make people get drawn to you than its hard for you to run a highly effective organisation. New Zealand is similar to a mother for most children a few of them are known to it plus some of these are unknown. So it is hard for an company to yank them under a lines and make them happy. Well Vodafone is wanting to do that since it is approaching to the area of people's interest and Vodafone has around 92% of mobile holders of all populace of New Zealand.


Internationally Vodafone is an extremely huge and a big company because the company is the next largest communication professional. So the company provides service in the 32 countries all over the world. For company it is rather important to provide an improved communication. Everywhere far away Vodafone has maintained good communication demography. Well the communication requires a very important place in international business as well because the communicational problem is the primary problem in business. So the people will try to adopt that organisation which can understand them so that communication has a very important place for the reason that.

Organisational goals:

Well at the every level of company communication process is very important. Communication not just used to provide your opinions but it is also used in making an impact on a group of people. Like when the company pieces any goals then these goals all delivered to all degrees of organisation. Like an example that if the top management has planned to set a target of becoming the largest company in the region they have to create the targets. Oral conferences and presentations will be achieved, and then the lower level begins focusing on that so that it could be achieved. It isn't as easier as it is taken in thinking, a planning is very important to the. As I've said that companies have some goals same as in Vodafone, there goals is to become the biggest communication supplier in the brand new Zealand which really they are simply. But for the purpose of keeping this place remain the nice communication skills are a good idea which can only just work under the good communicational process which is helpful for the organisation. Pre planning isvery very important to such ideas.

Organisational culture and ethics:

Well if we talk about the ethics in the different organisations then Vodafone NZ could be a very good example of that like Vodafone is an international organisation. But for managing the cultural script of the organisation there may be some steps used which could help them to get advanced like if Vodafone will promote their offer and ideals to promote honest and ethnic conduct, including the honest handling of actual or apparent conflicts appealing. The communication levels should be used to promote identical and relevant customer's handlings, like all the personnel should be properly trained and given proper training for behaving and managing those customers that happen to be from other ethnicity or organizations. Communication can be maintained like a few of the people could be chosen which can understand the other people's culture and practices or could be employed using their culture as well. It'll promote the organisation because people will find it much easier to talk to your company. Every company has some cultural values, not absolutely all of them but some of these can de defined as their Corporate Responsibilities. Well communication also becomes an integral part of being moral for an company. I. e. if the company is good and good with his customers and the communication process is considered properly then it can be also included as their part to be ethical.

Management of knowledge resources:

Well New Zealand is a very privacy loving country. As I have read before that there is a laws that is named 1995 privacy act which means that any company or organisations or persons any type of knowledge can't be handed down without their authorization to begin with this may be the biggest reason for your. The communication at the management level should be quite strong because if the management level is quite good then only the low level will continue to work properly. Along with the top level should try to make the good communicative website link with the tiny management. All of the level should be linked with each other so that the company can improve there conditions of customers.

After that people can recognize some things that may help company to save their knowledge and not handed down to others these could be pursuing

Meeting should take place in the official places only so that it will be easier for the company that the procedure will be done through the systematic way.

Vodafone can make an effort to take views from all the volunteers however, not in front of each other maybe it's done via messages or written so that everyone won't know that what were others view so he could not try to grab the thought of other individuals.

Company can deal with the verbal and face to meetings and those conferences could be noted.

Company can provide chance to people to speak on the behalf of groups so that the conferences won't get handed down to all of them.

Group dynamics:

Well effective communication is very useful in group dynamics like when the folks in group discuss on a period with sitting collectively in an organization, there main purpose is to achieve any goals or aims that could help them to get their vision. Well effective communication helps a lot to fulfil the goals in the group like when the group is filled with the folks form different works in the group then they can cross their ideas to the group and sometimes these ideas could be very helpful for the group to increase. Same in Vodafone, It is a multinational company. In such company there are extensive workers and some of them could be form the several raise and cultures. So it could be ideal for the company that whenever they want to come with any new idea then they can take help form those volunteers and they can inquire further about the decision of the people according to the group so the company may easily achieve their goals.

Group communication are a good idea for the company, like if the business will provide the nice service to every ethnic group. For this purpose they can retain the personnel from different ethnic teams. Like if we speak about New Zealand then there are numerous people living from other countries, like Asians, Indians etc, so if the business will provide them service in their words then they must become more happier.

Meeting management:

Meeting management process can be run effectively in a team, like as I have specified before that Vodafone is a multinational company and New Zealand is a multicultural company in such company the management process is run through the top level managements. Well time to time conferences take place in the organisation. To ensure the performance of the organisation we can put some ideas by our own knowledge these can be as following

Plan the reaching: for an efficient meeting process it is very important that you should plan the assembly first. In such organisations like Vodafone all employees can not be called for the meeting? So every group should send a volunteer for the meetings which can take bring the innovations in front.

Appropriate participation of individuals: everyone should get chance for the correct involvement so that everyone can get the proper participation to provide their ideas.

Listen to everyone: well everyone has their own perspective so they have to listen to everyone so that the idea of productivity could bring ahead.

All these options are available in Vodafone because just of the prices Mr. Russell Stanners who is the existing CEO of Vodafone had taken the company forward than others.


Vodafone is very fare to their stake holders. There stakeholders are their business companions, traders, employees and suppliers. They give attention to the precise and relevant issues. Concentrated dialogues help them to recognize alternatives for the new issues. Well the organisation manages to communicate with the stakeholders or to the persons who have involvement in the company via meetings, memos, texting or dialling them. Like for the clients it handles them by sending text messages and by promotions and other offers. There experts comment that they constantly task their selves to set the high standard of transparency and service. They include their sustainability record and Corporate Responsibility are accountable to see that.

Vodafone can also try some other options to make their stakeholders happy like if you give time to time offers to your employees and make an effort to give some discount rates to suppliers then that must be one of an ideal purpose for the. If the company is fair to all or any stakeholders then your stakeholders too will be considering company. And the good communication skill can help in this. Only specialists should be interacting with the customers.


Well the Vodafone is the largest communication specialist in New Zealand they have the largest number of customers in New Zealand alternatively than other company. They have got around 92% customers of total human population. There are some methods I am describing which could be beneficial to interact with them like

Promotions: A advertising is one in to the biggest methods of interacting with customers. Like if anybody of customers see any advertising then enjoy it he definitely tell people about any of it so that the company can let others know as well.

Advertisements: advertising something values a whole lot for the company because sometimes one add can put an alteration on many peoples this is also one of the nice ways.

Value adding's: well sometime companies add some values to customers like now Vodafone do the free weekend schemes for 4 weeks after every recharge. .

Texting and contacting: sometimes company provides details to customers by texting them or contacting them.

What does the business do to ensure all the communication systems work effectively?

The company needed the following steps to ensure that the business's communication system work properly

Align the structure: well first of all if you feel that any organisation is perfect then its not. Because there's no description of perfect in business. To begin with creating a good communication system to begin with we need to align the composition. We have to look and the characteristics and the demerits of the business then we can try to fix everything.

Try to be competitive: well make an effort to compete with the other companies and give them a better competition and try to learn something using their features of communication too.

Proper training: well proper training is very important for the every organisation that will help the company to offer better using their customers.

Basic customer handling skills: this is also one of the main parts of the organisational communication. Not merely the communication is important but behaving and bringing in customers is also an important reality.

Manage persons matching to their features: if the business wants to obtain additional gain then it has to deal with it employees corresponding to their features like if one is good in offers then he should be working and when other is good in deals then he should be given that.


These are the all factors which were given me to fulfil the needs of task, and i think that I've done my best according to my knowledge.

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