The Success Of Taco Bell

Taco Bell is a chain of junk food restaurants. The procedures in the early 1980s, Taco Bell creation process have been made to use low technology and traditional ways. We can see that in the early 1980s, a manual process communicated orders to crew members assembling the ready ingredients in to the menu items. Besides, the top of cashier operating a mechanical check out was a piece of Plexiglas and a grease pencil. In the first 1980s, Taco Bell also acquired no drive - through glass windows. These are pointed out that Taco Bell was not worried on the technology in the early 1980s. Actually, the technologies are extremely important especially it is achieving to a technology century. A lot of things are depended on technology. Know-how can lead an organization to the way of success. What's technological innovation? Relating to Oxford Dictionary, technological is associated with or using technology. Relating to one meaning innovation is thought as "the intentional benefits and request within a role, group or business of ideas, operations, products or steps, new to the relevant device of adoption, made to significantly benefit the individual, the group, business or wider contemporary society (West and Farr, 1990). Therefore, know-how is a fresh method, idea and product that related to the technology.

The technologies that were launched also lead the successful of Taco Bell procedure. Technology can support with the distribution of information across different department of your restaurants and between different degrees of staffs. The fast food organization Taco Bell uses technology to improve gain access to o knowledge, facilitation of worker empowerment and producing a flattening of management. In using the technology, Taco Bell expect to reach productivity improvement, product freshness, quickness of service (SOS) and the provision of services that are right first time. Many of these are the goals that Taco Bell using the technology. Efficiency improvement, product freshness, rate of service and the provision of services are incredibly important facts especially in the fast food industry.

Electronic Point of Sale (POS) System

One of the technological innovations that were presented is installing the electric point- of- sales system (cash register). Electric point- of -sales system is a computerized equipment that does all responsibilities of store checkout counter. It allows verifies orders, providing sales studies, coordinates inventory data, and functions other services normally provided by employees. In Taco Bell, the electronic point of sales systems were tied to television monitors on the set up line to point what have been purchased. Before this, a manual process communicated orders were used to order. Manual process communicated orders will decrease the rate of the service. Acceleration of service is important in junk food industry liked Taco Bell. It is because the speed of service will have an effect on the satisfactions of the customers toward that restaurant. Installation of the electronic point -of-sale system will give a lot of advantages to Taco Bell. The electric point-of- deal system makes it possible for the chain to trail product mixture and removed the Plexiglas boards. This can allow others to know that what the different products is Taco Bell markets. The others can easily see the menu through the display screen of the tv screen. This system can bring the convenient to the customers.

Besides that, the computer displays attached above the lines were from the Point of Sales (POS) system and automatically mentioned the meals products for customer. From then on, order assemblers would get the meals or those items that the customers ordered or requested from the staging and deliver those items to the client. After delivering the things to the customers the order assemblers only needed to force a button to remove the order on the display screen. The POS systems is an in- house database server steps all sales transactions it will get from your client. This is providing convenient to the customers and the personnel. POS system is actually very useful and gave a whole lot of advantages to the junk food industry.

Drive thru is also becoming popular in a lot of quick service restaurant. Taco Bell also offers the Drive Thru. In early on time, Drive Thru of Taco Bell had not been convenient to the customers. It is because Drive Thru order in those days tended to have longer due to the limited point of contact staff members experienced with drivers in contrast to the more adaptable factors of contact possible across the in - store counter with multiple registers. From then on, Taco Bell acquired implemented outdoor order boards where a driver would speak to the restaurant through the intercom. The company was evaluating a handheld computer mother board that was radio-linked to the POS system and may be utilized during rush period. This Drive- Thru can increase the competitive and contend with the other junk food restaurant liked MC Donald. In comparison to Taco Bell, MC Donald has Twice- Drive Thru. There are some changes of the scientific system that can help customers and the restaurants to efficiency speed up the delivery and ventures within the premises. The clients can also order using the websites selections and choose a pickup time while placing the order. The order may link to the POS system straight. The food is jam-packed and held ready within an innovative take out packet. The client arrives at the designated time and parks at the reserved take out parking space. Another camera captures the arrival and alerts the restaurant staff who bring food to the customers and take credit card payment at that moment.

Service- collection Extensions

Service -collection extensions. Service innovations pertain to extensions of already existing services collection. It was necessary to add this intermediate cell because the nature of the assistance clearly fell between the major improvements and service and style improvements. The clients are closer to the service agency yet utilizes different service delivery method. A couple of smaller units typically providing self-service outlets using brand names with their major business notion. Taco Bell is using co- brand units. It consist one location providing different menu choices with common seating and other consumer conveniences. Although limited menu items can be found the service is fast and convenient.

Store system (Chilling and Freezing)

Technological innovation is supporting food creation in the junk food industry. In the early year, Taco Bell used a low technology. Which means that Taco Bell did not use the store system such as chilling and freezing. Store system choice is a essential part of selecting efficient freezing and chilling system for long term use. Chilled food should be sent out under handled conditions. Chilled food should be retained at or under 3C. Chilling method is suitable for storing the veggie liked lettuce, tomatoes and so forth. Freezing is a food service system by holding in handled low temperatures. The temperature is mainly under 0C. Freezing method is well suited for storing the uncooked beef meat or raw meats. Chilling and freezing are essential to keep up the freshness of the food substances such as vegetable, meat, fruits etc. The meals can aware from the bacteria or pathogen and the food cannot infect by the bacteria easily. This may ensure the food safety and keep maintaining the grade of the meals. Besides, this system may decrease the wastage of food because the food might not rotten easily.

TACO (Total Automation of Company Procedure)

Information technology has far from performed the role in this junk food aspect. Performance and quality was increased by POS system because the customers will have the right change and food purchased in the faster manner. Besides, POS system is not only improves the partnership with the customer, it also can gain more submit the partnership with suppliers. Through the years, an improved and better inventory control was designed by Taco Bell. For the fast food industry, inventory control also takes on a very important role. The kitchen is the most important department for an instant service restaurant. Your kitchen will desire a lot of substances for making the meals. Therefore, the inventory control is needed in the kitchen. The issue such as jogging from the materials liked lettuce, chopped tomato vegetables or other substances will happen in the restaurant. Operating out of the ingredients can have a significant effect on the acceleration of service in the restaurant. With a much better inventory control, Taco Bell doesn't have to store great levels of unused food or lower service when stock ran out. To boost inventory control, a primary hyperlink between stock limit and suppliers could order food automatically. This is not that hard to use since all the meals processing is performed at centralized places. A great many other industries have what's frequently known as fly-by point. This is started in John Martin first season, 1983, started out with a point of sales (POS) system that helped observe sales. A system called TACO was built which used the POS system and made the information more useful. These can help a local manager could forecast future sales and view the inventory based on the all the POS system in the regional manager area. They don't need to go to each one of the Taco Bell in their area to determine the sales and inventory. They are able to take your choice making to lower level with TACO II perked in the just- in- time inventory system even more.

Taco Bell can also use information technology to make additional improvements in functioning efficiency and expenditures. Because of the steadiness in development methods in one restaurant to another restaurant, improvements made in one location are likely to gain other Taco Bell locations. Because of this factor, efficiency improvement initiatives that produce positive results should be logged into the TACO II system and stored in a central database. The machine should be made to scan actual results, identify opportunities for improvement, and automatically forwards potential solutions to the appropriate restaurant. This might provide restaurant with a much more comprehensive and timely list of ideas than the existing system of communication.

Labor- Management System (LMS)

Integrated labor- management system as a fundamental element of TACO, the business could take benefit of and accelerate the deployment of the program and hardware to the field. The brand new labor- management system is a typical component of a comprehensive restaurant- management system. Its franchisees and licensees could manage labor in a consistent manner across the complete system. The consequence of the Labor management system would be shown in higher uniformity of service, satisfaction of customer and brand equity. The labor management system also was required to serve as a competent and effective in store labor management tool. It can help restaurant managers to arrange and plan the move of employees. It can benefit the restaurants administrator to determine who should commence to work and how long of the works. This technique can help the professionals to save enough time to arrange the task shifts. All the works can be carried out quickly and efficiency however, not time consuming.

Toll- free Telephone

The next interesting know-how is about the protection nets. With removing layers of management and regular guidance of restaurants, the new control buttons were required to ensure and adherence to requirements. These are called safe practices nets. One of the security nets is the 1-800 figures. The 1-800 quantity was a toll- free telephone number customer could call to comment on the restaurants. Toll- free volumes permit the callers such as customers to accomplish business or individuals without having to be charged for the decision. The charges for utilizing a toll- free number is paid by the caller party (the toll-free customer) liked Taco Bell rather than the calling party. Toll- free quantities are incredibly common and have proven successful for a company including fast food industry, specifically in the regions of customer service and telemarketing. We can say that toll-free service provides potential clients as well as others with a free and convenient way to contact the business. This is considered as a service to the customers. This toll- free cell phone is a stage or channel to provide the customer expressing their unsatisfying to the Taco Bell and present remarks to the restaurant. Commonly, Taco Bell restaurant will have the feedback such as "the restaurant is very dirty", "the tacos are too spicy" etc. This technical service may lead the company to know which places the restaurant needed to improve because the clients received their comments to the restaurant. The quantity 1-800 or the toll- free cell phone had the opportunity to turn into a customer relations vehicle, linked to ideas such as service recovery and marketing research approximately the maintenance of operational specifications. Many customers will meet with this toll- free cell phone service because the restaurant can allow customers to complaint. After the issue, the restaurants have the possibility to improve.

Other security nets included a toll- free amount that employees could secretly call to record abuses within the restaurants and handles such as electric comparison of revenues from the POS system and individual store bank deposit through Taco Bell. Inside the workplaces, a great deal of staff abuses and control issues may happen. This can cause the employees work under the filled with scare and stress environment. The employees can use the toll free phone to survey the abuses within the restaurants and adjustments. The employees of Taco Bell can protect their own rights and stopping themselves from the problems of mistreatment and control. This toll- free number not only supply the channel for the clients to provide their opinions and problems but also provide a route for employees to article the unethical things that happen in the restaurant. The Taco Bell employees will gratify their jobs plus they could work in the Taco Bell without stress. This can enhance the procedure of the Taco Bell restaurant. For the reason that the employees will do their work critically. The operation of the company will be advanced if the employees can cooperate with the business. This is also a spot that let a company success.


According to Nation's Restaurant Information of yr 1994, Taco Bell Corporation's chairman and leader, John Martin had been chosen to get the first-ever Nation's Restaurant Media Innovator Honor, saluting the major innovations that he had introduced lately. The NRN Innovator accolade, sponsored by AT&T Global Information Alternatives regarded Martion for his role as an architect of the quick service segment's value marketing trend and then for his organizational, technical and cultural improvements at Taco Bell. After the leading of CEO of Taco Bell, John Martin in the know-how, Taco Bell is business lead to the way of success. The award also evidence that Taco Bell is reaching the success. The know-how can help a lot in maintaining the procedure in the restaurants such as maintain freshness of raw material, staff works shift and so on. It is bringing the satisfaction of the clients, convenient, increasing the rate of service, reduce frustrating etc. Technological innovation may lead Taco Bell to survive in the strong competition fast food industry. Taco Bell can continue using the know-how to enlarge the business enterprise and become the biggest junk food restaurant.

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