The various options in recruitment processes

Recruiting is more likely to attain its objective more effectively than others for filling up certain types of careers. Talents and weakness in wanting to get lower level and managerial level workers will be analysed.

Recruitment helps to identify the foundation to employees and motivate them to use for jobs and creates a interest of the prospect to work in just a organization. Recruitment is the procedure to recognize and catch the attention of the candidates from within and beyond your organization to provide future occupation to the required candidates.


Recruitment planning:

This is the first stage in the recruitment process. Planning entails job vacancies and information about the nature of job into a couple of objectives (or) focuses on. Considering the range of, and kind of people to be approached.

Nature of contacts

Organisations nearly always plan to attract more job seekers. Some of those are uninterested, unqualified (or) both.

Type of contacts

This refers to type of individuals depending on the jobs and responsibility engaged and the qualification and experience expected.

Strategy Development:

If it is well known how many and what type of recruits are required

'Make' or 'buy' employees: 'Make' means hire less skilled staff. 'Buy' means seek the services of skilled staff and experts 'Buying' employees have the benefit in the sense that skilled labour and specialists can begin the work immediately and little training may be needed.

Technological sophistication of recruitment and selection devices. The second decision in strategy development pertains to the methods used in recruitment and selection. The computer has managed to get easy for employees to scan national and international candidate qualifications.


The search process will involve

SOURCE ACTIVATION: This source methods are triggered by the worker requisition.

The people received must be screened.

SELLING: Another issue in looking process concerns communication.

SCREENING: Testing of program can be regarded as an integral part of recruitment process. It's the first rung on the ladder in selection process. Inside the screening process qualified candidates are called for an interview.


EVALUATION AND CONTROL: Analysis and control are necessary as significant costs are incurred in the recruitment process.

The recruitment process has the objective of looking for and obtaining applications from job hunters in sufficient volumes and quality.


The evaluation of recruitment methods include

  • Number of candidates at various levels of recruitment and selection process, especially those who are shortlisted.
  • Number of applicants recruited.
  • Number of prospects retained in the organization after six months.


Although all organizations will, at one time or the another they'll be involved in the recruiting activity. The effectiveness of past recruiting initiatives will show itself organization. Historical capability to locate and keep who perform well.


Most large organizations will attempt to develop their own employees.

  • Maintaining good open public relations
  • It develops morale
  • Encourages good those who are ambitious.
  • Chosen internally who already know about the business.
  • Using internal source is a downside, this means excellent candidates can be found externally.
  • -Personnel Human tool management third model 2008 Stephen P. ROBBINS
Recruitment resources from the international human being resource management perspective can be studied under two levels:

  • MACRO LEVEL: The country from which the recruiting are sourced
  • MICRO LEVEL: The institutional sources within a country that recruiting are sourced
Organizations involved in international human learning resource management are two types:

  • Multinational Companies
  • Domestic Companies
  • These companies search for potential employees both from within the country and beyond your country.


Recruitment sources at the macro level are four categories
Ethnocentric Methodology

Under Ethnocentric Methodology MNC's at their mind quarters formulate objective, targets, strategies, product design.

They feel that people of their own country are well informed and passes the skills and carryout the jobs in active business. They believe that mother or father country nationals have a sense of belongingness with the company.

Polycentric Approach

MNC under polycentric procedure snacks each subsidiary as an independent company and decentralize all the operations and delegates' decision. Making expert to its executives.

The professionals of the subsidiary form later part of the the strategies predicated on the objective and vision. Based on variety country environment (culture, traditions, laws, monetary conditions, govt. regulations etc).

Region centric Approach

Geocentric Approach

In this Geo centric strategy the test abilities are recruited by the organization. Inside the recruitment we must consider
Internal and external factors

External factors handles the powers of organization you need to include the current and future trends of the labour market.

Internal factors includes control and keep an eye on the organizational culture.


Organization has already knows about the skills of internal applicants existing employees already know the organization guidelines, rules and commitments.

Internal recruitment means they are employed in the business.

PRESENT EMPLOYEES: Through deals and exchanges among the present employees from existing positions to higher position can be considered a good source for recruitment.

EMPLOYEE Research: It really is a good way to obtain employee recruitment staff can develop good friends & individuals then it is a benefit of job with company. Motivating them to use.

FORMAL EMPLOYEES: The individual who are retired may be inclined another (or) recommend someone to work for the business. The folks who left the jobs might be prepared to come back.

Recruitment of these persons can be an advantage of the business. Because the performance of these employees may be well know to the organization required job needs.



These associates provide placement services to its people. These are particularly useful for appealing to highly informed, experienced and skilled folks.


It is a popular approach to recruitment in the exterior process.

Generally the advertising receive in two ways

  • Want adds
  • Blind adds

EMPLOYEE EXCHANGE: Corresponding to career exchange take action 1959 industrial institutions must inform the vacancies before they feel this function has a link between employers and employees.


  • Selection is the procedure of taking individuals with qualifications to complete jobs in the business.
  • Some selection methods can be utilized in just a organization
  • Selection process can be involved with picking the light individuals from pool of job seekers.
  • Selection activities follow a standard pattern starts with an initial screening process interview and concluding with the ultimate occupation decisions.
  • In the choice process most of the MNC's used to follow the selection technique predicated on the abilities, job duties and job description
  • Selection process includes collect information about the applicants and about his qualification.
  • Selection is determined by the candidate skills and the abilities to reach your goals in their careers.


The role of selection in a firm is more effective.


Selection is an extended process starts off from the primary interview of job seekers and end with contract of employment

But used the process differs among business between two different careers within the same company.

They are two environment factors impacting the choice process.

  • External environmental factors
  • Internal environmental factors

Selection process having several factors performs a prominent role among the list of resource & demand and skills in the labor market legal & political concerns and company image are the external factors.

HR Procedures, cost of hiring are the inner factors.


Preliminary interview begins by examining of applicants. This means HR specialists will usually who are licensed candidates to achieve the organizational targets.


The evaluating the applicants derive from provided information. It is also called as courtesy interview.


The candidates who are evaluated in the screening process & primary interview they are simply needed selection test. This selection test is dependant on the candidate capability, personality of attitude.

In the selection test the candidates are founded on

  • Reliability
  • Validity
  • Objectivity
  • Standardization


Employment interviews are done by the HR director at the beginning at the end of selection process

It is an outstanding device in the selection process because of its flexibility and soundness.

Employment interviews may take the proper execution of three types

  • One - to - one interviews
  • Sequential interviews
  • Panel interviews


  • Structured
  • Unstructured
  • Mixed (mix of Structured and unstructured)
  • Behavioral
  • Stress
  • Group conversation interviews


This is the fourth stage of selection process employers obtain names & address

Generally references receive by current employees, prior employees of related group.


After getting all information selection decision is made by the HR director.

It is a crucial stage in the choice process predicated on the decisions only the obligations and responsibilities are permitted to the employees.

PHYSICAL Evaluation:

After the choice decision & before job offer physical fittings test and the physical capacity is conducted.


Job offer is based on the result of medical fittings test only. These email address details are preserved in the workers data for future verifications.

The main purpose for physical exam is

  • The prospect may suffer from any an infection disease or not.
  • The prospect is suited to work (or) not.
  • To protect the worker for workers compensation claim.


The prospect who crossed all the prior conducted lab tests. Job offer is manufactured through a notice of visit. The notice will contains particular date by which the candidate must report working. Some sophistication period is also directed at the candidate to execute his tasks.

CONTRACT OF Occupation:

After the job offer is made if the employee accept the offer the individuals attestation form is the near future reference to' the business.

INITIAL Screening process:

The testing interview is an outstanding opportunity to for management to describe the job in detail. So applicants may consider really serious about making application.


Once the initial screening has been completed candidates are asked to complete the organization's application form.


In this they will conduct the cleverness, aptitude, ability and interest better to provide a major suggestions to selection process.


After the original screening, form and required testing have been completed and they'll conduct the complete interview. The applicant may be interviewed by staff department interviews, professionals within the organization.

BACKGROUND Exploration:

The next thing in the selection process is to investigate those charm as the potential employees. Personnel sources and verifying the educational qualifications shown on the applications.

PHYSICAL Evaluation:

The applicant take a physical exam. The physical examinations are currently required to meet up with the minimum specifications for organizations group life and medical insurance programs.


Those people who perform successfully all the assessments on the background inspection (or) physical assessment how he is eligible to get a offer of career.


  • Screening the applicants background
  • Testing the candidates ability
  • Investigate the family situations
  • To know the capacity of the candidate that he can adjust to the business climate.
  • Psychological checks to investigate the overall personality of the manager

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