UK Watch Market Analysis

Assignment Brief

Assignment 1: Task

  • What marketing environmental factors will have the most effect on the forex market?
  • Apply a model of consumer behaviour to the purchase decision making process
  • Identify and express the different techniques the forex market is/could be segmented.


  • When taking a look at the uk wrist watch industry in 2005 the market size increased by 10% where in fact the market made Ј4. 8 billion by 2010. Furthermore the market grew by 11% five years onwards.
  • Moreover Mintel report portrays that 20% of Men that got part in the survey preferred bits of jewellery as a present. Contrasting 12% of Men preferred to buy their own jewellery portraying a profitable market.

Environmental Research

Environmental research is a tactical tool. It really is a process to recognize all the external and interior elements, which make a difference the organization's performance. The examination entails assessing the amount of threat or opportunity the factors might present. These assessments are later translated in to the decision-making process. The evaluation helps align strategies with the firm's environment.

A SWOT research is a comprehensive check out a company's advantages and weaknesses, or inside factors, as well as external factors it faces on the market. A corporation usually begins a SWOT examination by learning its strengths, such as a strong brand or good reputation, and weaknesses, like inexperienced management or poor syndication. Subsequently, an exterior environment SWOT research enables a firm to ultimately regulate how it can exploit its advantages and minimize weaknesses to be competitive.

  • Significance

The external environment SWOT research is a detailed look at the industry when a company operates. Any company that sells something or service needs to know the competitors it faces in the market, how about its products helps it be competitive and what the company can do to remain competitive in the marketplace. A company also needs to examine other external factors like new laws and regulations, a soothing of tariffs, or any other varying that make a difference a company's business.

  • Opportunities

One facet of an external SWOT examination is learning various opportunities in the marketplace. Opportunities range from an unfulfilled need of consumers or new technical arrivals, according to the article "SWOT Examination" at quickmba. com. For instance, the Internet became a fresh way to market products in the mid-1990s. Also, a competition can walk out business and offer a business with a fresh market segment in which to market its products.

  • Threats

An external environment SWOT evaluation also enables a company to look at various threats on the market. One external risk is government rules. For instance, because of medical issues, the cigarette industry has experienced legislation from the National Drug Administration, which can have a poor impact on sales. Another menace could be additional fees placed on the products a company offers. On top of that, price wars among competition is actually a threat to a corporation.

  • Prevention/Solution

Companies usually match their talents and weaknesses against external variables like opportunities and hazards. Hence, they can develop certain marketing strategies based on what they discover in their external environment SWOT research. For example, a tiny detergent company can exploit its strong brand image, a strength, in a market fraught with low-priced, lower quality detergents, a chance. Due to a certain new enzyme and whitener, it could be able to gain market talk about by slightly lowering its price in this specific market section.

  • Considerations

An external environment SWOT examination must always be specific to the business's competition. This marketing research tool should also talk about the opportunities and threats that a company faces in the present and potentially in the foreseeable future. Companies sometimes tend to overuse external SWOT analyses for their simplicity. However, in addition to the external SWOT research, a company should also consider conducting marketing research research before implementing any marketing strategies.


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