Understanding the value of your time management

The importance of time management can't be refused as it performs an important role in life of every individual. Most of us are just dependent on time. With-out time were nothing.

Time applies in our every walk of life. From sunset till night, the high tide and low tide due to moon, our months everything is very reliant on time. Time never wait for anybody.

Everybody has same number of hours per day, the a day in whole daytime is important form student till the managing director of some company but why is difference is the effective use of the time.

Time is a important commodity which cannot be stored or placed in pocket. Every man no matter how wealthy or poor spends time the same manner, it doesn't increase for the abundant and slow down for the poor.

Time is scarce and exceptional and once it is fully gone it cannot be bought back at any cost.

Every work or activity in one's life needs a while and everything needs time to materialize. With time management, each process is given enough time to be finished. Giving a sliver of your time for each and every of your targets and accounting for it wisely, you will be able to attain them, plus make time for other activities.

With the help of effective time management you'd be able to conclude more jobs with less work. If you're allotting a degree of time for every single activity, you don't need to worry about the next matter that you'll do. With time management, you become more organized and the items you do become more habitual than panic-driven. By which makes it a behavior, you can increase your efficiency and production.

Thus time management rises likelihood of success as it will make you effective using better time management skills and tools, and can accomplish more with less effort and time. It will help you reduce lost time and energy, help you become more creative and successful, and enable that you do the right thing at the right time. Definitely it could increase likelihood of you success.

Time management will allow anyone to do more things in your life. Once you've established a list of duties and prioritized them, you will see that you can get a lot more accomplished.

By tie up management you are feeling as a greater control over your daily life. When you are prioritizing and getting duties completed, you have significantly more time for things that you want to do.

Time management skills and techniques help a person to identify and set ones priorities. Time management helps it be easy you make conscious choices, which means you can spend more of your energy doing things that are essential and valuable for you. By taking care of time you can also can figure out how to find enough time for things that are important for you. Unexpectedly a small amount of time once a day, or even once month, will need you closer to your targets and objectives.

It Reduce stress because by taking care of time you can certainly do what you would like to do. Hence it'll make you more content and reduces stress as Stress brings about long-term health problems.

Time management skills

Make Lists and write down your goals

Make plans day-to-day by either you are walking, driving, showering, or otherwise "lifeless" times to plan. Consider what your goals are with the day or another. Which goals are most significant for you?

Concentrate on One thing at a time because the real human mind works more efficiently when it's focused.

At any cost and in any situation avoid procrastination.

Set up your individual deadlines and monitor yourself that you are going in the right record or not.

It is not possible for a real human to do all the work and overestimation of one's abilities, though definitely not a bad thing could bring about stress and more work for an individual. Thus delegation saves time.

Set up an extended Term Planner or maintain an individual calendar.

Personal goals

As a student i'd like to take my very own example. If i am no longer working hard throughout my complete semester, I am just wasting time. What will happen in the end of semester if i will not had the opportunity to clear the semester. By taking care of time i would be getting good marks and making my job but i should also maintain a balance in all areas of life and can enjoy my best.

Organizational objectives

An company just has the life equal to time of employees. It gives its employees to spend their amount of time in making and making profits. Nonetheless it employees are spending their time and skills in unnecessary tasks then the purpose would not be performed.

In an organization there are a variety of employees accomplishing a unique job and delay in a single process can disturb the whole system for example if research team do not present its research about launch of new product when compared to a marketing director cannot go on. So organizations have to manage time in order to avoid string ramifications of time wastage or delay in activities.


Discuss what professionals do or the role of a manager and based on the conversation make a list of ALL the skills necessary for effective management? Separate the abilities under both headings of personal skills and professional skills. (See lecture notes for the Role of the Manager)

Analyse (discuss the abilities), with supporting samples, three personal skills and three professional skills that produce managers effective in their roles. (It might be easier if you decide on skills that we have mentioned in class for example, assertiveness, demonstration, instruction and counselling, emotional intelligence, time management, stress management, influencing, delegating, motivating, conflict management, problem dealing with, decision-making, communication etc. )

Present an examination of your management style based on the questionnaire

Manger must have some personal and professional skills in order to execute the jobs effectively. These skills are developed more than a period of time by hard-wok and determination.

Professional skills

Planning and organizing


motivate personnel,

communicate effectively




conflict management

technical knowledge

leadership skills

adoptability and flexibility


Personal skills

emotional intelligence


Dedicated and hardworking

time management

communication skills


energy an passion

intellectual abilities


One of the vital thing considered in management is communication because management is split into two phases. in the first process a administrator communicates his ideas to be followed and in the second phase he actually motivates the employee to do what has been communicated. Thus it is not possible to me a good director if u are not able to communicate effectively. Throughout the history it could be seen a common trait in all the great managers and leaders works well communication and persuasion skills. Manger ought to know how to speak to his subordinates, elderly people and other stake holders. A manager must understand the communication process and really should be aware of internal and exterior barriers to make his communication effective.









This is the first element of communication and one should say about which he's sure and don't misguide others because stating correct would build your credibility.


It includes the Eliminate wordy Expressions you need to include only relevant material.


Clarity means that business concept should be right concise complete cement and with consideration

It should use the right level of terminology and Proper punctuation make the writing clear


A message must be completed to bring advisable results. It must include everything the audience needs for the reaction you desire. Make sure that provides all necessary data, Answer the questions asked and give some extra time if it's desired.


Do emphasize on se specific facts and number and use graphs, images. Pie charts and, facts and characters.


Consideration methods to sympathize the human touch and knowledge of human nature. You need to try to imagine always the listener's dreams, problems, thoughts circumstances and framework.


Courtesy is also very important in business and organization. One should be polite and humble to others.

Stress management

The job of manager is becoming increasingly more stressful just because a continuous growing rate of the modern business techniques sets more requirements on our stress management skills. As every corporation one is motivated to accomplish more and more every year with less resources and shorter deadlines and employees are confused by the issues in retaining balance between your work and family life. Whichever sources stress is coming from a mangers has deal with all the situations in very humble manner and unless if as students of management I do not improve my stress management capabilities, i can't be considered a good manager. Matching to doctors Stress has been linked to a major portion of health problems, from premature ageing to heart episodes. Even though stress does not causes the condition immediately, it can accelerate development of existing conditions or make A person more susceptible to health issues, as well as to dangers from Ones home or personal environment.

Self confidence

If one is not self-confident about his own skills and knowledge then how come he develop and motivate others. Most of the time we are underestimating ourselves and pondering inside the boxes which limits our capacities despite to the fact that we have substantial skills. Thus Self-confident managers can form, motivate employees and encourage teams. Managers with high self esteem are able to take initiative, deal with new situations and perform multiple jobs with courage and commitment and concentration and desire. Thy be capable of inspire others because of their imagine and personal charisma and get the task done by employees


With the passage of time the requirement of an manager are also changing because a supervisor ha to work an collaborate teams. He must train, trainer and guide the team to deal with the multiple difficulties of vibrant and unstable business world.

According to CIDP study coaching produces the human source in an firm Additionally it is stated in CIPD, 71% employers now use training in their firm and also says the fact that importance of training skill in a manger is very much in demand available world due to increased pressure to execute, growing consciousness and limits of traditional management styles and personal development techniques, growing recognition of your responsibility and greater desire to attain suitable personnel retention and wellbeing of a business.

It's a very essential skill a manger should have to become effective in his job role. So that it can be said that develops people, gives them perspective and course, creates the capability for continuous improvement and help them to attain their higher potential by making them alert to their skills and abilities. similar if we see at personal level, instruction reduces the fear factor, helps learning and profession progression, meets individual needs, creates responsibility, induces trust and confidence and provides a sense of ownership and confidence.

Decision making

A manager should be strong and courageous. It's a core task of manager to analyze opportunities and threat and then predicated on the durability and the distinctive features of his team have a quick and firm decision that is in the best interest of the team and firm. An incorrect decision of director can have far reaching effects on a business earnings and repute. These are some steps which help in decision making process.

First identify the goal of your final decision. Ask yourself that what's exactly the problem to be resolved and Why it ought to be solved?

Second is to assemble information and determine that the relevant factors and variables.

Third is to recognize the principles to guage the alternatives like What criteria and judgment standards should the ideal solution meet?

Fourth is to brainstorm and list different possible options. .

Fifth is to judge each choice in terms of its effects and use your set in place expectations and judgement conditions to look for the cons and benefits of each choice and method.

Then determine the best alternative.

Take action and Change your choice into specific plan of action steps.

The last the first is to Evaluate the results of your own preference and keep track of it.


Leader dispatch is defined as the ability to influence others for the success of common goals or eyesight. A manager needs to be a head and he should be able to lead the business. In today's energetic business requirement we need managers and leaders which have the to not in favor of the existing norms and bring something on the table by thinking outside the boxes. These are some qualities of a leader.


Communication and inspire

Role model

Integrity and loyalty

Flexibility and adoptability




Need to achieve


Self Analysis

It is very important for ever someone to review him because if we don't point out our mistakes we cannot appropriate them and also if we have no idea of our strengths we can not utilize them.

I am an extremely complex type of person, usually find it difficult to socialize and socialize people. I feel some times awkward in interacting with new people and i cannot allow any body to come in my own personal space. Even this thing harms my limited interpersonal circles. I am not good in presentation skills but i identify its importance and taking steps to remove gaps. I m good in handling issues and every time a difficult situation develops related to my course, studies, home affairs or any other i deeply analyse every single thing and then i manage to resolve my issues.


List all the abilities that you have got identified in Process 2 in a Table format with columns to rate them as provided below

Make several copies

On one duplicate rate the skills and competences yourself

Give a copy to as many of your managers or co-workers who know you well and ask them to rate you honestly

Review the score of others and yourself, assess and re-rate yourself on a final score sheet. (Include final rating in the text and present others as Appendix)

Present a short assessment/analysis of all the skills of which you have carried out a organized self-assessment based on Questionnaire Surveys (see below for Brief Assignments. Please make sure that you refer to all the questionnaires and present the filled questionnaires as Appendices. ). Present also an diagnosis of your learning style based on the questionnaire.


Now put together a Personal Development Plan in the format provided at the end. The following suggested step can help you.

Identify your job goals and objectives

Enlist your present or potential assignments and obligations and identify the skills and knowledge necessary to meet these goals.

Based the abilities audit completed in Activity TWO, identify the gaps or development needs (personal and professional skills and knowledge required) to meet up with the objectives.

Set clear objectives for each development need and come up with a realistic Personal Development Plan in the format provided to show how you intend to address the learning and development needs to have identified. Consider your preferred learning style when creating learning actions

Make a declaration about implementation, monitoring and overview of your Personal Development Plan.

Audit Table



Very good


Needs Improvement











Time Management




Team Building


Problem Handling/Conflict Management






Stress Management



Personal Development Plan

Name:. Night out:

Your plan should identify the learning need and how this will help the organization achieve its goals. You will need to consider all the resources needed to help you achieve your objectives, and build in genuine timescales for both achievements and review.

Learning and Development Need

Learning activities to be studied including resources had a need to achieve them

Date for achievement/review


Control aggression

Remain patient


Accept and ask open criticism


Keep Representation diary

Increase my mental intelligence

Note my Reviews from colleagues

1 Dec, 2010

Coaching skills

Participate in Management development programmes

Guide my juniors and colleagues

guide my junior sister and brothers in my home

Help the students who are facing difficulties

Feedback from colleagues

Learn from proven my teachers

1 Dec, 2010

Time management

Make a list of my goals

Set priorities

Avoid Procrastination

Set Personal Deadlines and meet them

Set up a permanent planner to screen my ownself

Set possible and reasonable nut motivating goals

Keep focus

Continuously try improve myself

Coaching by older instructors and elders.

1 December, 2010

Presentation skills

Conduct research

Get sound knowledge about my topic

Practise a lot

Rehearse a lot

. watch good presentations?

Record my very own presentation and then start to see the mistakes

Ask my friends and fellow workers to provide critique on my style

Observe others and incorporate thing in which i m weak

Guide line from my teachers good tips into my very own.

Hard work to boost weaknesses

1 December, 2010


Study a lot

Read a lot

Ask questions

Increase my standard knowledge

Take fascination with everything around me


Practise in things in which i m weak

Guidelines from my teachers

1 Dec, 2010

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