VHRL Procedure Management Case Study

"Procedure Management is the experience of controlling the resources which can be devoted to the development and delivery of products and services". The products are physical materials and the service is the output of the product being produced and sent to market on the market. [Slack et al 2000, p. 4]

The key operation of vital recruiting limited [VHRL] is the operations manager who's responsible for day to day activities of the business. The operations manager is the primary function of the business including planning and managing the procedure of the business enterprise and monitor the employee's activity in obtaining company objective. A couple of four major function in VHRL such as marketing, fund, operation and real human tool manager. However, don't assume all company will use the same key function of operation in an company because type of production maybe different to each other.

The money manager is responsible for managing the financial aspect of the VHRL which include processing of timesheet and buy order, cashflow and capital investment, the budget planner for many section and ensure overhead cost is reduced to smallest amount. The VHRL company bill must be completed to show if the company make loss or profit.

The marketing manager in VHRL is responsible for the sales product of the business understand customer needs and provides logical sales for the business and understand customers demand. The marketing manager oversees the budget for the marketing office and screen the progress of effective marketing communication including advertising campaign, activities within marketing department, the introduction of new product to customer and work based on the company goals.

The procedure manager VHRL is responsible for controlling, planning, organising and leading the procedure of the company and the resources that produce the products and services. Operation manager is the backbone of each organisation because its involves managing people, information, screen the company activities and other resources. Also, other functions of the section is there to support procedure manager and ensure the transformation of input to result.

Human resources manager VHRL is accountable for the procedure of recruiting good personnel, training and development of personnel, performance appraisal, handles employee problem and reviews and determining the needs of staff, welfare and working condition of staff are well taking care off.

There will vary operational methods to functional management and their value namely classical approach, human relationships approach, system strategy and contingency approach.

The classical procedure thought in autocratic management style and the way lay emphasis on goal and planning of work within an organisation, formal structure and assumption of logical and logical behaviour and hierarchy of management. This type of approach provided an insight to department of work and have a tendency to neglect the interrelationship between a person and focus more on work. The drawback for classical approach absence free communication, disregard the human behaviour relation and insufficient flexibility. It is common to all managers using autocratic style of managing organisation by delegating work to the staff, gives training, create solution to problem without consulting anyone and make decision independently. This managerial style reduces motivation to the employee and hinders the communication between managers and their subordinates. For instance, whenever there is a possession of a track everything needed are created available such as highway rail vehicle, tools, resources and everything necessary paperwork. Then allocate manpower for the work and keep an eye on the improvement of the work which is very important and if there is going to be any movement on site the anatomist supervisor ensure many people are contacted to avoid whatever they are simply doing and let them know there is likely to be a activity of trains and contact them when motion is completed in order to return to their various post.

As research suggest that human relation approach which focuses on studying the social factor at the job and behavior of employee within an organisation. In addition, it studies the desire, guidance and intergroup behavior. The approach is utilized in managing visitors to get things done. "Elton mayo completed a research on Hawthorne studies on the western electrical company in america between [1924-1932] to investigate if different lighting affect worker's production. The study demonstrates that workers production increased when lighting was decreased". [www. library. hbs. edu]

"Also, Abraham Maslow the hierarchy of needs which added to human relation methodology in term of hierarchy of needs". [www. bbc. com]

System approach handles the interrelation and interdependent parts approaching together to accomplish a goal and environmental as whole.

Every company as something in which they follow and system procedure reconcile the first two approaches by focusing on the companies work and interrelationship between structure and behaviour in a company. However, system methodology let manager view company as a transformation process through type- change process- result and covers the environmental factorThe operation of the organisation.


One of the strengths of system strategy is to ensure the director do not analyse problem in isolation and its facilitates the partnership between organisation and environment. The drawback is that the system will not recognise difference in system and cannot be applied to practical problem.

Contingency approach lay down emphasis on analysing managers method of the specific organisation with the exterior environment and a good structure in place to fit into the requirement of the existing situation. However, the focus on contingency approach is the necessity to adopt company demand in changing technology, innovation and decision making. "The theories suggest that there is absolutely no best way to take on any managerial problem and no best organisational structure to fit any organisation situation".

Research suggest that classical methodology which adopts the managerial style of management from top level management through to lower level management. The worker job is overseen by supervisor and the supervisor report to manager. The company will not consider the personality factor, form of organisational framework which limited the partnership between staff and company. The drawback of the classical procedure never considered the employee relation and have a tendency to focus more on the organisational composition. However, the individuals relation methodology which targets the average person in a work area than the guideline and legislation of the organisation. This approach permit free communication between administrator and staff to speak to the other person exposing those to decision making. The methodology inlayed the Maslow hierarchy of needs into management which lay down focus on phycological and sociable factor and worried about an employee without organisation. The effectiveness of the approach is the fact it gives staff an opportunity to connect to the administrator which in other word increase the productivity of the company and staff feel more valued and treat them quite. The weakness of the methodology is that it ignores the responsibility of employee on the organisation in term of cultural factor. On the other hand the system strategy concentrate on organisational composition and human relationship working together to achieve one common goal and interact with its environment and the methodology uses the transformation process example of this technique is VHRL. The strength of the approach is the fact that it uses both company and human relation method of achieve better goal and upsurge in productivity rather than isolating its environment. However, the contingency methodology insists that there is no one easiest way to structure or manage organisation somewhat provide in full information the situational factor that affects management decision making.

The impact of external business environment factors that have an impact on your choice making by market leaders and professionals are ethics, principles, corporate public responsibility, culture and sustainability.

The market leaders and professionals are accountable for upholding the moral code in VHRL. The managers keep positions of specialist to ensure they can be accountable for the moral code guaranteeing the employees are accountable to them on all activities and make employees alert to the company ethical code and screen the behavior of the staff towards company's expectation. The supervisor has a work of authority to choose if any of the ethical code is violated either internally or externally so that the impact will be minimised. In addition, leaders and managers are obliged to check out the company honest code in another way by interacting with exterior stakeholders and sometime a manager can be called to provide an insight in to the decision-making process in term of moral considerations.

However, market leaders and manager also accountable to the main beliefs of VHRL. The central value of VHRL is revenue, security, integrity, delivery, innovation, knowledge and charitable. VHRL works on railway industry and the business priority is safe practices of all labor force to go home securely without injuries. The company operate within an available manner with integrity and professional way to fulfil company dedication and promise deliveries and build long time relationship with consumer and uphold the dedication to the valued customers. In addition, managers can opt to flip idea into fact which means if any opportunities or difficulties comes up. VHRL support people in need in the neighborhoods and last however, not the list is the income making is the crucial area of the company targets.

As a administrator in VHRL has a responsibility to make decision on corporate sociable responsibility by committing to employee, customer, service provider and areas its operate within to act professional to provide quality of service and support to purchase the future of the business. The manager must make the right decision if apprenticeship will be needed to increase labor force of the company and local government support would be needed. In the meantime, training of employee on different level management to become an know-how in the field.

Every company has a culture such as VHRL which lay down rule and laws, set of basic principle, procedure and the way the company is organised. The director can make decision if any of its rule, treatment or principle are not followed by the employee or possibly necessary technique need followed. The company plan must be accompanied by the employee and work behaviour. Culture can have impact within an organisation by demonstrating the power if an employee follows the business beliefs, method and the weaknesses is the fact that if the worker disagree with the companies' culture.

VHRL has different section such as financing, marketing. human source and procedure. Every section make are accountable to the general manager who decide for the company because he's ready of authority to produce a correction to the section that's not performing very well to minimise the effect on the business enterprise.

According to system way which give attention to the management structure and human connection working together to accomplish company targets and interact with the environment. VHRL consider the use of system way because its focus on both organisational structure and human connection approach of management. The functional efficiency is a strategy or techniques used to attain a goal providing quality goods to customer, distribution, inventory and resources maximisation. However, system procedure uses the transformation process to carried out the organisation activities from input to transformation process through to output.



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