What is the goal of Operations Management

Operations management is the term used for the actions which produce and deliver products and services. All types of business must carry out operations management because all organizations produce some combination of products and services. Operations management can be an important factor in virtually any organization. Your choice the company makes have a significant impact on the expense of producing products or services and its delivery which makes up about the revenue getting into the organization. Be it the manufacturing, retail or services industries such as IT, finance logistics, transportation, health care or public energy or educational, the service delivery pipelines must be carefully designed, resourced and handled effectively and effectively. The potency of the system is determined by the success with which various subsystems and components connect to the other person and with the environment in which the organization performs.

At the heart and soul of successful management is the ability to draw upon the sources of many disciplines and integrate relevant principles and backdrop information in order to explain and analyze a difficulty. Once described, the manager must identify substitute possible solutions, evaluate these in conditions of the broader goals and ideals of the organization, implement the evidently dominant solution, and finally, assess the genuine consequences of the perfect solution is for the potency of the business.

Operations management targets carefully taking care of the processes to produce / distribute products and services. Operations management relates to all businesses within the organization. Related activities includes the following

Managing purchases

Inventory control

Quality control


Logistics and Evaluations

Customer Services

The nature of how operations management is completed in a group depend quite definitely on the type of products in the business, for example - retail, low cost etc. By analyzing all these descriptions, we can say that Procedures management involves the systematic way and control of the processes that transform resources (inputs) into finished goods or services for customers or clients (outputs).

History of Businesses Management

The origins of functions management can be traced back through ethnical changes of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. Before end of the 18th century, agriculture was the predominant industry in every country. The invention of the steam engine unit and Eli Whitney's idea of standardized parts paved the way for the Industrial Revolution using its large production facilities driven by heavy steam or water. As a result quantity of countries developed from an agricultural overall economy to an professional economy. But also for a time, processing was more of an art when compared to a science. The Industrial Revolution advanced further with the development of the gasoline engine unit and electricity in the 1800s. Other industries emerged and along with them new factories happened. By the center of 1800's. the old cottage system of development have been laced by the factory system. As days went by, creation capacities broadened, demand for capital grew and labor became highly reliant on jobs.

The introduction of Taylor's approach to clinical management and Henry Ford's moving assembly line brought the entire world into an get older where management was mainly centered on the development of goods. On the commencement of the 20th century, the one component that was lacking was a management - the capability to develop and use the existing facilities to produce on a big range to meet significant markets of today.

Responsibilities of Operations Manager

Operations Manager's strategies, set up, lead and control the development and delivery of products and services as had a need to keep exterior paying customers satisfied. The responsibilities of operations managers can be categorised into the following

Direct Responsibilities - the activities which are directly related to producing and delivering products and services like handling the businesses process, embracing design, planning, control, performance improvement, and businesses strategy

Indirect Obligations - the activities involved with interfacing with other areas of the organization such as interacting with those professionals in other efficient areas within the business whose roles have an impact on operations. Indirect responsibilities also include other functions like marketing, money, accounting, employees and anatomist.

Broad Obligations - a wider set of tasks that involve scanning the business, social and politics environment where the organization exits to be able to understand its framework.

Decision making is a central role of most operations managers. Decisions have to be manufactured in

designing the operations system

managing the procedures system

Improving the procedures system.

The five main sorts of decision in each of these relate to

the processes where goods and services are produced

the quality of goods or services

the level of goods or services (the capacity of functions)

the stock of materials (inventory) needed to produce goods or services

The management of recruiting.

Operations Management Issue - Hewlett-Packard

HP is a technology company that works in more than 170 countries across the world. HP explores how technology and services can help people and companies dwelling address their problems and challenges, and realize their alternatives, aspirations and dreams. HP is applicable new considering and suggestions to create more standard, valuable and respected activities with technology, constantly improving the way our customers live and work.

The Hewlett-Packard Company (HP) was founded in 1939 by William Hewlett and David Packard. Today, the business's mission is to set-up info products that accelerate the progress of knowledge and fundamentally improve efficiency of folks and organization. The business's first product, built in a Palo Alto garage area, was an audio oscillator -an electronic digital test instrument used by sound engineers. One of HP's first customers was Walt Disney Studios, which purchased eight oscillators to develop and test an ground breaking audio system for the movie Fantasia. HP becomes a significant player in the computer industry in the 1980s with a complete range of pcs, from desktop machines to portables to powerful minicomputers. HP also made its entry into the printer market with the kick off of inkjet printers and laser beam printers that connect to personal computers. The quality and trustworthiness of HP's printers make HP an extremely recognizable brand by both consumers and businesses.

Operational Problem of HP - Toner Cartridge Problem

Hewlett-Packard is proud of its reputation for high-quality products and services. Inside the 1990's, the Hewlett Packard toner and printer ink cartridges section was experiencing a problem with the amount of faulty defective toner cartridges being went back by customers. About 2000 of the were being delivered every month. The operations team decided to investigate the problem and handed over the truth to the united kingdom Hewlett Packard quality department. The team suspected that not absolutely all the earnings were actually the result of a faulty product, which is why the team decided to investigate the problem. The Hewlett Packard team made a decision to use cause-effect diagrams to identify the source of the trouble. Three major functional problems were recognized.

First, some users were not as familiar as they must have been with the right method of loading the cartridge into the printing device, or in being able to solve their own modest printing problems.

Second, some of the dealers were also unacquainted with how to sort out minor problems. These were lacking in technological expertise and were unable to offer the customer the level of support had a need to resolve any trivial problems.

Third, there is clearly some misuse of Hewlett-Packard's 'no-questions-asked' earnings policy. Clear toner cartridges were being sent to unauthorized refilling companies who sell the refilled cartridges at reduced prices. Some cartridges were being refilled up to five times and were understandably wearing out. Furthermore, the toner in the refilled cartridges had not been up to Hewlett-Packard's high quality expectations.

Theoretical Strategy of Analyzing HP Toner Cartridge Problem :

Fishbone theory (Cause Effect Diagram) can be used to analyze the challenge in a theoretical way.

From the aforementioned HP Toner Cause Effect Diagram, we can classify that the Cartridge Earnings is the Effect of the diagram and the complexities can be sub split into the next

Man Power

Customers and Traders:- The HP Research team discovered that the customers were struggling in inserting the cartridge into the printer in the correct manner. From the common reality not all customers are theoretically sound and consequently of the product errors can happen while wanting to add the toners/cartridges. Customers who purchased the cartridges from retailers rather than immediately from HP weren't technically qualified to resolve minor issues which would have prevented the stock from being delivered to HP for substitute. Dealers were not able to supply the customers with the professional level of support needed and often blamed the product as faulty.

Training :- HP must have provided the dealers with enough product support and training so that slight issues can be eradicated at the start. Failure in providing the retailers with product training could adversely impact the goodwill of HP. Something can be solved successfully only if the sales and after sales support is looked after in a professional manner.

Designers :- Product designers should consider the customers and sellers too as building an elaborate product (cartridge/toner) can make product unit installation complicated if the business lacks resources for providing product training, it will cause product sales to drop. Customers always want what to be easy and simpler. Special tamper-proof seal on the toner cartridge will prevent it from being re-filled or customized by unauthorized retailers.


Non genuine HP compatible cartridges that are made by unauthorized companies are being bought by customers for a cheaper price and used on genuine HP printers. As a result this causes harm to the printer mind over time.

Empty HP cartridges are delivered to unauthorized refilling centers by the clients and these cartridges are being refilled more than five times with poor printer ink, toner and other areas. Therefore will cause harm to the cartridge and printing device.


Using Non HP Computer printer accessories such as printing cartridges or toners could cause deterioration in print productivity quality. The utilization of printers without proper maintenance causes faint print and blotchy. This will create doubts in customers that we now have issues with the real HP hardware and frequently the merchandise is returned to HP.


Policy - HP's 'no-questions-asked' profits policy is encouraging the customers to come back their cartridges even although damage was brought on by the customer or the supplier. It was discovered that Empty toner cartridges were being send to unauthorized refilling companies which used cheap quality refilling printer ink and techniques which in turn damaged the merchandise. HP's 'no-questions-asked' should be updated to mention that once the toner cartridge has been altered or re-filled by external unauthorized dealers, no replacing would be provided.

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