Why does organisation undertake market research?

1) How come organisation undertake general market trends? What methods could they use?

1) The collection, research and communication of market to assist decision making in marketing is general market trends.

Ways of general market trends:

1) Main research: key research includes getting such data that is not already employed by any other company. It really is especially made to get answer of some specific question that an organisation desires to procure.

To get principal data an enterprise should perform field research:

Face-to-face interview-

Interviewer gets information from people. (Example-by visiting different houses on different pavements)

Phone interviews-

Same question like face-to-face interview are asked although often shortly.

Online study-

Using internet is visible way of getting primary data which is also less costly than other resources to get most important data.

Questionnaires: Questionnaires are submitted post to get the info.

Benefit of major search-

A) up to date

B) Specific to the purpose

C) No other business has usage of gathered data

Supplementary data- includes data that has already been available. This data has been accumulated by someone else for another goal. Secondary research includes exploration of secondary resources of data.

Source of secondary data can come from within the company itself. That is also called internal extra data. External extra data is data that has been printed by other organization.

Benefits of secondary data:

A) Simple access

B) Low priced of acquire

C) May answer research question

Types of general market trends:

1) Quantitative research-

  1. Statistical basis
  2. gathers statistically valid, numerically measurable data
  3. Usually related to data on market-size, market stocks and growth
  4. Sampling plays a key role
  5. Data is obtained through surveys
  6. Worried about obtaining hard copy

2) Qualitative research

  1. Subjective and personal
  2. Concerned with finding out soft information
  3. Main purpose is to understand consumer behaviour, perceptions and attitudes
  4. Obtained by methods designed to get detailed reactions e. g. interview
  5. Research issue are usually explored in a few depth

You can find two main qualitative methods-

A) Depth interviewing:

In most business markets depth interviews are incredibly important form of qualitative research.

B) Depth debate:

Focus communities are the main stay of consumer research. Here several customers are bought in talk. These communities encourage strategies from participants.

Reason for general market trends

  1. To gain an understanding of markets
  2. To identify changes in the market
  3. To boost market answers
  4. To get an understanding of customers' needs
  5. To lessen the risk and uncertainty
  6. To forecast market trends
  7. To provide a reasonable basis for marketing decision
  8. To support marketing planning

Need for general market trends

Research isn't only used for learning. It is also used to make good decision. While research is key to Decision

Making. It does not always to work. A while small attempts such as doing research on internet provide

needed information. Marketing research is now more important day-by-day where the organization can have more profits. By general market trends firm get know about their customer flavor what the customer want how much they pays for the product. By doing market research we get information about other products their costing and what must be achieved for a good campaign.


From above conversation we can say that market research is way to get information about the product, customer and market. A couple of couple of way for general market trends such as mentioned above major research and extra research. In key research data is gathered by face-to-face interview, telephone interview, paid survey and questionnaires. Supplementary research is data which is already compiled by someone for another purpose. A couple of two types of general market trends as mentioned above quantitative research and qualitative research. You can find two type of qualitative method depth interviewing and depth talk. With help of market research firm can procure a great deal of information about the marketplace, products, promotion, and distribution etc that may be very helpful in taking marketing

2) What exactly are they major factors influencing the rates strategy of businesses?

What's pricing?

Costing is a way adopted by firm to create price of the product. It usually is determined by average cost of product. Different prices methods place differing degree of focus on selection, estimation and evaluation of costs and market situation.

What's prices strategy?

Pricing strategy is activities targeted at finding products' perfect goals, consumer demand, market, monetary style and product price, typically including overall marketing.

1) Internal factors-

A) Marketing purpose-

There are some marketing objective given below-

  • To create a cost in try to cover just changing and fixed cost of something.
  • To set such price that cultivates maximum profit.
  • To decide the price tag on product in such a way they can procure authority in market talk about.
  • To create high prices to be able to get quality leadership in market.

B) Marketing combination

In marketing blend, there are specially two alternatives as given below

1) Price setting-

In this, an company decides the price of any particular product first and then they take other decisions of marketing mixture.

2) Non price positioning-

In this technique, organstions don't determine price first they choose different kind of marketing mix tools because they think customers don't always go for products of low prices. They decide high prices product in try to get most effective quality and also to show prestige and dignity.

2) External factors:

Market and demand factors-

On this, the price tag on a particular product depends on demand of product in the market. If product's demand is greater than price can be maintained higher but on the other side if demand is lower than price must be lower to attract a certain selection of customers.


Almost all marketing decision including pricing includes an analysis of competitor's offerings. The impact of this information on real setting up of price will depend on the competitive dynamics of market.

Government regulations;

There is some governmental rules that is applicable in deciding the price tag on any particular product. Marketers can not be price dictators they have to follow some rules and regulations made by federal government. Government have decided a certain level of price limit that can't be crossed or conquer by any marketing consultancy.


From these conversation we can conclude that prices is method to set a price of product by a company to get higher earnings or to survive in market. Rates strategy is activities finding product optium, consumer demand and market needs to set a price. There are many factor influence price decision internal and exterior factor. Internal factor include marketing objective and online marketing strategy. Exterior factors include nature of market, demand competition and authorities regulations. All these factors play a essential role in rates strategy of companies.

3) What exactly are the key criticisms against marketing? To what extent are these criticisms valid?

Marketing have a large number of benefits but even after that it is criticized scheduled to some reason. There are a few common criticisms against marketing.

Marketing encourage people to acquire what they don't need:

Possibly the criticism most frequently made about marketing is the fact marketers are just concerned with getting customer to buy if they want the merchandise or not.

As we will discuss, even though many marketers are guilty of manipulating customers into making their mind to buy products which they don't need. The vast majority understand that starting such method will not lead to dedicated customers and it is unlikely to lead to long run success.

Marketers adorn product promise:

Marketers tend to be criticized for exaggerating the huge benefits made available from their product. This is especially the case with part of marketing that engages in customer communication. Such as advertising and deal people. the most serious problems occur when product lay claim have emerged as misleading customers into thinking a product may offer a certain degree of value but it was not.

But few times there's a fine brand between just what a rational person should allow as a 'affordable exaggeration' and which is recognized as downright deceiving. Luckily, many countries offer customers some degree of safety from misleading says since such business practise may subject matter the marketing consultancy to legal action. Again using this method will probably lead to marketing inability as customers can't stand anything and will likely not go back the merchandise.

Yes I believe criticism is valid in marketing because marketers only would like to sell the their products they don't want customer to meet with the merchandise their mean of advertising product is only selfishness they only want revenue nothing more than it. In some countries customer can't claim product if he/she is unhappy with product it is because in a few countries people buy products for sometimes use from then on the occasion they state the merchandise and get money back for this reason marketers don't want be loss so they kicked case policy in some countries but by this customers are always think twice before buy product in that country where we can't assert product so by this some real promise are disclosed anticipated to no promise policy by which customer are dissatisfy so criticism is valid up to high level in marketing I think so.


From the above debate we can say that market is seen as benefits to firm and society there are a variety of criticisms against marketing prefer to generate a need where you don't have, much exaggeration about products and false promises to the customers in try to just increase the deal. So up to some extent these criticisms are valid but not all are similarly.

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