Will THE BRAND NEW Technologies Affect Leadership And Leaders


The article shown here discusses the impact of technology on market leaders and leadership. This article starts with discovering the key routines that a leader need to execute in a typical group and then claims the ways in which, technology has affected these tactics.

The article present two aspects, is key tasks and obligations of head and characteristics of authority and then presents how technology has its impact. In the long run, this article make justification of the concerned issue i. e. is technology has an impact on command and leaders or not.

Key words: technology, head, leadership


A innovator is somebody who motivates its worker to execute high. Matching to few management experts, what the organization world needs are market leaders and not managers. Leader's main work is to stimulate the employees for harder work. Leader is very popular character that could be originate in any area of an organization. Leadership is the product quality which is possessed by the first choice. In any command stream the most important work is to inspire visitors to work under him.

Leadership can better thought as the process and group of activities where the leader establishes a sociable influence on individuals by imparting them support and helps who are working for the accomplishment of common goal. It's the leadership of the first choice to draw out the maximum contribution from a person as possible. A leader will need to have a quality control. He could also provide people doing work for him the social security in order that they feel secure under him and really should also be able to motivate people for common values. (Dee)

The problem of the article is to go over the impact of technology on market leaders and leaderships. We know that in last few decades, the technology has developed way too many folds. This technology has transformed the working procedure for employees and complete organization. Nobody today feels of working without a computer and the planet is entirely connected to each other. The survey will thus, try to learn the impact of the technological improvements on the control styles and on leader too.

Methodology and Conversation:

Leaders enjoy a great amount of power in the organization. With these capabilities leaders are reported to be employed in power-politics that is using the specialist for own sake. Leader's faces a whole lot of problems within an organization in terms of issues related to electricity and politics. The first one is managing diversity at the job place. In country like UAE, where in fact the workforce is completely diverse in terms of cultural background, education etc, controlling diversity is a major challenge for the leaders.

The leaders also need to maintain proper communication with the employees. Literatures suggest that this is one of the principal causes of leader's problem in the business.

Another concern which market leaders have to face is regarding work environment. Work place is a significant constituent of an efficient organizational culture. The work environment not only constitutes the physical constituents of the positioning but also the culture of the work like senior-subordinate relations. (Pilerot, 2009)

Another concern which leaders need to handle is worker training. The trouble here is that whenever new technology is unveiled in the business to cut operational expenses, the work and expectation from the employees also changes a whole lot. So there is a clear need to staff training. Employees are needed to be trained at new technology in order that they could be a part of company's cost lowering scheme. Employee training is a necessary part of any corporation which must be happen periodically. Also, the modern high competitive world has produced new concerns like work life balance etc for market leaders to address.

Introducing technology here, technology has provided lots of the tools and ways for group to create effectively and also to manage their workforce effectively. Employees is now able to work from their home as technology helps to keep then linked to any office. The works which use to take days and nights is now able to be addressed rapidly and accurately as now there are software's and hardware to handle the problems.

In the later part of the survey, we will focus on how the technology has affected on authority and leaders remember the discussion regarding assignments and problems a innovator faces in an organization. (Dee)

Technology and work life balance:

As discussed previously that you of the key issue a leader needs to solve is the work life balance of the employees. In this highly competitive world, every group wishes its employees to execute as effectively as they want. The labor laws which use to restrict the working time and simply dummy guidelines now the condition of work life balance is on high alert these days. Market leaders are constantly facing problem to keep their employees also to keep them determined towards the work place. Here, technology forwards its hands to help leaders. With development in technology, employees are forget about restricted to work in office premises. Employees can now work from their home as technology retains then connected to the office. The works designed to use to take times is now able to be addressed very quickly and accurately as there are software's and hardware to handle the issues. What leaders now use to do is to email the work to the staff assigning enough time lines and the employees have to do the work without any restriction of attendance in the office. So, if the employees have a high propriety work, he is able to address the work while working from this home. This also will save the time used in going etc and adds to work life balance of the staff. This adds to the job satisfaction of the employees and also helps market leaders to keep carefully the trust of the employees in the business as using these techniques provides subject matter to the employees that head think about them. (Pilerot, 2009)

Technology helps market leaders to manage work force diversity

The world today is a single entity. The edges of nations have not remaining with any constraints on passing of trade and business. It has made the global GDP to increase with many folds. The other outcome of the globalization is diversity. There could be no better example than UAE which includes more folks of foreign origin than the natives. The issue of managing a diverse workforce is increased too.

Technology again helps leaders to address the situation. One important problem raised to leaders by variety is managing documents in several languages. Technical solutions like translators, converters are actually helping market leaders to communicate with the worker in their local languages. For instance, Google translator can be used in UAE to convert Arabic documents to British and vice-versa. Market leaders thus can connect properly with employees of other cultural origins. (G. Sheard, 2009)

Leader's issue of keeping communication with the employees:

For any head, maintain proper communication with the worker is a key issue. Leaders need to find out the views of the employees, their perception of any issue or decision, and employee aspect of company policy. The size of any organization is the most important obstacle in this route. Also to keep the records of every communication with every single person has gone out of scope of common specific. Technology again helps market leaders in this perspective. The leaders now can maintain digital copy of their marketing communications with employees. E-mail, chats, memos, reminders are now all digitized. The first choice can track record important incidents like ending up in a group of employees, birthdays of employees etc on electric calendars which will make the probability of missing any information near to zero. (Albion, n. d)

Technology also is providing various ways of communication. For information communication needs, there are ways like cell phones, chats, video recording conferencing etc where a leader will keep touch with the worker. Now the leader can exactly see what the employee does and how he's carrying it out. Taking about few new improvements too, there's a facility to talk about your computer display screen with others via internet so that now the leader can see the actual employee is doing, the improvement of his work etc.

So technology has modified just how a innovator communicates with his employees and has increased the efficiency to great heights.

Technology is supporting leaders to carry out trainings

Another concern which leaders need to address is employee training. The challenge here is that whenever new technology is launched in the company to cut operational expenses, the task and expectation from the employees also changes a lot. So there's a clear need to worker training. Employees are needed to be trained at new technology in order that they could be an integral part of company's cost lowering scheme.

The problem here's employees are reluctant towards change and there are evidences which prove that employees have negative attitude towards going through training. This frame of mind increases an issue of motivating employees towards training for leaders.

Leaders again get active support of technology for dealing with this problem. A good example is Learning Management system. One case is of Aventis Pharmaceuticals and IBM which put in place learning management system. It is important in enabling a business to compliance with modern business specifications. LMS enables employees to join up online, become a member of other business training activities and personalizing training documents by conferences, meetings and documenting training considered outside the LMS.

With the help of technology like LMS, leaders can now organize trainings for the employees in better manner than before. (Dee)

Technology help market leaders to determine a sound work environment:

Another concern where technology is assisting leaders is creating a sound work place. The business composition now a day must be staff friendly and at the same time should encourage employees to execute effectively. This is a tough job for market leaders as these needs are contradictory to one another. Technology again has a job here to handle the problem. With successful ways to keep proper communication, taking care of diversity and other issues attended to earlier, technology helps leaders to build an efficient as well as worker friendly environment.

Critical Evaluation:

From the aforementioned conversation it is clear that technology has inspired almost every aspect of leadership and leader's role. But we see critically review it, we will discovered that the leader still have to control communication with the workforce, leader still has to ensure that employee are satisfied with the business in terms of work life balance. Innovator even after great progress in technology has to look for training needs of the employees. (Albion)

All these shows that technology do has affected the ways in which leaders used to work but the basic roles of market leaders and concern of leadership practices are static.


On the basis of the record, we can say that despite having the great developments in technology, the essential roles and practices that leaders and management involve are still the same. The principal roles of market leaders incorporate managing work force diversity, making sure work life balance; encourage employee participation and almost all of all, directing the initiatives of the employee to achieve the goals of the organization all together.

With the developments in technology, the ways that leaders use to execute all these tasks can transformed significantly but has not change the theme of leadership. Technology has greatly better leader's ways to control the workforce but has again given beginning to new types of problems too.

As we described in advantages section, "a innovator is somebody who motivates its employee to perform high. Relating to few management gurus, what the corporate world needs are leaders and not professionals. Leader's main work is to motivate the employees for harder work". Technology has changed the way in which a head works but has not evolved the characteristics of authority. (Pilerot, 2009)

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