Wipro BPO, India: Organisational Behaviour Case Study


This assignment discusses the various principles and ideas in organizational patterns and how they could be used to enhance the working design of today's organizations. This task targets the WIPRO BPO India Limited and discuss about how the analysis of organizational habit can be employed to the organizational operations of WIPRO BPO. This statement will concentrate on the various principles in organizational patterns such as motivation and management and their application in WIPRO BPO.


This assignment will not cover all the main element concepts in the analysis of organizational tendencies and also when using some of the main element principles for WIPRO BPO; we have made some assumptions in the analysis.


The Wipro BPO is a brand in market and is an established company. Through its inventions and various other ideas and measures with the ability to improve its organization's working environment, style and performance over the years. Wipro BPO has made use of technology and creativity along with leadership and motivation to be able to produce greater results running a business. Wipro has always tried out to work hard to provide good infrastructure, working environment, growth opportunities and decentralized communication between the upper and the low staff to be able to provide a better, comfortable and happy working environment where its employees can develop, innovate and excel. We are able to see this work of Wipro in its various training programs, standard of living that it provides and its concentrate on providing support for prosperity, health insurance and family issues of its employees.


Business process outsourcing business is one of the very most successful and fastest growing field in the info technology service industry of India. As the name suggests running a business process outsourcing the business enterprise or some area of the business such as accounting, pay move, customer service etc is outsourced or being hand over to other company that have the expertise to perform that particular job more efficiently with competitive prices.

BPO is now very popular in the current business community as it helps to decrease the work load on a company at exactly the same time helps the company to get that activity done more effectively subsequently increasing the performance of the business. There are many known reasons for the attractiveness and increase in the utilization of business process outsourcing worldwide. Mainly the companies give attention to how to raise the performance of different sections of the business which must be looked upon to be able to improve the overall performance of the business rather then just outsourcing the business for cost clipping or load reduction. The other reason behind why companies decide for outsourcing is that in this competitive business environment as companies increase the requirement of resources and know-how also increases in order to cope up with growth and to carry on the performance and additional improve it. Having less skillful people to perform an activity may also be a reason for the outsourcing. Last but not least the improvements and trends in the telecommunication and IT industry has made it possible to outsource the business enterprise in this globalized business world.

the benefits of outsoucing are the following:-

increase the efficiency

reduction in responsibilities and insert by outsourcing the non-core setions of business

saves time, money, manpower and operating expenditures.

Reduce risks

Improved quality od skilfull labour and services

Gives time and energy to emphasise on key functions of the business

Some of the most frequent outsourced functions of the business are-

Technical support

Data entry/data processing



Customer service


india is the most effective growing country in field of bpo industry as it has the plus point of skilfull labour, good infrastructure and the time difference with respect to the developed countries like USA AND UK credited to which Indian companies could work in nighttime for these countries. major players in BPO industry in India are WIPRO, DAKSH, CONVERGYS etc. .

Wipro was were only available in 1945 and got in IT business in 1980.

Wipro is stated in

Mumbai stock exchange

National stock exchange

Newyork stock exchange

Wipro bpo is an easy growing company which fits innovation with sturdy performance in providing IT allowed services to other countries

Wipro has a workforce of tenthousand affiliates of more then seventy different nationalities and has more than 72 global branches in over 55 countries wedding caterers the business needs of other companies.

Wipro has a stong R&D section. it is first on the globe which has the certification of SEI CMM of Level 5. By using resources and experience wipro has immerged as a giant in innovating technology with around one hundered thirty six patents documented on its name.

Wipro understand the importance of retained customers in performing a successful business and withits hardwork and emphasis towards its customer with the ability to achieve a make of around 95 percent of its total income from its retained customers.

It provides service in various countries such as:




Wipro bpo provides different services:-

Customer service

Back end office service for transactions


The analysts have used variety of principles/theories/ideas/models to review this vast field of drive with regards to the organizational patterns in companies. motivatin can be defined as to excite the people to focus and apply their eeforts to their best to be able achieve a particular goal. today in this fast growing world of competition and globalization there can be an important dependence on managers to truly have a understanding of various ideas and knowledge og organizational behavior as well as how to employ them to be able to enhance the performance of firm. the performance of a business majorly depends upon the workforce. no company can excel without a skillfull labor though it offers other resources available such as a good infastructuer and technology etc because by the end of your day tits being used by the labor force who are in fact going to produce the output. thus there is a great dependence on the workforce to be encouraged so that they don't loose their concentration and apply best of their effort in order to create better consequence and enhace the performance of an organization. several most coomonly used motivational ideas comes from the need ideas which discuss and sheds light on the needs of individuals and the conditions and the way in which they need the needs to be fulfilled.

The need theory comprises of the Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory and it clarifies the five types of needs in a pyramid format with the basic needs at the lower end and then it goes upwards covering the more difficult needs of people such as public, security, esteem and sef actualization needs. So basically if someone's different needs will be satisfied then your person will be more satisfied and feel secure and happy and you will be able to focus his head more on the work because he will get rid these basic problems and so the worker can perform successfully and optimally. the low end of the maslow's needs hierarchy model fundamentally discusses and focus on the physiological needs of folks such as food, shelter and clothing. once these needs are fulfilled then people want that they need to achieve admiration and recognization in the contemporary society. Maslows theory feels that the fulfillment of the basic needs of peope has the highest motivating potential to operate a vehicle the people to perform and achieve them.

There is another researcher alderfer's who proposed ERG theory. this theory will not disuss the five needs to define the drive but instead has a thre stage model within the following needs:-

Existence needs-these will be the needs which satisfy a specific condition for a person.

Growth needs-these are the needs which give satisfaction to an individual by participation, relationship and contribution.

Relatedness needs-these needs fulfill the people by communication.

In the maslow's hierarchy the basic needs are most significant & most desired and must be satisfied for the satisfaction of folks but as we move upwars in the hierarchy there are other needs which if fulfilled will be greatly appreciated by folks.

Expectany theory

Another desire theory is recognized as expectancy theory where we define objectives for the incidents to occur. this is done to create an interest in minds of individuals and to appeal to them. this work as a driving drive for the individuals in order to attain to some made a decision goal and to be able to generate some change, that will respond a s motivator to execute in order to attain it in real. .

Motivation here can be defined as comprised of-

VALENCE-it can be defined as making people know very well what is the results or the value they will get

EXPECTANCY-This is to make people believe that they can handle performing an activity.

INSTRUMENTALITY-This is to make people believe that if people will perform the task in a desired way they will be in a position to get the outcome.

Goal theory

In this theory we place certain goals for an individual which become a challenge on their behalf and act as driving push to push them to workhard and achieve them.

These can be of two types-

1 directional goal-here the average person is motivated to perform by showing them reason and the way to perform.

2 correctness goal-here the average person is motivated to execute in most correct way and this is employed when stake of inaccuracy is high.



Scientific management was created by taylor. he presented the use of incentives which is often used as traveling and motivating drive. he noticed that if people are given rewards or incentives for performing their task they take more interest and give their best efforts to fulfill the duty.

His review was comprised of the managing skills combined along with his personal connection with working in the organizations. he emphasized on use of methodical approach to solve he problems came across in practically handling the business. his study was centered on the incentive as a stimulus to operate a vehicle visitors to put work in performing the task.

Managers more recently still follow the studies taken by tailor and think that his techniques of measuring task and motivation has a good impact on the work culture. taylor thought that people not able to perform efficiently is a common thing and it happens a great deal but unnecessary use of the time and unplanned use of resources leading to no result is inexcusable.

Around 20 century taylor proposed the concept of scientific management. taylor gave it the name clinical management due to the following reasons-

Taylor thought that the various steps to be performed for the development activity should be carefully examined and any redundant and avoidable actions along the way should be excluded. we ought to check and take note the improvement in the production process.

We should checkout how long the tasks remaining will need to get completed.

After the final results should be inspected in order to learn the length of time each activity has taken to get processed and as per these findings we should renumerate and punish the quicker and slower personnel correspondingly.

We should adopt and apply such practices to be able to improve the performance of the personnel and the development process.

The study was applied in different creation companies and it was known that their was sizeable improvement in the development process.


In the idea of Neo-human relation managers try to set up a persona touch with the personnel to be able to inspire then to execute well and achieve the desired goal. Unlike the clinical management procedure where there is absolutely no personal touch and the stimulus is if u succeed you'll be regarded and rewarded but if you neglect to perform the task and achieve the desired goal then you'll be penalized. Neo-human relations strategy is one of the most widely used strategy now a days by the professionals to enhance the organization patterns. in this approach managers try to focus on satisfying the needs of their employees in order to make them satisfied and happy, so that they can focus on the main objective of the company and perform at their best for doing that goal. this approach give attention to fulfilling all the required needs of the individuals like physiological, financial needs etc. the individuals relation also emphasized on the arguments, thinking and attitudes of the work group.

McGregor proposed the idea X and Y, Maslow theory of needs and determination theory suggested by Herzberg. who emphasized on the higeine factors are a few of the ideas that addup to the research and research of the idea of neo-human relationships in organizational behavior.

McGregor theory X and Y gets the following assumptions

Theory X assumed-

People who are average don't like work

People are lazy

They make an effort to stay away from work

They need to be supervised.

Theory y assumed-

people are innovative

people want accountability

people can guide themselves

if these are led absolve to perform they can use their potential and show their potential and well worth.

Maslow theory divides the needs of an person into five categories which will be the physiological, social, safety and security, self-confidence and self actualization. he thought that if these needs will be fulfilled then the employee will feel satisfied and inturn will perform to attain these needs.

Herzberg proposed the two factors theory. he transported an experiment to look at the attitudes, thinking and action of people when they were asked about how precisely they feel at the job and the reason for their action.

From this experiment whe concluded a two factor theory

1 health factors

This includes-

working environment


policies of the company

pay and wages

2 Drive factor

This incudes-


opportunities to grow

the work itself



the neo-relations along with the scientific management approach has given a new way of bettering the organizational patterns and inturn the performance of the organization

Scientific management and Wipro BPO-

The clinical management approach respect that every worker can be motivated by rewards and penalities depending on the performance. wipro bpo has also followed this approach and taken different steps, plans and measures to be able to apply this process to improve the performance and also to create a good package for the employees that if they perform well then its their benefit because they will receive campaigns, rewards and identification in the business and if indeed they will underperform or do not perform then they should be penalized and the severity of the penality depends upon the level they have underperformed. it also benefits the company because the good performers will help the company to execute well and achieve its aims and the underperformers are certain to get punishments such as they need to undergo special training or special guidance or have to improve extra time in order to pay for their falt or sometimes will have to resign and leave the business. This will help the underperformers to boost them and be better performers and donate to achieve the aim of the company and increase its performance and in the event they are unable to improve them following the work and the special attention directed at them then if so the firms will put these underperformers and can get rid of then. therefore the rewards and fines will become a stimulus to encourage people to focus on their job purpose and to perform well.

Wipro bpo in addition has added certain strategies which can be benefitial for the company as well as for the company. the company has introduced various types of rewards and certain guidelines which the employer have to check out and have to satisfy those conditions to be able to achieve them.

Some of these incentives that happen to be added to the organizational plan of the wipro bpo are brought up below:-

1 Attendence incentive- Wipro bpo has created a unique and a highly effective system of attendance incentive which will compensate the worker as per their punctuality and regularity in the work. since we know that the regularity of the employee is very important for the business to obtain the tasks done and thus by this solution Wipro Bpo can achieve the persistence of regularity of its personnel. here the stimulus which inspire the staff to come regularly is the attendance motivation or the excess pay that they can earn. after they start arriving regularly by the drive and driving push they have got recieved through this plan of attendance incentive, it will become a habit for them to become regular and punctual in their work. this can help wipro to boost its work culture.

2 processed founded performance pay- Wipro has followed another plan of processed based incentive pay wherein it provides a fair chance to the working staff to perform well and become qualified to receive this processed based performance pay. here the stimulus which drive the staff to execute well is the extra salary they will receive if they will perform well. here the business also keeps in mind that it gives the essential salary to the workers in case they are not able to succeed or underperform. this will fulfill the basic needs of the employees but at the same time when the other personnel will get the reward of the extra salary for their good performance then it'll create an environment of competition between your various employees and therefor to attain the PBPP and in urge of fighting with the other employees the staff member will try to give his best in order to execute well which will inturn improve the performance of the company.

3 Productivity linked incentive-This is another incentive plan where in the staff member recives the reward by means of extra pay if he'll perform which proves to be successful i. e his performance will earn revenue for the company. here also the stimulus or the motivating factor is to do this incentive by carrying out well that will inturn increase the productivity of the business.

The other steps used by the Wipro bpo is special training to the underperformers. for example-if you are a telecaller affiliate and you cannot succeed in taking your call then wipro bpo will have a guidance on you as well as your team leader can pay focus on you and will also let you know that your performance is certainly going down and can guide you and give you time to boost and demonstrate yourself. if you're struggling to improve and consistentaly keep on underperforming then you will be placed off phone calls either partially like for few hours of your whole shift or completely based on the level of your underperformance and then will get special training to boost yourself where you are lagging. incase you cannot perforam after so much efforts from the business then you are pur on probation period for three months and if there will be extra need in the other techniques of the company of course, if company thinks that you are ideal to work for the reason that process then the company will take you in, otherwise you have to leave the company by the end of the stated probation period.

The other steps used by the company includes the campaigns and to meet the requirements to get advertised you have to execute to a certain required level. thus the campaign become a driving push to stimulate the workers to execute well to reach their desired position and to get the acceptance they always required. this also helps the personnel to fulfill their more impressive range needs such as self esteem, self actualization.

Thus we can see that here the wipro has used the machine of rewards and penalities and has followed the taylor's methodical approach of management to be able to boost its performance.


Wipro bpo in addition has followed different ideas of motivation in order to motivate the workers to perform well. this is observed in its thinking which it call as the "spirit of wipro" and also the quality of life, career and growth opportunities and the interest it gives about the issues related to the health and family of it employees. we've studied different ideas of motivation and today we will see how wipro has made use of them to boost the performance and efficiency of its business.

Wipro provides good salary and an operating environment as well as security of job to its emloyess. as reviewed before there are several incentives based on the way you perform within the organization. the company also has created various rewards and reputation within the business that happen to be also attainable if you succeed within the organization. thus wipro can fufill the lowerlevel as well as the bigger level needs of its employees. According to the maslow's theory of drive he has categorized the many needs of the employees in to the higher and lower level needs. the lower level needs includes phsycological needs(food, shelterand clothing), safety needs and security needs. wipro is able to match these need as dicussed above by providing salary. incentives and job security to its employees. the bigger level needs are self-confidence and personal actualization and for this function wipro offers various rewards, recognization and progress opportunities wherein one can perform and verify his value and abilities. corresponding to maslow once these needs are fulfilled, workers seems satisfied and to achive them they perform at their finest. . thus this will become a driving power or stimulus which will led the personnel perform well. In this manner wipro has implemented the maslow's hierarchy of needs to imrove the organizational patterns and the performance of the business.

According to Herzberg two factor theory which includes been discussed before in this task, he has divided the theory in two parts-

1 hygiene factors

2 inspiration factors

Now the wipro bpo has also taken certain steps and actions to fufill these factors. wipro bpo provides a good infrastructure, facilities and working environment to its employees which includes- 24 hour cafeteria, gym, pickup and drop facilities. concierge office, online HR help, recreation facilities etc. wipro bpo is a brand name, a huge global company which has a good business reputation, thus it provides a sence of job security to its employees. companies do business globally all over world also to maintain its benchmarks the business has some rigorous procedures and quality administration. company also concentrate on providing health facilities such as dr utmost onsite(an onsite service by the doctors), mediclaim and incident insurance. company also provides knowledgable and experienced supervisors and coaches who help the employees to improve their performance. thus giving all these procedures wipro is able to concentrate on the fulfillment of the cleanliness factors of the Herzberg two factor theory of determination. wipro also focus on providing good and good-looking incomes to its employees along with rewards and acceptance based on what sort of worker performs. wipro provides multiple progress opportunities through its various programs like STEP, wings within and profession mosaic. it also offers a provision of inhouse education initiative through its program called seed. wipro has presented performance management system and staff proposal program wherein one gets a chance of growth and feeling of responsibility. wipro also provides different trainings(from new seek the services of training to development training). with each one of these strategies and provision wipro is able to fufill the desire factors of the Herzberg two factor theory. in this manner Wipro BPO has applied the herzberg's two factor theory to inprove the organizational habit and its own performance.


We have reviewed various ideas of organizational habit and exactly how these studies can be employed to improve the performance of an organization. toaday inthis modern business world most of the companies make use on these concepts of organizational tendencies to boost their efficiency and productivity. We've dicussed the three main ideas in detail that happen to be motivation, methodical management procedure and the noe-relations way. we have find that concepts contribute in their own way to the betterment of the organization's behavior and performance, which includes been discussed at length above. we've also seen that you of your veru successful company and big brand name in the business process outsourcing industry, Wipro BPO has been successful to make use of these concepts and ideas and able to get benefit from it. thus it is proved that to perform the organizations effectively and to turn into a successful manager you need to have deep knowledge and understanding of the different ideas and studies carried in neuro-scientific organizational behavior and how to apply them to enhance the performance and efficiency of the business.

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