Procedures for Security in Childcare

  • Charlene Lawrence

1. Childcare details that all child care turned out should have in place are

  • Children record form forms that including the child name, day of birth, allergies, address of where in fact the child lives, telephone number, parents name and address, crisis associates at least two, child doctor name and address, any medical and religion.
  • Another report is crb (Police records bureau check) this should be the essential thing that employer should do for personnel they employe and then for them self to check on that all person hasn't got a criminal record.
  • Children contract form

All children should have a care contract form which is a contract agreed upon by parents which is contract between both provided and parents proclaiming the hours, child's deal details, the times the child days they be attending, the cost and final the time they going to starting.

Also parents should sign a consent form to permit the setting to have the children beyond your building and also permitted to sign to consider pictures of the children and placed on website and on the surfaces within the setting.

  • Injuries (existing) varieties, existing injuries form is place to record any existing injury a child has when they arrive in your good care.

There should also maintain place an occurrence form this form is place to record any incident took place in preparing with a child or personnel for example a kid was working and fell over a little his/her lip would be an occurrence or a staff member was bit by a kid that will also be recorded an event form.

Another form should be places a major accident form to track record any accidents that happen in the building to a child of staff that these personal injury i. e. cracked bones or swelled muscle or a swelled thumb.

Fire records

Fire records should maintain place to ensure that you record the following smoke detectors, disaster lights, breakpoints, fire exguisters open fire blankets and also there should be a record of open fire drills that ought to be achieved every six months.

Medication book or folder

This should be in destination to administer any medication that children need.

This publication or folder must have the Childs name, particular date of birth, enough time given, the time given, dozed given and the staff signature and parent or guardian signature.

This also offers evidence of medication given to a child in the environment and that you have given medication given by parents, all medication that you administer in for a kid must be recommended by way of a GP and labelled with the name address and date it with the medication was done.

Policies and procedures

There should be guidelines and procedures placed in the environment when looking after a child.

These are in destination to allow parents to know how we run or caution setting for example food coverage this will let parents and carers understand how we operate food in the environment and everything we allow and what we should do not let in the establishing what standards we could governed by.

Complaint forms

A complaint form should be in place whenever a mother or father or carer won't to complain about member staff or the environment they also needs to be used up by inspection meeting and finish meeting.

Child journal and home book

This journal should maintain place is showing any work you' child has done or any development that a child did, each child should have a home e book which letting parents know very well what their child is done for your day it ie drank or ingested if indeed they have gone to the toilet, how many nappy change and what time you visited sleep this should always be should be registered in the home book and palm to parent or guardian every day when the kid runs home.

2. There will vary amounts of actives to do for ages 0- 5

  • Physical (0-12months)

at baby era, infants are crawling, tugging them self up or taking their first steps

  • Intellectual (0-12months)

Babies at this age is at like to take a look at sensory books, books with mirrors and textures which is good for there development as well as like music and noisy e book which turned out stimulus for young baby intellectual development.

  • Social Development (0-12months)

Babies public development is doing thinks like replicating your activities, and delighting in your positive responses to their actions. Babies of this age will also enjoy listening to music and looking in the mirror

  • Physical (1-5 years)

At this age children will be hopstcating, drive bikes, working around

  • Intellectual (1-5 years)

For Toddlers and up expression they like interactive video games, flash automobiles and puzzles.

  • Social Development (1-5 years)

For toddler and upward a great public development is role play children want to role play by dressing or participating in house this is a large sociable development that will show what children know and develop.

3. I give a safe environment for children in the town the registered person is the individual who will take responsibility in medical and safety of the building where your child will be residing in your setting.

our police cover the following

Fire safety

In our kitchen you will find a fire blanket and a fire extinguisher and in the rest of the building you will find versus flames extinguishers.

In each room there's a smoke alarm which is test each year my fire professions and test weekly by us.

At each open fire exit you will see a break glass and each employee will know the get away from route.


We have general population liability insurance because of this setting.

Indoor and outdoor door and outdoor play area guaranteed and children are supervised all the time.

Parent who grab children must provide a password to those who are coming to accumulate their child.


We will have family pets in our environment but will check allergy and do risk diagnosis before providing.

Kitchen and house

Our kitchen has protection equipment in place insuring safety and no dangers to children.

All around the house is safeness equipment in spot to protect your child in our treatment form risks ie radiator cover, plug sockets.

Food handing

All personnel are full trained in food hyegiene, and we make sure food is serviced, well prepared and cooked properly at the right tempter and hygiene is completely clean.


We will only administer medication when parents want us to and also we only administer medication which is approved by GP.

Medication is stored in the original containers, clearly tagged with the kid name.

All Medication that people administer have to be recorded and staff and father or mother to sign.


We instruct children about personal cleanliness, cleaning there hands before and after meal times and after using to bathroom, also each child will have their own bed sheets with their name onto it and will not show the same sheet when sleeping in the cot or foundation.

We Provided good hygiene to prevent infection and our environment is clean every day and throughout the day.

sick children

Children who are vomiting or diarrhoea will never be able to show up at until 48hours later any infectious will be talked about with parents.

Outting and Transport

We provide our very own carry with insurance valid drivers, mot and service, we also turned out safety rod to aid children to walk safely while out.

In our enrollment pack you will find parental permission get to permit us to have the children out and on day vacations.

First Aid

We have at least two medical boxes/cupboards, which are checked regular, when doing check we will also check stock expiry date as well a stock Qty.

We have files in place to Record incidents, mishaps for staff and children

We also requested parental permission to cope with their child in crisis which is positioned in our registration pack.


Our policy state no smoking in and out of premies, if you want to smoke then you should smoke away from the setting premies.

4. When planning a trip out of children that is planning to do before taking the kids out at the premises Ie cost, risk analysis permissions etc

The first thing to do is to plan what your location is going to use the children then you should find out is it cost afflicted will parents be able to manage this trip you also need to find out how many children will be happening the trip about how many personnel you'll need to support the children percentage while from a excursion.

Then you need to sort out transport, like if you're heading by car is the automobile insured do you have built other enough seats to have the children is their car seat and boosters available, if you're venturing by bus what's the ensemble just how many buses were you need to take how long would it take to get there And if you are taking A mentor how much would it not cost will there be enough seats and is there children seatbelt car seats and boosters Available.

Once you did each one of these before you inform father or mother of the trip in a newsletter of verbal by mouth you must do the following two a risk examination and authorization by parents,

You need to assess what is the risk is, there any risk and ways to going to control the risk, could it be safe to go on this trip with the children.

And then you inform the parents of the trip and get parents agreement and payment to visit.

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