Aims Range And Objectives Of Investigations

My investigation goal is to research the management collagen which make a difference the organization framework and strategic objects and goals. They are able to abstract the performance of the business. And my job scope is to research all the work understanding from underlying part to top employees to find out if there any collusion between labor and the management staff. I started out my analysis at the point where organization was suffering huge losses. My investigation aim is to the study the past earnings and loss affirmation to learn that will never happen in future time. My target is to analyze the annual studies of the business so that the company can make a new proper plan.

Why need of Research:

Whenever a company is certainly going in wrong course or when it manages to lose its way then you will see need of an investigation. When a company gets reduction then we do research about the existing and previous data and produce the consequence of investigation project. In such a organization, the expenditures are more than its income so that it got loss so we explored all days gone by and present data of the company This company got loss this year which means this needs a study or research. I have to really know what is the main reason behind, that is why I am going to check out all its proper plan, how did it implicate onto it in pass? I QUICKLY will examine desire to, scope and the objective of my investigation, how do you work? Then I will briefly discuss about the using resources of data and information and speak about its different alternatives or alternatives that can support the task.

Used different kinds of Exploration:

For getting all data and information, I did so different kind of investigations like qualitative and amounts method. By using these methods I got principal collection data and secondary collection data. I've considered some steps like questionnaire, studies and interviews. I took interviews from the workers and the management team of the business. I asked them about days gone by years data. Data is about their past performance and past gross revenue. I went door to door and performed survey using their company customers. I asked them about the client services that what they are providing? "Customer compatibility management emphasizes the controllability of customer to customer connection in the bigger education environment" (Rowley 1996). For getting the reason why of the business loss, I shared survey questionnaire documents to all or any the employees of the business, so that I can find out the reason behind big loss.

"A great man is hard on himself; a tiny man is hard on others". (Confucius, Chinese philosopher, 551-479 BC). Satellite cable tv linkers which was released in 1998 by the thought of a genius person "Khawaja Zulfiqar Ahmad". I have studied all the strategies of the business and after all my research upon this case. I looked into about previous years gross earnings and management. Data of earlier experience shows that it was a very powerful company. Its gross profit was quite high but yr by year it decreased which year for the first time company got damage. And I come to know that there are some problems in various sectors of the Company especially in management area for this reason company got damage. For getting the reason why of the company damage, first I choose the qualitative method and quantitative method.

Qualitative Method:

Qualitative data means "Qualitative data is extremely varied in nature. It includes nearly any information that may be captured that's not numerical in nature". In this method, In-Depth Interviews include both individual interviews (e. g. , one-on-one) as well as "group" interviews (including concentration groups). The info can be documented in a wide variety of ways including stenography, audio tracks recording, video saving or written records. Comprehensive interviews change from direct observation mainly in the type of the discussion. In interviews the assumption is that there is a questioner and one or more interviewees. The goal of the interview is to probe the ideas of the interviewees about the phenomenon of interest. (William M. K. Trochim)

So I had taken in-depth interviews on written records. I interviewed with upper management to lower employee. I shared survey questionnaire documents to all the employees of the company, so that I can find out the real reason for that big lack of the business. I asked different questions with the employees like are they gratify with the tactical planning of the business. I asked about the behavior of the superior staff.

Quantitative Method:

The range of numerical and statistical techniques used to analyses data. In order to test empirical theories and hypotheses, political scientists pull on a wide range of sources, including primarily qualitative data such as documents, unstructured interviews, and participant observation, and mainly quantitative data such as those produced from sample studies or aggregate statistics such as election results, census materials, or cross-national statistical series. (Article from: The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Politics, Article time: January 1, 2003, Publisher: Iian Mclean and Alistair McMillan). THEREFORE I accumulated data from past years and current years and observed all the expenditures and the income of all past and current years.

After the calculation of all research that I have done, the project's seeks, scope and goals are very high that can be possible with the a good proper implementation. An ideal strategy can easily build up the structure of the building. If we speak about the company, its foundation is quite stable but its framework is not relatively rock-solid as it shows from outside. It can be shattered whenever just because of its poor management and my research is dependant on its poor management, old approach of work and broke system and suppressing. There is absolutely no training center for new employees. The salary paying system is very unsystematic.

LO2: Conduct research, using sources, and synthesise data and options

Collecting Data and Options:

There are some data and information that I've collected which will support the purpose of the subject. This data and information is dependant on my research about the goals of the project. Obtaining the reason of cause I used both the methods quantitative and qualitative. In quantitative method we can accumulate secondary data by its customers through its service history system or by company's gross annual report or by its previous profit and reduction statement. I collected the revenue and loss assertion data of the business of past a decade which I exhibited in my own investigations. There are some data and information that I've collected that will support the aim of the topic.


The chart is about Satellite Cable connection Linker's earnings and loss declaration of past ten years

This chart shows the income, expenses and loss of Satellite Cable television Linkers from 12 months 2000 to 2010.

In this graph it clearly shows that in past calendar year the earnings was at its optimum but after time by time it declined slowly and gradually and in current season it got damage. Expenditures from 2000 to 2002 are extremely exceptional but from 2002 to 2010 it does increase gradually which reason behind damage in this current calendar year.

In final result, the bills will defeat on revenue in future and reduction will be more.

On the other palm through qualitative method we can accumulate major data by question airing, by doing study or by taking interview of the management staff and the lower employees. I did interviews to different people So in research of this organization I got questionnaire survey of all employees of the company.

Survey Questionnaire of Company

Q1: How will you feel secure in company?


Q2: How will you see progressive in company?


Q3: What do the truth is management among the older and juniors?


Q4: Have you been happy with your size in Company?


Q5: What does u say about staff action with other worker?


Q6: Are u content with the current strategy of company?


Q7: Is there any cold conflict between the higher and lower school?


Q8: Give any recommendation about company


After getting all the study questionnaire result, I got totally shocked to see the majority of the staff having totally different answers. Many people are having different judgment and dissimilar answers. So i quickly came to know there is something amiss in the management which cause of a big loss. "No real matter what business you do, effects of poor management will always be damaging to your business". (Arjun Wadhva)

LO3: Draw conclusions and make suggestions that achieve the task aim


My all research analysis make a summary that the management and new technology can make an integral role in achieving the company is designed, new technology can change the idea of every person when they adopt it. "The Phillips (1999) suggests that generational change is inescapable and continuous". On the other hand management is the back bone of an organization. And without management a corporation can't control any plan or strategy, so informed and intellectual personnel must be needed for the development and the progress of a company, because wise and hard working team are the those who can support a business in attaining its goals. Smith (1990, quoted in Gibbs 1998, p. 78) in his book "Analyzing patterns of work' gives a great prcis of command styles".


"A traditional hierarchical structure evidently defines each employee's role within the company and defines the type of their romance with other employees. Hierarchical organisations tend to be tall with thin spans of control, which gets wider as we move down the structure. They are generally centralised with the most crucial decisions being considered by mature management. In the twentieth century as organisations increase bigger, hierarchical organisations were popular because they could ensure command line and control of the company. However with the arrival of globalisation and wide-spread use of technology, in the 1990's tall hierarchical organisations started out to downsize and reduce their workforce. Technology could carry out many of the function previously carried out by humans". (www. learnmanagement2. com)

Diagram: Hierarchical organization

I have researched and reviewed so many hierarchical organizations like Vodafone UK, Sainsbury and Argos plus they got progress by using hierarchical composition. So first of all recommend this composition that may take out a corporation from dark perception. It clearly described promotion path. There will be specialists' professionals and the hierarchical environment can encourage the effective use of specialist managers. Employees will be very devoted to their department within the company. I recommend little action that can pick up the business to the advanced and can raise the earnings. In future, Action like training centers or workshops can help out in attaining the company aims, because skilled staff will be very helpful company. You will see no misuse of time for a corporation since it can get its trained employees from training middle. I recommend that the business can use mass media for advertising campaign. Now in this world, advertising is the simplest way that can appeal to folks. Now company can advertise itself in future. There are so many techniques company can catch the attention of consumers by increasing the amount of TV programs or by providing them clear effect on Television. It provides CD channels which customers can watch any film whatever they need. It can achieve its target in future by having customer services part in each branch of the region. These types of services can draw in the customers so that it escalates the income and start Income Company can achieve its target.

There are so a great many other options or alternatives that can also support the seeks. Its aims are to conquer and clean out their competitors and want to spread out of its city, so for that before giving anyone its branch first they have to see that other party is qualified to receive taking this responsibility. Because in future if that branch does something immoral then the company goodwill will be affected. There is no recruitment system for new worker and there is no training center in which a new staff can learn the skill about its job. For achieving the aims there should be a training center so that there is no waste products of time. And it'll be super easy for recruiting skilled staff to new branches they these new branches will not take time to run their business. Another option that can support the company aspires is new technology. New technology like using dish links that attaches with Tv set of every customer. By using that technology you will see less complains by customers. There will be no misuse of time and also you will see no waste material of money. Money spends on cables roles that helps you to save and use in various developing areas of the company. The breakage of wiring will be triumph over by using new technology. After collecting all my data, I determine a choice that will definitely support the job seeks which is use of new technology. Because in future there will be very rare use of cables. Everything is likely to be wireless. The chaos of wiring system all around the streets and roads of the town will be concluded. With this cellular system, you will see less need of employees for customer services because you will see very a lesser amount of complains.

LO4: Review the results of the investigative project

Results of the investigative project

The consequence of the investigation job is that I come on a spot that poor management is the loss portion of the company. My investigation shows that company got reduction scheduled to poor management. The way management implicates on the strategy is actually bad. I've investigated that there is a big space between upper and lower employees. By mean there's a insufficient communication between two classes. And the key criteria will be the management which is uneducated and untrained, so that why the management is quite poor in pursuing organization strategies. Due to poor management, the lower employees don't possess the capability to package with the costumer and for that reason there became a gap between the departments of HR and Sales department. There isn't any workshop in this company where a new employee can train himself. Company wastes a lot of time because it doesn't have any work shop or a training center in which a new employee can certainly get the skills or experience. New employees waste products one or two calendar months in company so you can get some skills. It had been a bigger drawback.

Second important things that I find out through my inspection is that there isn't any time stand in this company. Employees are coming to their careers on different time. They always come late and nobody there who can observe them because all the management personnel also comes past due. You will discover awarding body that cannot manage all the employees and the management staff. There is no check and balance system. Through my exploration I revealed that there are very low quality musical instruments provided by the company to employees. Some instruments are extremely old and it's really very hard for employees to uses old equipment for connecting cords. Sometime receiver's credit cards and decoder are expire after their period and get a lot of time to buy a fresh decoders or renew the expired receiver's cards. Sometime management forgets to order for new cable roles and meals which also spend lots of time to provide programs to its customers. Many times I've seen that customer does not satisfy with it, they need more out of this company because of its goodwill. There are so many competitors who are approaching to the field and they are attracting the clients toward themselves. Because of this current revenue of the company is significantly less than its past revenue and it'll get reduction in its future years. To boost its gross income we need a proper plan that has tactical implication on it. That can help in bettering the management.

Impact of investigation project:

Environmental impact examination is, in its simplest form, a planning tool that is currently generally thought to be an integral component of sound decision making. . . As a planning tool it offers both an information gathering and decision making aspect which provides the decision maker with a target basis for granting or denying approval for a suggested development. ( Justice La Forest, Friends of the Oldman v. Canada et al, 1991) Management compensates a vital role to create a structure of an organization also to achieve the objective and goals with the accurate performance. My investigation shows that if any company will not improve management collapse then which effect company business come to a finish. Otherwise the impact of my investigation implies that company is on wrong route which really must focus to avoid the future deficits. So through my analysis, company can easily see it mistakes they have done in earlier year. Throughout my analysis, company can certainly overcome its complete past blunder. It could see the errors that it acquired made in history like expenses are more than its income

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