Build To Order Source Chain Management Commerce Essay

Build-to-order Supply String (BOSC) is looked at by many research workers as an efficient way to attain high customer value because BOSC can fulfil a person or several customers' orders while maintaining low cost, trimming inventory cost, eliminating waste, and reaching brief response time through versatile manufacturing and included logistics. BOSC is needed to support mass customization, which is the capability to make high variety and low priced products and deliver them quickly to meet the diverging needs of customers. Mass customization can be achieved by putting into action modularity-based manufacturing methods, postponing production steps that determine product features and shows, and applying IT to coordinate activities and speed up final production and delivery. BOSC also emphasizes the value of relationship with suppliers and customers, web-based technologies, and rapid carry and delivery.

This research is aimed at the study of factors that affect built-to-order supply string and the problems related to BOSC and what ceases a business to execute BOSC in their company.



Developing styles in international area has pressured many global firms to revisit their functions strategy. Their functions are moving from centralize to decentralize to be able to gain market segments. To be able to make this happen, companies have been through amount of changes in conditions of strategies, methods, and procedure with the goal of matching the marketplace needs. You can find multiple competitive performance objectives which companies' compete today like quality, price, responsiveness, overall flexibility, and dependability. To achieve these objectives an efficient supply chain required where mass creation is changed into mass customization. Mass customization has become a major objective of several Bundle of money 500 companies (Gunasekaran & Ngai, 2005). The idea of mass customization sometimes appears as -capability to utilize of flexible operations and organizational constructions to produce assorted and often independently custom-made products and services at the price of standardized, mass-produced alternatives- (Hart, 1996, p. 13). To-wards this end, companies are suffering from a build-to-order supply string (BTOSC) to be adaptable and responsive (Gunasekaran & Ngai, 2005).

Due to the increasing competition nowadays every company wishes to have a competitive advantages over their competitors in order to survive in the market and make earnings. BOSC is a way of providing the customer the choice of mass customization and keep maintaining low inventory which helps the business give a variety of products to its customers without incurring huge inventory retaining cost.

Build-to-order supply string (BTOSC) means a demand-driven manufacturing approach, in which the products are designed and built against to a proved order received from a final customer or consumer. Within this supply string, it excludes the all intermediaries, like traders, sales companies etc. , between final customer and the original equipment producer (OEM) (Parry & Graves, 2008). The order location system is very innovative, as it takes information from forecasting system and the received requests, and then directs the suppliers in line with the product bought. All parts are not scheduled as BTOSC, however the expensive parts would plan using BTOSC.

Research Question

How do factors like organizational competitiveness, It, Operations and Development and Execution affect build-to-order supply chain in an organization?

Literature Review

Supply Chain Design

There are four types of source chain design:-


The BTS supply chain gives fastest response time and energy to the customer. The product is manufactured before receiving any sort of order. Customers order is satisfied from the retail store or from the stocking point of that product (Blanco, 2002). The BTS resource chain is used for low-value products, which customers take in on daily basis, like Diet Cola, Ariel Detergent, etc. And customer ideals immediate response for such products, so such kind of products is created and provided using BTS model. We concur that the price of such goods is low, but choice of selectivity is also low. There is no room for configuration in the products (Blanco, 2002). The client has to buy what's on the shelf. The BTS model lacks overall flexibility in offering choices to consumer. A number of the critical components, like aeroplanes components are offered using BTS source string (Reeve & Srinivasan, 2005).


The product is built when order is received with standard modules and components, like desktop and laptops. The CTO resource string initiates on the appearance of order, than assemblage of product begins from components that have already been replenished in-to the inventory (Papadakis, 2003). On this model, the client enjoys higher final-item choices. The automobile industry is another good example. The automobile manufacturers are utilizing the initial levels of CTO model with the close cooperation with their marketers and dealers. The purpose is to offer customers a blend of options than normally available at the dealer's showroom (Miller & Wacker, 2000). But nonetheless, the customer has to wait for the automobile until it is built in line with the specifications. The main concern with the CTO model is how quickly customer's needs are satisfied, especially how much business lead time they are able to reduce from assemblage to the final delivery. The UNITED STATES automobile industry is now targeting delivery of a custom-assembled car within a week of the order being inserted, set alongside the multi-week window where it works today (Willcox, 1998; Reeve & Srinivasan, 2005).


In the BTO source chain, the fabrication and development process start on the customer or-der. The end-item produced under BTO model in highly custom-made and it is quite costly to produce. The requirements for the BTO are sketched in common material need planning (MRP) structure (Fredriksson & Gadde, 2005). In this model, there must be integrative relationship between supplier and company. Once all certain requirements, of the received order, are in place, the production begins to meet up with the specific volumes and lead times. Because BTO practices a scheduled production period so MRP activities has to be very coherent. The complete BTO supply chain must be very carefully knitted, because any disruption in material stream could delays in the delivery. That's the reason the MRP chain should be open to changes in purchase payment dates, dispatch list and customer guarantees. This contributes to variation in the capacity of overall resource chain (Reeve & Srinivasan 2005).


In ETO, the resource chain starts off from the look phase. This model offers us a really customized product that will require unique drawings and parts. These products are made for very specific purposes, and are extremely expensive to develop (Gosling & Naim, 2009). The product is custom in aspect which calls for long lead times to build up. Because of this, the MRP system comes in play to manage components requirements in ETO. The ETO usually recognizes as single-lot job shop environment where prototypical procedures happen. The upstream planning is often intricate and mixed to downstream syndication system. The travelling of finish product is often done in solitary models (Reeve & Srinivasan, 2005). The good examples for ETO products are NASA space place, high-end customized saloon, sports vehicle, etc.

Build-to-order Resource Chain

BTOSC is a fusion of leanness, agility and Just-in-Time (JIT). First, we can make connection between trim, agile and JIT strategies. Lean manufacturing was first released by Toyota, in their Toyota Creation System (TPS), and JIT was part of TPS program, and even the TPS and JIT were used interchangeably back in 1980s (Hallgren & Olhager, 2009). Relating to Narasimhan et al. (2006), we can say development is lean if it is achieved with least amount of waste materials, minimal inventory and productive operations. Lean processing is focused on performing operations effectively, with the aid of JIT. Because JIT helps in reducing inventory, and delivers components and parts when they needed in set up process (Hallgren & Olhager, 2009). While agile processing is about effectively changing in response to state of uncertainty and fluctuating needs (Narasimhan et al. , 2006). Sharifi & Zhang (2001) stress that agility not only as giving an answer to the change environment in quick time but also exploiting those changes and taking them as opportunity to build ad-vantage on the market. Agile making also allows adding new products in to the system, with very short business lead time (Sharifi & Zhang, 2001). This encapsulates these three concepts for BTOSC, and shows that BTOSC is blend of lean, JIT and agile creation methods (Hallgren & Olhager, 2009).

In BTOSC, the customer triggers the supply chain by positioning order. This manufacturing strategy is demand-driven, where the product is organized, built and drawn through the chain. The ultimate customer by-passes the all intermediaries, like retailers, and directly place the order to the OEM. But OEM also offers to build a program where customers can contact and confirms his/her order. In addition, it gives versatility to the customers to improve it specifications of the validated order (Parry & Graves, 2008). But before that the OEM has to be responsive and versatile in its operations, to fully answer the customers 'demands. Here in BTOSC, it is not only OEM who must be flexible and responsive in their procedures but suppliers should be totally complying with the requirements of the OEM, in order that they respond successfully to customer requests. Some suppliers work carefully with the OEM, where other produce parts following build-to-stock (BTS) development procedure. The suppliers follow BTS produce parts like tyres, windscreen wipers and non-expensive items. Where in fact the sup-pliers who work in close proximity with OEM provide expensive modules like motors, transmitting, exhaust system, interior items etc. , because such items have different variations, from where customer can make. And that's the reason these suppliers follow BTOSC development approach (Parry & Graves, 2008; Gunasekaran & Ngai, 2005).

The global area is changing anticipated to severe competition between companies which is forcing them to revisit their operational ways of secure market show and improve their income (Gunasekaran & Ngai, 2005). Especially, BTOSC market, which is influenced by mass customization and e-commerce, are putting pressure on manufacturers and sellers to shrink planning cycles, compress developing lead times, and fast syndication system (Tyan et al. , 2003).


Provides an even of responsiveness, cost performance, and versatility that allows companies to provide the products that customers have chosen at the time they wanted it.

BOSC results substantive cost advantages through the elimination of the inventory, forecasting, expediting, and setup required to customise products or services.

BOSC helps companies utilize people, machinery, and living area more efficiently

BOSC allows a producer to react promptly with the marketplace and even shape the behavior of the market.

BOSC can be utilized to manufacture a low volume of products of a pre-determined high variety using a cluster of components.


Order-processing is time consuming and costly

Multiple revisions of requirements are required

Delivery dates tend to be not met

Last-minute changes take up an increasing part of resources

Production plans are often inaccurate and over-ruled

Global businesses create issues such as exchange rate, politics balance etc.

Difference between Traditional Supply Chain Management (TSCM) & BOTSC

Traditional Supply Chain

Built to order Source chain


Push-Sell from stock

Pull-build to customer order


Fixed order line-up

Customer demand focussed


Mass Approach

Fast, reliable, Customized

Consumer Relationship

Dealer Owned

Shared over the extended enterprise

Managing Uncertainty

Finished goods inventory buffers

Strategic part buffers and information management

Finished Goods Inventory

High Stock Control

Low, condensed dealer stock levels


Long Business lead Time

Collaborative/ Responsive

BOSC and Organizational Competitiveness

While producing BOSC, it is very important to review the factors that induce the business to put into action BOSC supply chain. For instance, Dell uses Internet as a medium for positioning order and therefore successful execution of mass customization delivery products to its customers. Therefore, factors exterior to a business such as financial scenario, inflation, currency fluctuation, industries plans etc effect the strategies of a business company and these factors should be taken into account when developing approaches for BOSC.

Economic factors

Many a times, companies fail to achieve their goals because of poor strategic planning, So, it is vital for a corporation to be always a visionary and keeping in mind the changing global environment plan its strategy or align its strategies according to the market situation and develop permanent strategies.

For case, interest and currency exchanges impact on the market and that in turn affects the buying capacity for an individual, there's a speculation in the market and individuals have a tendency to spend less money therefore the demand lessens. People have a tendency to buy good or commodities that very important for their living. At the moment we can see, the market is fluctuating, in the past couple of months rupee acquired a downfall and the firms that import products were required to pay more with their foreign counterparts. When people have less money to buy goods and go for standardized products then your company can transform their supply string accordingly. Considering the agile characteristics of the economy, a far more agile organization such as BOSC would become more suitable in assisting a firm compete not only in conditions of service quality, but also in terms of the timely fulfillment of purchases.

It sometimes appears that to become successful the company needs to match the customer requirements and offer them something better than their competition at a reasonable price. As everybody knows China is a creation giant which provides products at the cheapest price but the quality is also very poor. So a section of Indian society will buy China products because they can not afford other company products or they buy products that are use and toss.

The economic melancholy, stock market crash, dot. com bubble each one of these major global events affected the business enterprise in a major way and forced the firms to revisit their strategies and align them in line with the market requirement, BOSC was an final result of this organizational change to meet up with the changing market dynamics.

This indicates that whenever creating a company's strategies, exterior factors should get very close attention, like the issue of expanding BOSC. Minus the support of the surroundings, chasing BOSC could persuade threaten the survival of a company.

Market Forces

Market forces include the nature of the marketplace, market progress, globalization, customer demand, rules, product/market advancement, technology and its get spread around, business risk, and the economy. Porters 5 makes model obstacles to entry, the risk of substitution, the bargaining ability of customers, the bargaining ability of suppliers, and rivalry among organizations helps evaluate an industry whether it's profitable to enter that particular industry or not. When taking decisions regarding BOSC above factors should be taken under consideration also, the characteristics of BOSC are defined by the product portfolio, quantity of suppliers, it and automation.

The generic online marketing strategy options of low priced, differentiation, and focus remain the dominant strategy decision models. Based on the market demand and changing market and technology requirements on the client it is vital to punch a balance between your product variety and the creation costs. Now days, the manufacturing businesses are focussing a lot more to improve their manufacturing process like six sigma, Kan Ban, Low fat making, Total Quality Control, hence BOSC is one of them which helps them give a variety of products, less inventory cost, good quality and lowest business lead time.

Market forces impact the infrastructure of BOSC in terms of proper alliances, partnerships, customer romance management, information technology and systems, performance procedures and metrics.

Competitive Factors

Competitive forces include customers, suppliers, competitors, new entrants, and substitutes. Dell Pcs was main companies to implement BOSC in its system. Michael Dell started with the purpose of mass customization only. His objective was to provide computer systems according with their requirement and latter on that model became such a success that it was adopted by giants like HP, Compaq and Gateway. BOSC provided the competitive advantage that to bring in the most advanced technology first because it dint have any inventory. When a fresh technology was launched it was designed by Dell which gave them a competitive edge. Global competition, improvements in technology, industry deregulation, and rising customer expectations are only a few factors that are inserting unprecedented requirements on businesses (Papazoglou et al. , 2000). More research is necessary on the implications of factors exterior to the business on the performance of BOSC in terms of costs, benefits, and customer support. The following are the major factors of competitive success: advancement, new products, cost, quality, rate, and the capability to attract customers (Kraemer and Dedrick, 2002). These factors should be inlayed in BOSC in various forms with the best objective of get together certain requirements of individual customers promptly and in a cost-effective manner.

Developing and Implementing BOSC

Developing and putting into action BOSC includes planning products and creating a procurement process, developing partnerships and a online supply string, and managing logistics. This is an important area where numerous medium to long-term decisions are created, and their effect on the performance of BOSC is significant.

Design and Procurement

In BOSC, the production system must be adaptable and responsive enough to meet the requirements of an individual. Reducing enough time in product design, useful procuring of organic material are important issues to be handled to meet up with the requirements of customers and become responsive. Efficient procuring of organic material is merely possible when the business has a good company relationship and their support helps to operated nearly on no work happening inventory. Strategies like BOSC can be well carried out if both the supplier and the business have a good IT infrastructure or our connected through ERP like SAP or e-procurement software. It creates the conversation between the company and its peers very simple and effective and procurement becomes a straightforward exercise.

When a business offers in products of high variety like in any vehicle industry, demand forecasting and inventory management and meet customer requirements becomes a very difficult task, in these business BOSC management ought to be the best option to survive on the market and make income.

Development of partnerships and supplies

It is important to build up partnerships with an OEM's center competency in order to develop BOSC. For instance, in automobile industry, corporation has suppliers for different parts required to manufacture a car. So the business outsources the delivery of the parts to the suppliers which are the best for the reason that business. So, the company doesn't have to bargain on quality.


Logistics involves travel, loan consolidation and warehousing. Now days, the companies extensively utilize third party logistics (3PL) and fourth get together logistics (4PL) such as companies like FedEx, Blue Dart, UPS, DHL etc. 3PL is the management of logistic services beyond travel. This may include storage, shipment and value-added services as well as the utilization of subcontractors. 4PL is the integration of all companies involved across the supply string. 4PL is the look, steering, and controlling of all logistic strategies (including moves of information, material, and capital) by one provider with long-term proper objectives. UPS WORLDWIDE Logistics used a 4PL business design.


Implementation involves putting the plan for BOSC into action. BOSC must be constructed based on the look and procurement of products and strategies to establish partnerships, a exclusive supply string, and logistics. This involves the setting up of an execution team, a time range for the job, and evaluating the performance of the process of implementing BOSC.

BOSC and Operations


In modern times, companies have began recognizing the trade-off between the variety of products and offer chain performance, more the variety of products the greater it is difficult to forecast the demand craze in the market and on that basis carry out the creation plan of the business. Organizations have started doing modern forecasting ways to meet the demand of the clients and also have a production plan to meet that demand.

When the forecasting or the demand pattern is received from the sales and marketing section to the developing department, the look is done on that basis. A Expert Planning Schedule is prepared uses that is the Bill of materials which lists downs the organic material necessary for the creation. The other factor that could alter the forecasting is the bullwhip result. When there is one producer and one supplier then your bullwhip impact can be ruled out but that is pretty much not possible.

BOSC planning and execution involve managing partnering organizations that are dispersed all over the globe. It is to be known that the aim of partnering businesses in BOSC should be incorporated in the look. Although BOSC is dependant on customer purchases, partnering organizations or suppliers need to find out the forecast of the demand for parts and components. A choice support system would allow proper, tactical, and functional decision making in supply chains which will be helpful in BOSC. This can add a modelling infrastructure made up of a collection of carefully designed common objects for modelling elements of BOSC and powerful connections among these elements (Biswas and Narahari, 2004). Although BOSC is a MTO system, there is a need for the aggregate forecasting of demand for the ultimate products for 1-2 years. These details could be transmitted to suppliers so they can make available the required components and services at the right volume level and at the right time.

BOSC and Information Technology

Internet, ERP and E-commerce

Information technology such as EDI, the Internet, the WWW, ERP, and RFID aid the integration of customers and suppliers or partnering businesses along supply sites. Since suppliers or partnering businesses are geographically dispersed, a powerful communication system that is clearly a real-time system is essential. BOSC requires a system that can keep an eye on all orders and is also well linked with supplier firms. Since most requests will be received online, high-speed Internet connectivity must allow customers to check products and place orders with complete self confidence. Information professionals are responsible for identifying a suitable ERP system, including developing an ecommerce enabled customer-order system to accomplish the exchange of customer requirements in real-time and to communicate with suppliers on components and other support services such as logistics. Information system managers should use other company professionals to select a suitable ERP system and/or e-commerce system predicated on their company's business design, which include the integration of the OEM's system with those of partnering firms along the BOSC. The integration of the link between customers and suppliers is essential for BOSC. These can be achieved by suitably aligning the information system with the business enterprise model of BOSC.

Research Methodology

Sources of Principal Data

Analysis of Most important Data



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