Burger Kings Diverse Culture Of Employees Business Essay

I have chosen this business as a written report. Moreover the key thing to choose this is the fact that I am also working there from previous 8 month previously. So that's why these area very well. It is also provide tons of education skills which are useful in my analysis. So in this is a good ideal business to do the report writing. I like to do work there. Different types of culture people working in burger king therefore i learn lots of things waiting for you. Firstly we learn how to communicate with others whoever these are customers or personnel. If we b genuine or in persistence then we will success in future. It provides verity of food to folks of their preference. Like in burger king we can get also vegetable burger which is possib Indians. McDonald while others do not provide fruit and vegetables burgers. So this why I like this is well. People also get cheaper food in burger king as compare to others. Its start just burger from $2. 50. Which is cheaper than others and a lot of enjoy this. It is provide play grounds for children where child plays and enjoy their dishes.


Burger King, is well known as BK. It is a industry of fast food restaurants. The business began in 1953 as Insta-Burger Ruler, After Insta-Burger Ruler ran into financial problems in 1955, its two Miami-based franchisees, David Edgerton and Wayne McLamore, purchased the business and renamed it Burger King. Over another half century the company would change hands four times, with its third set of owners, a partnership of TPG Capital, Bain Capital, and Goldman Sachs Capital Associates, taking it public in 2002.

Main top features of burger king

Chicken burgers

Beef burgers

Chicken salad

Kids meals

Onion rings



Drive thru


Take away

Play ground

Dining outside

History of burger king

The burger found in 1953. After choose the civil civil liberties to two pieces of tools called "Insta" technology, both opened their first stores around a food preparation device known as the Insta-Broiler. The Insta-Broiler range proven so successful at cooking food burgers, they required all of their franchises to transport the device. The companies' strategy for turning the string around incorporated a fresh advertising company and new ad promotions, a revamp menu strategy. This franchise also start their website. which is also beneficial for the visitors to update their foods.

Communication in burger king

In burger ruler employees will their work as a group and atlanta divorce attorneys shifts there is certainly shift manager in store to provide for all the personnel. More over for needs order on drive thru there are mind set to listen the purchases of customer and gives them response. When the business launches any new meals they provide posters to all stores and from store professionals put that on wall structure or on wine glass in lobby to see the special offers. they also put new foods poster on drive thru menu.


I think burger ruler provides good service than others because on drive thru they have to give meals in 45 second after needs money. If indeed they does not gives the orders then matching to rules they need to give free big burger to customer. Furthermore they offer some specials meals such as just few months ago they provide 5 us dollars meal. In that meal they offers 1 beef burger. 1 desert. 1 fries and1 drink.


1. 1Organizational culture

Cultures performs very essential role in the organization. No doubt it is multicultural firm. As I have seen in burger king different employees works from different civilizations. It also helps to communicate, as in new Zealand employees from different part of world comes and works in burger ruler. moreover burger king also teach their workers about their communal and professional ethics. Like in burger ruler each crew member talk to the director and by this he damaged by this. Organizational describe how a business intends to start achieving its objective. Company must identify its objective as increasing market share and making a income.

Goals of burger king

World greatest quick restaurant

Company makes different commitments for the for safety

Sales increase threw the promotions

1. 2 Business demographics

Training period teach more everyone in burger king. Seniors always distributed their knowledge with juniors, which is very helpful for juniors. It gives experience to the new crews. If the any person begins work then have little bit nervous. Manager should conclude that so they work in simple function. Any business can run when it's ready like burger ruler. Because burger ruler has own rules which each one of personnel are follows. Training period show more everyone in burger king Senior always distributed their knowledge with the junior employee. it gives a lot of experience to the new employee. Manager depends upon the capacity and exactly how much busy of computer. Manager is that person who instructs next lessons to the staff members.

1. 2. 1 Crew Trainer

Crew trainer is one who trains the staff member and gives his experience and basic knowledge of workplace to the staff person. So trainer gives the basic knowledge like steps to make burgers, how to clean workplace etc. crew trainer need to provide good skills of their employees so they learn good in begging.

1. 2. 2. Managers

The number of managers is determined by capacity of burger ruler as how much active it is. After transferring crew training level crew become team trainer and he will have the ability to give training to other trainees. Therefore training administrator is someone who teaches next lesson to crew instructors. He also shares his knowledge and experience with trainees.

1. 2. 3. Organizations Manager

He is the individual who may have all duties of restaurants like inside our group there are five restaurants he is the big supervisor of most restaurants. He is most experienced person in the restaurant and he previously all knowledge about restaurants. He control all the staff and the store for good work.

1. 3 Group dynamics

As we realize in every single organization works with the aid of groups. it increases the communication skills of employees scheduled to work place. Such as when a crew member needs the requests of customer they need to have good British speaking and listening skills. Which make an impression the clients?

1. 4 Meeting management

The communication which we used in meetings of group related to our profession. It really is best for us in future. Every Company plan reaching to take action best for company. So when doing a meeting it's important every member who's attending meetings are required to follow some guidelines. Sometime conference not moves well because of not prepared well. So every getting together with should have a, if it is necessary. I observed our store director accent is very different for others and he speaks so fast. Some time we're able to not understand well what he spoke. It was big communication barrier in the working place.

1. 5 Purpose:

The reason for communication should clear for all the meeting attainders. In that we get the data about different skills and good work. Burger ruler providing good services to their customers and present them happiness. The goal of communication should clear for all your meeting attended. In that we get the data about different skill and good work. Company use some these procedures to be in touch with all type of individuals like customer, employees, buyers, etc. from Australia to all or any over in new Zealand they follow these methods.

1. 6 Sites:

The corporation is connected with internet for everyone plus they use emails, words, posters and other advertising material to connect with people. The internal network of the business is connected by LAN, WAN.

1. 7 Stakeholders:

The basic meaning of the stakeholders is "any group or individual" that can be affecting the business or influenced by the organizational progress. Stakeholder is the person that has any kind of interest in an origination by immediate or indirect way. The business must have proper communication with the stakeholders to development of the business. Stakeholder is see your face who takes stake in organization because it can be affected by the organization, action, goals and guidelines. Key stakeholders in a company organization include lenders, customers, directors, employees and authorities etc.

1. 8Recommendation:

According if you ask me crew members have to get all information about store like which does managers. So with the aid of that they might not be getting any misunderstanding. Moreover is can also increase their inspiration skills and their experience. company need to put rubbish bins outside in car parking because lots of people put rubbish in the parking. So kept person should do a lot of things in morning. Company need to provide more chances with their crews and the as provide them with chance for special offers. According to me they need to add reward consumer and they should provide special offers days like birthday or others days which are necessary atlanta divorce attorneys person life. Connect to stakeholders using appropriate communication stations. If they judgemental for email, use email to contact them. If the goal is to change behavior two ways communication may be required, such as personally or telephone contact with stakeholders.

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