Business Structure Of Blizzard Entertainment

This article is a in-depth check out Blizzard Entertainment the company, to find out why Blizzard entertainment is so successful in the video gaming industry. We can look at the reasons on how it might turn out with top selling games again and again and how they have the ability to sell 2. 4 million copies of one game within the first a day. Furthermore, we will know how Blizzard entertainment operates such a big company to such efficiency using the business enterprise model SWOT and Infestations in the examination of its success. A look at the current improvements and what future improvements it could have or where it can go from here will be reviewed as well.

Well, Blizzard Entertainment was not always as we'd known it, formerly founded in 1991 February as Silicon & Synapse by Chairman Allen Adham, chief executive Michael Morhaime and vice leader Frank Pearce All Graduates from UCLA. In the days of Silicon & Synapse it was more on centered on making game jacks for other Game playing studios. Until the Breakthrough Game The Lost Vikings, it was hailed among the forefathers of this Game Genre.

A year after that they released Rock and roll & Roll Race another Cult Hit that paved the way for its predecessors in the Racer Shooter Genre. In 1994 It had been only then its name was reestablished as Blizzard Entertainment. The first big scale game it released by Blizzard Entertainment, was Warcraft: Orcs HYPERLINK "http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Warcraft:_Orcs_&_Humans"&HYPERLINK "http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Warcraft:_Orcs_&_Humans" Humans and it was a hit with the gamers. Since they have made a standard in the game, the video gaming world was at their fingertips now. After such success with Blizzard Entertainment's original Warcraft game, Warcraft: Orcs HYPERLINK "http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Warcraft:_Orcs_&_Humans"&HYPERLINK "http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Warcraft:_Orcs_&_Humans" Humans, was touted as one of the best strategy games of 1994, and the game's epic sequel, 1995's Warcraft II : Tides Of Darkness, acquired numerous awards, including the company's first Game of the Year prize. Warcraft III :Reign Of Chaoss, released in July 2002, has in the same way received several accolades, just like Starcraft another struck Game Series released by Blizzard Entertainment, It has become a staple of professional competition gaming, along using its growth, the award-winning Warcraft III : The Frozen Throne, that was released in July 2003.

II. Current Assignments and a look at the rise of WOW ( World Of Warcraft)

Well Blizzard has many notable achievements in its released game titles, None than it comes near WOW, more well known as WOW. World of Warcraft stands as the best game in the popular Warcraft series. Wow has been an extraordinary success since its introduction in November 2004. It offers impressed game critics and has captivated an incredible number of players, who love the exclusive world created by this game. It really is no longer simply a game but is currently a genuine happening, and one that shows no symptoms of abating. It really is one of the main element games of recent years, and stands as a landmark title for online gambling. Wow is the forth subject in the group of Warcraft games, which includes been interesting people for over a decade

To understand more about the selling point of Wow, let us remember enough time when WOW premiered. It was not merely some massively multiplayer online role-playing game. It created a engaging online world occur the heart of Azeroth, a fantastic land that is filled with heroes and monsters and a great many other creatures. The game's power is that it functions as an event, as a global that exists on its own terms that you may visit and explore as you please. The game sold more than 240, 000 copies in its first a day on the market, more than any PC game ever sold. Since then it released two other growth sets that was a larger success then the one before. Blizzard is also making attempt to diversify beyond their original goal of just making game titles. Blizzard Entertainment happens to be working with Legendary Pictures in making a live action Warcraft movie.

III. tso

The 8 Central Values are namely

Gameplay First,

Blizzard Entertainment's success can be related to the gaming encounters they provide the buyer or player. The purpose of each self-discipline within the business no matter job post be it art, programming or customer support, is to make games as fun as possible for as many folks as possible. To be able to achieve this aim, it is within Blizzard Entertainment's perfect opinion that its employees also enjoy the process of game making.

Commitment to Quality,

This is the most well known central value of Blizzard Entertainment, which isn't only applied in creating the best video gaming experience for the consumers, but also utilized in every facet of their job. They deal with each activity carefully and very seriously, and seek honest feedback and put it to use to increase the quality with their work. Afterall, game titles are remembered because of their high quality, rather than how late they are simply released into the public.

Play nice, Play Fair,

In their business first impressions are essential -- but lasting impressions will be the ones that subject. Blizzard Entertainment strives to keep a high degree of respect and integrity in all interactions with us, players, fellow workers, and business associates. The conduct of each Blizzard Entertainment employee, whether it be online or offline, can think about the whole company.

Embrace your internal Geek,

The employees at Blizzard are encouraged to show their geek aspect. Cutting-edge technology, comic literature, knowledge fiction, top-end video recording cards, action characters with the kung-fu hold. Whatever it is they're interested in, it matters that every staff embraces it! Their particular enthusiasm really helps to condition the fun, creative culture of Blizzard Entertainment. Happy and truly passionate workers make better workers, and what Blizzard Entertainment is all about today.

Every voice issues,

Great ideas will come from everywhere. Blizzard Entertainment is what it is today due to voices of our own players and of each member of the business. Every worker is urged to speak up, listen, be respectful of other ideas, and accept criticism as yet another avenue for great ideas. All because Blizzard prices its employees and listens to the various ideas.

Think globally,

Blizzard Entertainment is a global company and almost everywhere on the planet there are people who play Blizzard Entertainment games. While respecting the cultural diversity which makes people unique, we make an effort to develop and support our global games community. We also seek the most ardent, talented people on earth to enrich our company and help us forge the near future eyesight of Blizzard Entertainment. No country is too large or too small for Blizzard to defend myself against or think about.

Lead responsibility,

Blizzard Entertainment feels its products and tactics make a difference not only our employees and players -- but the industry most importantly. Among the world's leading game companies, these are focused on making honest decisions, keeping the players in mind, and setting a solid example of professionalism and reliability and excellence at all times and then for other game companies to exemplify.

Learn and Grow

The game titles industry is ever-changing. Technology improves, techniques change, and design philosophies become outdated. Because the founding of Blizzard Entertainment, it has worked to boost through experience, instructing one another and cultivating the desire to be the best at what they do. They see this as a person responsibility as well as the company's. Employees can count on their peers, professionals, and the business itself to be supportive and help them gain the data and training they want.

IV. A in-depth SWOT Analysis

This Analysis will help us better understand of Blizzard Entertainment's Success and its weaknesses. UTILIZING THE SWOT Analysis model we can see the opportunities and revaluate the strategies to cope using its weaknesses.

Strengths -

Good market position globally

One of the extremely best laptop or computer game creators and held in high esteem by its customers.

Very large generation from its larger customer bottom.

Takes Feedback from its players and customers quickly and very seriously.

Developed WOW to huge success and acclaim.

Weaknesses -

May lack some competitive advantage in some market sections over rival companies

Relies on its current game titles more than it should.

Very slow to release its video games, often over the stipulated release day.

Opportunities -

Business can be further varied into other business, example, making a film which it is wanting to do now. Acquire more gambling sectors.

More varied games. Look at a brand new type of pc game to boomz everyone away.

Opening up of other global market segments, getting more customers worldwide further.

Working as well as another pc gaming company to truly have a co-project.

Threats -

Other big laptop or computer game producing companies, might pose some competition with maybe more appealing images or different game styles, Example, FPS.

The time it requires to release a game might switch some gamers off, or they might just stop longing all together.

Limited experience in other market sectors it might want to diversify into


3rdparty clients such as Garena, lancraft blueserver and many more.


Blizzard Entertainment has a good market position globally, indicating in the game titles market it has a huge cut of the clients and transactions that happen in it. Blizzard Is quite well well known by the gamers, customers and others alike for their awesome games that are smartly designed and exciting for a very wide generation. When Blizzard comes out with a fresh game other companies will always try to better it learning from its talents. From kids to individuals, blizzard games have players every a long time, which makes it well welcomed by all.

Blizzard Entertainment leaves no gamer from the everyday gamer to hardcore, professional gamer satisfied. The video games Are simple enough and fast for the informal gamer to play, but also well balanced with good competitive potential. Intact, World Cyber Games (WCG) the world's greatest scale gambling competition has 2 Blizzard Entertainment game titles to remain competitive in, Particularly Starcraft 2, Warcraft 3 and Dota, which really is a custom map made from Warcraft 3.

Blizzard Entertainment's WOW easily overshadows most of its achievements with 12 million members and increasing. Rendering it the most enjoyed online MMORPG, no small feat without its dedicated team of staff. If a insect is reported or game defect, blizzard will need it critically and react quickly to look into the problem and solve the problem.


While Blizzard Entertainment is certainly an extremely successful company but it is not perfect or infallible. Among its Weaknesses is its the majority of its game titles revolve around the same genre of the real time strategy (RTS) or Role DOING OFFERS (RPG). Some game diversity will be a fresh change and might get into a greater cut of the marketplace and various gamer groups. In addition Blizzard's Entertainments game graphics might be less visual in comparison to other game titles therefore might have less competitive border in some market segments over rival companies example athletics game playing or fps.

Though Blizzard Entertainment has very good game titles it keeps extending on the already expanded game stories, example Warcraft which includes great gameplay and good storyline, however it Blizzard keep focusing on the same tale and steps to make a better installment people could easily get weary to keep participating in the same report that's over extended or stretched.

While Blizzard Entertainment are displaying great symptoms of market diversification by trying to make a movie, their experience is very little in that field and almost non-existent. Might struck many glitches and problems on the way it might hard to solve with little experience. Which Blizzard Entertainment is wanting to avoid by working with a experience movie company, Legendary Movies.

Everyone agrees that Blizzard Entertainment makes great video games, but one more thing they consent is they have a really long to achieve that often above the stipulated release time frame. An impatient customer is never a happy customer. Game Quality should never be compromised but nonetheless the releases could be faster.


No doubt Blizzard Entertainment is very successful in its video games and products, it can further diversify into other game styles it might not need touched, example athletics game playing or FPS. Warcraft has a very rich storyline and might be good as a comic or reserve, getting more exposure for Blizzard Entertainment as well in the process.

Gameplay improvements and Graphical improvements to its current video games with areas or whenever a new game comes out because the games industry is actually bettering, and gamers demand more every time. Look at a whole new game Genre with a completely new gaming engine which the likes were never seen before and Blizzard Entertainment is on its way to another great advertising game.

Working with another experienced video gaming company can help broaden its horizons and its pool of talent, with more ideas and much more funding,

Blizzard Entertainment has a great global market talk about and good global coverage, but there are still countries which have not even heard of it, with the growing global market and starting of markets, it might be an enjoyable experience to attain even more countries.

Blizzard Entertainment is currently dealing with Legendary Pictures, the studio behind the feature videos such as Watchmen, The Dark Knight, Batman Starts off, Superman Returns, and 300, in making of any live-action Warcraft movie.


Blizzard Entertainment faces serious competition from others that have some game genres that other gamers find more fun, example FPS. In addition though Warcraft 3 has great cinematics, its in game images cant be likened. So many other games out there with far better graphics. EA games has Tiberiam Wars with much better design but of the same RTS genre, how about Relic Gaming's Company of Heros.

The Time it requires for Blizzard Entertainment to release its games is a superb internal threat, for it may lose many loyal customers that acquired sick of looking forward to the usually postponed video games. Customers hate to hold back unnecessarily and may buy other video games instead.

Blizzard Entertainment move into diversifying its market by getting into the movie industry which it offers little experience, and requires a lot of funding. By entering other Game Genre's its not familiar with also can be a risky move that might spell disaster by spreading itself too skinny.

Piracy is considered to be one of the greatest risks to Blizzard Entertainment, infact to any industry that depends on the IP rules. File Sharing is now everywhere and very easily accessible, you can even get the game without going out of his home and without spending a single cent for the game. Piracy costs Blizzard Entertainment huge amount of money each year. Why would people pay if indeed they can get it free?

Along with Piracy is third party clients which make it easy for the games to be enjoyed online for free without the need for a original cd-key. In the past without these programs participating in online with a pirated game would be impossible, and that would be one of the reasons why original game titles where still popular for the actual fact it had a cd-key that allows it to be performed online. With these programs it bypasses each one of these security options and there is absolutely no longer the necessity to pay for the game.

V. Last SWOT Evaluation

It is clear enough from this evaluation that Blizzard Entertainment has an extremely successful business model, but at the same time has a lot more that it could improve on and diversify into. The very rich story of Warcraft has a whole lot potential from videos to books to comics to Television set series. The move that Blizzard Entertainment decided to make by working on a Warcraft movie was a good market decision to fully capture the growing movie industry and movie enthusiasts. Its absence in experience on the market is offset by doing the movie with a far more experienced movie company Legendary Pictures, the studio room behind the feature films such as Watchmen, The Dark Knight, Batman Starts off, Superman Results, and 300, with a proven track record. But it should be warned that yes Blizzard Entertainment can go into other companies, but it must not disregard its main market share the gamers, plus some hardcore enthusiasts might be switched off by the change Blizzard Entertainment.

The Strengths are many and can be further proved helpful after by looking at the same game with different perspectives. Carrying on to make game titles based on the gamers demand will be the best choice, for which means their games will be popular.

The risks and weaknesses are numerous as well, however with the right well thought strategies they could be avoided and countered to keep Blizzard Entertainment forward in the gambling world.

However the best hazard is Piracy and 3rd party clients, which in the case the word " if you cant beat them, become a member of em" doing business with the 3rd get together clients will help Blizzard Entertainment regain its lost income from the programs and piracy.

VI. Conclusion

Blizzard Entertainment is a great game developer, and also to continue in a increasing volatile market it has to keep changing to meet up with the requirements of the " new world ". But if it persists to provide its mission assertion "Dedicated to creating the most epic entertainment experience. ever" following its 8 core beliefs. I don't suspect rather than for a second that Blizzard Entertainment will continue deliver games experiences that redefine games.

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